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Sathya Sai apologist J. Jegathesan and suicide

Posted by robertpriddy on October 6, 2008

Jegathesan’s Face Saving Email To Devotees – and Sai Baba’s Inhumane Call For A Suppression of Grief

‘Datuk’ J. Jegathesan  will most likely fail to rid  himself  from delusions about indisputable aspects of the true nature of Sai Baba. Unfortunately, Jega cannot allow himself to begin to see what any level-headed outside observer will conclude is at the root of his loss and the role he has unavoidably played in it all. There is no doubt that Jegathesan has suffered a great deal, yet enough time has now passed to permit that questions be raised about Sai Baba’s role in the incidents around his son’s suicide and more – in the public interest.  Jegathesan began the e-mail he circulated with:-

“It is with totally uncalled tears in my eyes and heart (for Bhagavan Baba has said that “under no circumstances should we cry), that I am conveying to all those who have worked with me for so many years in the leadership of the International Sai Organisation, about the passing away of my youngest son, in very hurting and sad tragic circumstances.”

Jegathesan’s self-torture and ‘guilt’ about having shed tears is pitiful to read… the more so since Sathya Sai Baba himself was clearly seen to shed tears while holding his public discourse at the funeral of his brother, Janakiramiah! Perhaps no wonder that Sai Baba was so attached to that younger brother, who arranged for the infamous cold-blooded executions in his bedroom for him through blackmail of the police chief of Puttaparthi. But Jegathesan is undisturbed by this glaring fraudulence and even wrote:-

“Little did I realize that my Divine Father was preparing me for the events that would confront me on Friday 27th Feb. 04.”

How his own reading of the usual old doctrines helped prepare him for those events, heaven only knows! His account shows that the event certainly hit him like a bombshell and left him in distress and confusion, wondering how to understand and/or rationalise it. This demonstrates how unrealistic and vague one’s ideas become under the influence of Sai Baba’s vague interactions and mind-programming ‘teaching’. Many studies have shown that suppressing the grieving process is extremely harmful to human well-being, and his discouragement of it reveals his irresponsibility and lack of fundamental emotional maturity.

Sathya Sai Baba’s and the fathers’s relation to the boy who later took his own life

Given the grief to which many boys and young men have come to in Sathya Sai Baba’s hands, it is not idle to wonder whether Sai Baba had given this fair, good-looking boy all reason to be unwilling return to any interviews? Note that Jegan (unlike Jegathesan himself) had no interviews after 1996 – the last one being two weeks after his mother’s death (it is uncertain if he had any interview before that, though his father wrote: “my son has had the grace of a number of personal contacts with Bhagavan, the latest being in Nov. 1996.” Why such sudden cessation of only the son’s interviews – not long after the ‘great impact’ of his mother’s death led to what Jegathesan calls a ‘mild depression’. Not surprising that the son, labouring under very moralistic and fundamentalist Sai Baba belief system within which he grew up, later became extremely confused with more depressive and apparent psychotic periods.

The extremely strained father-son relationship

“One day he became totally irrational, and began to find faults with me and members of the family and even his office staff and close friends.” Jegathesan determined that his son’s criticism of himself were without rational foundation, yet note that he also rigidly regards the slightest criticism of Sathya Sai Baba to be the same!. Jegathesan’s world-view is of the kind that is certainly considered ‘totally irrational’ to most educated people… involving spirits and deities of the 4th dimension, the Creator of the entire Universe embodied in his guru Sai Baba, and much weird and wonderful besides (as already partly documented here and here).

J. Jegathesan (or Jagadeeshan)

Sathya Sai VIP leader preaching at captive audience

Not taking his son’s various outbursts at face value and following them up seriously, Jega tells how he took the complaints against himself as symptoms of mental illness. With his status in Malaysian society and connections, his son was taken into psychiatric observation. The focus was thus put entirely on his son, and not on the dysfunctional and overbearing father. It would certainly seem that his son would no longer agree  with many beliefs and actions of a very authoritarian parent. (Jega’s e-mail shows he had a traditional Indian family relationship of the repressive father type – whose feet-touching padnamaskaar his son must perform, whose workplace his father arranged, whose girlfriends are vetted and wished-for bride rejected etc.)

Of course, it is not impossible that this and the strained family situation, plus the diagnosed ‘stress’ triggered a latent (genetic) schizophrenia in Jegathesan’s son.  Nonetheless, invalidating someone as ‘mad’ has been shown to be widely used as a means of placing blame on those whose opinions or minds one otherwise can’t control (eg. Laing and Esterson’s ‘Sanity, Madness and the Family) . Add to this, the intensity of the dramatic events directly linked to the onset of his natural depression at his mother’s death.  More on this in a later posting.

The poor young man must have been helpless before the rigidly held dogmas of Jegathesan about Sathya Sai Baba as Lord of All Creation, Pure Love and Purity, and far more excessive claims besides. Being under the virtual ‘mind control’ of this guru personality cult from birth onwards can obviously cause huge problems when one has to interface with the adult world of rational people and all-too-real events. His father is well known as a very active and intransigent promoter through his constant lecturing and ‘leadership’ of the Malaysian Sathya Sai Organization of what amounts to the control of the minds of devotees.

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Malaysian newspaper report on suicide of Jega’s son with related issues

Full text of e-mail circulated widely by Jegathesan
Dato J. Jegathesan, a ‘Secret Swami’ cult top leader-roving ambassador
Sathya Sai Baba reported as shedding tears daily!

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Ear-plugging Sathya Sai followers – J. Jegathesan

Posted by robertpriddy on September 22, 2008

Here are some quotes which show Datuk J. Jegathesan’s core belief mentality – a ‘true believer’ in Sathya Sai baba, whatever he says or does!

“Let us remember nothing happens or moves without His wish. Everything that happens is for good, provided we are conscious of our Duty and personal efforts that should follow.”

Comment: This shows how totally blindly believing Jegathesan is – and all his interpretations and misinterpretations of events are connected with it.

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Malaysian newspaper report on suicide of Jega’s son with related issues Full text of e-mail circulated widely by Jegathesan
The suicide of Sathya Sai devotee Jegathesans’ son
Dato J. Jegathesan, a ‘Secret Swami’ cult top leader-roving ambassador
Sathya Sai Baba reported as shedding tears daily!

Deluded believer in Sathya Sai Baba – Datuk J. Jegathesan Excerpts on mediums, healers, deities and trances from ‘The Fourth Dimension’ by Jegathesan shown and commented on.
Datuk J. Jegathesan – on Sathya Sai Baba Miracles Self-Delusions in the Malaysian Sathya Sai community as promoted by J. Jegathesan, staunchly blind Sathya Sai Baba supporter and believer in mediums, spirits, ghosts and the 4th dimension.

Public Petition for Official Investigations of Sathya Sai Baba and his Worldwide Organization

(Spanish version

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Deluded believer in Sathya Sai Baba – Datuk J. Jegathesan

Posted by robertpriddy on September 21, 2008

excerpt from 'The Fourth Dimension' by Jegathesan

Click to enlarge: excerpt from

Datuk J. Jegathesan (or Jagadeeshan, as he sometimes signs himself) has a degree in economy. However he is without known qualifications as an educator in human and spiritual values, as he presents himself, not least through the Sathya Sai Organization. His belief in Sathya Sai Baba forms the basis and outlines the limits of what he believes about everything, including ‘human values’. However, he writes about mediums, healers, possessed persons and so forth, with whose experiences he is clearly prepossesed.

Having stated early on in his book ‘The Fourth Dimension’:”I am no expert on the question of mediums and trance situations”, he soon begins to make very definitive statements like:-“I am quite certain that these “spirits” are similarly highly evolved souls etc.”

In the two excerpts shown below here, the fact that Jegathesan has developed a strong conviction that  many phenomena of this weird and wonderful kind are important – important enough to write up at such length, despite the warning he also quotes from the one who he regards as his infallible guru that “for every true there are a hundred false” (meaning false mediums) and that he discourages devotees from “running after” such phenomena. However, Jegathesan claims – quite inconsistently – that he believes that Sathya Sai Baba has led him into following up on such phenomena.

excerpt from Jegathesan's book 'The Fourth Dimension'

Click to enlarge: excerpt from Jegathesan

on healing

Click to enlarge: on healing

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Datuk J. Jegathesan – on Sathya Sai Baba Miracles

Posted by robertpriddy on September 20, 2008

Self-Delusions in the Malaysian Sathya Sai community

In ‘Journey to God – The Malaysian Experience with Sai Baba’, one the guru’s most privileged devotees for decades, Dato’ J. Jegathesan, lists various supposedly miraculous cures by Sai Baba which he had investigated, if only superficially (not with any scientific control of alleged ‘medical’ evidence).
It is instructive to observe here representative examples of the degree of mental acrobatics devotees undertake to explain things Sathya Sai Baba has said to them and to make them appear precognitive.

Dato' J. Jegathesan

For example, take the case of a Chinese devotee in Malaysia, Mr. Yap Them Siew. He was diagnosed with cancer of the larynx and in the worst prognosis by one doctor was given a 50-50 chance of survival. (Comment: this alone makes one suspicious – he still did have a 50% chance of survival, even on the worst diagnosis!).

However, Sai Baba’s close confidant, Prof. N. Kasturi, arranged for Mr. Yap to have an interview. I quote Jegathesan directly from page 85 of Journey To God (Vol. 1):

“After they had entered the second room, Baba looked at Mrs. Yap and said with a gesture, “What is cancer? Don’t worry – go for the operation; 11th, 12th, 13th – everything will be all right; I will be with you.”
(and Baba even repeated these dates in a later exchange). Later we read:

“The doctors after re-examining Yap fixed the operation on the 7th January. This caused great concern to the Yaps, for Baba had clearly said, 11th,12th,13th. However, it transpired that the operation on the 7th was a minor one and without their request, by “strange coincidence”, the major operation was fixed for the 11th January, 1977. Though this pleased the Yaps, considerably, they were perplexed by the “12th and 13th”. On the 10th January the meaning became clear to them. Again by coincidence Mr. Yap was shifted from bed No. 7 to bed No. 12 – the 12th bed. On the day of the operation, Mrs. Yap held Bhajans at the house of her brother-in-law, with whom she was staying… the house was No. 13 – the 13th house along Jalan Taman 7/6 in Petaling Jaya. By another conicidence the aggregate of the 7/6 also makes 13.”

Need one say more? Yes, evidently, for this is the kind of totally twisted reasoning used time and again – in my wide experience – by many Sai followers. The devotee mind turns every stone – in this case one searched for every possible appearance of the 11th and 12th in whatever connection – so that Baba’s words may be made to seem precognisant. When this is not possible, however, devotees give up and the difficulty is never publicised… though I have heard of many such embarrassments experienced by devotees who have been told what amounts to soothsaying rubbish by Sai Baba.

Anyone with a modicum of rationality can tell that most of this really is sheer coincidences and that most of the explanation is sheer wishful thinking. The only apparently ‘correct’ words were ‘the 11th’. This seems ‘meaningful’ but that depends on one’s faith, not on anything resembling proof. However, apparently meaningful coincidences of this kind – which C.G. Jung defined as synchronicities’ – certainly do occur, for they are most widely recorded throughout the world quite apart from those recorded by Sai devotees – and most people have experiences them in some form or another.

The prominent VIP whose prestige is invested in his books

Cover of book by Sai follower, J. Jegathesan

Jegathesan has written a series of books which include many stories of healing. His last book is called “The Fourth Dimension – Sai Baba, Journey To God Part 4“. As the title suggests it is a highly speculative book. It consists in a farrago of strange experiences, often wild interpretations of them and much hearsay. All of this shows him to be a most naive and uncritical believer in witch doctors, black magic, primitive trance mediums and much else of that kind. This is rather amazing from a man who has been an economic consultant with the United Nations International Development Organization (UNIDO) and the United Nations Council on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)! However, remember that there are thousands of consultants to UN bodies, and surely few are as deluded as that.

A mind more prone to unquestioning about spirits of the fourth dimension – with whom he communicates etc.   – would be hard to find among otherwise sane people. Though I once held a tentative view that there might be ‘elementals’, based on some then inexplicable experiences I had, Jegathesan jumps to many extreme conclusions about them.  All the experiences he claims to have undegone he attributes totally to the guiding hand of Sai Baba (without anything like proof, as usual, but based entirely on his rock-solid belief in Sai Baba’s omniscience, omnipotence and omnipresence!). His belief was severely tested – yet still clung to desperately – by the mysterious death of his Sai-devoted wife Shanti when he was away visiting Sathya Sai Baba, and the later suicide of one of his sons, also a favourite of Sathya Sai Baba!

The origin of healing – but also of sudden deaths – in Jegathesan’s view:

Jegathesan writes in some of his many hagiographic volumes about healing reported to him, attributing everything to Sathya Sai Baba. Now, there is no reason to doubt that healing took place in some cases, at least when attested by doctors. But this does not guarantee the cause of the healing. It could have been natural, it could have been caused by the psychological effects of strong faith – for this occurs all over the worlds and at hundreds of places, among which Lourdes is perhaps the most famous. However, there is nothing remotely like genuine scientific proof of any of these being ‘miracles’ or as having other than natural causes, even though explanations of the causes are lacking in many cases (due mainly to lack of observational evidence). Quite a few of the accounts are obviously massaged with faith and ‘doctored’ by wishful thinking to make what often occurs anyway look like the direct intervention of Sathya Sai Baba. If one believes what Sai Baba claims about himself altogether, as jegathesan explicitly does, one has to believe everything (good?) is done by him!

Healing by miracles is, of course, very widely considered to be most controversial by the huge majority of the medical profession throughout the world. Scientific studies trying to prove healing by supernatural causes have almost entirely proved negative, and studies which claim to be scientific and arrive at the opposite conclusions have recently been examined in detail and been shown to have flaws and not to be able to substantiate what they claim.

Consequently, everything Jegathesan writes only adds bunkum to bunkum. One must sympathise to some extent at least with the poor fellow, however, not only for his sheer naiveity but for the personal suffering it has led him into in placing so much of his trust in Sai Baba, over which he agonises in an e-mail he spread around. Firstly, his wife died – allegedly (but disputed) ‘by accident’ – falling in her bathroom.  Years later on his younger son – a favourite of Sathya Sai Baba (!) –  took his own life by leaping from the 5th floor of a building in Kuala Lumpur. More revelations about these incidents will come in a later posting!

So much for Sai Baba’s protection of his great favourite. So much for ‘Why fear when I am here?’

See more on healing and Sai Baba here

See here for my paper on ‘Elementals’ which deals with the hypothesis of ‘astral beings’ or such disincarnate entities – my original investigation and my refutation of the validity of such beliefs (in the light of modern neuro-science and more).

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