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Hindu Tantric guru Shankarananda comes dirty!

Posted by robertpriddy on December 29, 2014



UPDATE ON SWAMI SHANKARANANDA OF THE SHIV YOGA COMMUNITY: The ashram is facing closure and a major legal process, probably including a class action (according to the Mornington News of 31/3/2015. This comes after months of increasing exposures of the guru (real name Russell Kruckman).

Originally this blog stated: Yet another exposure of a sex maniac Hindu guru, Shankarananda of the Mount Eliza Yoga ashram, Australia. Despite his claims of celibacy it appears he couldn’t keep it in his pants. And stories about at least 40 devotee women having sex with him are now coming out, to which he has been forced to admit! Sounds like quite a harem scene this dude had set up. It is but the latest in an unending line of sexual abusing gurus like Swami Nityananda, Asaram Bapu and son, and pedophile Sathya Sai Baba. The self-declared fornicator will however continue as the “Spiritual Director of the Shiva Ashram” and will still be handing out ‘wisdom’ and ‘teachings’ (for what they are now worth. or ever were) and “Swamiji has asked us on his behalf to reiterate his message for the year of holding the feeling – that is, stay away from enmity, and keep returning to love.”  This ego-centric sex maniac wants to be forgiven in spades and to be considered fit to counsel his victims and teach his perverted religious values to the vulnerable believers and seekers of an otherworldly wisdom and imagined state of eternal bliss that one can be 99.9% certain does not exist! 

Further, in a statement by Stephen and Vani of the ashram state that ‘the Committee has legal advice that based on the information known there is no basis for any criminal complaint.” Let us hope that some victims get better legal advice and find that he can be prosecuted, no doubt he has acted under false pretences and collected donations on that basis, among other things. Such a proven deceiver and liar cannot be trusted in any respects. He deserves punishment, not more love! Meanwhile Shankarananda writes in a letter to the community: ”

I had a carrot in my ear. Truly. When contemplating Baba’s life, I was most engaged by the dramas of the succession. I profoundly underestimated the impact of his tantric sexual activities. And my own. I recognise at last their disastrous effect.Shankarananda

So he learned it all from his own guru, the ‘Baba’ he refers to! This shows the inherent filthiness of most Indian guru traditions, a fact that is becoming more and more widely recognised, especially in the world at large but also in India too. “I vow to stop this behaviour. Indeed, it has been stopped already. I want to make amends to those who have been hurt. I want this all to be done in an atmosphere of love and generosity of spirit, not vilification on either side.” Indeed, he wants it all to be wine and roses without any disruption of being worshipped as a wise godman! The cheek of it. But as he surely knows, there are always plenty of gullible people who fall for the trickery and ‘mystery’ (read deceitful secrecy) of such Indian gurus (perfected by their forerunners and handed on down through millennia). 

In the Complete Works Of Swami Vivekananda, volume 3, on page 452, you can read that we have to choose our Guru with utmost care: “The Guru must be without a touch of taint, and he must be Akâmahata – unhurt by any desire – he should have no other motive except that of purely doing good to others…” Where is any such person practicing as a guru in India? I cannot find one, past or present, among scores I have studied in depth!

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