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Hindu web site excoriates Swami Nityananda

Posted by robertpriddy on March 14, 2016

The followers of Swami Nityananda are typical of cultists, being in denial of all the negative facts about him. This is standard procedure for all Indian religious cults and is not confined to Hinduism, of course. Their zeal in denial is seen in how they claim that the famous videos showing Nityananda in a very compromising situation with an actress was fabricated, as the tantric guru himself claimed. So what are the facts here?

The extensive Hindu Website  (which however hides its ownership and webmaster’s identity in anonymity) has an Editorial article entitled Swami Nityananda – Time For Truth – Exploring Truth Amidst Illusions and Distortions). Its editor states that no evidence had so far come forth to prove convincingly that what was shown in those videos was fabricated or false and that the swami did not explain where and what exactly was fabricated, which part of the videos were true and which were not. He gave no clear or convincing explanation as to how or why he allowed himself to be in those situations which gave rise to the controversy.

Nityananda claimed he was “in a trance”, but the Hindu website judges that, to people who watched the videos “didn’t appear to be in trance and he did not show any signs of being in a trance. He was wide awake, at times watching the TV and at times reading some book and at times simply gazing into the persons who were serving him. He did look tired and sick at times but not in trance. He did look uncomfortable and lost in the presence of the women, but he was not entirely unresponsive or inattentive.” His behaviour was patently quotidian, the material he was clearly following on TV was of a most mundane kind.

In what can only be described as amusing, the Hindu site goes on:-  “He did look uncomfortable and lost in the presence of the women, but he was not entirely unresponsive or inattentive. The swami ought to explain his actions in their presence and what made him cross the line of decorum. If he was in trance, he should let the world know what type of trance it was. Was it sabija or nirbija, savikalpa or nirvikalpa? Was he aware? Was he utterly and totally lost? Is he saying that it was all the fault of the women who were serving him?”

Nityananda also said he was ‘experimenting’. How so? His explained nothing about this experiment, which seriously tarnished the lives of the women involved. If, as word has it, the swami is worshipped as an enlightened knower of truth and, by some, as a deity (claims the website), then he would not need to experiment at all… he would know the result beforehand. He claimed he has ‘360 degree’ clairvoyant vision. Yet he did not even see the spy cameras on many occasions hidden in his room!

Above all, writes the editor, he shows no sign of responsibility of repentance, but only tried to protect and defend his image against the shock and vitriol that met him. He failed to apologise at all to any of those he let down, which speaks of lack of compassion. The anonymous Hindu editor the castigates Nityananda for having shattered and thoroughly shaken those who have faith kin the Hindu religion and writes that he should spend the rest of his life serving those whose faith he has damaged. (We know, however, that he has done no such thing but has continued as before, doing his utmost to escape justice through deceit and his influence on followers.)

In trying to uphold the genuineness of certain supposed Hindu spiritual masters, the editor tries a damage-limitation exercise on behalf of his faith by writing that it is known that all human souls in a body are subject to certain limitations and temptations and that even the most advanced souls cannot escape from its tight hold completely. When you are in a spiritual mode, you are in a serious confrontation with Nature and trying to transcend it. It is like swimming against the tide. Nature, being an automaton, works tirelessly to enforce its laws, against which we do not always succeed.”

This is certainly true insofar as it recognises the situation of a living person, but which relies on an unfounded faith that natural human instincts have been entirely overcome by some yogis or the like. This remains another of countless mere traditional beliefs that cannot be verified and are not supported by any factual/empirical proof, while there is much tangible evidence to the contrary. One can read about some of the major crimes and cover-ups common among Hindu gurus and swamis here (

Nityananda sex scandal compounded by his lies and deceits  March 13, 2010 New Delhi: Self-styled godman Nityananda Swami, who was caught in sleazy video footage, on Saturday said the video was morphed and manipulated to misrepresent his personal life but did not deny his images with actress Ranjita in the film. “There is a lot of misrepresentation, manipulation, conspiracy and morphing.

Nithyananda exposed by Ranjitha – CBI say no faked film June 20, 2010 The Indian actress Ranjitha has come under the spotlight after it emerged that rather than being a victim of the sting operation, she was allegedly the one who released the sex tapes with Swami Nityananda in public. Sources in the Tamil film industry say that Ranjitha, a mother of two, fell in love with Swami…

Swami Nithyananda: purification, tribulation and trial  June 19, 2010 Nithyananda claims not to have done anything wrong, yet he decided to carry out a ´sacrifice´(tapas) for “self-purification”  Why this (absurd) ritual so if he was so pure and innocent already? Note that even the fame-seeking charlatan Indian guru, Ravi Shankar (i.e. not the wonderful musician!) claims that Swami Nityananda has “violated UNAIDS guidelines ……

Tantrick sex Swami Nithyananda’s farce plays on  May 20, 2010 Swami Nityananda is certainly a major deceiver, for he claimed to be a celibate and even that he is “not a man” (i.e. impotent), yet all the while he was holding classes in strict secrecy for disciples who paid well in which the tantrick (or tantric) sex was so extreme that …

Sex scandal in Indian media – Nityananda and forerunners  March 6, 2010 Indian commentators, such as the presenter at IBN are finally asking why it is that so many Indian gurus have been convicted of adharmic (i.e. unrighteous) activities. The latest scandal, whatever the eventual outcome, has brought forth more allegations of Nityananda abusing women sexually, of murder attempts and an unexplained death at his ashram.

See also Swami Nityananda full dossier               Note: copyright disclaimer 

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Swami Nityananda continues to evade justice by trickery

Posted by robertpriddy on October 2, 2014

This is how modern-day ‘godmen’ act, they do anything possible to escape answering to their actions. Reminds me very much of Sathya Sai Baba and all he did behind the scenes to escape justice completely! The word ‘godmen’ has become loaded with suspicion when Indian media use it… savvy people usually just read ‘charlatan’. This obvious criminal, ‘Swami’ Nityananda, writhing snakelike to try to evade justice, but he only makes his dishonesty the more transparent all the time.



Nityananda complete disingenuousness has already been widely exposed by the media in numerous instances, as seen through recent years until the present here: (at


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