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Dr. Sam Sandweiss: The Holy Man and the Psychiatrist etc.

Posted by robertpriddy on February 2, 2011


The psychiatrist turned priestly cultist promoter

The psychiatrist besotted by the psychopathic narcissist he admires beyond all reason

In the introduction to his largely ghost-written first book ‘The Holy Man and the Psychiatrist’ (1975), Sandweiss wrote: “I first met Satya Sai Baba three years ago. I went to India as a Western psychiatrist to study the psychology of religion at first hand and left with a deep sense of mystery about a being I could not comprehend.” Sandweiss has many times since confirmed that he does not comprehend Sathya Sai Baba. That is not surprising, since firstly, Sathya Sai Baba is from Indian peasant stock with a culture very far removed from that of Sandweiss, who does not even understand Sathya Sai Baba’s mother tongue (Telugu). Secondly, Sathya Sai Baba is at the centre of a cult which, though decades, has built up an impenetrable veil of secrecy around the supposed Divine Incarnation. This is reinforced by the tightest control on information about him, refusal to be interviewed by journalists (with very few exceptions long ago).. one cannot record him speaking or even photograph him or his surroundings (unless accredited as a 100% believing devotee). Thirdly, to comprehend anyone is a big task – and fully so virtually impossible – while psychiatrists are seldom better placed than others (concerned as they are with the pathological more than the deeper aspects of personality).

Dr. Sandweiss stands out among his peers in his profession in his inability to detect virtually all the psychiatrically-recognised symptoms of a psychopath and a thoroughgoing narcissist in Sathya Sai Baba.  Here is some documentation: The excessive delusions of grandeur (see the DSM-IV list here) and unmistakable behaviour of a sociopath (a professional psychologist’s analysis here) are prominent in this person he has admiringly studied for decades. His behaviour with the child of a devotee in his younger days speak of deep-rooted psychopathy. No one uses the classic techniques of a psychopath better that Sathya Sai Baba – to charm until he can control, then reject persons without fear of losing them.. a push-pull manipulation. This is typical of psychopaths leading authoritarian cults, such as that of Sai Baba. Read also more on Sai Baba’s personality disorder. Of the great relevance all this, Sandweiss is wilfully and ‘blissfully’ unaware.


SB declares “divine madness” to be the LEAST HARMFUL OF INSANITIES! That it is an insanity few will doubt. To believe that a person who behaves like Sathya Sai Baba is the Father who sent Jesus, as Sandweiss does, is mad…at least since the evidence of his misdemeanours and alleged crimes have piled up so credibly and been covered-up so assiduously.

Would you trust a shrink who is a preacher? Since his first visit to India, Sandweiss became more and more besotted with his guru and, by the time that the veil of Sai Baba secrecy was penetrated and widespread accusations of sexual abuse by Sathya Sai Baba and many other revelations came forth, he has refused seriously to confront the matter in any scientific or psychologically balanced way. As a psychiatrist, Dr. Sandweiss has propounded the creed of Sathya Sai Baba to many of his patients (perhaps all). This is primarily a religious Pollyanna agenda, based on the view that one should “Forget the Past” and rather concentrate on doing good, seeking to do God’s will and to try to ‘realize’ God through service work, prayer, worship etc. In fact, Sandweiss advocates “divine madness” as an antidote to other forms of madness (which his guru tells him are ‘less harmful’) There is other evidence that the ‘unworldly’ Sandweiss himself is succeeding in his striving to be an intoxicated example of ‘divine madness’. His theories in ‘Spirit and the Mind’ will be examined in detail elsewhere, but – in brief – he holds that consciousness is a universal unity entirely separate in nature from matter (including human brain). The aim of life is to shed all desires, and all human problems (not least psychological) are caused by their desires!

How Sandweiss was put in his place by SB Dr. Samuel Sandweiss has either a very selective memory, or he has purposely omitted the incident where Sathya Sai Baba sent him rocketing home from the ashram because he dared to correct a false statement by Sathya Sai Baba. This was attested to me by Sai Baba’s long-serving editor, V.K. Narasimhan to illustrate the many occasions where he experienced Sai Baba garbling things he had just heard from someone or reporting to his students things he had learned in the interview room from some more knowledgeable visitor than himself.

V.K. Narasimhan informed me in 1992 that, when Dr. Samuel Sandweiss told Sai Baba he had not said 120 psychiatrists but only 12 might come to Prashanthi  (the word ‘Russians’ was apparently a mistake that Sai Baba made) Narasimhan himself heard this and saw Sandweiss angrily sent packing by Sai Baba!

When the President of the U.S. Sathya Sai Society, Dr. John Hislop, had circulated to top Sai officials in the US the infamous letters concerning the reported male sexual abuses by Sai Baba, he asked them to destroy after reading and he wrote: “How I wish this whole matter would drop lifeless and never breathe again!” He also suggested that Dr. Samuel Sandweiss should be asked to ‘describe escape mechanisms’ with a view to explaining away the highly credible allegations of male sexual abuse by Sathya Sai Baba he had been informed of from various people. This is like giving a prosecutor the right to take over the defense attorney… because Sandweiss has been a true believer for decades and is also in psychological denial and with apparent symptoms of cognitive disorder himself. This was strongly suggested when he was contacted in San Diego by two qualified, experienced support psychotherapists in California (one also a medical doctor) about Sai Baba after the sexual allegations became widespread. He had apparently shown difficulty in answering questions. They spoke to him of the sex abuse allegations against Sai Baba, and “observed a highly incantatory response, a certain air of unreality, and a marked deflection away from being to the point.” There is evidence in his books that he does indeed join Sai Baba in regarding the world as insane, foolish, misled and blind, which ideas are shocking in a practising psychiatrist.

Read about the infamous letters here and/or See scans of the Hislop letters here

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