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Sai Baba ‘oracle guy’ Madhu of Muddenahalli gets new competition

Posted by robertpriddy on December 21, 2018

“One more allumni Ex-Sai Student turns into Baba. His name is Pritvi Raj Ex-Student of Mirpuri Musical College, Prasanthi Nilayam. Good thing about him is he didnt have any transistion plans, preparing the mind of people, testing of the waters, sans all these he straight away apperas on the screen with his orange attire.

Unlike Madhu who said he is hearing Swami, receiving instructions from Swami, this Prithvi Raj seems to be more straight forward. We all have seen how Madhu opened the empty car doors for Swami who couldnt be ever seen or heard by anybody other than himself. Foolishly lot of so called devotees fell for his trap . His crime was abetted by Mr. Nasimha Murthy and gang.

Madhusudan like anyother fraudster used Swami’s name to accumulate high end swanky cars travel in first class which is 5 times the economy price, uses helicopter as if he was born with platinum spoon and his and Narasimha Murthy’s desires to go in a fleet of cars, private choppers were fulfilled by exploting innocent devotees and their sentiments . We all have seen how from hearing and seeing Swami he progressed to being Swami himself.

The final nail in the coffin was announcement of sumeet tapoo when he declared this novermber 2018, that seeing Madhusudan is nothing but seeing Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba !!! To perpetrate the fraud Madhu also declared that Swami is going to be living “inside” him for the next 10 years. Just a recapitulation of the sequence

First it was Student to whom Swami is giving messages, Swami travels with him and listens to all his commands, asks for money and cars, demands helicopter rides and privated jets now Swami decides to stay inside Madhusudan and sit on the silver and golden throne also.

Endless fraud is continuing , first the argument was that Swami has left His body ten years earlier than what He has promised, So the “emergence” of subtle form and carry out the work. Next came a declaration that Prema Sai was born. Again now Swami has extended his Avatarhood till 103 years (93rd birthday plus 10 years).

Earlier Madhu was a communicator and now he has become Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai baba Himself. Even Swami might be baffled the way devotees are getting fooled!!!.

This new kid on the block is Prithvi Raj. Though he looks more genuine than Madhusudan we have to wait and watch.

It seems Swami also communicates with him. Swami has also asked him to start some schools, colleges and hospitals. Swami is also going to give the names of the donors and all those whose names are given by “Swami” , will have to construct schools and hospitals under the guidance of Prithvi Raj. All the donors and devotees of Muddenahalli please try out Prithvi Raj also. Who knows you may find him more genuine than Madhusudan Naidu. Singapore donors, you may also consider supporting Prithviraj and create more rift and confusion in Sai Mission which is your ambition.

Sai devotees we are in for another roller coaster ride. Few more colleges and hospitals will come under Pritivi raj and understand few more Babas are in pipeline and many ex-students of Swami are under training. . I think we are going to have an exciting 2019. Merry Christmas to you and may Swami bless us all.”

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‘Prema Sai’ child to compete with Muddenahalli’s ‘oracle boy’ (Madhusudan) and Narasimha Murthy

Posted by robertpriddy on August 22, 2017

The Russians are starting to visit the ‘presumed Prema Sai’ in Mysore. A boringly pedestrian  video was filmed by two Russian women. The credits are claimed by Svyatoslav Dubiansky, promoting herelf as a writer and artist, but the video is as far from art as it is possible to get. The typically squirmy kiddo (‘Prema Sai’?) is getting many gifts from the foreigners, including a children’s motorcycle  (and his parents are no doubt getting some money too). He is shown playing like any child with presents, but no sign whatever of any spirituality can be discerned (as is said to have markes Sathya when that age). A video was filmed in the house of his parent in January 2017, with the mini Prema Sai now talking. It was posted on YouTube. There are clearly interests behind promoting this child who was hijacked as Prema Sai early on. No doubt this is seen as a way out of poverty into riches, if it takes off, as it may be doing, however uninspiring is is. There are buildings being constructed in the village. Another YouTube video introduces the two brothers of the ‘father of Prema Sai’, of course all of them are reaping the benefits of the totally random place and day the boy was born.
  See also:-

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‘Two are one, not two’?

Posted by robertpriddy on August 7, 2017

Latest addition – excerpts from the guru amusement arcade of disillusionments by Narasimha Murthy:-

In his campaign to accumulate ill-gotten gains, the instigator of the Sukshma Baba ‘oracle’ fraud, Narasimha Murthy, produces more meaningless drivel as is his wont. The absurdity of arcane numerology is called up: ‘Two is not two, but one’. This is a tricky math which flouts all reason and common sense hoping to convert the truth into its opposite and contradiction. N. Murthy has always claimed that the oracle boy Madhusudan is not a medium, now he repeats that he is not a communicator (of Sathya Sai Baba’s discourses) but “a vehicle”. This crafty play on words means nothing, as it tries to muddy the meanings of both words by conflating them. He cannot explain in any intelligible way what the difference really is.

He tries to reinforce his claim that the dead Sathya Sai Baba is present (when Madhusudan goes around imitating the former false ‘avatar’) and that “sometimes Madhusudan is not there at all! This DESPITE Madhusudan all the time walking about, talking and delivering blessings and boons to the deluded ‘followers’! Instead, Sathya enters the personality of Madhusudan and the actual Madhusudan is not there. Is what undeniably remains a walking talking zombie de-personalised body? Or is it morbid possession? No, he claims is really nothing but ‘love’ and is can only be ‘seen’ with the heart (whatever the senses show). This doublethink, double talk, is just another standard trick of gurus when they are caught out in lies and ulterior motives. Beware!

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Lingam ‘materialised’ by Sukshma Baba on Maha Sivarathri!

Posted by robertpriddy on March 2, 2017

The continuing Muddenahalli scam engineered by Narasimha Murthy and fronted by former abused Sai student  Madhusudan (so-called Sukshma Baba, the fake ‘oracle boy’ invested with Sai Baba’s ‘subtle body) seems to have no bounds. Now he is venturing further and imitating Sathya Sai Baba by spitting out a lingam on Maha Sivarathri. The level of cynical criminality Madhusudana has reached is jaw-dropping. A video shows him quickly spitting out a (small) object, supposedly a lingam (because the occasion was Maha Shivarathri, when Sathya Sai would allegedly produce lingams). Clearly this is just a beginning with a beginner-sized object swallowed and regurgitated (if it even was swallowed). One may expect bigger lingams in future when Madhusudan has had more practice… before he quite likely dares to announce himself as being ‘Prema Sai’ (of conferring this on some groomed boy from Mandya district already heralded as Prema Sai, where Madhusudan and entourage recently visited.
See where a critical Sai Baba believer exposes the act as a travesty by a faking pest.

Totally deluded Indians (of which there are so many plus some cognitively challenged foreigners), see it as a miraculous manifestation have no idea that the technique of swallowing and later regurgitating an object like an egg was invented and perfected by the world-famous magician Houdini. It is not divine or miraculous in any respect.

This regurgitation trick has been done by other Hindu gurus and street fakirs, notably the criminal Swami Premananda who did the same on Shivarathri (as well as producing masses of vibuthi). Con-man imitation Sai Baba guru Premananda died in prison years after the Supreme Court convicted him of multiple rape and murder on DNA evidence).

This is incredible credulous India, land of adult belief in stupendous archaic myths and rank superstitions. The majority of the population (even including Presidents, PMs and Government Ministers, judges, celebrities etc) are easy meat for gurus who have learned trickery, guru lore and tantric magic. These frauds are often very smart at presenting themselves with the most positive ‘spiritual’ ideals and service works (which absorb only a proportion of the vast sums they swindle out of the public). The well-intentioned, do-gooder person is very vulnerable to this, especially if they are foreigners, who cannot without decades of involvement find out the iniquitous kinds of deceit – level below level – that are ingrained in so much of Indian life.

A street fakir was filmed in the 1980s doing this (see very short MP4 video clip here)

See The Magic Academy ” Materialization of vibuti, lingams, laddu sweets… easy to learn!

The Magic Academy teaches swamis to defraud and deceive

The Magic Academy taught anyone, probably including swamis, to defraud and deceive with supposed ‘holy miracles’. However, this enterprise ran into great problems and the YouTube video had to be removed. Typical with the Hindu-dominated governments and judiciary.

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Narasimha Murthy flees from legal punishment

Posted by robertpriddy on December 2, 2016





“Mr Narasimha Murthy has resigned from SSS Loka Seva trust. This is confirmed by Respondents in the appeal proceedings at Chikkaballapura District Court in the appeal filed by Central Trust.
Sai Ram SS Naganand” (Senior Advocate and Trustee for Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust of Puttaparthi  (source)

Terry Reis Kennedy also comments on this news, saying that“the fact that one of the new trustees in SSSLST is MADHU SUDAN NAIDU implies that NOTHING WILL CHANGE.

He also holds that “the Loka Seva Trust, including its leaders, Gangadhara Bhat and Narayan Rao most probably will remain very much under the influence/control of Muddenahalli Fraud Squad: namely, Madhusudhan Naidu, Narasimhamurthy, C. Srinivas and Isaac Tigrett” and that this “only gets Murthy off the hook, for he now refers to himself as Muddenahalli gang’s “Mentor”.

Satish Naik had written that donors to Muddenahalli need to stop their contributions. “But such donors, obviously, would not follow such a suggestion if they are convinced that MDH ORACLE BOY IS ACTUALLY THE MOUTHPIECE OF SAI BABA OF PUTTAPARTHI.”

See also: Souljourns: Narasimha Murthy’s secret of Prema Sai

Narasimha Murthy’s imprudent interview & consequences

Prashanthi Court Appeal against Muddenahalli Ruling

Prashanthi vs. Muddenahalli – major court action underway

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Sai Baba’s broken reputation unrepairable

Posted by robertpriddy on October 8, 2015

Mr. Narasimha Murthy, who is the chief stimulus behind the ‘subtle Sai Baba’  scam at Muddenahalli, has concocted a story to try to counteract the crisis in the various arms of the Sai movement as a whole. It is easily refuted and shown to be wishful thinking, self-indoctrination and a good portion of untruth (see below the message). It should be no surprise that this will not deter many of the  crazy believers out there! The residue of foreigners who still believe in Sathya Sai Baba’s absurd and disproven claims is a disappearing small fraction of the numbers of former days, but Indians and much less able to evaluate spiritual and religious claims with an independent mind, so they make up the great majority of the current following.

———- Forwarded message ———-   <>  Date: 5 October 2015 at 19:20  Subject: [saibabanews] Sai Ram – Talk by Shri.Narasimha Murthy on October 4th in Muddenahalli. See source at Yahoo

On October 4th in Muddenahalli, Mr.Narasimha Murthy gave a talk in which he said the following among many things :
In the relentless pursuit of His Divine Mission Bhagavan has manifested and visited 14 countries, across 5 continents, during this year 2015. This started with Australia in January. Why does He do this now and why did He not do this when He was in the physical body?. Swami Himself has explained that He could not have done this when He was in the physical body because everyday 1000’s of people rich and poor gathered in Prashanthi Nilayam, or Brindavan, for His darshan. He could not have missed being in either Prashanthi Nilayam or Brindavan for a single day. Also, this would have created a great inconvenience for a very large amount of people. Now, He is visiting in His subtle form. For Him it does not require a single moment to move from one place to another place. He is doing this because He is keeping His promise given to 1000’s of devotees in many countries. Many devotees had come to Bhagavan and prayed to Him, “Swami please visit our country.” and Swami’s reply was, “Yes, surely I will come.” This is one reason. 

Secondly, the second mission, as we who accompany Him wherever He goes, we see that He is preparing the world for the Advent of Prema Sai. He is establishing centres and ashrams which will be visited by Prema Sai when He makes His advent very soon, which Swami has been saying. Already Swami has initiated centres and ashrams in 10 countries. Already one or two are ready “.I wish to state that i do not want to start posting messages against anyone in the Sai family, everyone’s aim should and must be to take Swami’s Message forward in the way Swami wants us to. Sai Ram

In his damage-limition attempt, Mr. Murthy forgets how the fall-off in visitors began in 2000 and increased until his death as the divine mission turned into a divine downfall, with foreign visitors having dwindled to a relative handful. From 2000 onwards there was increasingly room at the ashrams and to spare, even during most festivals. The claim that Sai Baba has waited until now to ‘manifest’ and ‘visit 14 countries’ is inconsistent with the facts and is entirely unsupported by any evidence other than the usual hearsay by anonymous persons. Of course, there have always been thousands of devotees who make such excessive claims, but no independent investigations have provided anything remotely like proof of any of them, but on the contrary. What became of Sai Baba’s promises to ‘take a world tour shortly’, lift an entire  mountain range, to fly unaided through the sky, to live until he was in his 90s (giving four different years for his death) and a host of other unfulfilled predictions and promises? 

A correspondent wrote of this to me: “The devotees are hopeful that the stray sheep will come ba-ba-ing back into the fold, regardless of how far they wander, is amazing in its twisting of reality to fit belief. “…not have been missed…for single day.” Days went by during the last year of sb’s life without him coming out of his dwelling. Even in 2005 it was becoming routine he he would skip morning or evening darshan or even an entire day. Plus, there were the trips to Kodai, Ooty and Delhi, etc, which kept him away! The bigger reason of the no foreign travelling rule was the fear of being arrested and charged with crimes against children which he regularly committed! As for “…does not require a single moment to move from one place to another…”, conveniently enough, subtle sb has to travel with his clever companions on planes etc, so a place must always be kept for him (paid for by the need-to-believe desperate devotees). I haven’t combed through writings to prove it, but we can assume he gets a place on the airplane also. So much for subtly present in another country in the blinking of an eye!
What power-meetings must be going on with oracle boy and others staging this show, to assure it will continue for a long time to come? Already they have announced that Muddenahalli will be the center of many prema sai darshans!”

The personal motivations of aspiring zealots to make claims of ‘manifestations’ are many and mostly very untrustworthy, and the circumstances in which they come to believe in their own accounts are also many and varied. Intense desires to feel themselves worthy of being so blessed by a ‘Divine Creator ‘ (self-appointed though he was) lead to extended worship, mental concentration of Sai Baba’s person and form, and the wishful re-interpretation of perceptions (and the mind’s ability to mis-preceive and create every kind of vision and dream). Through decades, zealous true believers built up a gigantic structure of baseless fancy and contradictory fantasies – aided and abetted by the misinformed disinformation plugged by Sai VIPs and official parrots… it is largely on this that Narasimha Murthy and his ilk base their vain and nefarious claims.

After the above talk by Murthy, Oracle boy gave another talk, preying on the devotees fond aspirations which were not fulfilled during the lifetime of sb. Here are a few short exerpts:

What I am doing now is setting the foundation for this moment of Prema Sai. Now, laying the foundation is required. All this will become a huge mansion in the future. In 17 countries ashrams will come up. I will enthuse and inspire the people to take to the spiritual path. Already people from 10 countries have started ashrams. In a very short time I will visit 7 other countries to start ashrams there. The coming times are great and glorious. Many of you are thinking that you are sitting in a small hall listening to Swami, thinking that it will continue this way. Not at all. There are going to be great changes. The whole world will come to this place. Over 10,000 people can sit there. The hall will be inaugurated on the 18th November. There will be a Western canteen and North Indian canteen. From all nations people will come for me. Even this hall will not be enough. When Prema Sai makes his advent a lot of programmes will happen in this hall. This big hall is required.

The oracle boy, Madhu Sudan (‘Sukhsma Baba’) identifies himself fully with Sathya Sai Baba, claiming he is not a medium but the authentic expression of Sathya Sai Baba himself. So much so that he usurps the ghostly identity to all worldly intents and purposes and any analysis of the words and accompanying actions of these charlatans are but worldly ones). A correspondent writes to me: “The devotees are hopeful that the stray sheep will come ba-ba-ing back into the fold, regardless of how far they wander. is amazing in its twisting of reality to fit belief. “…not have been missed…for single day.” Days went by during the last year of sb’s life without him coming out of his dwelling. Even in 2005 it was becoming routine he would skip morning or evening darshan or even an entire day, . Plus, there were the trips to Kodai, Ooty and Delhi, etc, which kept him away! 

Note that Narasimha Murthy was the warden at Brindavan college and he knew full well of Sai Baba’s sex abuses on males, having procured underage boys for that purpose. Mt. Hari Sampath, a former Sathya Sai Baba security official who later engaged in a major exposure of Sai Baba’s crimes, wrote in a petition to the Indian Criminal Bureau of Investigation:- “I have heard numerous instances of boys as young as 7 years old and usually 11-16 years old being slowly brainwashed into having sex with this godman Sai Baba until they almost believe it is good for them. This has been apparently happening as far back in 1960’s and I know of people who had been similarly abused in 1968 and thereabouts. The most unhappy part of the whole thing is that these people do not have a source to turn to and seek assistance. The hostel officials of the Sai Baba institutions like B N Narasimha Murthy and other staff/lecturers have known it all along, and many of them even “feed” young boys to Sai Baba.

Souljourns: Narasimha Murthy’s secret of Prema Sai The remaining U.S. devotees of Sathya Sai Baba are propagating as best the can their ‘stories’ about their God Incarnate guru on videos under the heading ‘Souljourns’. These are a group of old timer ‘true believers’, including a bevy of gushing old women. They apparently interview anyone who has good stories  to tell

Narasimha Murthy’s imprudent interview & consequences Narasimha Murthy has made claims (such as on YouTube) about Sai Baba appearing in his dreams and giving him precise instructions to build new buildings, etc. and tells fantastic stories about these. Sathya Sai Baba inducted him early in life (before age 20) and told him not to marry. He was made to work without any financial compensation.

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Sai Baba propaganda war heats up (see video)

Posted by robertpriddy on April 16, 2015

All the empty cultist talk about the ‘Sai family’, and the constant ‘brothers and sisters’ hype is now shown to be the mere facade that it was as two factions fight one another for the spiritual legacy of Sathya Sai Baba.  This can be seen in the latest media attack on behalf of the Prashanthi Nilayam faction against the upstart bogus Sai Baba ‘spiritual robot’ at Muddenahalli. Both factions subsist in a dream world of total denial unfounded, fanatical beliefs, as can be seen from the following video:-

513906515_150x84Muddenahalli drama exposed
“This video on the Muddenahalli plot against Prashanthi Nilayam was telecast in TV9 TELUGU with English  subtitled.

The video opens with: “Finally the day has come when Mr. Narasimha Murthy (warden sir) lost all the good name and also good karma that was accumulated over the years, where he, along with his ‘favourite boy’ Madhu Sudan brought bad name to the mission of Sathya Sai and hurt the sentiments of so many devotees of our beloved Lord. This TV9 report says it all.” (according to a fanatical and semi-educated Sathya Sai and Prashanthi supporter, Satish Naik)

Worship of ex-student stooging for Sai Baba

Worship of ex-student stooging for Sai Baba

Comment: Mr. Narasimha Murthy was installed by Sai Baba, for whom – as the warden of Brisdavan Sathya Sai College, he was a procurer of young boys for sexual use by Sai Baba and allegedly also for himself. So he only accumulated a good name over the years among the deceived and trusting devotees of Sai Baba. (forget about conjectural ‘Karma’ good or bad. It is only a figment of speculation).

Observably, Madhu Sudan uses the same gestures, same walk, same behaviour as did Sai Baba. He plays the role he has learned so easily as a long-term student and follower so people believe he is virtually an avatar of the self-proclaimed avatar Sathya Sai Baba! The video claims that, these plotters against the organisation and institutions Sai Baba left behind – having built an ashram and started worship sessions etc. – “have opened a new ‘business’ near Bangalore” (at Muddenahalli) “… built on a par with Puttaparthi” and “the sound of money is audible”. One can see that it is also visible in the opulence of the Muddenahalli and associated developments.

The video adds: “By keeping a few useless fellows around you, you can become a millionaire by month end”. Their term ‘Useless fellows’ gives a whole new meaning to what Sathya Sai Baba servitors were and are… mostly incompetents and hangers-on also with a keen eye to their self-service who muddle through and – in their imagined importance – authoritatively and patronisingly get many things wrong and basically discriminate against the lowly followers (and foreigners), except when humbly approached or when asking for donations. This was no less the picture at Prashanthi Nilayam at least in the last decades of Sathya’s presence there.

The video continues with denunciation of Muddenahalli, and interview with the uncommunicative laughing Narasimha Murthy and the critical views of others, including (oddly enough) atheists (against Madhu Sudan only). It ends with Satish Naik’s typically gushing and deluded panegyric for the ‘real’ Sathya Sai Baba imposter vs. the poseur Madhu Sudan.

See also…
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Narasimha Murthy’s imprudent interview & consequences

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Sai Baba’s ‘ship of fools’ moving to Muddenahalli

Posted by robertpriddy on April 8, 2015

UPDATE AUGUST 2016: The major schism that arose between Prashanthi Nilayam and the Muddenahalli fraction over many aspects of the legacy of Sathya Sai Baba continues with full force. To gain an overview of this  controversy and its developments through recent years, one can visit articles documenting the contrary positions and the events that have ensued by clicking here

A foreign lady who lives in Puttaparthi reported the following to our chief ashram contact person:- “Don’t worry about not being a devotee; many devotees are now going to Muddanahalli twice a week (where they say Swami is!!!) and bring all their money there. The ashram has other problems to deal with now. Actually Puttaparthi has become a nice quiet little town and as long as you don’t meet with the ‘spiritual’ side it is OK.”

Muddenahalli Sai temple

Muddenahalli Sai temple

There are evidently diverse groups meeting in Muddanahalli centered on the Sathya Sai school and temple there. One ‘figurehead’ – Madhusudan – claims to have a special channel to Sai Baba, and reportedly even to be a manifestation of Sathya. He was groomed for this by the elderly Narasimha Murthy, who was inducted into Sai Baba’s clique in early manhood and became the warden of the hostel in Whitefield in  which capacity he was accused of sexual molestation of students and procurement of victims for Sai Baba. There is a young man – his age is in question – a former gold medallist student there, who behaves very like Sai Baba did and who apparently channels Sai Baba interviews inspired also by his dreams. Former students who received gold medals were largely indoctrinated since boyhood with ‘Swami’s teachings’ and in most cases by his so-called ‘form boys’, (his privileged ‘chics‘, especially winners of Gold Medals who won their kudos be good performances in Swami’s carnal presence).

Mahdududan, Narasimha Murthy and his gang have already become rich by Sai Baba devotees who have long been despairing at Sai Baba’s death and are now flocking to the place in belief that Sai Baba is behind all this. It is even claimed that Sai Baba has already been reborn as Prema Sai and will be based there in Muddenahalli in future, and many confusing claims are being circulated in this hotbed of rumour and hopeful speculation. It was only to be expected that the Prema Sai gravy train would be set going by money-seeking individuals who want name and fame. No wonder the Central Trust is angrily denouncing all claims to mediumism through a circular letter.

Sathya Sai Baba always claimed that he never conveyed any kind of spiritual illumination, ‘shaktipat‘ or kundalini awakening teaching. It is admitted by his officials that he did oiling of the genitals of boys and young men (and many claim he did a whole lot more than that besides, not one of whom report having benefited from this by way of any illumination, but only by privileges given them in the hostel and in awards of degrees by Sai Baba! On the contrary, many of those who are free to inform the public because they live outside India have provided evidence on oath and affidavits of being sexually abused. 

Seekers of boons, powers, endorsements…  While many of those who want to be healers have good motives and even the wish to help others selflessly, quite a few claimed that Sai Baba has confirmed their having received powers to heal others from him in interviews. There is some evidence that he says this too, but then again a lot also seems to be wishful thinking. To cap it all, Sai Baba (at least outwardly) denied that he gave any powers to anyone,  and he NEVER confirmed that he has blessed anyone with healing powers. nor did he endorse anyone as a healer! Despite this, he frequently ‘produced’ so-called holy Shiva lingams of various shapes, colours and sizes which he gave to devotees and told them that they contained healing powers and were to be used to help heal other people… which claim is medically totally unconfirmed.

Many others say that Sai Baba spoke (or speaks) through them. To ‘channel’ Sai Baba is a favourite among clairvoyants, New Age mini-gurus and even ordinary followers who have some feeling of his presence have claimed this. Sai Baba repeatedly warned:-  “Take it from Me, I am not given to such absurdities! I do not use others as My media”  (Sathya Sai Speaks new ed. Vol. 2, p. 167). In 1997, after putting the matter of the misuse of Sai Baba’s name to him in person, Dr. Michael Goldstein, the current head of  the Sathya Sai Organisation in the Western hemisphere, appealed and warned  everyone that Sai Baba “has not conferred upon anyone special powers to lead us, to heal us or to solve our problems. Swami has not given anyone special authority to intervene in our lives. Swami has not appointed anyone to be an intermediary in our heart-to-heart relationship with Him. Let us not be gullible in accepting such false claims.

The big existential questions of life and death, its meaning are the stock in trade of religions, and their many and conflicting answers to the mysteries of life and the universe are most often tools for recruitment to their faith and all that follows from its organised sects. Many are indoctrinated into a religion long before they can think much for themselves. It is easy to be deceived and cherish illusions about gurus, religions and promises of realisation or salvation, far easier than liberating oneself from mere beliefs. The Sai cult is based entirely on beliefs and ancient speculations made in ignorance of nature, evolution and all science. 

The ‘Veil of Maya’ Those who mature and seriously seek intelligent and satisfactory answers to such questions – and who readily admit that science has not so far reached all the answers – are often likely to view human minds as incapable of penetrating ‘the mysteries’. While many shrug off such cares, the persistent seeker take the next step and can soon fall prey to some kind of theology in which the meaning of life and the cosmos is veiled or shrouded by ‘god’ for good reasons. This supposed veil beyond which neither mind nor science can penetrate has been called ‘the cloud of unknowing’ and, more anciently, ‘maya‘  (briefly ‘illusion’ or the God-created delusion to hide the truth from undeserving persons). The original Hindu doctrine of maya is a key to all religions with a mystical bent, claiming that there is but one antidote to ‘maya’: spiritual practice so as to ‘realise’ God. There are, however, innumerable reasons for asserting that – as soon as anyone adopts this ‘spiritual conjecture’ – they take on a self-indoctrinating delusion. The doctrine of maya does not explain illusions, but itself creates an overall delusion! That is all one can find at places like Puttaparthi and Muddenahalli.
Shortly this will be continued with fresh evidence of the increasingly heated war – now in Indian media -between Prashanthi and Muddenahalli adherents.

Comment from Eileen Weed: “Both sb himself and the sb org did everything in their power to keep the brainwashed devotees for themselves, by saying no one is sb’s medium. However, it is incredible how so many diehard devotees run after the fakes, just transferring their fanaticism to someone else, meanwhile insisting it is still devotion to sb! They are expert at making excuses to explain the discrepancies, thanks to years of brainwashing.”


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Muddenahalli manifestation of Sathya Sai Baba

Posted by robertpriddy on March 21, 2015



The lengths which the entrapment into belief in Sathya Sai Baba’s countless empty claims, false predictions and many other deceptions went is seen in the hysteria of those who are now claiming that he has returned to give discourses and darshan through one of one of his students residing at Muddenahalli (a Sai temple and college located roughly between Puttaparthi and Bangalore). See report on right from

When Sai Baba died under ignominious and unpredicted circumstances, some devotees swore they knew he would reincarnate within a day, others in a week or so, others in some months time. All who remain in the cult believe he will reincarnate as Prema Sai and grow up in anonymity, as he had said, until he matured. As expected by the savvy, Prema Sais would begin to appear here and there (some few had already claimed to be him) and his nephew Ratnakara – who managed to usurp the entire wealth and property of Sai Baba – himself soon hinted that he was Prema Sai, but dropped the claim quickly, being accused of murder threats, violent acts and numerous other ‘non-prema’ activities!  Now, those who can’t wait are reportedly flocking from Puttaparthi and elsewhere to see and hear a former Sai Baba MBA student  (a 23-year old gold medallist, and it is now been testified how his ‘form boys’ qualified for that award). 

To persons who have not been involved with Sai Baba and his followers – or know many of the countless wiles and subtle mind manipulations on which most Indian guru traditions depend – the extent of their manipulations of people’s minds and lives and the heights of credulity achieved are hard to credit. Nonetheless, money is now flowing into the coffers of those behind this, who include Dr. Narasimha Murthy, former warden of Brindavan College and accused purveyor of student boys to Sai Baba’s bedrooms.

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Souljourns: Narasimha Murthy’s secret of Prema Sai

Posted by robertpriddy on January 10, 2015

The remaining U.S. devotees of Sathya Sai Baba are propagating as best the can their ‘stories’ about their God Incarnate guru on videos under the heading ‘Souljourns’. These are a group of old timer ‘true believers’, including a bevy of gushing old women. They apparently interview anyone who has good stories  to tell if they are known to have had long-term contact with Sai Baba (strictly excluding the hundreds of persons close to Sai Baba who found out the truth of massive deceptions and crimes who became dissidents). In an interview already referenced in some detail here, the lifelong adherent Narasimha Murthy told of his total subservience to Sai Baba’s will from virtually before he matured as an adult person. He relates experiences of Sai Baba both in person, but not least in his dreams… especially since Sai Baba departed this life in 2011 since when his activities have still been directed (he believes) by Sai Baba. In the course of his video interview, he was asked about the prophesied emergence of Sai Baba’s supposed ‘third and final avataric incarnation’ Prema Sai, which Murthy confirmed Sai Baba had said would come. But he also claimed that Sai Baba had told him things about Prema Sai which are not for the public at this stage. Murthy did not tell whether Sai Baba had told him this in person while alive or in a dream (whether before or after his death). Whichever is the case, the claim will create further fanatical interest in believers and has the effect of focussing interest on Murthy himself, the clique around him and the projects he and they endorse… such as building schools in out-of-the-way places and the continuance of myths about Sai Baba giving darsans in a ‘subtle body’ and through channellers and other ‘invisible’ impressions. It can be an element in the vicious turf war between the two major factions in the entire Sai Baba sphere. However, Murthy ignores the evidence already published. In a lecture for foreigners in January 1985 at Prashanthi Nilayam which I attended Sai Baba’s biographer N. Kasturi, he told us that, while driving with him past a small village called Chandrapatna in Karnataka State (some 38 kms South West of Bangalore), Sai Baba said to him that he would ”take rebirth” there and that Kasturi would be his mother! This was also published by Kasturi  in his writings.  But the Times of India reported an entirely different account – that the rebirth would take place in Doddamalur, off the Bangalore-Mysore highway (one claiming it would occur after 2023).  It has also variously been stated that the rebirth will take place either immediately, one year later or else eight years after Sathya Sai Baba would  ‘leave the body’. On the Richard Bock film, Aura of Divinity, made in the 1970s, the commentator asserts that Sathya Sai Baba has said that he will be reborn as Prema Sai eight years after his leaving the Sathya Sai body. Lucas Ralli had said he learned it would be within one year (whether by word of mouth, dreams or sheer fancy… who can say). Narasimha Murthy, like all parroting devotees, spoke as if he were an authority in saying: “Today, the real crisis in the world, not only in India, is the crisis of bankruptcy of spiritual and moral values“. Having been involved for 18 years in the Sai Organisation as its leader in Norway, I had rich opportunities to confirm that this was not least the case within the Sai movement, where many of the people regarded as VIP devotees constantly preached Sai Baba’s doctrines while time and again they showed in deed that – like him – they really held little or no respect for the values of truth, justice, human rights, freedom of expression, women’s’ rights, the ashrams’ murder victims or for the many most credible and brave claimants of constant and very numerous sexual molestations of boys and young males by Sai Baba. While many of the ordinary members did excellent service and can be said to have shown love in action, very little of this was seen from all the authoritarian and self-seeking ‘officials’ in the ashrams or any of the Sai organisations and institutions. All this is documented in this blog and on my main Sai Baba website to a full extent, and not a single statement has been challenged successfully with counter-documentation or, of course, by any legal means whatever. I maintain that I have written nothing but the truth to the best of my knowledge, experience and ability to express the facts. It is a telling fact that only a handful of persons have dared to publish any counter-claims, and then have desisted because of the insightful and honest reactions that came from dissidents around the world. Well over two million visits to my various Sai Baba pages since 2000 are recorded and the so-called Sai Petition has received well over 1600 signatures, very often with illumining comments and information on their reasons for disaffection. The latest signature is but one telling example:-

Scan of latest signature on the Sai petition. Click on image to see source

Scan of latest signature on the Sai petition. Click on image to see source

UPDATE as of june 2015! PREMA SAI IS FOUND IN DODDAMALUR, SOUTH INDIA – A 4-YEAR OLD BOY. This will upset Narasimha Murthy’s applecart unless he and his cronies can somehow readjust their narrative to include and embrace this discovery. Of course, it is all hoo-ha, typical Hindu guru delusion and manufactured divinity.

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Narasimha Murthy’s imprudent interview & consequences

Posted by robertpriddy on January 5, 2015

Mr. B.N. Narasimha Murthy (wearing cheap gemstone ring faked by Sai Baba)

Mr. B.N. Narasimha Murthy (wearing cheap gemstone ring faked by Sai Baba)

Narasimha Murthy has made claims (such as on YouTube) about Sai Baba appearing in his dreams and giving him precise instructions to build new buildings, etc. and tells fantastic stories about these. Sathya Sai Baba inducted him early in life (before age 20) and told him not to marry. He was made to work without any financial compensation (as were so many Sai followers inducted into ‘voluntary selfless service’ (to Sai Baba and his interests), and once in a while he was given some money, white clothes etc. While SB repeatedly told him to ask for anything, no true believing devotee would ever dare ask him, nor did doctrinally converted Murthy ever do so.

In a Vimeo interview with a US blind believer devotee, Ted Henry, the former warden of Sai Baba Colleges, Mr. B.N. Narasimha Murthy told of certain dreams he had (after Sai Baba’s demise) in which he felt Sathya Sai Baba instructed him to carry out various works, including initiating the building of Sai schools here and there. As one blogger writes about the interview:-  “Since the advent of the Ted (Henry) Talk from Maddenahalli, there are now various claims from folks who say they are in touch with Swami. I am sure Mr. Murthy, when he gave his interview to Ted H. had no idea others would jump on the band-wagon!

Perhaps the most telling statement by Murthy was:- “I want to tell you something that Swami told me. ‘It is true that I declared to the world that I would be in this Sathya Sai Baba form for 96 years. I left when I was 85, but I will be in the subtle body till I am 96 and continue to do what I did‘.

Firstly, please not that this contradicts what ‘ Sai officialdom’ claimed after their great surprise when Sai Baba died so ignominiously in 2011. It was argued (in several wholly contradictory ways) that Sai Baba meant lunar years, not calendar (solar) years, and that this figure would approximate to 96 years of age. This has been refuted thoroughly as all the varying and entirely bogus calculations presented did not add up to 96 years. Add to this the all-overwhelming fact that Sai Baba had made a number of entirely different prophesies of his time of death, which are all well documented in ‘official’ Sai Baba literature (see full account and scans here).

In addition to these facts which blow to bits the entire mythology about Sai Baba’s ‘prophesies’ is the documented doubts about his real birthdate (recorded as , which is recorded in his school records from 1940 as having been 4/10!1929… that is, he was very nearly 3 years younger than he has claimed.

A former sexually abused student who Narasimha Murthy well wrote:- “Mr Murthy always came across as a firm minded individual with strong convictions and my informant  I used to wonder why he would continue in the movement despite knowing everything… I think I know the answer. A young, idealistic, spiritual minded person believes in the wrong leader, gets sucked in too deep, and has nowhere else to go by the time full realization hits. I think he rationalized SB’s misdeeds as some kind of Karmic retribution in return for all the good that was happening such as free schools, hospitals, etc.

It is of considerable note that Narasimha Murthy was named by a security official at Prashanthi Nilayam as an accomplice to Sathya Sai Baba’s sexual abuse of boys and young men in a petition to the Indian Criminal Bureau of Investigations, which can be viewed here.

As to Murthy’s conviction that Sai Baba is communicating with him through dreams created from a continued spooky existence in a subtle body’, one need not doubt that Murthy’s really believes this himself, but that he is the victim of cumulative cognitive self-delusion on a grand lifetime scale. The human mind/brain (which are two aspects of the one entity, not separate ‘bodies’) accepts as true what is continually reinforced as being so simply by thinking it and believing it. The longer and stronger the neural connections become, the less and less alternative and differing interpretations figure and the ‘true believer’ gridlock sets in and sets off a chain reaction of rationalisations to make all that goes against the core belief fit in to the Procrustean bed of the doctrinal ‘correctness’.  All that disagrees with the core beliefs is sidelined as the neural connections weaken and fall away. The subconscious brain creates dreams, imaginings and even perceptions, often from the circuitry it is most dominated by, since it does not distinguish between what is given to it as being real or illusory. The latest neuroscience shows that, even then, it is possible for the gridlock to be broken, gradually dispersed so that the narrow belief recedes and a fuller and more detached understanding can take its place. This has evidently not been possible for Murthy, nor for very many other mediums, channellers and other would-be ‘psychics’ both among Sai devotees and worldwide religions, sects and cults.

Deep schism between two major core factions in the Sathya Sai movement

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