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Lewis Kreydick and Gerald Joe Moreno – disinformation in the Rahm court case

Posted by robertpriddy on April 28, 2011

An Orange County, California, lawsuit concerning alleged sexual abuses by Sathya Sai Baba had to be self-dismissed for technical reasons by Alaya Rahm. It transpired that there was no accountable registered organization in the USA to indict and an indictment of Sathya Sai Baba was disallowed by the judge because he is in India. When the matter was cleared, Dr. Michael Goldstein – International Chairman of the Sathya Sai organization – issued a secret circular directing all national Sathya Sai Organizations to ensure they were registered and legally accountable (though this has not yet been adequately done). See here

Stymied Alaya Rahm USA court case

The Sathya Sai Society of the USA – a charitable fund – had as its front a bookshop hosting a charitable trust, which did not represent the organization or its officials. Alaya Rahm’s attempt to get a legal decision had to be self-dismissed without any hope of it coming to judgement. (See

Sathya Sai Baba’s key internet defender
of Sai Baba and his organization etc., Gerald Joe Moreno tendentiously distorts the facts of the lawsuit in every possible way- as he does in his attacks on every one of the scores of young men who have alleged sexual abuse by Sai Baba. Evidently in deep denial himself after a long period of confusion after being ‘oiled on the lower stomach’ in private himself and his former  belief that Sai Baba was a sexual abuser, Moreno tried his utmost in every possible forum (such as Wikipedia) to cast doubt on the result of the Rahm court case. His main attack was to publicise the testimony of Lewis Kreydick, a US devotee who claimed to have been a close confidante of Alaya Rahm during the period he was allegedly sexually abused by Sai Baba. The untruthful deposition by the devotee of Sai Baba, Lewis Kreydick had no effect whatsoever on the decision of Alaya Rahm to withdraw his case, and it was never actually heard in court – it was merely a delivered deposition (also unavailable from the Clerk of Court to other than the parties involved!).  The withdrawal of Alaya Rahm’s case was purely because his attorney could not find any person or accountable body to answer to the Alaya Rahm’s suit. He fully maintains these claims. There is nothing proved against them. So Alaya Rahm’s case was never actually put to the legal test. For reasons former devotee lawyers in the USA and elsewhere are having trouble in understanding, Rahm’s attorney embarked on the case only to discover that there was no legally incorporated entity to sue. Rahm could not sue Sathya Sai Baba in India mainly because Sai Baba has long been protected from all court petitions by the High Chief Justice P.N. Bhagwati – his foot-kissing devotee of decades – and then PM Narasimha Rao and his Home Minister S.B. Chavan.

Kreydick’s main point was that Alaya never mentioned the abuses to him. Yet, in the television documentaries, Alaya stated that he believed, at the time of the abuses, that if he spoke about them his family would reject him.  Lewis Kreydick’s deposition is that of a blindly subjective devotee who attempted to slur Alaya Rahm. Kreydick claimed that he was a close friend and advisor to Alaya and made constant speculations about Alaya’s state of mind (repeatedly objected to by Rahm’s attorney), claiming he could not have been abused and unhappy because he was all smiles. The attempt was to sully Alaya’s character (and, disgracefully, that of his mother, too!).  This was heartless. Kreydick’s testimony totally disregarded the situation that Alaya was going through a tremendous inner upheaval while having to put up a brave face. Experts in sexual abuse attest that abusees, in the face of a situation too painful to admit fully into consciousness, can hide the turmoil about a situation beneath smiles. Here was an individual, knowing the terrible consequences in a US court should anyone perjure themselves, striving to tell his story of a very confusing and traumatic sexual abuse by his former guru, whom he had been raised to regard as God.

According to relatives who have contacted the exposé, Lewis Kreydick is a shady character who they say was suspected and indicted for murder of his own parents, but was saved by his lawyers, and who fled to the feet of Sathya Sai Baba for forgiveness.  Moreno even claimed, against all evidence, that the decision by Alaya Rahm somehow vindicated Sathya Sai Baba as not having been a sexual abuser! Alaya Rahm has NEVER withdrawn his allegations. Nor have his supporters, who are many among ex-devotees of Sai Baba in the USA and elsewhere, doubted his claims in the least. No judgement naming Sathya Sai Baba was given, in fact no verdict other than case self-dismissed was given. Gerald Joe Moreno has written extremely extensively on the Internet about this case, and none of it stands up to reasonable scrutiny. He continues with his fanatical and obsessive attempts to discredit, smear and assassinate character to all who have voiced criticism of Sathya Sai Baba, on whatever count. His chief method is ad hominem attack, besides systematically doubting the integrity of every critic (there are hundreds!), refusing without any contrary evidence to accept whatever proofs or testimonies they deliver. He calls nearly all of them liars over and again. The people he attacks were mostly known in the Sathya Sai movement as strongly motivated to do social service and held high all human values.

Moreno’s life has for about 5 years revolved around the work of the critics to the exclusion of anything else, as far as one can see. He certainly suffers from physiological denial syndrome to a high degree… even though he admits to the oiling by Sai Baba in private of his lower stomach (whatever that really implies) caused him to be sexually inhibited for years afterwards, though he claimed to have no idea of the reason for Sai Baba to do it. Many others have testified in public – and many more in private – to the reason… which is grooming to see whether sex is a possibility! Moreno’s reply to the many testimonies and all the supporting evidence is to attack and try to humiliate those many boys and young men who have already been put through such humiliating events by the self-proclaimed God Almighty.

Moreno’s attacks on former devotees in regard to the Hislop letters

Gerald Moreno sustains his futile on-line denials of the authenticity of the Hislop letters and their substance This, even though he was totally rebutted in his web campaign to prove that the Hislop letters were fake by Timothy Conway’s affidavit confirming their existence in scans and the accuracy of transcripts of them. He has attacked Mrs. Payne (Diana Scott) for not replying to his e-mail to her! What brazen insolence… for she no doubt knew from reading his publication of many e-mails he sent and received to testifiers to Sai Baba sex abuse how he uses their replies to twist the facts, to vilify them and call them liars and yet worse. He cast his perennial suspicions on whether Terry Lee Scott was actually sexually abused, as he has done in heartless and insulting attacks on every single person who has testified to sexual abuse– including at least 30 instances by self-identified persons. Moreno points out that the Sai College authorities dismissed Terry Scott “in disgrace” as if this were for some other fact than his having accused Sai Baba of sexual impropriety towards himself and his friends. The supposed ‘disgrace’ was the reaction of Sai Baba’s corrupt henchmen because he even dared to speak up… for it is strictly verboten to make the slightest criticism of the one they all worship as the one God Incarnate on earth.

Full information on Gerald Joe Moreno is found here

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Sathyasaibaba scales up hate attacks on critics

Posted by robertpriddy on March 31, 2009

Many tags and Google entries relate to the blog “Sathya Sai Baba – Life, Love & Spirituality” (which contains plenty of hate against me and other critics of Sai Baba – plus any amount of highly visible nonspiritual libel and character assassination. One among many tags anyone can check as nominally by ‘sathyasaibaba’ was:-

sathyasaibaba wrote 2 days ago: By Proxy Defenders Of Alleged Victims And By Proxy Defamers Of Sathya Sai Baba Dictionary (Read more)…

Here Gerald Joe Moreno cites legal definitions of ‘proxy’ in trying vainly to clear himself of the charge that he is a proxy for Sai Baba interests. He tries to limit the meaning of proxy to a strictly legal definition, but there are others which are in common use. The following definition taken literally, however, fits him like a glove. Moreno acts as “the agency, function, or office of a deputy who acts as a substitute for another” (i.e. whether a self-appointed deputy or not) and ” a representative who acts on behalf of other persons or organizations”. There need be no power of attorney for a proxy, who can be simply a substitute (Websters), and Moreno is certainly a welcome substitute for the Sathya Sai authorities who he defends at every turn of events. He even allows the public to think he is a substitute for sathyasaibaba, having chosen that blog title no doubt realizing that alerts and tags would appear (to the unprepared and curious public) as being from Sathya Sai Baba himself! Another definition of “by proxy” is “to get something second hand” (Urban dictionary). Most of Moreno’s blog materials are at second-hand and not a few were written by Sai officials! His blog acts as a proxy for many views leading readers to believe he is a devotee, though he denies that vigorously.

Moreno as a tireless proxy defender of the Sathya Sai Organization: Whether or not Moreno is a self-appointed, unofficial deputy or a hired undercover agent makes litle difference. His massive libel campaign passes without correction or comment from the entire Sai Organization, despite their being challenged on this by prominent ex-followers (especially the JuST group).

That Moreno received printed and video materials from the defending party – i.e. it consisted in two lawyers with the involvement of the lawyer and Sai devotee Robert Baskin, who is a legal advisor to the Sathya Sai Society of America and who G. Venkataraman of Radio Sai thanked for providing documentations about the court case to the Sai authorities. The defendant Dr. Michael Goldstein (Head of the world-wide Sathya Sai Organization) may instead have himself provided Moreno with the materials (even if through a proxy so as to keep at arm’s length).  Our representatives visited the court in Orange County but could not even obtain the Kreydick materials Moreno had obtained because they were not available to the public, only to the two parties involved. Only a few other official documents could be obtained, which we secured.

These materials were never presented in court session, either, since the case was dropped for technical reasons. Had they been so, their credibility would have been nullified because Alaya Rahm could not even tell his own parents about the sexual abuses, so he would not have told a fanatically devoted person like Lewis Kreydick either. Only later did he dare tell his parents, explaining how fearful he was before that of revealing this because of the consequences. Later he spoke with students about the molestations and felt a lot of support from them, so where was Kreydick then? The BBC investigated this matter in great depth and were entirely satisfied in the genuineness of the Rahm’s case, and the Sai leaders in the US were unable to make any legal challenge sit, nor were those in Canada able to pressurise the CBS authorities into quashing the broadcasts of ‘The Secret Swami’.

So Moreno had to remove those same materials which he posted on the Sathya Sai Baba Wikipedia article because he could not prove having obtained them from the court which he claimed had sent to him against payment. Moreno was unable to show any receipt or any proof that the documents were ever available at Orange County Court. Moreno also obtained videos of Kreydick reading his testimony! These are STILL NOT available anywhere else. He could only respond by posting masses of postings on his attack websites about “Robert Priddy’s pre-senile rantings”, which characterisation encapsulates the essence of his almost endless arguments.  It was also impossible to obtain the Kreydick material from the court on-line – only a few official documents were available in that way.  Kreydick’s submission was filed, but it was not presented in court nor was it made a public document, though Moreno mendaciously asserted again and again that it is. The supposed ‘proofs’ he posted are therefore sheer deception. He was consequently unable – after I removed them – to repost the Kreydick materials on Wikipedia, from which he was soon banned indefinitely. Typically, he tried at the time to claim he had withdrawn of his own free will!

Moreno acted as a proxy for the defense, Dr. Goldstein etc. in publicising those materials (i.e. Lewis Kreydick’s very dubious and simplistic claims). He was even originally informed of the case by Sai officials, because no specific information about the case was available except to attorneys and parties until after Moreno had publicised the fact. Further evidence of connections to Robert Baskin are also found (see here). Moreno has fatuously claimed that he could not know Robert Baskin because he lives in California, while Moreno is in New Mexico! A cogent rebuttal? Well, both have been to Sai Baba ashrams, and Baskin has also attended many Sai centres in the USA.

Let Moreno inform us who the ‘Robert” was who first introduced him to Sathya Sai Baba and told him amazing stories… but expect him to ignore this challenge, as he always does with real issues. If it was not Robert Baskin, was it Robert Bozzani, or Robert Bruce? There were very few people called Robert who could relate such first-hand stories in the US when Moreno met this Robert.

Here is one of my challenges made on Wikipedia, which eventually led to Moreno meeting his Wiki-waterloo. (Apropos, he was also banned from Netscape, and Digg for massive spamming).

Robert Priddy's succesful challenge to Moreno on Wikipedia

Robert Priddy’s succesful challenge to Moreno on Wikipedia

Moreno used thousands of words and a plethora of entries in the Wikipedia discussion pages trying to defend the posting of Kredick materials on the Sathya Sai Baba Wikipedia main page More on Gerald Joe Moreno‘s big proxy issue is to follow soon …..   

– but see
Alaya Rahm’s Lawsuit vs Sathya Sai Society of U.S. Joint Statement by International JuST Group and the Rahm family

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