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The Pope must hide from punishment, as did Sai Baba

Posted by robertpriddy on February 16, 2013

The Guardian published a lengthy article (Feb. 11, 2013) , entitled: “Pope Benedict ‘complicit in child sex abuse scandals’, say victims’ groups” and “Pope Benedict XVI ‘knew more about clergy sex crimes than anyone else in church yet did little to protect children’, say critics” , as the following excerpt shows:-

Excerpt from The Guardian 11/2/2013

Excerpt from The Guardian 11/2/2013

The Telegraph wrote: “Dan Brown couldn’t have made it up. The ecclesiastical earthquake of a pope resigning has been attributed, variously, to Benedict nursing a fatal illness; to a head injury during his trip to Mexico last March that convinced him to abdicate; to being forced out after an acrimonious meeting with a group of senior cardinals two days before he announced his resignation; to his looming disgrace over either dodgy deals done by the Vatican Bank, past cover-ups of paedophile priests, or an “explosive” forthcoming report by a team of cardinals on a tendering scandal; and to a strategy to secure the succession for his favourite.” 


Though Sathya Sai Baba’s devotee Prime Ministers, Presidents and Supreme Court judges protected him from prosecution of any kind, especially for sexual abuses and involvement in  cold-blooded murders, the Pope is not protected similarly by the Italian Government. He does not need it, as the Vatican is a recognised State, so if he stays inside, he will escape the many who wish to prosecute him (unless perhaps someone in Vatican City wishes to do so… unlikely, however). Of course, his possible crimes were nowhere nearly as serious as those for which Sathya Sai Baba was very credibly accused.

The Pope is confined by pressures to the Vatican for the rest of his life. Like Sathya Sai Baba, who dared not leave India for most of his life – especially after the infamous night of murders in his temple at Prashanthi Nilayam 1993 ( when ‘The Abode of Supreme Peace’ was more like the Abuse of Supreme Peace). By remaining within their respective fiefdoms, the Pope will escape prosecution, as did Sai Baba, who was protected by the Indian and Hindu elite he was from 1993 onwards surrounded by massive security precautions, with Israeli-trained undercover security guards and much else. Fatuously – and mendaciously – he said these were all for the protection of his devotees. But devotees were free to carry most normal objects in the ashram, UNTIL they entered his compound, whereupon they were body-searched (both males and females) for the slightest thing that might be used to attack a person – knives, of course, but any metal object including pens, floppy discs and almost every imaginable item. Why did they have to submit to that just then and not otherwise, if it was for their own protection?

But the journalist concluded that the reason for the Pope’s resignation was basically that he is too sick and old. The same applied to Sathya Sai Baba in the last years of his life, when he appeared to be a zombi-like figure, but he could never resign. He had to figuratively “ride the tiger” to the end until he fell off for the inevitable kill. A lawsuit was announced in the Indian media by ex-Minister Nagi Reddy, who claimed Sai Baba was murdered by his own circle! No more has been heard, as lawsuits can easily be delayed, even for decades, the use of huge bribes being a common practice. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was a long-time worshipper of Sathya Sai Baba, Sonia Gandhi attended his funeral… what more need one say?

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Sathya Sai Baba News – Funeral problems

Posted by robertpriddy on April 26, 2011

The funeral ceremony caused massive disturbances of one kind and another. Due to the Indian authorities’ total disregard of the well-being of the populace, which was demonstrated by their usual ultra-tight security arrangement for VVIPs, those in Puttaparthi were cynically left without food or drink!
Here is the report from The Times of India, Apl 26:-

“…confusion pervades beyond the gates of the Central Trust. While thousands of devotees keep pouring into Puttaparthi to wait in queues stretching up to 2-3 kms for that last glimpse, there appears to be little co-ordination between the Central Trust and the cops on how to handle the surge. “All they are interested are VVIPs and VIPs. We commoners are left to fend for ourselves,” said Kutumba Rao who has come from Rajahmundry. It was the same story for a majority of over one lakh devotees who had reached Puttaparthi by Monday evening.
The consideration for VIP security hasn’t helped matters: Even milk vans have not been allowed to enter the town since Sunday night. Hotels, canteens, eateries, shops and other business establishments have also been shut. “We are helpless. The devotees are thirsty and hungry but we cannot serve them as everything is shut. There is no milk to serve even tea,” said L Rajeev, a hotel manager.
A senior police officer said: “What can we do. VVIP bandobast is mandatory. All top functionaries are coming. So, many roads have been closed.” Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi are expected on Tuesday. Many other chief ministers are also expected.

Cops blame Trust for chaos at Puttaparthi: With VIPs queuing up to pay respects to Sai Baba, thousands of ordinary devotees and locals of the town have been left to fend for themselves with the extremely tight bandobast leaving them without essential commodities like food, water and a roof over their heads for an overnight stay.
The cops were also left clueless on how to manage the surge of devotees at the Sai Kulwant Hall. They blamed the Trust members for the mess. “We along with the district collector had told the Trust members to organise the darshan at the Hill View stadium. But they did not heed to our request. The stadium has a capacity of 50,000 and in his lifetime all big events, including his birthday, were celebrated there. Sai Kulwant Hall has limited capacity and has no proper entry and exit routes. Hence, huge lines spill on to the road. And since the roads are narrow, we had to close the shops.” Trust sources, however, said that it wasn’t practical to keep the body in an open stadium in this heat.”

Meanwhile, the struggle for predominance over the multi-billion dollar fortune left behind by the self-professed ‘penniless’ Sathya Sai Baba who owned no property (but for a literal township and more) and over for what it will be used in future, is not in the public eye – bad taste while the burial is progressing. The strongest apparent contender namely Satyajit (a Tamil) is keeping a low profile away from the throngs and is under police protection.

ECONOMIC TIMES – IANS, Apr 25, 2011, 02.53pm IST HYDERABAD: “The Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust will meet to take some key decisions after Sathya Sai Baba’s last rites Wednesday, with his death leaving a big question mark on the future of his massive spiritual empire estimated to be worth Rs.40,000 crore. With Sathya Sai Baba passing away Sunday, the trust will decide on how to carry forward its activities and who should lead it as Baba has apparently not named a successor.”

The Magic Silver Box: On top of all the excitement, it is hilarious that no less a figure than the Solicitor General of India stands forth to vouchsafe to India his Baba dream… one which proved again that Baba dreams are products of one’s own mind and have not truth in them at all. The Times of India takes up the story…
“Sunday night, Sathya Sai Baba appeared in the dream of solicitor general of India Gopal Subramaniam and told him to search his bedroom in the residential Yajur Mandir complex. “There is a silver box. Open it and you will find detailed instructions on how to run the Sai Central Trust, ” Subramanian claimed the Baba told him in the dream. The first thing that Subramaniam did on Monday morning was to tell the Trust members about the dream. The cops were summoned to open the residential complex which had been sealed since last week after allegations that “valuables” from being stolen from there. A team led by DIG Charu Sinha entered the Baba’s spartan bedroom but found nothing. “There was a bed, a chair and a medicine chest. But there was no silver box or any documents or will of the Baba,” a cop told TOI.”

Swami Nityananda salutes Sathya Sai Baba - two of a kind


There were protests from many devotees of Sathya Sai Baba when the news came out that Swami Nityananda of sex abuse fame was said to be coming to the funeral. But to no avail. What does this tell us about India? Nityananda was allowed to walk alone to do his pranams to the coffin contents, the same way as Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi did at the same ceremony. What does this tell about India? Nowhere else could this be allowed! Nithyananda told the CBI “I am not a man” and gave preposterous answers to some of the questions, as one might expect by someone caught red-handed on video! Letting him strut his stuff prominently before the TV and massed crowds of VVIPs and some rich devotees who all want to distance themselves from even a stray thought about sexual abuse was an affront to all devotees and must have been uncomfortable for the heads of State! Is this not a telling sign about morality in Indian ‘spiritual circles’.

Anyone in doubt about the massed testimony and compelling circumstantial evidence that Sathya Sai Baba was a major sexual abuser can find all here

Anyone who can stand a rigorous analysis of his published words and an overview of all that has been written about Sathya Sai Baba of any consequence, should visit Brian Steel’s website

PLEASE SEE THE SAI PETITION AND DECIDE WHETHER TO SIGN IT along with over 1600 others who have done so – you can write a comment too!

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Sai Baba’s tragedy: bones to be picked

Posted by robertpriddy on April 21, 2011

The Hindustan Times, 22nd Apl. states, “Doctors are making a last-minute effort to save the Baba.”

For the last 24 hours, the doctors involved have been stating what has been increasingly obvious to non-believers for days and even weeks now. He is near clinical death, some even say he seems to be brain-dead, but neurologists have not been consulted on this. (Why ever not? At this stage!) The big problem is how to dispose of him neatly without seeming to destroy the mythology of his ‘enlightenment’, and how to solve the problem of who will take over as pseudo-successor (i.e. hold the reins of power). This latter problem may well have caused the extreme intensiveness of the care by teams involving dozens or scores of doctors to keep his organs ticking somehow… to get time to fight it out and make all the necessary arrangements (also for a funeral or the heinous living entombment now proposed!). I feel sorry for what remains of Sai Baba and wish him a quick release.

Devotees will believe anything on trust, but that trust has been abused time and again by Sathya Sai Baba. Only a few who have become true believers can even admit this to themselves, so indoctrinated are they by his convenient (for him) talk of ‘look to yourself and leave me and my inscrutable mystery alone’. Now they believe he will survive and live into his 90s (die as he has predicted aged 92 or 96 – two contradictory prophecies!). When their trust is abused, there are many ways known to all inmates of Prashanthi Nilayam of rationalizing, explaining away, re-interpreting anything which is not as it should be with him, or simply by denying it as a fact (with quotations as their psychological defenses) I know this because for a time – too long – I participated… until I was despite myself virtually forced to recognise the ugly truth about him.

Meanwhile, the politicians of Andhra Pradesh State government are flocking there not at all unlike vultures, and it is openly admitted that they want as much of the cake as they can get. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and President Pratibha Patil are a disgrace to India in attending this degenerate who has abused devotees in many ways, including condoning their death in his bedroom. They are evidently both worshippers and seekers of all the spin-offs it gives them in votes and other connections within India. They will be remembered for it all, make no mistake. I know from contacts in London that the British Foreign Office is under no illusions about Sai Baba or them, for a start.

Visiting Puttaparthi is the secretary of AP finance, MV Subrahmanyam. Regarding this,The Hindustan Times article also states: “Subrahmanyam’s presence has led to speculation that the government may be planning to take over the Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust, invoking the powers under the Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Act, 1959.”The government reportedly denies this, but time will show. The law to do it exists, and who will not be tempted?

The many thousands of daily visitors to this website for the last month keep coming to hear what is not being told. A major campaign of enlightenment about all these revered criminals posing in monk’s robes is essential before India will gain the respect of people of stature in the world besides (and I am not talking about the Pope or his like!).

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Sai Baba devotees condone Kashmir violence?

Posted by robertpriddy on December 18, 2010

WikiLeaks: India ‘systematically torturing civilians in Kashmir’ writes The Daily Telegraph’:-

US diplomats were given evidence suggesting India was systematically torturing civilians in Kashmir, according to leaked cables. By Nick Allen, Los Angeles 12:17AM GMT 17 Dec 2010

Reportedly, in 2005 the International Committee of the Red Cross briefed US officials in Delhi that electrocution, physical beatings, sexual interference and other methods were being employed against hundreds of detainees by Indian security forces. The report to US authorities was detailed (691 of 1296 ICRC interviewed claimed they were tortured) and the ICRC asserted that that India “condones torture” and “routine killing” of civilians simply “connected to or believed to have information about the insurgency.”

The methods included being suspended from the ceiling (381 cases) and 304 cases were described as “sexual.” All of 294 victims described having their legs crushed by guards putting a bar across their thighs and sitting on it, and 181 said their legs had been pulled apart into the splits. US officials reported that “terrorism investigations and court cases tend to rely upon confessions, many of which are obtained under duress if not beatings, threats, or in some cases torture.”

Images of Indian troop and police violence in Kashmir


PM Manmohan Singh is a worshipper of Sathya Sai Baba, who speaks of peace and non-violence. Yet neither the self-proclaimed omnipotent ‘avatar’ nor his devotees can or will say or do anything for the people of Kashmir. This is how actions look in the face of weasel words. Sarhya Sai Baba has had as followers most former Indian Prime Ministers, all the Presidents and countless Government and State Ministers, all of whom have been aware that Sai Baba has constantly claimed that he will regenerate Indian values and its people, and this only as a prelude to saving humanity! The results so far totally belie the claims and false predictions of this supposedly reborn Vishnu, Rama and Krishna… It is obvious that Sai Baba can never have any such influence since he is retrograde and atavistic and even wants a return to a mythical India of ancient times… Bharat social structure as it once was under Rama. We must all be very relieved that Sai Baba is an impostor as regards all that! Yet India’s leading figures STILL worship the feet of this stone-faced invalid as God Almighty. What future hope there is for a corrupt and tortured nation led by such people one cannot imagine.

At the recent 85'th birthday of Sai Baba, who sat stone-faced throughout - see video clip, but also cried his eyes out see video clip

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Sathya Sai Baba and AIDS

Posted by robertpriddy on November 30, 2009

Sai Baba always claims to be reviving the Indian nation to its former alleged greatness. However, in 2007, the estimated number of people ( and WHO) with AIDS in India was 2.3 million. The highest HIV prevalence rates are found in Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka in the south, where HIV is primarily spread through heterosexual contact. This is Sai Baba’s home area… but he has said and done nothing to help this situation. Many infections are found amongst injecting drug users (IDUs) and sex workers. There are currently 2.1 million children in forced prostitution (sex slavery) in India. Though the rate of infections has dropped considerably in recent years, it is a vast number of the population who are still affected by AIDS.  

Sathya Sai Baba never Speaks Up on India’s Worst Sufferings: One of mankind’s most basic needs and drives is virtually unmentionable by the supposed ‘world universal teacher’ Though he avoids all subjects like birth control, condoms, AIDS and other sex-related issues like the plague (except in the privacy of the interview room or with close confidantes), he has once shown in public that is more Catholic than the present Pope. He has nothing whatever to advise but abstention from sexual behaviour. He religiously avoids talking about the widespread endorsement by Hindu temples of devadasis – temple prostitutes. That Sathya Sai Baba steers clear of the sex discussion strongly suggests that his real views would awaken astonishment and would cause many to fall away from his movement and might also draw more attention to his own widely reported sexual proclivities and preferences. He lists lust as one of the seven or cardinal sins, without explaining what kind of lust even, though he always claims to have no bodily desires. However, many factual and convincing accounts by a wide variety of young men indicate clearly that Sai Baba has tried to change young men into homosexuals and for his own gratification!

Since the sexual impulse is so fundamental and is the source of so many personal, social and other problems in the world, one might have expected some more enlightened talk about it than preaching monastic and repressive ideals. What a parody of spiritual guidance to mankind! There is nothing whatever ‘spiritual’ about avoiding the issues connected with sexuality. In contrast to Sai Baba’s secrecy and his attitude that strongly suggests guilt and shame feelings about sexuality, the great Sufi mystic and famous  poet, Rumi, regarded sexual desires in youth as ‘letting one’s feathers grow out’, without which dangerous problems can be caused later. (The Essential Rumi, p. 64). This is definitely an enlightened attitude and is favoured by an increasing majority in most modern countries nowadays. (So much for the cherished belief among devotees that Sai Baba will rule the world (or frequently it is said that he already does so – such as by the mad psychiatrist Dr. Samuel Sandweiss who believes that he alone has brought an era of global peace!). Sai Baba’s own deranged and megalomaniac claims that the whole world will be in his organisation and what newspapers in India reported he told Singhai: The World to be unified under Hinduism by 2030.

AIDS treatment with retroviral drugs: The tiniest percentage of Indians with AIDS could afford retroviral medicines until the Government took a lead in National AIDS Council (NAC) in 2006. The problem of access to retroviral drugs is still intense, however. Recently an appeal was made to Manmohan Singh to address the urgent need to rollout second-line anti-retroviral drugs in India. Not until July 2003, did the largely puritan-minded Indian Government at long last officially recognise the threat as an official figure of 4/5 million AIDS sufferers in India was published, while the hidden figure was said by other observers probably far greater. Most Indians never use condoms. Over half of all AIDS sufferers are women, but the vast majority of Indian women cannot even raise the question of this with their husbands. Ignorance about AIDS is still widespread due to traditional taboos about sex, and Sathya Sai Baba’s very puritan influence has increased these taboos. Open and informed discussion of sexual problems has long been limited largely to the small English-speaking minority. In 2002, when Bianca Jagger returned from a tour of India to study the problems of AIDS there on behalf of Christian Aid, she was interviewed on BBC World Service (4-12-’02). We were informed that Indian has the most rapid rate of AIDS infections of all countries in the world bar South Africa. The situation worsened in that the wild superstition that sex with children and even babies can cure AIDS also developed in India.

Please read about the Public Petition for Official Investigations of Sathya Sai Baba and His Worldwide Organization,  You can see a selected list of prominent signers of the Petition here.

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Sathya Sai devotees in total denial

Posted by robertpriddy on July 28, 2009

Former P.M. of India, A.B. Vajpayee

Former P.M. of India, A.B. Vajpayee

No one can observe Sathya Sai Baba’s activities sufficiently to know that he is not guilty of the many charges of sexual molestation. No one – apart from young men who sleep in his quarters – know what he does at night. Despite this, the former Prime Minister of India, Vajpayee, and Chief Justice P.N. Bhagwati (sometimes written ‘Bhagawati’ – both long-term worshipping devotees) made an infamous public declaration that these were “wild, reckless and concocted allegations made be certain vested interests and people against Bhagawan Sathya Sai Baba” and also call these “baseless and malicious allegations“. However, they fail signally to present a shred of evidence about vested interests and it has been proved also that they have never instituted the slightest investigation of the very many and convincing allegation. This shows more about the amateurish way that such prominent Indian figures go about making statements… all of which are completely unfounded… as is documented fully in a blog challenging Vajpayee and Co. see here

Goldstein-at-70th-b'dayThe observation of Sathya Sai Baba’s activities by any one person (other than the boys who attend him) cannot cover more than a fraction of the time at his disposal, which also applies to everyone else without any exception. Despite this, close devotees of Sathya Sai Baba among his prominent ‘special guest VIPs’ such as his close confidante Dr. Michael Goldstein, Dr. G. Venkataraman, also the top office-bearers Ashok Bhagwani (UK) Steen Piculell and Thorbjørn Meyer (Denmark), the businessman Jack Hawley, among others), have openly claimed to know that Sai Baba is innocent of the sexual charges, a conviction frequently also held by other close followers and office-bearers. This claim is transparently self-defeating because none of them have been able to monitor Sai Baba’s activities in more than a few dozen interviews lasting an hour or so, plus the rather limited periods that Baba is seen in public during darshans, festivals and such like. They believe he is innocent, which is a completely different matter… it is denial of the possibility and refusal to investigate further. They cannot presume to ‘know’ much at all about what Baba may do in private interviews or during the nights etc. (he has been accused of many sexual molestations in both cases); all they could truthfully say is their belief in Sai Baba’s purity is fundamentally and overwhelmingly based on subjective faith.

The (future) Prime Minister of India, Manmohan Singh, at Sai Baba's70th birthday celebrations in 1996

The (future) Prime Minister of India, Manmohan Singh, at Sai Baba's70th birthday celebrations in 1996

The current Indian Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, has also been a deluded follower of Sathya Sai Baba for a long time, as the photo of him decked out in Sai Baba robe regalia in 1996 proves.

No one can ‘know’ that Sathya Sai Baba is anything that he claims to be, such as an omniscient. omnipotent ‘God avatar’, for such knowledge requires knowing everything oneself… which the persons involved most evidently do not by a very long chalk! I have experienced all such people long enough to realise that they have rid themselves of their individual judgement, always trying to do what they are told to do and say what they are told to say… according to each their perceptions of Sai Baba’s fickle ‘will’. Their claims have no validity whatever in deciding this matter.

Further, if they were to be capable of applying Sai Baba’s repeated advice and ‘see only good in everyone’, ‘do not criticize others’ etc. then surely they should not assume without evidence that those who tell of being molested are liars or malicious persons? (see Vajpayee’s calumnious statement)

This sweeping accusation by him is particularly unsavoury disunity between word and act. It is patently incredible that over 30 persons in different parts of the world who have bravely testified in public should be found, convinced and paid by someone to make such charges, especially as all would realise the trouble and criticism they would have to face in so doing. David Bailey collected and published at least seven highly convincing e-mails he received alleging serious molestations. It was well-known in Prashanthi Nilayam that he did not have the means to pay what such a demanding smear campaign would doubtless have cost, even if he’d had a credible motive for so doing. David Bailey was a remarkable favourite of Sathya Sai Baba having had over 100 personal interviews and knew he would lose all the apparent boons, blessings, benefits and ashram privileges that such closeness is believed by all devotees to give (read his phone testimony here).Yet more convincing was the defection of Sai Baba’s close devotee (SEE alleging long-term sexual partner, Dr. Naresh Bhatia!

Sathya Sai Baba is quite simply lying about his accusers too. Very deceitful and abusive behaviour by him has even been documented by long-term devotees, not least by some who experienced it from his very early days, such as by Vijayamma (SEE, Varadu, (SEE M. Krishna and others who were once very close to him.

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India’s election gives some hope

Posted by robertpriddy on July 5, 2009

The Indian election looks somewhat promising for the most disadvantaged. Four hundred million new young voters helped swing away from extreme Hinduism towards secularism (which is against rule by the Hindu majority and suppression of non-Hindus). At least there are now seven Ministers in the new government who are not religious believers! Despite this, the Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, though an economist who is regarded as the best person to guide India through the credit crunch, is still a confirmed Sathya Sai Baba worshipper, which is an indictment of his ignorance of all the false and fantastic statements and prophesies by this major Indian religious cult personality has said and his massive deviousness and deceptions.

Referring to the country people of India who are rejecting more and more of the development priorities of the political class’, The Hindu remarks that “a decade after T.N. Seshan’s Anschluss on election malpractice (see below), the rural electorate finally votes freely”. The issues that concern them are “underemployment, land alienation, credit failures, migration and a severe deficit of human security”.

The status quo which may begin to change: “India still has the world’s largest number of poor people in a single country. Of its nearly 1 billion inhabitants, an estimated 350-400 million are below the poverty line, 75 per cent of them in the rural areas. More than 40 per cent of the population is illiterate, with women, tribal and scheduled castes particularly affected people of India.” (see here) “The World Bank estimates that 456 million Indians (42% of the total Indian population) now live under the global poverty line of $1.25 per day” (see here) In 2006, 2.1 million children under five died in India. “…some experts like Jayati Ghosh, an economics professor at Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) in Delhi, believe that the poor in India are far more numerous that these figures suggest. ‘We are not including people who do not have access to running water, sanitation, schooling, health and education. They may well not have any of these things, yet still not be considered poor because they earn enough to have the minimum calorie requirement.’ ” (see here).

Figures show but the tip of the iceberg of calamities from which the population suffers. Nonetheless, massive corruption and bribery remain a distinguishing feature of this vast nation: ” 14 people out of 100 taking bribes are for amount more than $5000 (Rs. 2,50,000). Actually, if you look at the top officials are even more corrupt.” (see here) masses have very largely been disregarded by the politicians and the huge obstructive and nest-feathering bureaucracy. The previous Congress-led government was too weak and dependent on other parties to take strong measures to raise the poor or provide them with the facilities which are essential to a minimum of decent livelihood. It is hoped – on behalf of India’s tortured poor and suffering, that this will begin to change, after setbacks in reduction of poverty in the last two decades. India can only benefit from such changes, the alternatives are too terrible to contemplate.

Sir Gulam Noon, 'Curry King' of the U.K.

There are many diaspora Indians who would never return to India other than for holidays or possibly old age retirement. Sir Gulam Noon, President of the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) who made a fortune out of Britain’s appetite for Indian food, is one such. In the tabloid press he is known simply as the Curry King. Interviewed on Hard Talk by Stephen Sackur, he was asked if he thought investing in India would be an option for him, considering the credit crunch and the relative immunity of the Indian economy to its effects. In his reply, he made clear his view that – though he visits often and has involvements in India, not least in his charitable institutions, the country is still ruled by criminally-corrupt politicians. This is a major indictment by a diaspora Indian of such notability.
Sir Gulam Noon MBE talked to Stephen Sackur of BBC’s ‘Hard Talk’ series.

The 10th Chief Election Commissioner of India, T.N. Seshan
served in office between December 1990 and December 1996. Born in Tirunelveli in Tamil Nadu, he is known for his introduction of many electoral reforms and his uprightness. Though he has become rather more optimistic now, he has famously stated about India

“Make up a list of 200 political leaders of the central government, the national parliament and the state parliaments. Are you able to find one single person on this list to whom you can go for help? Obviously not. The politicians of today are as pygmies masquerading as Titans. They are like small children who try to walk in the shoes of their grandparents, and who sooner or later will stumble and fall.”
and “Today it can seem that honesty and integrity are banned from public life. The situation makes me think of the Greek philosopher Diogenes, who used to go around with his lamp alight at the height of day in the hope of finding an honest person.”

Failings in Indian Justice – by ex-Chief Election Commissioner T.N. Seshan

Former Chief Election Comissioner T N Seshan:-

see also []

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Sathya Sai Baba worshipped by India’s P.M.s etc.

Posted by robertpriddy on November 18, 2008

Time for Indian Government leaders to take to their senses:

The Indian Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, and his Minister for Home Affairs (Shivraj Patil) are known devotees of Sathya Sai Baba of Puttaparthi, who they visit and show the utmost respect. A man who has for decades repeatedly claimed he is God Incarnate (which is illegal in India anyhow), Sathya Sai Baba clearly stated (or example) on the BBC film ‘The Secret Swami’ that he created 3-ton golden lingam (size and shape of an egg) within his stomach and regurgitated it (though it was clearly seen to be a faked show and the lingam was then placed on a flimsy table without it collapsing!). Is it not time for these supposedly educated people to begin to examine the many facts about the ignorance and deceptions of this imposter “Creator of the Universe”? While this preposterous unspoken embarrassment to intelligent Indians and visiting statesmen from non-Hindu countries persists, how can its leaders really be taken by the world to be seriously responsible people?

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Nothing can absolve Sathya Sai Baba from having been involved in the gruesome murder incidents in his bedroom apartment in June 1993, where he fled his apartment and stood nearby and never intervened to save the four who were executed by the blackmailed police. None of the six murders were ever cleared up because his followers, then Prime Minister Narasimha Rao and Home Minister S.B. Chavan quashed the CBI investigation when it began to near a result (See here).

Neither this – nor many substantial sex allegations against Sathya Sai Baba – stopped the Indian Government under A.B. Vajpayee – a long-term devotee himself –  from proposing him for the Nobel Peace Prize! Such wishful ignorance of international standards of judgement is near incredible by a Prime Minister who defended Sai Baba without have made the slightest investigation of the massive evidence (as proven by B. Premanand’s tortuous correspondence with the dissembling authorities see Premanand challenges Vajpayee to come clean. 

The practice of human values and the moral standing of anyone who is seriously considered for the Nobel peace Prize must be impeccable, and it is laughable that Sathya Sai Baba actually believed he would get it, as he made totally ill-informed claims that a certain Dr. Nobel was the many who gave it out was visiting him (he is the great grandson of Alfred Nobel and has no role in any Nobel Prizes whatever! See here)

Sathya Sai Baba (mostly passively) supports the vastly increasing militarism and nuclear arsenal of the Indian Government through patronising the designer of atomic weapons (Dr. Bhagavantam, deceased) and hobnobbing in most friendly fashion in public with the designer of the latest nuclear delivery missiles.

Shivraj Patil is a regular visitor to Sathya Sai Baba – see for example  here
See short video clip (1MB) of Sathya Sai Baba explaining the three ton lingam!

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Posted by robertpriddy on June 20, 2007

Indian dignitaries & well-known names worship Sathya Sai Baba in public and give credence to his megalomaniacal and impossibly absurd claims?

That alone is TRULY SCANDALOUS and a slur on their intelligence – or perhaps the intellectual honesty – of all involved [quite apart from the many serious allegations of sexual abuse and being a suspect murder accomplice]. A few of the lies promulgated by Sathya Sai Baba documented in his own words can be seen here, and here, and here! Indians who continue to allow this self-proclaimed Incarnation of God who says he sent Jesus to earth will become a world laughing stock as time goes by. On this blog I have shown a small sample of the deceptions and unbelievable claims made by Sai Baba:-

Sai-fi fantasy
Sathya Sai Baba firmly claims that he was himself Krishna and was 84 years old at time of Mahabharata war and that he was also Lord Rama and did what is told in the Ramayana, defeating demons, flying in mantra-driven ‘airplanes’, killing Ravana, banishing his wife etc. How come most Indian politicians accept this?
Sai Legend Howlers
Fantastic legendary stories from Indian mythology are presented as fact by Sathya Sai Baba. This man is recognised as a holy sage by ca. 8 Indian Prime Ministers, Presidents, rich and famous Indians and many influential foreigners. It is worth thinking about how and why they let themselves be so easily deceived.
Creationist Museum in the US and Sai Baba’s claims as Creator
The world’s first creationist museum, which tells visitors the Earth is only about 6,000 years old. It is in the Petersburg, Kentucky. It makes many too fantastic claims, but does not mention the self-proclaimed Creator of the Universe, Sathya Sai Baba. He could have helped out a lot, one might think!
Sai Baba Howlers
The 2004 tsunami was dealt with ‘saientifically’ by Sathya Sai Baba – the clownish ‘saviour of mankind’ himself, the God who can save or deal out karma. He blamed it on ‘man’ – retribution for our bad conduct! It also devastated his own State of Andhra Pradesh. Volcanoes and earthquakes – he often proclaims – are the result of ‘man’s behaviour’. But they began long before man arrived! He is a thumping fundamentalist who says sensual pleasures are making human bodies weaker daily while life-spans shorten. Eye defects are developing due to ‘unsacred vision’! But he lost the sight in one eye himself!

So Here is a list of some names who support Sathya Sai Baba in public:-

Current President of India A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
Pratibha Patil (apparently all set to be the new next President of India)
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh (long-term devotee of Sai Baba)
Minister for Home Affairs, Shivraj Patil (in the Singh government, despite having lost his seat in the last election!)
Former Chief Justice of India P.N. Bagawati has been close to Sathya Sai Baba for decades & is on The Sathya Sai Central Trust.
By 1995, it was possible to list more than 55 judges in the Supreme Court, high courts, chief justices, chairmen of various commissions who were Sathya Sai baba devotees.
Chief Justice, Dr A. Anand – Supreme Court of India.
Justices G.B. Pattnaik & R.C. Lahoti (who together blocked Mr. H. Sampath’s Supreme Court petition against Sai Baba see here).
Supreme Court judges G.F. Ray and Jagannatha Rao visited Sai Baba after the birthday celebrations of 23-11-1998. Justice J. Easwara Prasad wrote a panegyric in Sathya Sai Baba’s journal Sanathana Sarathi in Nov. 1990.
All the above accept – by their actions – Sathya Sai Baba’s unconstitutional authority to avoid proper and just investigations.

Indian Chief Electoral Commissioner T.N. Seshan (ret’d 1996 – wears ring with large supposed ‘diamond’ he believes was ‘materialised from thin air’ by Sai Baba)
Former President of India V.V. Giri & wife Srimatha Saraswati Giri. (see Sathyam, Sivam, Sundaram Vol 3 last chapter but two)
Former President of India R. Venkjataraman
Former President of India, B.D. Jatti.
Former President of India Shankar Dayal Sharma
Former PM Indira Gandhi & her son Sanjay Gandhi
Former PM Arjun Singh,
Former PM Rajiv Gandhi
Former PM, P.V. Narasimha Rao; (Congress)
Former Home Minister S.B. Chavan (Congress)
Former PM of India, Deve Gowda
Current PM of India, Atal Vihari Vajpayee, (BJP)
Current Home Minister L.K. Advani, (BJP)
Gov. of Mysore State Shri Dharma Vira;
Lt. Govenor of Goa State Sri Nakul Sen
Ex-Commander-in-Chief of India’s armed forces General Mahadevan,
Former Industry Minister Vijay Bhaskar Reddy, Agric. Minister Balram Jhakar,
Former Indian Ex-Home Minister S.B. Chavan
Ex-minister B. Shankaranand
Ramnath Goenka (Press owner – deceased)
V.K. Narasimhan (Editor-in-Chief Express newspapers – deceased 2000),
A.P. Governor Krishna Kant
Rajasthan Governor Channa Reddy
Former AP Chief Minister (and ex-famous film star) N.T. Rama Rao (deceased)
Chief AP Minister N. Chandrababa Naidu (son/heir to Rama Rao)
A.P. Chief Minister Janardhan Reddy
Karnataka Chief Ministers: Sarekoppa Bangarappa & M. Veerappa Moily
Air Chief Marshal N.C. Suri.
Dr. Jagannatha Reddy, Senior Physics Lecturer M.S. Ramiah Inst. of Technology
Dr. Gokak – Director of Institute of Advanced Studies, Simla (deceased)
Dr. S. Bhagavantam (deceased) former Vice-Chancellor of Andhra & Osmania Universities;
M.C. Modi (world famous eye surgeon)
Union Minister Rajesh Pilot (deceased)
Guru/magnate Chandra Swami (discredited)
R.A. Bendra (award-winning poet)
Vijal Mallya, Nani Palkhivala. Chandra Shekar, Ashok Singhal…

From abroad Sathya Sai Baba has been visited formally by:-
Italian PM, Antonio Craxxi, (found guilty of massive corruption and ileved in exile – deceased)
King and Queen of Nepal (visited Sai Baba, then brutally murdered in 2001 by their son)
The Duchess of York (‘Fergie’)
Ex-president of Sri Lanka, Ranasingha Premadasa.
Sri Lankan politician, Lalit Athulatmudali
Princess of Thailand (frequent visitor)
Mr. Trudeaux, brother of the former PM of Canada.
Former PMs of Fiji and Mauritius
US Ambassador to India – in the 1960s (?)
Wayne Peterson is a recently retired career US Diplomat (also believes he met Maitreya!)
According to reports the Italian PM Andreotti visited (there is no reliable documentation of this)
Reports also state that one PM of Greece (?) visited, plus the former Grecian monarch and someone in the Spanish Royal Family. Plus alss the President of El Salvador. These reports may be false, propaganda, such as the entirely false report that prince Charles has visited Sai Baba.
Sai Baba visited Idi Amin in Kampala in the late 60s and proclaimed him a great devotee!

Entertainers (incomplete list):
Goldie Hawn, George Harrison, Stephen Segal (US ‘action’ film star), Pandit Ravi Shankar (sitar), M.S. Subbulakshmi and Anupjalota (female singers) Shiv Kumar Sharma (santoor) (all the above are on film with Sai Baba), Maynard Ferguson (trumpet) Manoj Kumar (ex-film star). Sunil Gavaskar, Sachin Tendulkar (and some other Indian cricket stars).

Information on the Public Petition for Official Investigations of Sathya Sai Baba and His Worldwide Organization
See also Devotee attacks on the Sai petition and petitioners

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