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The Sathya Sai Baba Cult
 infiltration of SWARA

Posted by robertpriddy on September 15, 2009

Below here is a transcript of the TV coverage of a public demonstration led by the manager, other staff  and numerous clients of the Brisbane institution  SWARA (the Pink Twins’ Sathya Sai Baba service project. The reason for the protest is clear from the content. It resulted in the departure of several of the staff and more clients from the cult-run Sunshine Welfare and Remedial Association.

Infiltrating a Cult
 February 2, 2009: Exclusive footage behind the scenes of an underground cult movement. 
Channel: ACA (A Current Affair) NineMSN

Click above image to see video clip

Click above image to see video clip

Below is a full transcript to the NineMSN program with comments and documentation links:

Tracy Grimshaw: Well it was founded as a Government run center for disabled people to learn life skills, now it’s accused of being a front for a bizarre religious cult that started in India.
ACA – NineMSN – A Current Affair: (Confrontation scene with Kelli Vallis shouting “hurry up…hurry up…we have physical violence towards people with a disability”.)
Chris Allen: Is this a cult?
Kelli Vallis: Absolutely. If you look up the definition of a cult, you will find that they fit almost all the criteria of a cult and their behavior, more importantly their behavior, is very cult-like.
ACA – NineMSN – A Current Affair: (Confrontation scene with Kelli Vallis shouting “Security guards are manhandling our clients and they are physically abusing them”.)
Chris Allen: Ugly scenes as disable people are locked out of a center built for them by the Queensland Government.
Kelli Vallis: They are disgraceful people. They’ve taken away their rights and now they’ve actually physically abused them.
Chris Allen: Kelli Vallis is the manger of the center, or was, until the committee which runs it sacked her after she led this protest.
Kelli Vallis: They have been taken over by a cult.
Chris Allen: This is government funded?
Kelli Vallis: It absolutely is.
Moyia O’Brien: That is completely ridiculous. That is not true. The Sai Baba Organisation is not a cult, it is not even a religion. It is a service group.
Chris Allen: Moiya O’Brien is Chairman of the committee which runs the center. She’s also a devotee of Sai Baba, the Indian mystic who claims to be a god.
Moyia O’Brien: I am convinced he is part of God. He’s part of who we are. But he is perhaps a bigger part than what we are.
Chris Allen: Skeptics say Sai Baba is also a big fraud. He claims to produce magic dust and jewels from thin air. But look closely and you can see the ash comes from pellets he crushes between his fingers. And the jewels he conjures up are just sleight of hand. Here he produces a necklace. Look again and you’ll see the fumble under the box. While never convicted of a criminal offence, there have been allegations of murder, fraud and sexual abuse of children. At one stage, the US Government issued a warning about visiting his ashram in Southern India. But that hasn’t stopped millions from believing in Sai Baba, including Moiya O’Brien.
Moyia O’Brien (taken from a video at a Sai Center): Sai Ram. Life is beautiful with Baba. We are all beautiful because he is changing us.
Chris Allen: Moiya is so devoted, she’s become a sort of Sai Baba elder in Australia.
Moyia O’Brien (taken from a video at a Sai Center): How could you not love him? Baba I love you, love and adore you.
Kelli Vallis: People who come here don’t make the choice to be involved in a belief system about an Indian guru who they believe is God incarnate.
Chris Allen: Kelli says five of the seven member committee which runs the center are Sai Baba and that Moiya O’Brien has allowed the group to use the center for prayer meetings.
Kelli Vallis: They have complete control over our service.

Chris Allen: (speaking to developmentally challenged man) Do they try and recruit you, ask you to join up?
Steve (developmentally challenged man): Yeah they did but I said no way.
Chris Allen: Disabled kinds like Steve and Michelle say they’ve been pressured to join up.
Michelle (developmentally challenged woman): Yes they have tried but I’ve just stood my ground and said no it’s not for me.
Moyia O’Brien: That is completely untrue. We have never discussed Sai Baba.

Chris Allen: (speaking to developmentally challenged man) Do they try and recruit you, ask you to join up?
Steve (developmentally challenged man): Yeah they did but I said no way.
Chris Allen: Disabled kinds like Steve and Michelle say they’ve been pressured to join up.
Michelle (developmentally challenged woman): Yes they have tried but I’ve just stood my ground and said no it’s not for me.
Moyia O’Brien: That is completely untrue. We have never discussed Sai Baba.
Moiya O’Brien (switching back to the cult accusation): I completely deny it.
Chris Allen: But you must appreciate that people are going to say this looks like a cult, smells like a cult, it must be a cult.
Moiya O’Brien: Yeah, but it is not necessarily said.

Chris Allen: Even sadder the sight of disabled clients being manhandled by security guards hired by the committee to keep them out.
Kelli Vallis: These people are not to be left in charge or responsible of this organization or the welfare of these people. It’s just disgraceful.
Tracy Grimshaw: And in a statement sent to A Current Affair, the Department of Communities and Disability Services Queensland said it’s now investigating complaints made against that center. We will let you know the outcome.

The report is still available on video here

See also Moiya O’Brien’s deceit about the Sathya Sai Organization

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Proxy Defender of SWARA

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Hiding the belief that Sathya Sai Baba is God Incarnate

Posted by robertpriddy on February 15, 2009

Covering up more and more: The International Sathya Sai Organization’s leaders realized long ago that it was extremely necessary to play down the questionable sides of Sathya Sai Baba – his megalomaniac claims of being The Deity of all Deities at whose feet all prayers to whichever god eventually arrive and so forth (which they nevertheless must believe wholeheartedly – along with everything else he states – if they are to be high office-bearers in his cult). The International Organization was gradually convinced – not least by Westerners – that Sathya Sai’s ‘teaching’ and public image must be sanitized as far as possible so as not to put off people who would be sceptical (thus regarded as ’spiritually immature’). Therefore the fullest possible emphasis was to be put on Sathya Sai social service (’Seva’) and the miracles – unavoidable since they have always been Sai Baba’s main claim to fame – were only to be discussed as to their ‘inner meaning’ for spiritual growth.

Torbjørn Meyer, Denmark

Torbjørn Meyer,

From the 1990s onward the Scandinavian countries were instructed by the European Central Coordinator, Mr. Thorbjørn Meyer, to play down all the kind of proclamations that “people would not easily understand”, including the miracles and Sathya Sai Baba’s many claims of being the Divine Avatar come to save humanity and his many other documented ‘fantastic’ statements (read a cross-section of these). Evidently this applies with full force to the many allegations of murder involvement and sexual abuse by Sai Baba which continue to be reported. We have evidence that some devotees today think this is a very clever move on behalf of Sai Baba (and against those of us who want the truth about his deceits to be known). This is how cultist’s reasoning works. Thorbjørn Meyer and his associates in Copenhagen tried to deceive the Mayor ofFredriksberg that they were the Sathya Sai Organization when they tried to buy Arresødal Castle.

Arresødal Castle

Arresødal Castle

However, they were later hounded out by angry demonstrators from the Fredriksberg area! (See here and  here ) This was demonstrated at length in the Danish TV documentary film ‘Seduced’ about Sathya Sai Baba.

As already pointed out on this blog site, the surviving ‘Pink Twin’ Moiya O’Brien, denied on Australian TV that she sees Sai Baba as God. However, she certainly does as she is on record in her book ‘Touched by the Lord’ (!) where she writes, for example on p. 153 “… It was many years before we realised that the God we worshipped in our hearts was here in a form that someone has described as “Vibrating with the essence of all”. But she also admits that she does not tell the clients to the Association she co-founded what she really believes on this, for she wrote:

We tell people that He is a beautiful, loving spiritual being. We have to be cautious about telling people that He is God.” This is in accordance with the strict instructions of this clandestine cult Sathya Sai organization.

click on image

click on image start video 4.6 Mbs

The Sathya Sai Organisation requires all its members to accept that Sathya Sai Baba is God, this being stated clearly in the paper which, in many countries, new members must sign. Those who will not accept this condition are either not allowed to become members or – if already so – are excluded from the Organisation.

For a more thorough examination of this deceit by the Sathya Sai Organization, see ‘Downgrading Divinity’ by Brian Steel

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Moiya O’Brien’s deceit about the Sathya Sai Organization

Posted by robertpriddy on February 12, 2009

Click above image to see video clip

Click on above image to see brief video clip (only 850Kbs)

In the above video clip, after the sacked manager of SWARA, Kelli Vallis answers interview questions, the surviving ‘Pink Twin’, Moiya O’Brien – the c0-founder of SWARA (Sunshine Remedial and Welfare Association) denies a documented fact, that the Sathya Sai Organization is NOT only a service organization, but a spiritual organization with the structure and activities typical of churches and their hierarchies. As every single member knows, the service activities take up only one of the three ‘wings’ of this fabulous creature… the other two being ‘spiritual’ and ‘educational’… in short it is in practice a subordinate third  part of the whole. It is above all a personality cult for worshipping and spreading the name and doctrines of self-appointed World Saviour and God Incarnate, Sathya Sai Baba. Sathya Sai baba has called his teaching the ‘Sai religion’ and permitted use of this term by Central Coordinators. He constantly preaches it as a ‘universal religion’ combining all faith into one ‘essential’ faith, despite his claiming to be the God who created the universe now incarnate in his body!

However, even its official Charter shows that Moiya O’Brien’s claim is untrue… for the Sathya Sai Organization has as a main aim the spiritual instruction of its members, children and visitors (see Charter excerpt below). This is seen in its activities, which are overwhelmingly devotional singing meetings and spiritual-religious study circle. This I can attest from having read countless reports from groups and countries, having attended international meetings and been to been to many different centres and groups in several countries during my 18 years of leadership of the organization in Norway. Further, leaders in the organization were continually given direction from on high that in all public meetings and contacts with the media that we should emphasize the service activities as the main purpose because it was felt that the worship of Sathya Sai Baba as God Incarnate would cause skepticism from society and the official bodies whose endorsement may be necessary for the organization’s status as a tax-protected charity and such reasons. On such a deceptive agenda, Moiya O’Brien has succeeded in obtaining such State funding from Brisbane  authorities beyond all limits.

The Sathya Sai Organization’s requirements for all members include:-


Click here to see larger format and explanatory notes of above charter excerpt

The Sathya sai Organization’s problemtical Charter and its history

See Sathya Sai organization’s chart of its lines of command

See entire interview on Australian TV – click here and then click start arrow on video panel (4.7 Mb also suitable for modem users)

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SWARA’s Sai Baba members believe he is God the Creator

Posted by robertpriddy on February 7, 2009

From Prof. N. Kasturi's autobiography

From Prof. N. Kasturi's autobiography

The ultimate in one-upmanship! In the official Sathya Sai Baba biographer’s authenticated autobiography leaves no holds barred as regards who this cult leader claims to be! Devotees who become members of his organization are required to believe his statements and teachings! (See the relevant part of its Charter here) Because of the incredibility of the claim, the Sathya Sai organization always presents itself outwardly as a ‘service organization’ and strives to keep that public profile. But it  is really a cover for a proselytizing cult. The recent scandal over the Sai Baba dominated SWARA organization in Brisbane, which has long pulled the wool over government officials’ eyes about their true nature, showed its core cultist nature in forcefully expelling and denying right of speech to members and disabled clients, many of whom oppose the indoctrination by SWARA’s owner, wealthy Moiya O’Brien, and her Sai Baba cult supporters (apparently mainly of Indian origin).

Trying to sidestep the issue, O’Brien lied outright about her beliefs when it was reported the she belongs to a cult, saying:  “That is completely ridiculous. That is not true. The Sai Baba Organisation is not a cult, it is not even a religion. It is a service group.” She also contests disabled clients’ outspoken on camera testimony on the video about the indoctrination which is conducted there… she simply denies it, even though she has actually published what is done in this respect in detail in her book ‘The Touch of the Lord’’. Here are some passages from Chapter Five ‘The Story of SWARA –  Divine Uncertainties, p. 56 which prove her untruthfulness beyond any doubt:-

“We asked Baba in a recent interview if He had a message for all of the SWARA people. He said, “Tell them that I bless them all and I am with them always.” So we passed that on. At SWARA we talk about Baba, so they all know about Him….

The clients know we go to India to see Sai Baba, and we send them cards of Him and His words. We give an inspirational talk to the whole group every day when we work out our program in the mornings and we often bring Sai Baba into conversations and tell them some of His inspiring words. When we prepare the main room in SWARA for the Thursday night devotional singing for the Brisbane Sai Centre, the clients all help to make the room attractive and they arrange the flowers, etc. When we have our Blue Nurses day, the clients all help to roll up the packages of sweets, tidy the rooms and decorate the hall. They play a very active part in all of that and they know it is a Sai Baba service day – everyone sees Him as a special friend and helper.
We tell people that He is a beautiful, loving spiritual being. We have to be cautious about telling people that He is God.”

(my emphasis in red)

The association – run overwhelmingly by Sai Baba devotees –  dismissed professional social worker Kelli Vallis from her post after clients’ diverse and repeated complaints against their administration – forwarded by her – had been sidelined many times and their rights suppressed or ignored, and they took their grievences up in a protest with placards, where they were brutally manhandled. The matter is on-going since it involves a professional wrongly dismissed and more besides.

Why the Sathya Sai Organization IS a cult

Australian Current Affair: ‘Infiltrating A Cult’ (Sathya Sai Baba)

Reference: The Touch of The Lord. On the Life of the O’Brien Twins. Moyia and Dorothy O’Brien. Published by – Divine Print Publishers. PO Box 1189. Beenleigh 4207. Queensland. Australia. April 1999

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Sathya Sai Organization & the SWARA project

Posted by robertpriddy on February 3, 2009

Sathya Sai Baba insists that his followers should never criticize anyone, only themselves. However, the Sai movement distinguishes itself by the total absence of self-criticism in public, or even in its meetings and conferences. Strict internal censorship is the reason why Sai officials and many followers do not respond at all to any challenging criticism. They never admit of any fault whatever in Sathya Sai Baba, nor in anyone or anything to do with him, for their attitudes are tribal and peevish towards outsiders’ differing opinions.

Now, however, the Australian devotee, the surviving ‘Pink Twin’ Moyia O’Brien is much more than peevish… has used heavyweight security people against protesters. This reflects her own mismanagement of the publicly-funded  SWARA (Sunshine Welfare and Remedial Association) service project and deceiving clients including (something she denies, despite the testimony of staff and clients, in the Australian Current Affairs segment) expecting some of the clients to join in with the religious worship activities. During the protest, hired guards included a heavy guard woman with a crew cut who took a semi-running lunge at the group including disabled persons. One of the disabled clients had to be treated, and the police are investigating the incident.

click on image to link

click on image to link – 4.5MB

Moyia O’Brien more or less “denied” God  when questioned by the reporter on the Australia Current Affair TV presentation. She followed the well-known internal policy of the Sathya Sai organization,  to suppress the guru’s claims (which they must, as members, believe nonetheless see here) that Sathya Sai Baba is God Incarnate, the Father Who Sent Jesus, the one who sent the Prophet of Allah, and the Supreme Deity of all Deities at whose feet every prayer to any form of God eventually ends up! I have witnessed the considerable efforts of leaders in the Sathya Sai organization to stop zealous devotees from speaking about this in any organized connection, as part of the strict censorship exercised throughout the organization and at the ashrams. That this form of secrecy and denial is so rife among this cult’s leadership is one of many serious anomalies, and hardly makes sense of their and their ‘Lord’s’ constant harping on Truth.

Moyia O’Brien’s deceptions amount to outright lying. This is easily seen from just the  introduction to the book she wrote with her sister called ‘The Touch of the Lord’- written by Howard Murphet, another  deluded Australian Sai devotee:-
“The main theme of the third part deals with how their lives have been changed by their meeting on Earth in human form the loving God they had always worshipped – Avatar Sathya Sai Baba. But what about Jesus the Christ who had guided their lives for over half-a-century? No doubt they feel as do thousands of others including myself that they have not abandoned Jesus but simply met Him in another form; as there is only one God of the universe His appearance as a God-man on Earth twice or more times can only be one God in varying physical forms teaching the same great spiritual truths in varying words and styles to suit the expanding consciousness of mankind.
He always finds the time to talk personally to His ‘Pink Twins’. Thus is strengthened and renewed the inner communion which they have with Him during their daily lives; this must indeed be a great help to them in their busy lives of service.”

Read news and background information: Australian Current Affair: ‘Infiltrating A Cult’ (Sathya Sai Baba)

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