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Prema Sai at Muddenahalli, former Sai student is half-enthroned there

Posted by robertpriddy on February 25, 2018

Apparently oracle boy is now officially declaring he is Prema Sai!
But he still does not dare sit on the throne chair!

Devotees still loyal to Sathya Sai Baba and Prashanthi Nilayam are demanding that anyone going to visit the ‘oracle boy’ at Muddenahalli should be absolutely banned from setting foot into Prasanthi Nilayam ashram; apparently someone put up a sign by the gate saying that but the ashram took the sign down and now these devotees are complaining that the sign was removed. No one seems to pay respect to the ‘Central Trust’, calling them spineless, cowards and more, even though they were appointed by the ‘poorna avatar‘ himself, and their faith is in tatters (if they really had any but saw through the smoke and mirrors). They don’t seem to be expressing love and tolerance taught by their guru!

Meanwhile, Madhusudan and the Muddenahalli scam has for a second year running committed the utmost of transparent fraud by coughing up a lingam at Shivarathri in copy of Sathya Sai. However it was Harry Houdini (1874-1926), who perfected the trick!
“An old Japanese gentleman… taught Harry how to swallow an ivory ball, show his mouth empty, then bring the ball back. Houdini practiced the regurgitation stunt with a small peeled potato on the end of a string. If the string didn’t permit the student swallower to retrieve the potato while he was developing the muscles in his throat, there was no danger. The potato would slide down into his stomach where it could be digested. A few weeks of practice and Harry could handle solid ivory balls almost as well as his instructor. Later the resourceful Houdini was to use the regurgitation technique to baffle committeemen who searched him for concealed tools during his handcuff act.” (Excerpt from Houdini: The Untold Story by Milbourne Christopher, London: Cassell, 1969, p. 23). This led to countless others including the famous Waldo performing this trick (see Wikipedia)

Terry Reis Kennedy commented that what he is trying to do is “bore us to death… then he can set up his kingdom at Parthi. All those who are asleep there might not even notice!” and , “this is the second year that he is putting on this show…” 

Another commentator put up a picture with deluded Isaac Tigrett asleep during the ceremony!

Erlendur Haraldsson and Sai Baba’s “materialisation” of golden lingams (YouTube)
Sathya Sai Baba Lingams and ‘regurgitation’


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Prashanthi Nilayam decline continues

Posted by robertpriddy on February 20, 2018

The ‘authorities’ at Prashanthi Nilayam have introduced a new rule, no mobile phones in the Kulwant Hall. Amusing that the use of them during bhajans etc. is so widespread, but not surprising. So the captive audience of students, staff and resident must sit out the 45 minutes daily without their mobiles. They should instead ‘connect with swami’, who – despite having claimed to be omnipresent for all time – is not on-line at all. So they will have to listen to the never-ending drone of the same bhajans and whatever boring programme is provided by the top staff (who have exempted themselves from the ban).
Meanwhile, the Andhra Pradesh authorities are putting cash into developing a new road from Puttaparthi, which has become more and more of a ghost town compared to former days. The political efforts to make Puttaparthi into a pilgrim and tourist centre are getting nowhere fast, while Sathya Sai Baba is fast disappearing from new media and dwindling greatly on the Internet.

Yoga Sadhana Work Shop at north Indian Canteen   The Sai authorities evidently want to cash in on the popularity of hatha yoga variants throughout the world. Yoga workshops never happened in Sai Baba’s lifetime! He had said slighting things about that kind of physical yoga, such as that hanging from the ceiling like a bat would not lead towards realisation. Maybe they hope it is a way to draw more crowds?

See Puttaparthi ghost town blues
Blowing life briefly into Puttaparthi’s corpse?
Puttaparthi in further decline
Puttaparthi’s white elephant airport plea
Puttaparthi declines yet further –

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The last resident foreigners are deserting the empty and broken shell of Prashanthi Nilayam

Posted by robertpriddy on December 10, 2017

A Sai worshipper and very prominent resident foreigner in Puttaparthi, Terry Reis Kennedy, has posted a reply to a friend’s questions on her Facebook page about the problems that made her leave there.  After decades living in a pleasant little house in the village, she has left Puttaparthi, allegedly mainly because of the hate of the Muddenahalli gang who infiltrate Parthi constantly. Also, she is quite elderly and wants to spend time around her family in clean and convenient America.  She  used to write for the Deccan Chronicle to supplement her income, she was a ‘spiritual columnist’ praising Sai Baba with the usual eulogy and uncritical speculations. Recently she posted continually on her Facebook page about the fake Sai Baba imitator – the oracle boy ‘divine channel’ Madhu Sudan – at Muddenahalli with his unscrupulous gang of corrupt deceivers and worshippers. Here are some tidbits from her tale of woe:-

See how delusion persists in the face of the clearest possible evidence that Sai Baba was far from what he claims, neither all-knowing, all-powerful, omnipresent nor protecting all his devotees from the ills of the world. A small part of the proof of this is seen in that he died around a decade before he repeatedly had prophesied he would and after a long series of massive organ failures and weight loss until he weighed less than 30 kilos (the classic symptoms of advanced AIDS). See also:-

Sathya Sai Baba death certificate not legal – cover-up of cause of death

Sathya Sai’s coffin and evidence of trickery concerning his death date

Death of Sathya Sai Baba

Godman Satya SaiBaba made different predictions of his own death

Madhu Sudana the ‘oracle boy’ of Muddenahalli

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Puttaparthi ghost town blues

Posted by robertpriddy on December 4, 2017

It has long been reported repeatedly – and further detailed on this website recently, Puttaparthi is receding into relative oblivion since the disease-depleted corpse of Sathya Sai was buried, long before all his predictions of how he would live into his 90s. 

This fact of Puttaparti’s spiritual-economic demise is becoming more widely known in India from its own journalists, despite continuing attempts of the Prashanthi Nilayam gang to pretend and preach otherwise. The following article from is an excellent example of this trend.

With loss of spiritual charm and economic focus after Sathya Sai Baba’s demise, Puttaparthi awaits a miracle

by G.S. Radhakrishna Dec, 02 2017   from

Even six years after the death of Sathya Sai Baba, hailed by his devotees as a living god or bhagwan, the once small arid hamlet of Puttaparthi in Anantapur district is still mourning. Maybe not so much over the demise of its local demi-god Sai baba, but more over the cascading negative impact of his death on the economy, trade, and loss of recognition and pride for Puttaparthi in the country. “Our town is just like Tirumala without Lord Balaji,” said a local hotelier Mahabaleswar Gupta of Puttaparthi.

Vice-President M Venkaiah Naidu, who participated in the 92nd birthday celebrations of Sai baba at the Prashanti Nilayam in Puttaparthi town on 23 November, dwelt on the need to resurrect the institutions – universities, water projects, hospitals, meditation centers – set up by Sathya Sai baba in India and overseas. He urged devotees to keep the “flame of universal brotherhood and service to humanity” propounded by the godman burning.

The death of a town

Following his death after a prolonged illness on 24 April, 2011, Puttaparthi has lost not only its spiritual charm and economic focus but also VVIP attention. The civil aviation ministry has cancelled all flights to Puttaparthi and shut down the Sri Sathya Sai Airport built for Sai baba by corporate L&T group in 1990. Only chartered flights of visiting VVIPs are allowed to land with special permission.

When Sai baba was alive, a regular flow of 25,000-30,000 foreign and several lakh Indian devotees came annually to the Sai baba ashram at Puttaparthi to pay homage to him. And, on his birthdays, special conferences and conventions were organised to highlight the event. However, the controversies after his death and the fight for control among the trust and family members has led to a reduced devotee flow. Not more than 3,000-4,000 foreigners and a few thousand Indians visit the ashram in a year now.

The Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust comprising some close aides of Sai baba is now running activities at the ashram but the absence of political visits and media focus has led to neglect. Nowadays the Prashanti Nilayam and its guest houses have become service providers for political and corporate events, instead of housing devotees. When Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi came to Anantapur district for his walkathon in July, 2015, he used the Prashanti Nilayam to meet local Congressmen and address the media. TDP (Telugu Desam Party) and YSRC (YSR Congress) party leaders also use the spacious guest houses built by Sai baba to host prime ministers, chief ministers and industrial giants.

Since 2011, construction activities and registration of assets have also fallen in Puttaparthi. From Rs 5.6 crore in the year ending March, 2011, it dropped to Rs 2.9 crore in 2012-13 and just Rs 42 lakhs in 2016, said the sub-registrar of properties at Bukkapatnam. Nearly 800 apartments are vacant and looking for buyers and some investors have also withdrawn from the flats they had given advance for at Puttaparthi.

Business takes a hit

Gone are the days when the outskirts of Puttaparthi town were dotted with huge colonies of campers in vans and buses, which filled up empty spaces on fields for miles. Though a gram panchayat with less than 10,000 population, the Andhra Pradesh government had upgraded it to a municipality in the 1970s and created a PUDA (Puttaparthi Urban Development Authority) in 1990 converting vacant lands 50 kilometres around the town to residential and commercial zones.

Now with Sai baba gone, most builders, contractors, traders and hoteliers wear a worried look because of the fall in number of visitors. Most of the over 300 Kashmiri traders in handicrafts and artifacts who had a bustling business then have now shifted to Bangalore and Chennai. “I waited for a year for some miracle to occur and bring back business, but nothing has happened and the rich and famous have almost stopped coming, business is fading,” said Mohammed Aslam Khan of Srinagar who has now set up shop at Bangalore’s Jayanagar.

Many locals fear that now only monkeys, donkeys and dogs will dominate the area. Some are hopeful that Puttaparthi will bounce back to life like Shirdi. “No one knew of Shirdi till Bollywood made films about it. Puttaparthi will flourish again, but that will take a long time. I wonder if we can wait that long,” said Gopala Krishna Iyer who runs a once-bustling eatery shop.

“We locals are used to such phases of inactivity as no devotees came when Saibaba was at Whitefield in Bangalore or at the Kodaikanal ashram. But now, we have a permanent off-season and sort of a ghost town in western movies without guests and devotees at Puttaparthi,” said Dinakar Rao, a local advocate who has shifted to Dharmavaram for practice.

In the absence of Sai baba, liquor shops, bars, meat shops and cinema halls have descended at Puttaparthi which did not exist during his lifetime. “Things have changed, but the Sai baba legacy and the activities of the Trust are still revered,” said RV Ratnakar, a Trust member and nephew of Sai baba (son of late RV Janakiram, brother of the ‘godman’).

Waiting for Sai baba

Sai baba’s devotees wait for his successor who, according to his prophecy, will arrive in the year 2030. According to official reports submitted to the Andhra Pradesh government after Sai baba’s death in 2011, the Trust has a fixed deposit of Rs 1,500 crore in banks and earns an annual interest of Rs 120 crore. It also received donations worth over Rs 60 crore a year. Though the Godman had institutionalised the Trust with trusted professionals like former Chief Justice of India PN Bhagwati, Supreme Court judges VR Krishna Iyer, V Balakrishna Eradi and retired Andhra Pradesh High Court judge YV Anjaneyulu, many of them have now distanced themselves from the organisation in view of the power struggle.

Interestingly and with foresight, Sai baba had stalled all attempts by relatives to corner the Trusts and the corpus. There were days when his brother Janakiram sat at the gates of the ashram and tried to interfere in the day-to-day affairs when Sai baba was sick. There are nearly 200 relatives in the extended family, who have opened restaurants, shopping malls, taxi services and become contractors in Puttaparthi, banking on his influence and cashing in on his recommendations. The only reason family was kept away from the Trust was the threat by the Andhra Pradesh government of a takeover in 2011 by invoking the Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Act, 1959 if the power struggle continued. But for now, Puttaparthi awaits a miracle that will change its fortunes.

NOTE: The financial information above is long out-of-date as it refers to the situation just after SB’s death in 2011. This year there is a considerably reduced financial situation, as seen in their annual report:-

Page 10 of the document is a small mention of Income & Expenditures (with no other details); taking into account the donations vs expenses, it looks like they had to dig into their capital fund to the tune of nearly 3 crores to cover expenses.

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Suicide or murder at Prashanthi? Police in doubt

Posted by robertpriddy on June 12, 2017

The Indian Express has posted an update on the alleged suicide of a woman in Prashanthi Nilayam. The key point is that “Cops are also probing if her seniors at the trust had anything to do with the case as notes and emails seen on her laptop suggest there was some tension between them.” Considering the number of crimes, from murders and disappearances to massive theft of funds at Prashanthi Nilayam which have been consistently covered up or left uninvestigated in past years, there is as every reason to suspect that the same tactics of spreading confusion, bribing the police or other authorities, and diverse threats against witnesses will be involved if it is a case of foul play. The Indian Express wrote:-


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Death of devotee in Prashanthi Nilayam

Posted by robertpriddy on June 8, 2017

An alleged suicide, but notably the Puttaparthi police are “investigating other possibilities”. Those police have the blackest record over how they handled the infamous murders in Sathya Sai Baba’s apartment in June 1993! Together with the Prashanthi authorities, who are known as masters of deception and cover-up, one can be confident that the truth, if at all unpalatable, will never be known:-

Sathya Sai Baba devotee found dead in Puttaparthi school in Andhra Pradesh
By Express News Service  |   Published: 07th June 2017 04:38 PM  |
Last Updated: 07th June 2017 04:38 PM
ANANTAPUR: A 30-year-old woman devotee of Sathya Sai Baba was found dead under mysterious circumstances in a classroom of Sai Vidya Vahini, a school run by the Sathya Sai Central Trust, at Puttaparthi in Andhra Pradesh  this afternoon.
The woman, identified as Sai Prava of Delhi, used to be a coordinator at Sai Vidya Vahini but had resigned from her post recently.
She was found hanging from the ceiling of a classroom at around 12 noon by workers. As it is the summer vacation, there were no students in the school.
Members of the Sai Baba ashram’s Seva Dal informed the police. Though it is being described as a case of suicide for reasons yet unknown, the Puttaparthi police, who have registered a case, are investigating other possibilities.

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Prashanthi vs. Muddenahalli – major court action underway

Posted by robertpriddy on December 1, 2015

In their battle for supremacy, the Prashanthi and Muddenahalli combatants are now involved in a lengthy court case against one another. These shenanigans are surely to be played out as ever by all the same old men that were part of the cover-up cult (no women!), but now on different sides. Their usual seriously unctuous ‘caster oil’ faces and moral put-downs of opponents are to help decide whether the Muddenahalli gang should render ill-gotten gains from the Sai Baba legacy to Prashanthi. Legal weapons are, however, totally contrary to what Sai Baba always ‘taught’, never to resort to court action but settle difficulties with mutual respect and love in the heart, criticising only oneself, never others (especially between ‘spiritual brothers’!). So much for these ‘followers’ of either branch of the schizophrenic cult.  See the previous court document here

The court document (linked above) contains telling phrases. The plaintiff (Central Trust) uses phrases like “shocking and illegal acts of defendants” who ” used their illegal actions as bargaining tool ” and by these illegal actions “

“attempting to hijack the trust and take it out side the control of the Central Trust which is a reputed public charitable trust held in high esteem in the country and abroad” (comment: actually now only in limited areas of India and among a handful of remaining devotees abroad).

“The actions of Defendants in soliciting donations is completely against the teachings propounded by Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba by enticing hapless donors of whom many are foreigners by claiming that Sri Narasimha Murthy and his protegé one Sri Madhusudan Naidu are able to communicate with the Divine Soul of Sri Sathya Sai Baba and obtain replies and responses to the questions and doubts of devotees.”

The intensity of the conflict does not come across properly in official statements, but on-line one can read quotes by Muddenahalli people saying the Trust threatened to “gun them down” (devotees who go publicly to Muddy though live in Parthi)! The ‘inhabited body’ of Madhu Sudan is even called ‘Frankenstein’ by some!

Prashanthi 90th Birthday Celebrations a total flop!


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Indian President snubs dead ‘god-avatar’? Changed mind?

Posted by robertpriddy on December 19, 2013

CORRECTION It seems that the President may have changed his mind due to the publicity he caused by appearing to ignore Prashanthi Nilayam, because he left for Puttaparthi soon after the conclusion of the public meeting at Anantapur on Monday morning in the special helicopters of the Indian Air force, visited the Prasanthi Nilayam along with Chief Minister N. Kiran Kumar Reddy, Governor ESL Narasimhan and Minister Geeta Reddy.President-no-visit-to_PN He stayed a short while only.

The President of India, who endorsed Sathya Sai Baba by going to his funeral, is to pass through Prashanthi Nilayam airport to a political function, but avoiding the ashram! Puttaparthi is useful to the famous people, at least as an airport! People stop by but do not even go to the samadhi to say hello! One can be sure that the Sathya Sai Trust gang and other officials have desperately tried to get luminaries to visit, if only for five minutes and to keep a reputation of Puttaparthi being important. But all in vain. Now that the living God is dead and so can no longer pull strings and give them publicity, it is of no use to them. Perhaps the President of India realises that to visit the ashram now would be to bring forth the mutual endorsements of sexual abusers Asaram Bapu and Sathya Sai Baba?

All the compromised former Prime Ministers, Presidents, Ministers, and other luminaries who were followers of Sai Baba before the massive scandals of sex abuse broke in 1999 were virtually trapped into protecting him so as not to lose face and prestige. What a relief it must be for them not to have to face up to continually endorsing that unconvicted criminal by visiting him.

The Deccan Chronicle also wrote:- 

“The President would arrive on a special aircraft to Prasanthinilayam airport at around 11.20 am on December 23 and directly proceed to Anantapur in a helicopter, sources said. After taking part in the celebrations at Sanjeeva Reddy stadium, the President would return to Prasanthinilayam and proceed to Hyderabad in a special aircraft.
Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, Chief Minister N. Kiran Kumar Reddy and Governor E.S.L. Narasimhan would accompany the President.
The police authorities are making elaborate security arrangements at Puttaparthi airport and Sanjeeva Reddy stadium in Anantapur district in the wake of President’s visit.”

The airport – financed by the State and given to Sai Baba – is a very dead duck, very seldom used at all, and impossible to sell! The President’s ‘special aircraft’ will simply use it as a suitable landing place for his travels. See also  Sathya Sai Airport “white elephant” for sale!

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Dramatic sex testimony from ex-student at Prashanthi Nilayam

Posted by robertpriddy on August 5, 2011

There have, through the years, been a number of quite independent reports of Sathya Sai Baba having dual sexuality, and dual sexual organs too (physical hermaphroditism). Here I am posting information delivered to me by a person whose identity has been checked and found to be valid, but which will not be made known at this stage for our own reasons, obvious to those who know the real nature of the Sai Baba gang in power. There are evidently others who know of the incident and any confirmation from those who were present when the form boy spoke out in public at Prashanthi Nilayam about Sai Baba’s dual sexual exhibition and are willing to contact me can be confident I shall act in complete confidentiality as they may require. Our informant was a student and ‘form boy’ (well known to me nut his name has to be protected) who tells of Rahul Sharma now in Canada:-

“Rahul was a smart looking boy who got close to SB through the help of the teachers, like the Principal Mr. Habbu, who were looking for smart boys to speak in public and to go closer to SB. Rahul was abused in the very first interview. He used to cry a lot. Even when he disclosed it to his father, this stupid man beat his son with chappals in plain view in front of the school. Later on Rahul did a very brave thing which surprised everyone and that is why we think he was thrown out. While Speaking before Sai Baba in public in the Poornachandra Hall, he very clearly stated that swami had shown him in private in the interview room his SHIVA SWAROOP FOLLOWED BY ARDHANARISHWAR ROOP (that means, God Shiva as half man and half woman). For one moment even Sai Baba looked stunned. Later on the boy was given a terrible thrashing for this glaring mistake.

Today, I cannot but respect the bravery of that boy. I think this shows the terrible nature of working at the Sai-schools. I still fail to understand what made” People like Principal Habbu or Munni Kaul partners in crime at Puttaparthi.”

If indeed Sathya Sai Baba was a physical hermaphrodite, the consequences would be enormous for our understanding of his rise to fame. He would have been worshipped by the ignorant villagers as the incarnation of Shiva-Shakti, Shiva-Parvathi and so on, as is still done today in Indian villages to persons with unusual abnormalities. He would have had a free run to dictate to everyone who knew or believed in him as such from his earliest years. I have explored this with reference to early sources etc. in my article Sathya Sai Baba – an enigma or a myth?

As mentioned, this testimony supports a series of similar testimonies through the years. Tal Brooke was told by a close friend how Sai Baba had a vagina, about which he wrote in his first book exposing SB, ‘Avatar of the Night’  (see Tal Brooke – Avatar of Night excerpts).

The same or similar claims are reported in the overview paper ‘A Guru Accused’ by Alexandra Nagel

Further, in and impressive long video interview, Ullrich Zimmerman gives a very credible account of his visit to Puttaparthi and the ensuing private interview with sexual molestation (oral sex) and reports on the apparent Sai Baba’s dual sexuality?

Yet others have reported their experience or perception of Sai Baba as having both sexual organs. Some consider the perception to be a result of hypnosis, which is very easy to achieve when the subject is already a full believer in the omnipotence etc. of Sai Baba. However, the extreme secrecy about Sathya Sai Baba’s condition during his fatal illness and the apparently complete restrictions placed on his doctors’ access to him, reportedly by Sathyajit, his main much younger boyfriend to the last, raise the suspicion that doctors were – at least as far as possible – kept in the dark about Sai Baba’s genitalia. That there was no certified death document nor post mortem also makes it impossible definitively to confirm his having been born with both organs. Had the doctors noticed this, it would have been virtually impossible for them to have said so, as the pressure to cover-up everything about the guru and his misdeeds is so enormous on those within the movement.

PLEASE SEE THE SAI PETITION AND DECIDE WHETHER TO SIGN IT – you may also make a comment there. Your IP or e-mail details will NOT be revealed

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Puttaparthi not what it was with ‘heart ripped out’

Posted by robertpriddy on July 4, 2011

Puttaparthi peace and quiet

Alas for Puttaparthi, despite all, as First Post Economy posts the headline “Puttaparthi cancelled? Sai Baba’s death tests a town’s faith.” It is all the poorer inhabitants suffer first and most, most of their livelihoods having been totally dependent on the popularity of Sathya Sai Baba, which has waned and waned in recent weeks as the one ugly truth after the other has emerged in such irrefutable ways as to convince even devotees that their faith was misplaced. Many villagers knew about diverse dark, criminal incidents connected to Sathya Sai Baba and/or his institutions and had faith almost only in the economic benefits his presence generated for them, but none dare speak out But for once, when there was a big demonstration against the Sai Central Trust when one of their number who was a student at the Sai College was found murdered and his body burnt. For such reasons – and because the “nerve-centre” of its existence, namely darshan, can never come again – one can’t imagine anything like the same influx of followers for festivals. The may be a last effort made for Guru Poornima this year, but foreign visitors will surely be very few and less and less in years to come.

That Puttaparthi could become like Shirdi, which is flourishing, is considered unlikely too since the image of Sathya has been so badly tarnished by so many scandals of such a kind that Shirdi Sai was never remotely involved in: murders, sex abuses, suicides, huge financial irregularities and hoarding of consumer goods!   There will, however, always be true believers in denial of any facts, however clear, that detract from their imagined God Almighty, but those who were able to take a step back and see things in a longer and more insightful perspective knew that this downfall was to come, that the battles between corrupt Sai officials (who were in plenty) would cause turmoil and disgrace. No tears should be lost over the property speculators, big hoteliers, and smart investors in tourist shops, clinics and the like any more than over the brothel owners. It is the fruit and vegetable sellers, the flower ladies, the maimed street beggars and struggling small stall-holders who face poverty, but will the super-rich Sathya Sai Central Trust will be giving them any handouts?

“Puttaparthi cancelled? Sai Baba’s death tests a town’s faith”

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Sai Central Trust credibility totally destroyed

Posted by robertpriddy on July 4, 2011

The Sathya Sai Central Trust official claims that the seized Rs 35.5 lakhs was from 12 devotees, meant for Sai Baba’s memorial (samadhi) construction, and that it was not the Trust’s money. This has been nailed as a lie by the police. Twelve devotees of Sathya Sai Baba had furnished documents that they had donated the cash, and had even claimed that the cash should be returned to them, so the police started questioning them a few days back. It now seems they had furnished false statements to the police at the behest of Sathya Sai trust members. The receipt stamps on the seized cash show that the cash was drawn from banks between 2007 and 2009.and the 12 Sathya Sai devotees, when asked to give bank statements to show that the cash had been drawn by them, furnished bank statements from 6 months previously! Now that investigators have got solid proof that the 12 “devotees” had been setup by the Trust members, the 2 trust members Srinivasan and Ratnakar are most likely to be charge sheeted and cases filed for cash embezzlement , forgery and maybe other offences like providing misleading statements to investigators and govt officials deliberately ( with criminal intent).

It is most surprising how “Sathya Sai devotees” agreed to deliberate cheating! Had not their “Swami” instructed them to always speak the truth? Perhaps the fact of gold and cash being stashed in the master’s room made the followers emulate their guru, who always plagiarised Mahatma Gandhi saying “My Life is My Message”?

Here are a few samples of Sathya Sai trustee V. Srinivasan’s statements in the last few days:-

Srinivasan entangling himself in contradictions and lies, as proven by later events

“The money belongs to the Trust”….in an interview to Indian Express two days before being questioned by the police about the seized 35.5 lakhs. In the same interview, Srinivasan dismisses outright the suggestions that there could be more gold, silver valuables in Yajur mandir. (June 24th)….From the earlier “all transactions by check only with receipts issues”, it is now ” most transactions are by check…and some cash transactions”! See scan on left from Express News Service.

On June 28th , Tuesday…the Sathya Sai trust in a press conference makes the outrageous statement which was the headline of an article in The Hindu ‘Rs.35 lakh cash does not belong to Trust’

Which one is true, Mr Srinivasan? After denying any possibility of any more gold or valuables in Yajur Mandir on June 24th, the Sai Trust now shamelessly says “The trust had not made any statement that the inventory was complete…..”, this is yesterday, after the 2nd gold , silver and diamond haul in yajur mandir. To this we can aptly quote the good old Sir Walter Scott: “Oh what a tangled web we weave,
When first we practise to deceive!”

Any more flip-flops on the way Mr Srinivasan? Anything about the false walls and ceilings? The Poornachandra Hall apartment are also to be searched after the Guru Purnima celebrations are over (see Yet more searches of Sai Baba’s ashram buildings ). Perhaps the deranged promoter of the Ascended Masters of the Seventh Ray, Sai Baba and crystal skulls, Isaac Tigrett, will reveal more secret stores… he has promised to tell many secrets Sai Baba vouchsafed to him. That will be most entertaining! (see Tigrett telling this on video) and also Isaac Tigrett’s announcement of secrets Sai Baba told him

The Sathya Sai Central Trust in total breach of its own rules: The brazen attempts of the Sathya Sai trust to gloss over Indian laws, and the breaking of such laws  by the SB trust hasn’t received even minimum media attention. People are obsessed with the 35.5 lakhs cash haul…and the most important issue of how the sb trust took possession of the 98 kg gold, 307 kg silver and 12 crores cash is not being addressed. See the Sathya Sai press release dated April 18th 2011, 6 days before Sai Baba died… at

Note the following points from the press release…..about how the Trust accepts NO CASH DONATIONS.

The Trust does not receive donations except through banks. Payments are made through cheques only. The valuation of the assets of the Trust according to the established accounting norms, and the audited statements of income and expenditure are all incorporated in the various returns to be filed before the respective statutory authorities of the Central and State governments at specified intervals. These returns have all been filed regularly and are up-to-date. Foolproof accounting systems are in place. The question of any diversion of funds or unauthorized expenditure does not arise.”

Accounting procedure for Receipts & Payments of the Trust
Donors deposit the cash directly in the bank branch opened in the premises of the Trust. No employee of the Trust can receive any cash donations from the donors. Donors who like to donate outside the banking hours are advised to donate through debit card machines of the bank. As such there are no cash collections with the Trust which are not accounted for. Cheques/drafts received by the Trust are deposited daily in the bank by the Finance Officer of the Trust. Any foreign contributions received are credited in a separate bank account as per approval given by the Home Ministry under the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, 1976. The receipts duly signed by the Secretary of the Trust are sent to the donors at the addresses given by them.
All works and projects of the Trust are approved by the Founder Trustee, Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba who only has the power to sign cheques for disbursing payments for the approved works/projects. All payments to various suppliers/contractors are made by A/c payee demand drafts or by transfer through RTGS directly for credit to the bank accounts of various suppliers/contractors. No payments are made to any party by cash.

The annual audited Foreign Contribution Statements giving receipt and utilization are sent to Home Ministry every year. The annual audited Financial Statements are also filed every year with various Government agencies such as Income Tax Department etc.”

When such is the official and legal status of the registered Sathya Sai trust, the following questions are MOST obvious.

1. How did Sathya Sai Baba, presumably aware of all the rules/laws of his own trust of which he was the check signing authority, accept huge cash and gold donations and not even declare them to his own trust ?

2. If those “donations” of cash, gold, diamonds and silver, could not be valid and legal donations to the Trust, why did Sai Baba accept it ?

3. Is it not a straightforward fact that Sai Baba had knowingly committed and attempted to hide a criminal act ?

4. In the light of the above established facts , why did the Sathya Sai trust, claim the hoarded wealth discovered on June 17th as its own and how could they deposit it in the Trust accounts, given that its illegal for the Sathya Sai trust to accept cash/gold ( both under their own charter/laws as well as Income tax laws)

5. Is it not patently obvious that the Sathya Sai trust , now…..and Sathya Sai Baba earlier, have been accepting illegal contributions to the trust, hoarding it and also hiding it…and even worse, upon discovery, trying to pay “advance tax” on it and claiming the hoarded wealth as their own ?
Shouldn’t these questions be raised by the public and media to the officials, government and Income tax authorities, and shouldn’t serious criminal cases be filed against Sathya Sai Baba ( deceased offender) and also the Sathya Sai trust for criminal financial fraud ?

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Sai Baba ashram’s Chief Security Officer arrested

Posted by robertpriddy on June 21, 2011

One-time Chief Justice P. N. Bhagwati

At long last it seems top poiliticians are getting cold feet about supporting the Sathya Sai Baba scams in view of the national mood and increasing critical press coverage in India. Developments are promising so far in that the police seem to be withstanding all the efforts to control their investigations. Further to the blog Sathya Sai Trust steps up damage limitation ploys and the aggro posted earlier today here, comes this report:-

“After another round of interrogation, the Andhra Pradesh police have arrested Pradhan, the Chief security officer of Sai Baba’s ashram. With this, the number of arrests  is now 4, all connected with the first cash haul.

Two others (in the Rs 5-10 crores haul from the bus), are being held in an undisclosed location by the AP police and I am informed interrogation is continuing, and possibly more arrests may follow. Legal notices have been issued to V. Srinivasan, chairman of WS Industries (and senior Sathya Sai Central Trust member) and to R.J. Rathnakar, under the Criminal procedure code. So far P.N. Bhagwati has evaded any legal notice and/or being named officially, although the cash was transported in his protocol car (one can suppose he is seeking immunity under some clause, having been a former Chief Justice of India (if only for a year), or pleading with his stronger Government contacts to save him as they have done before).

Private sources from high levels of AP police inform that, despite very strong pressure on them to dilute the case, senior politicians are not really pressing their efforts as this Sai Baba case has got national media attention, and no one wants to get his or her name in the news as being remotely associated with any Sai Baba related cover-up, especially in the era of scams being exposed in India every week.

An ashram source has informed us that two senior Trust members spent the day calling top politicians in Hyderabad and Delhi, but were frustrated that no government official or politician came on the phone line. A senior political leader from Hyderabad has informed an attorney in Hyderabad “Now we don’t want to get involved, all opposition parties are stepping up the heat and all Sai Baba related matters are now only bad news, and politically it may become adverse for us.”

Is this why the AP police are proceeding boldly? Sources have also informed us that the lower level employees like agents, drivers etc are seriously worried about any threat to them should they turn state witness and the police have assured them protection for giving all information.”

See also  Sai Baba’s Bhagwati shows total disrespect for justice

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Sathya Sai Baba did have properties, but not ‘proper ties’

Posted by robertpriddy on May 22, 2011

“Swami said that nothing could happen to His Body and all these so-called ailments were only accidents. Swami then indicated to devotees that He had agreed to come down from the balcony due to the Love expressed by His students. Swami said that such noble boys were His only Property and He too loved them equally. Swami also said that the Gown that He had adorned was offered to Him lovingly by His Students. Swami explained the ease of use of the same and expressed His Joy at their loving care for Swami. He said that one could not find such service elsewhere.” Easweramma Day : Sai Showers in Trayee Brindavan Part II –
Posted by exbaba admin on Friday, May 07, contributed by saikramesh: (from entire major pro-Sai site since removed)

Sathya Sai Baba himself showed here yet again what he has always denied, that he accept goods from others! But that is glaringly obvious anyhow by all the riches he freely disposed over, not least the palace-like apartments he was ever getting built on donated funds for himself. The latest palaces were very costly twin buildings opposite his earlier-built twin apartments at the end of the Poornachandra Hall. However, he does not live in either of the two very costly museums he had built at Prashanthi Nilayam in his own honour for his self-advertisment.

Sai Baba has warned in discourses, “Properties are not proper ties“. So what about “His only Property”, the boys? Are they proper ties? Was he a slave-owner to speak of them as his ‘properties’. Well, we have already been told plenty in many testimonies about the kind of ‘service’ he got from boys and young men in the interview room, not to list all those who have slept in his bedroom, with ex-student Sathyajit as his last trusted boyfriend.

See? Having always claimed that he is the Lord himself, he speaks to his devotees like an Indian zamindar, prime exploiter of bonded labourers:-

“… every one of you is living off the property of God, for does not all this belong to Him? And what do you do in return for all the benefits you derive from the property of the Lord? You cannot eat it and sit quiet. You must at least give some physical labour in return; he who does not work but eats is a cheat.” Sathya Sai Speaks Vol.1, p.220f.
ALSO: The property of Sai is only all his students Sathya Sai Speaks Vol. 15, p. 179

This from one of the biggest (covert) property owners in India! (He said he did not own anything, but that was but a mere formality to confuse and avert criticism of his massive extravagance, despite his granting the use of other donations for social improvements. For example, he alone could use or dispose of about 10 luxury apartments built from devotees’ donations). It is known from close servitors and close ex-devotees that most ARE luxurious inside. I saw inside Muddenahalli Sai temple apartments myself (and met the architect), and he hardly ever even used them.

It is convenient for him that – as the self-proclaimed One God, “Deity of deities” who lays claim to own the entire created Universe, lock stock and barrel! Cosseted, protected by armed guards and undercover agents, and having strolled about for constant adulation for decades, he did nothing remotely resembling what most people (and he too) know to be real work himself – that is the hard work of physical labour!
He told people he did everything for himself, even sweep his room out. This was simply not true. Here is some strong evidence documented back in 1973:-

But he most certainly eats well enough, but has not prepared or cooked for many decades. A former devotee friend of mine, Mr. V. Ramu, a vigilance officer of the Indian Administrative Service (author of the hagiographic book ‘Waiting for Baba’), who attended a luncheon given for Sai Baba in Bangalore in 1996 at the house of Central Trust member, Mr. Prasad, told me that Sai ate well. I was surprised and wondered if I had heard correctly. He assured me, “Swami ate heartily of all the many dishes provided, served to him by Mr. Prasad’s son.”
This is not a thing you will hear from others who never say anything that could cast the slightest doubt on ‘Swami’ as having been anything but a perfect renunciate, which was simply not true, neither as to food, pomp, acceptance of worship, outward show galore or his sexual satisfaction.

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Sathya Sai Baba on record

Posted by robertpriddy on May 14, 2011

“BETRAYAL” By SAI BABA – a clearly well-informed report posted anonymously by a former student of Sathya Sai Baba’s college system and presented by Basava Premanand, a foremost ex-follower and skeptic who investigated Sathya Sai Baba through decades. This testimony has been published here and there before, yet it contains such important information that it deserves reposting. Note, however,  that most exposé  writers reject all ideas of the existence of demons or Satan.

Firstly, a note on the reliability of testimony and reasons for anonymity:

Most of the allegations that have been levied at Sathya Sai Baba by alleging victims of sexual abuse are written statements open to a considerable degree of factual checking of details given by persons who have been contacted by writing, phoning and personal meetings. Some have also given filmed interviews. Accounts of sexual abuse are obviously second-hand (unless one was personally involved). This, of course, does not mean that such accounts are ‘rumours’, as they are called by those who want excuses for not considering them. There can be no ‘smoking gun’, no ‘corpse’ in such cases. The facts can very seldom be proven by physical evidence such as forensic data, audio, visual recordings etc. – and then mostly only in quite exceptional circumstances. Therefore, no one can fairly assume that reports from people – whether first-hand victims or at second-hand via a friend etc. – are baseless. Unconfirmed assertions are the unavoidable first step in uncovering nearly all sexual abuse. The huge obstacles faced by its victims individually – whether personal, social, financial or a combination of these – are by now well-known and in addition to all that comes the emotional upheaval and threats to stop the victims from telling. Increasing worldwide experience shows that the road to conviction and imprisonment of abusers is exceptionally long and relatively very few paedophiles are brought that far anyhow. It almost always must begin with allegations coming into the public sphere (often indirectly or anonymously so as to protect the victims).

Not only were four students executed by the police in 1993 with the consent of the Prashanthi Nilayam authorities in Sai Baba’s bedroom apartment, but many remain in danger of being discriminated, harassed, persecuted, attacked or worse by the original perpetrators of abuses they have suffered (or by others who are complicit in such abuse, such as in a ‘paedophile circle’). This applies to a high degree in India where Sathya Sai Baba has demonstrated to the full that he exercises virtual control of the judiciary and government on all matters concerning his own reputation. Various anonymous Indian ex-students have mailed exposé workers and our websites, or have posted on bulletin boards, that their careers, their families and sometimes even the lives of any who were to stand forth with full name in public would be in jeopardy. Quite apart from this, it can take many years – up to decades – for victims to come to terms with their experiences, while it is highly likely that many never do so enough to speak out. For it requires a robust personality to take the criticism, suspicions and threats which are so often met, including the ever-present likelihood of lurid and inaccurate ‘tabloid media’ coverage. The name of the author of the following account is therefore not given here:-

This is the sad story of betrayal of faith and love, of taking advantage and exploitation of a very base nature. What is being written may sound blasphemy, sacrilege or fanciful, but if one opens his eyes and uses his brain, it will turn out to be nothing but truth. It is a truth which many know and ignore because it does not affect them in any way, then there are those who know nothing and are innocent.

This is the story of life in Sri Sathya Sai Hostel for Boys. Devoted parent send their tiny tots with the firm belief that they will undergo all round developments and will be under the direct presence of Baba Ji. But few parents actually know what happens to their loved ones. What happens to boys is a saga of betrayal of the most banal kind known to mankind since ages. Let us take it from the Primary school level itself. The Principal of the Primary school Mrs. Munni Kaul knows it only too well that her survival there purely depends on sending in the front good-looking, usually fair and sometimes girlish boys, because as is well known Baba Ji has a weakness for such boys. These are the innocent boys you see, who are forced to come in the front, on some pretext or the other, holding cards, trays etc. This in itself is nothing serious, but what follow later is.

These young, good-looking boys who are generally not even in their teens are for some time closely watched by Babaji. Later some day these small boys are called for personal interview. What happens to these tiny tots in the interview room is known to many but all keep mum because their very survival depends on it. These small boys are taken one by one in the inner interview room behind the curtain by Babaji. For some time he fondles them and then suddenly he opens their zippers and pulls down their pants and underpants. Now Babaji massages and fondles the sex organs of the small boys, who know nothing and take it as some form of spirituality. Babaji generally hugs and kisses the boys while they are stark naked, then sends them back. This is in itself a traumatic and sickening experience for a boy of about 5th of 6th standard. Then there are certain advantages too, these boys are labelled as FORM BOYS and are kept in the forefront by the Headmistress, who actually is well aware of the fate of these young ones. These boys generally get chains, rings and watches from Babaji as special blessings or in a worldly sense, the ‘payment’ for ‘selling’ their bodies without their knowledge.

For the kind information of authorities (those who are aware and maintain silence and those who know nothing), Mrs. Munni Kaul, the Head Mistress of Primary School, herself is a confirmed child molestress. This can be ascertained by Authorities (if they have the will and courage), if they could pick just a few good looking (and fair) boys from class 6th and ask them with love and in confidence, what Munni Aunti forces them to do. She is known to sexually abuse good looking boys and girls. Staff members can easily get this information But then one cannot blame the Head Mistress because her survival depends on her supplying these boys for Babaji.

Now comes the second and other part of this story. All this does not stop at Primary School. Now the boys come to Sri Sathya Sai Higher Secondary School. Now the boys are in 8th class. Some teachers in the hostel are well aware what the full set-up is about. They keep an eye for good looking and fair skinned young boys and repeatedly send them in the front of the mandir on some pretext or the other till the boys catch the attention of Babaji. Again the same vicious and revolting scenes are repeated. The teacher who sends these innocent kids up to 12th class, gets a pat on his back from Babaji, for his ‘choice’. These boys also experience the same traumatic situation of standing naked in the inner interview room and getting their sex organs caressed by Babaji, who tells them this is pure love. The innocent boys keep their mouth shut and in turn receive such rewards as a room leadership, watches, pens etc. One of the senior school teachers who has been ‘supplying’ such young boys to Babaji, is well aware that what happens to boys is nothing short of sexual molestation but keeps quiet about the whole affair as he personally has nothing to loose, after all, his relatives are not getting molested. In fact this senior teacher acts as a pimp and acknowledge his role by calling himself as a Tetra-Pack Supplier to Babaji, Tetra Packs being the innocent good looking boys. This lecturer is no one also but Mr. Sai Surendranath who has sent countless young boys towards the cauldron for sexual molestation by Babaji, and he in turn gets power, recognition and the so called ‘Chances’ etc., for his dirty role.

Most of the inmates of Sri Sathya Sai Hostel are well aware of all this, but their mouths are sealed. The boys who are not so good looking and dark wonder why Babaji gives ‘chances’ to good/girlish looking or handsome and fair boys only. They think and think and loose interest in life in the Hostel. On the other hand the Chosen ‘Form’ boys only know what happens inside the interview room, they have their own traumatic experiences and generally tend to develop a Homosexual bend of mind. This is the main reason for rampant cases of Homosexuality in Sathya Sai Hostels.

Now comes the final stage in this story. Boys finish their 12th class. Most of the sexually molested ‘Form’ boys who have become moral and physical (and physiological) wrecks, leave the institutions. This is the main reason why boys from secondary school do not join the Institute. Those who are dark & not-so-good looking, think they did not get chances, get frustrated and leave; and those selected few blue eyed good looking, fair skinned boys who are regularly sexually molested by Babaji, leave due to trauma and frustration. But a third category of boys who are of both the above mentioned categories stay back. Some think maybe they will get chances in future and the good looking ones believe that when Babaji molested them it was for their own good and was a spiritual experience not to be told to anybody.

For the admission to the Institute, as is well known, the so-called ‘Form’ boys and good looking boys are always given preference, irrespective of their academic or intellectual abilities. Everybody knows that the entrance exams and interviews, group discussions etc. are just a farce. A list of so called ‘Form’ boys is selected even before the entrance exams are conducted – this is common knowledge. And for courses like MBA, Research etc., generally boys are selected more for their appearance by Babaji than for anything else. These boys are the very same good looking, fair and sometimes girlish boys. In addition some stupid common boys also get in by freak of chance.

The fact is so well known that senior hostel lecturers know well in advance about a particular student, whether he will get the MBA seat or not. What happens inside interview room is common… knowledge, this is highlighted by the fact that Mr. B.N. Narasimhamurthy, the previous warden of Sri Sathya Sai Hostel, Prasanthinilayam, has coined a term for boys who are surviving an benefitting because of their appearance and because they have been molested. He calls these boys INTUITION BOYS, the term is familiar to most of the hostel staff members and some senior students too. It is a well know fact that seats like MBA, Research Assistantship etc., are almost always (with a few exceptions) given to those Internal candidates who are Intuition Boys (to quote Sri Narasimhamurthy!). These are the boys you see in MBA/Research, who are generally handsome or good looking or girlish who have been sometime exploited and sexually molested by Babaji repeatedly from sometimes their school days onwards.

If all this would have stopped just here, it could have taken lightly (:), but unfortunately it is not so. There are more advanced stages. Babaji has a weakness for boys who are either fair and good looking and girlish or sometimes tall cacho type boys too. This is a common trait in homosexual acts. Out of the chosen band of Intuition Boys (Form boys etc.), some especially good looking/girlish boys and sometimes others are selected by Babaji for special ‘grace’.

This is what happens to them; Babaji who had groomed and molested such a boy from school days telling the boy that he was his father and mother; now starts saying that the boy was his ‘wife’. Now starts the more traumatic, dirty and bizzare acts. Babaji sends for such chosen Intuition Boys special messages to the hostel (to warden etc.) early in the morning usually, when rest of the ignorant lot is faithfully observing silence, listening to extolling speeches or chanting the glory of the lord. Sometimes car/jeep are also sent to whisk away such special Intuition Boys. These boys are taken in for an interview. As usual their pants and underwear are pulled down, but generally these boys have reached puberty and in most cases after little caressing by Babaji, they get an erection and ejaculate, which is wiped by Babaji using the same white kerchief, he used to wipe his hands. Now he again hugs, crushes and kisses the boys and says that the boy is his wife. Usually the boys is too shocked and was-struck at what happened, because he never expected it. Usually the poor boys take it as a spiritual experience.

But unfortunately there is a final stage too. Sometimes Babaji goes a step further in this act. Sometimes he asks the special Intuition Boys, who are standing stark naked and probably with an erection, to bend and touch his feet, while the unfortunate and flabbergasted boy is doing so, Babaji covers the boys head with his robe and while the boy rises up, lifts his pitambar. The boy gets a shock when he sees that Babaji too has an erection Babaji thrusts his erect sexual organ in the poor boys mouth and asks the boy to suck and lick it and forces the boy to do so. Finally the boy is forced to suck and drink the ejaculated semen of Babaji. Usually, with such advanced cases of Intuition Boys (many are the famous singers, tabla players, dancers and other usually girlish characters), Babaji also licks and sucks the sexual organs of such boys. Imagine all this happens just behind the thick curtain of the inner interview room. Babaji usually pushes boys in the left corner of the inner room, just near the door, and from the outer interview room, one can clearly hear the sound of a pant zipper being opened and sometimes kissing and rarely sucking noises too. At such times if one sits just near Babaji’s throne in the outer room, one can sometimes actually see boys being molested if the curtain moves. And people like Mr. B.N. Narasimhamurthy have actually seen boys being molested with their own eyes, but keep mum, for their own selfish survival, branding this dirty act as spirituality. After all such people don’t loose anything, they just act as pimps, supplying fresh batch of Intuition Boys (in other words Male Prostitutes), anyway, these innocent boys are not related to them in any case. The result is that usually these boys become Homosexuals themselves after being molested from a young age and after experiencing the worst form of oral homosexual acts. Now one such boy is Mr. Sai Giridhar who recently shot into limelight by sexually abusing about 40 small school boys in the hostel. But unfortunately (or fortunately for Mr. Sai Giridhar), most of the boys he molested were already sexually molested Intuition Boys of Babaji such as Sai Ram (class X), Hidayat Ulah (class IX) etc. Moreover Mr. Sai Giridhar himself has been an Intuition Boy (one of the blue eyed boys of Mr. B.N. Narahimhamurthy too!) of some repute, so he was neither thrown out of the hostel nor from the Intiution Band, which incidentally is also known as Intuition Band as most of the boys are Intuition Boys earlier selected by Sri B.N. Narasimhamurthy & Sri Sai Surendranath and later by its questionable leader Mr. Sai Giridhar). As is well know, there were lots of grumblings but the entire case was burried and Mr. Sai Giridhar was ‘pardoned’ by Babaji, may be the small Intuition Boys were liability or whatever the case may have been. In fact, most of the hostel lecturers know that their survival depends on projecting and pushing as many Intuition Boys, as possible. These lecturers, therefore take these poor boys who are nothing other than male prostitutes by now, and push them in front of Babaji for various dances, dramas, music groups etc., where these poor boys play a prominent role, attract the attention of Babaji and are sexually molested repeatedly. In some cases Babaji himself asks for special Intuition Boys to be always in the forefront of various programmes. The poor boys so called chances purely depend on how easily he sells his body to Babaji by pulling down his pants and exposing his genitals and how frequently he does it.

If any particular Intuition Boy refuses or pulls away Babaji’s hands from his genitals, Babaji gives that particular boy a cold treatment or the so called ‘OUT OF FORM’. If the boy agrees to open his pants, he easily comes back in form and is “pardoned” or he may even loose his MBA/Research seat and is branded as a Bad/Anti boy and is usually expelled from the Institute/Hostel. Boys who have earlier been Intuition Boys and have refused to be further molested by Babaji are always ignored and put down in all areas till they soften up and in many cases they get frustrated and leave or are ready for a series of new molestations.

Frequently Babaji organizes trips to Kodaikanal and Ooty etc. These trips each year are actually meant for a few selected Intuition Boys who are generally handsome, fair or girlish. To cover up the entire trip some other boys/staff members are also taken who are not Intuition Boys. The selection is generally made by Babaji in consultation with Sai Surendra Nath or Ratnakar. These people keep an eye on exceptionally good looking new boys or old Intuition Boys from various classes such as MBA, PG and Research etc. But actually the entire trip is meant for Babaji to enjoy just a few special Intuition Boys. Babaji call such boys in his car and while travelling also molests them. Sometimes he caresses Intuition Boys while travelling in the bus too. But Babaji makes it a point t sit next to the chosen Intuition Boy only, and while others are listening to high metaphysics, Babaji’s deft hands always are on the poor Intuition Boys crotch and he is busy caressing the boys genitals. Most of the boys in the trip know this while some are ignorant too. (Click on the image for a movie.)

It is common knowledge and those of you who are Intuition Boys know only too well, that Babaji always tells the boys after sexually molesting him “Don’t tell this to anybody”. So the poor boy keeps his mouth shut out of of fear and shame and cannot even tell it to his parents. Babaji always instructs boys not to be very close and jealously guards the Intuition Boys not to mix with the other ordinary/dark and unhandsome lot; Babaji does not even permit friendship between tow Intuition Boys and personally taunts boys and sometimes even throws away such boys. The sole reason being secrecy, because if Intuition Boys were to become friendly, Babaji is scared that his secret of sexual molestation will come out in the open. But the fact is that at least 50% of the Institute Boys are aware what happens in the inner interview room. Most of the poor Intuition Boys are nothing but male prostitutes and thus the hostels can be nothing but houses of ill repute where these poor souls are kept for the sole purpose of using their bodies. This is the main reason why Babaji gives no importance only to the appearance and skin colour of poor boys – a very dirty type of Apartheid. Once Babaji is satisfied or fed up with some Intuition Boy, the poor wretch is thrown out if he has become too big for his boots or he is frustrated b Babaji and also by Authorities who harass the poor boy at the instance and orders of Babaji. Generally the poor Intuition Boy quits, a physical and moral wreck, a social misfit because if not physically, at least mentally he is a homosexual or a gay.

The main reason why boys (both normal and Intuition Boys), do not like to continue longer in Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning is that either they are sexually molested by Babaji and thus frustrated with a male prostitute’s life or they were always ignored because perhaps they refused to open their pants to Babaji or were quite unhandsome/dark complexioned etc., and hence not only ignored by Babaji but were automatically ignored by Authorities too. At least, some Authorities are aware that boys are sexually molested by Babaji, but either they think it is some form of spirituality (:) or they just keep their mouth shut for their survival and for the sake of power and and pomp they get by acting ignorant about the fate of poor boys who are forcibly being converted into Homosexuals. Most of the senior boys in the hostel are aware of this high treason and hypocrisy, they tolerate it for some time and then quit. The topic is so delicate that they can neither tell it to Authorities (who will not believe them in any case) nor even to their parents. These frustrated boys (and Intuition Boys) leave the Institute and Babaji has just one comment. He catches a bunch of his hair which incidentally is regularly dyed with an imported dye and says “I have seen so many, none stay”. After all which normal human being can perpetually stay as a male prostitute or a Homosexual unless he is real a Homosexual, some of these find it profitable and do stay back (example: Sai Giridhar Narahari, etc.), but in due course even hard core homosexuals cannot take the realities for too long and say quits. Now Babaji’s comments “Pelli Pichhi” or “Marriage Sickness”. Hence the full matter is conveniently buried. The Intuition Boys are used and when have no charms left in them, are thrown out (always with a bad name) and their departure is linked with Marriage Sickness. Of course any normal human being marries. Babaji is strictly against marriage, after all his enormous and monstrous sexual demands are daily fulfilled by molestation, sodomy, oral sex and by masturbation of poor Intuition Boys, but how long can a human being take all this. This after using up a boy Babaji throws him out like a spider throws the empty shell of a fly after sucking its vatal juices (Manish Sharma, Anand Sur, Hidesh Gupta, Gagan Manchanda etc., are classic examples of used and thrown Intuition Boys – such boys are so frustrated that sometimes due to their Gay/Homosexual tendencies they are ‘social misfits’ and hence again come back to Babaji who may again get “interested” in the poor by and thus the series of sexual acts start a fresh).

Generally Babaji gives some money (usually Rs.500/-) to an Intuition Boy after molesting him-this can be taken as the amount for buying the body of the poor soul. Usually Babaji blesses Intuition boys with flashy watches, golden pens, gold chains and pendants, rings, bracelets etc. which are the ‘payments’ for the dirty Homosexual violations he does with such boys. Usually the number of such ‘gifts’ are indicators of the degree of sexual connection the boy has with Babaji, it can be mere caressing of genitals. Masturbation sodomy or dirty oral sex. These are the smart good looking boys who always sit in the front rows in the mandir sometimes on Babaji’s express command, because they might be ‘needed’ any time. These are the boys almost selected for distribution of various trinkets and clothes etc., by Babaji, and even when they go inside to pick up a box of apples for instance, sometimes Babaji corners some special Intuition Boy and has a ‘quickie’ (a quick caressing of genitals), while others are kept busy elsewhere or sent out of the interview room on some pretext. So, those who are Intuition Boys can understand and those who are not, need not unnecessarily be envious of these poor Intuition Boys, because they pay a heavy price to be in form, they are actually made prostitutes and are forced to sell their bodies to Babaji.


If you are a little observant and not blind with emotion and pseudo-spirituality, you cam make a few simple observations. Lets take the creation of Vibhuti. Most of the seniour hostel teachers know about how it is done but keep mum. As soon as Babaji comes out keep observing his left hand, it will be closed. In the hand are about 5-6 small balls of vibhuti which are made with the help of water or a mild gum and dried. This is done by Babaji personally upstairs. As soon as Babaji comes out of the interview room, immediately he takes a letter and holds it in the left hand which is now kept upwards, hence the balls do not fall. Now while talking he deftly shifts one ball to the right hand, faces the palm down and rotates the palm, the vibhuti ball is always kept between the 1st and the 2nd fingers; while giving the vibhuti he simply crushes the ball and gives it to the waiting Birthday Boy. Some students have actually found these vibhuti balls which fell down accidentally from Babaji’s hands. People like Mr. Khayaldas are well aware of how vibhuti is created and by experience they even know when and where Babaji will do so. Another place to observe is in front of Vinayaka, near the arch, just between the ladies and gents. Here Babaji almost always passes a bunch of letters to his right hand along with a ball of vibhuti. Experienced boys and old hostel staff members have dubbed his acts as “Changing the baton”. Now Babaji immediately ‘creates’ vibhuti for some VIP’s who are sitting there, this is very significant because a large number of people observe this ‘miracle’. You too can observe all this if you sit with a level head and sharp eyes and notice Babaji’s hand movements closely. Sometimes if you are lucky you can actually see the vibhuti ball being transferred to the right hand for creation. Creations inside the interview room are of different type. If you are sharp you would have noticed that Babaji does not allow anybody in the interview room immediately after selecting a particular batch. He goes inside alone and spends some time before calling the group. If by chance some ignorant person happens to go in following Babaji, he is invariably almost literally pushed out by Babaji or pulled out by the obese Mr. Khayaldas, who knows what Babaji is doing inside. Actually Babaji spends a few minutes in keeping the things to be “materialized” ready; these are kept in various places, behind cushion, sometimes behind the curtain or on window sills of inner room or the sofa etc. These items such as chains, rings, lockets, Talismans, even sweets and watches are later picked up and ‘created’ with a motion of hand in front of preconditioned and almost awe-struck and hypnotized devotees.

Those flashy golden Parker pens and Papermates which you see in the pockets of Intuition Boys are kept in neatly stacked boxes in upstairs rooms of mandir. If you are an Intuition Boy you may as well find same if you are chosen to work upstairs’, if you are observant, not emotional. The watches are made by normal human beings from all over the world. These watches too are kept in their hundreds in upstairs rooms. These are usually presented in bulk by wealthy devotees. Lockets, rings etc. are made of various types and sizes and these are generally supplied by two people, one is Chettiar’s (the fat man from Madurai on Wheelchair) son-in-law, and the other is a dark, balding furitive looking man with specks, always tucking a small bag in his right armpit, he is Mr. Aswathnarayana from Ananatapur.

Babaji has recently started ‘creating’ a lot of Titan quartz watches, but unfortunately (or fortunately) these are manufactured in Bangalore. All Titan watches have a registered number at the back, using this number if you go to the regional office of Titan company to Bangalore, you can easily trace to which retailer it was supplied. Some titan watches have been traced in this manner and the names of people who purchased them in bulk (bulk purchases are always remembered by shop keepers) for Babaji may surprise you. But of course, this simple investigation can be done by anybody who can read the English language and is little patient with the Titan sales office.

There are certain instances of Babaji having some connections with ladies and young girls too. Perhaps this explains those crazy foreign ladies who are not allowed inside and are sometimes beaten up. May be this also explains the bodies of mostly young women which are found in the hills and also the bodies of young women which are sometimes carried in the green jeep at unearthly hours and are either burnt near Chitravathi or buried near it. One wonders how safe one’s sisters and daughters studying in Primary school are?

So this in brief is the true life of any student residing in Sri Sathya Sai Hostel. Those of you who are Intuition Boys, already know all this, those who are not would have heard of it and some may not have even dreamt of all this. But this is the stark truth, which is really bitter. Being an Intuition Boy is shameful in itself because it is the life of a slave or male prostitute, although it carries several ‘perks’ and incentives like name, fame, lime-light an jaunts to Kodaikanal etc., perhaps this time by plane! But in the end the poor Intuition Boy is left high and dry (in literal sense) and generally gets frustrated, looses interest in life or becomes a homosexual. It is for youth to decide. One thing is sure, this is no form of spirituality, see the faces of Intuition Boys, those fair and girlish boys (Dante’, class 9th) with black rounds around their eyes, see the faces of boys who are forced to drink semen to get an MBA seat or a room leadership etc. And see who gets the best all-rounder gold medal. Incidentally Mr. Sai Giridhar is also a gold medalist, (an ‘all rounder’ indeed!) with about 40 or so sexual abuse of small innocent boys to his credit. These gold medals are almost always given to Intuition Boys, with a few exception the reason will be quite obvious if one has a look at the individual.

Homosexuality can never be equated with any form of spirituality and what Babaji is practising on young and innocent boys is nothing but a blatant homosexual act. No religion of the world promotes homosexuality. There is no mention of it in vedas. And Babaji is definitely not a Brahmachari because he destroys the very essence of Brahmacharya in innocent boys of such tender age who have not even reached puberty. This is also no way to project spirituality and talk about not marrying. This a simple and dirty technique by Babaji to satiate his sexual urge (which appears monstrous and insatiable because sometimes he calls 3 or 4 Intuitions for “personal interviews”). Neither Lord Rama, Krishna nor Jesus was a homosexual. An avatar can definitely not be a Homosexual. Otherwise Babaji should practise this special grace with all males or all hostel students, WHY only with handsome, fair skinned, tall or girlish looking boys, why NOT with the less smart dark-skinned ones? This itself shows that he is crazy after looks and wants to molest only such individuals. He does the same with most of the smart foreigners too, one latest one is being lampooned as “shyama”, a tall, smart looking German with long curly blond hair and homosexual looks and tendencies. One look at his face will tell you what happens to him inside the inner interview room. In Bible only one individual is supposed to love homosexuality – The Satan or the anti-christ. It is for you to decide, especially those who are Intuition Boys, whether after coming in the fold of Babaji, you have learnt any spirituality or only outward show and hypocrisy of the worst order. You should introspect whether you have strengthened or lost faith in God. It is common-sense that when Satan appears, he will never proclaim himself as Satan he will only ‘act’ as God and confuse and destroy the faith of mankind and cause confusion and mayhem as you see in world today and talk about bringing love, peace and harmony – where are they?

This is the epilogue of this sad story. A story of high treason, betrayal and exploitation. In the name of Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher learning, young boys are being frustrated and are sexually molested, their energies wasted. The boys suffer internally, they cannot tell their traumatic experiences to anybody and end up at hollow tombs. If you seen an Intuition Boy next time, treat him well because he is actually suffering inside, be kind to him. Staff members can now understand what are the sufferings of Hostel Boys, why they are not natural and why Intuition Boys cannot concentrate on Academics, because basically they are kept for a dirtier purpose, not for academics at all, which is just an eyewash. In fact the entire Institute and its infrastructure is actually meant for a few Intuition Boys rest is all an eye wash. Even when Babaji calls boys for group interviews, he sees to it that only certain boys sit near his feet while the others are busy listening to high metaphysics and spirituality, Babaji’s deft toes are busy playing with the private parts of the poor boys doing “paadseva”. And the long robe covers everything. Most of the people around know but keep quiet. It should be known that this country is not United States of America where homosexuality is recognised. In India homosexuality is a punishable offense and child molestation too is a bigger offense. If this issue is raised in public the outcry will be stupendous and those involve directly or indirectly will be answerable. This is not meant to destroy your faith in Babaji, this is just an eye opener and reminder that know what you are doing, if you are a normal boy, be happy that you are not an Intuition Boy, if you are an Intuition Boy, get rid of the shameful prefix and lead a normal life, if you are a staff member do something for the boys and their problems, understand them, there is nothing more you can do, if you are an Administrator and not aware of the happenings, its high time you open your eyes; and on the other hand if you are a Senior person of some authority and are aware of the molestation and sexual abuse of young boys and think that it is spirituality, know that you are wrong and God will never pardon you. On the Day of Judgment you will have to pay for your sins, then it will be too late and these very same innocent Intuition Boys will point an accusing finger at YOU, because you helped in destroying their life.

This could have been published in a book or a magazine, but then you would not have got it to read so easily, because it would have been classified as ‘anti material’. So read it and pass it on to a friend in whom you have absolute confidence and who will not betray you. Do believe in God, he will protect you, and THINK and OBSERVE.

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Sathya Sai Baba fully silenced, even maltreated and imprisoned?

Posted by robertpriddy on April 16, 2011

The battle over Sathya Sai Baba (and his wealth) has broken out in full and the Indian press are reporting it. At long last, after numerous pointed warning by dissidents, the total unaccountability of the Sathya Sai Central Trust is being broached by the media and challenged by interested parties up to ministerial level, and even in court! Information about the resources of the trust and all of its various activities is sparse in the extreme, it is uncertain who holds the reins of power within it, and even who are members and who are not! (One news outlet confidently reports that John Hislop – former head of the US Sathya Sai Organization – is a member, but he died over a decade ago!)

But note that the journalist cannot get the simplest facts right - SB did not break a leg two years ago, he suffered from a major hip joint collapse and botched surgery in 2003!

Sathya Sai Baba has always been at the core of cover-up activities, both as regards the murders under his own nose and the four executions of former students by the Puttaparthi police on his younger brother’s orders which he condoned (being the supreme ruler of Prashanthi Nilayam township) and as regards the years of sex abuses against young men and boys, which came out in force only after 1999 when the Internet made this possible. Now, however, he is himself the victim of a cover-up, if the many accusations that are now flying in all directions are to be given any credence.

One well-informed critical source in India has informed me that “Former trust members and ex-MPs are openly threatening to expose the entire sb charade if they are not adequately “paid off”…politicians are descending to grab whatever their grubby hands can….while sb aides are hoping to make a fast buck and make a run for it…and sb trust members and close family are involved in a bitter fight….all this is out in the open…and a public interest legal petition has been filed in an Andhra court to ascertain the facts of the whole dirty affair…”

That it is a “dirty affair” and that grubby hands are out to grab what they can is no surprise to those who have had the opportunity of observing closely what goes on around Sathya Sai Baba (such as myself) and many ex-devotees who have – like myself – been swindled by Sai Baba’s various trusts (see Sai Finance and Deceits and further deceit documentation here).
The secrecy and unreliability of the entire Central Trust operation is illustrated somewhat by the following outlookindia news report:-

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