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Insight into Working Conditions at Sri Sathya Sai General Hospital, Puttaparthi

Posted by robertpriddy on June 18, 2020


We received this report in October, 2019, from a source who for reasons of security, wishes to remain anonymous. It gives valuable insight into the inside world of working at the Puttaparthi General Hospital.

I met several times with a gynecologist at the Sathya Sai General Hospital during my recent trip to Puttaparthi (a friend of a friend who we socialized with). She has been there one year, NOT a devotee, and will soon leave. She completed her Masters a year ago and had very limited experience. She tried working in a corporate hospital in a big city but was concerned about their unethical practices such as filling quotas for unnecessary surgeries, so she left.

She gave me insights into the Puttaparthi hospital interview process.

Telephone Excerpt

Sai General Hospital (GH) Phone Interview Experience:

GH: Are you familiar with Puttaparthi and Sai Baba?

Doc: Yes, I came there as a small girl with my parents.

GH: How wonderful! Then you know about Sai Baba?

Doc: Not much, but yes, I know OF him.

GH: Excellent! When can you start working?

Doc: Uh, what is the salary?

GH: We can give you Rs 62,000 and a room. (Note: after joining, she discovered they had LIED – the salary was only Rs 50,000 and she had to pay for electricity and water bills.)

Doc: How is the room furnished?

GH: Furnished? You need it furnished? We can put a bed in there for you. (When she came, she saw they provided a rickety old hospital bed, labeled “Super Speciality Hospital”!)

Doc: What about a table and chair? A fridge? Cupboards for storage? AC? A vehicle?

GH: None of that will be provided.


These are typical questions that other hospitals asked her during the interveriew experience:

— Where/When did you graduate?
— What were your marks?
— What experience do you have?
— What procedures are you comfortable doing on your own?
— What procedures do you need assistance with?
— We will provide you with Rs 200,000 monthly salary (2 lakhs), with regular increases.
— We will provide you with top class fully furnished accommodation, two bedroom apartment with nice beds, hot water heater, fridge, AC, company vehicle, and of course table, chairs, lots of storage space, etc.

Doctor’s Quarters Conditions

Note: She was lucky to get a room within a couple days of arriving. Other doctors who joined after her, had no room for over a month after they joined, and they had to pay for their own accommodation in Puttaparthi. They continually heard excuses of the room “getting ready”.

I visited her room, which is in the hospital compound (it was not there in the ‘old days,’ when doctors had rooms inside the ashram). There was only one small cupboard in the kitchen – no other storage place anywhere, not even in the bedroom and entry rooms. Utensils and other food items were piled up on the counters. The cover to the toilet seat was gone. It was so sweltering hot in Puttaparthi that she ended up buying her own AC for the room (money provided by her parents, as her salary was insufficient). The mattress on the bed were hard as rock, slightly lumpy, and could not be used – she had purchased her own mattress. There was water damage visible on the walls, probably mold too, and the paint was peeling off from top to bottom. She told me that she saw several accommodations provided to doctors in the Super Speciality hospital and they were WORSE than hers.

She was totally shocked that the General Hospital did not ask nor did they care about any medical experience she might have – they only cared about her knowing about Sai Baba and Puttaparthi!

She didn’t like working at Puttaparthi and did a few more phone interviews with other hospitals, and finally accepted a job offer at a small town in another state, for several times more money than she gets in Puttaparthi.

She said that the Parthi hospitals are understaffed and always trying to rope in people willing to work for cheap wages; however, most new non-devotee employees leave within a few months. She also told older staff who were ardent devotees, would tell her stories of Sai miracles and pressure her on a regular basis to become a devotee and to attend bhajans. Also, she pointed out the lack of sanitation there was a big issue. For example, being free, she said, why of course needles were reused multiple times on multiple patients!

Some of the pictures of the doctor’s room are attached. In India, doctors are treated like VIPs with luxury accommodation when they join a hospital to work in. The doc lady was shocked when she saw what they provided for her!

The decline of The “God Avatar’s” accommodation facilities and unsanitary conditions are telling signs of the transitory nature of pretended divinity and fame. No wonder the gynecologist left asap!


The Entry Hall


Paint peeling in bedroom


Hospital bed provided, no sheets given



The only storage cupboard in the flat


Toilet with unfinished tiles and broken toilet seat


Bathroom in deplorable condition

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Sathya Sai Baba doctors neglect the poor

Posted by robertpriddy on April 12, 2011

LATEST NEWS: Not long after my blog (below) was posted, my main contention about the inability of the doctors to recognise the import of Sai Baba’s 16 days in hospital with multiple organ failures continuing was confirmed by the latest announcement ‘Docs fret over Baba’s sluggish recovery’ (see Deccan Herald:- The patient’s condition remains critical – he cannot eat and is on heavy medication to maintain his vital parameters, so now the sluggish pace of improvement is admitted as worrying the doctors, including Dr. Safaya as “not satisfactory”.

The cohorts of massed doctors neglect their usual patients the amount of time, energy and money that is being lavished by so incredibly many doctors – from India and abroad – is an affront to the majority of the populace most of which cannot afford one-thousandth of the treatment value Sathya Sai Baba is getting. See the following, and my comment afterwards:-

Comprehensive Update on Swami’s Health – By Dr. A. N. Safaya. This was recorded at the Super Specialty Hospital on April 5, 2011 at 14:00 (IST) by the Radio Sai team
A team of senior and reputed doctors from this Hospital is working on Him. It consists of 1) Dr. P. K. Dash 2) Dr. R. Iye 3) Dr. Neelam Desai They are assisted by Dr. Prakash Nair, Dr. Shinde and Dr. Rita. Dr. Krishna Das and his team consisting of Dr. Rajan Anand, Dr. Patnaik and Dr. Ranga are doing a wonderful round the clock job of watching over the conditions of Swami in the intensive care unit. The other doctor involved is Dr. K. S. R. K. Prasad from the Department of Ophthalmology.
Besides this, a large of number of about 14 to 15 doctors from outside have been consulted, who have been either flown-in or have come by car to this place. I would like to particularly mention the following: 1) Dr. P. Venugopal, the former Director of AIIMS, New Delhi and a famous cardio-thorasic surgeon of the country
 2) Dr. Ashok Seth, a famous cardiologist of the country from Fortis Escorts Heart Institute, New Delhi 3) Dr. Sandeep Dewan also from Fortis Escorts Heart Institute, New Delhi, who is very well known intensive care specialist
 4) Dr. Amit Verma again from Fortis Escorts Heart Institute, New Delhi 5) Dr. Subash Chandra from the Department of Cardiology, Manipal Hospital, Bangalore 6) Dr. Uday Muthani, Nephrologist in the Parkinsons Foundation, Bangalore 7) Dr. Ravi Mehta, Intensivist of the Fortis Hospital, Bangalore 8) Dr. Arun, Nephrologist, Vaidehi Institute of Higher Medical Sciences & Mallya Hospital, Bangalore
9) Dr. Kishore Babu, Nephrologist of Vaidehi Institute of Higher Medical Sciences & Mallya Hospital, Bangalore 10) Dr. Mudgil, Gastroenterologist from UK 11) Dr. Narendra Reddy, Endocrinologist from California, US. Deccan Herald, 10 April: Senior gastroenterologist Nageshwar Reddy flew in spesially from Hyderbad to treat the jaundice adding that they still had hopes of recovery.”

This is the panel of doctors from outside who are being consulted by our native doctors team who are working round the clock – every minute and every second – for the love of Swami. At this point I should mention that we are grateful to the Government of Andhra Pradesh for sending a team of doctors – four specialists headed by the Director of Medical Education, Government of Andhra Pradesh, to look into the treatment of Swami and suggest any improvements which they think could be incorporated in the overall treatment. (from

Hope of recovery maybe ‘lives eternally’, but no human body does. One can virtually hear the countless Sai Ram’s and Om Sai’s these devotee doctors exchange before every other observation they make during “every minute and second” of the many days they work for ‘the love of Swami’. The rose-tinted outlook marks every pronouncement, also for the sake of the devotees are showing through deluded comments that they believe Swami cannot die before the various (and conflicting) dates he has given. There is a cult of denial about almost everything concerning Sai Baba in reality, especially his old age mental, moral and physical degeneration pending his actual death. This has evidently affected the reports given out by the doctor teams and surely also the actual judgements of the devoted doctors time and again, with their belated discoveries of one organ ailment after another… and all after 6 months of reported malnutrition and general illnesses about which nothing was done as far as the public can discover. I pointed out his condition at his birthday celebrations in November 2010, which was visible to all who watched the videos of his wooden unresponsiveness and depressed face, but the believers could not believe their eyes’ evidence due to their denial and powerful group press and personal self-indoctrination. One cannot imagine a neutral and full professional examination of Sathya Sai Baba by his doctors… if they were to suspect HIV infection or AIDS, for example, would they even dare to broach the subject (in view of the massive testimony of his sexual abuses which they all are bound to deny, also in their self-interest)? The many sex abuse testimonies and related discussions are all covered at  Sai Baba sexual abuse allegations (ARE YOU IN HEAD-IN-SAND DENIAL OF DOCUMENTATION?) What about ‘The Secret Swami’ & U.S. State Department Warning against Sai Baba or Isaac Tigrett’s belief in the sex abuses?

So with expense no object, extra doctors were flown in from here and there by plane and helicopter, thousands of man-hours of work (which has shown no results comparable to the cost) and massive outlays in employing 5000 extra security police to protect the hospital, its staff and its environs. All this is tax exempt and all imports are duty-free, so a further burden is offloaded onto the public. These are the facts about a massive self-publiciser of his supposed ‘selfless’ help to the poor and needy, which the huge majority of the Indian press is afraid to confront with the known, documented, negative facts because of the influence over it through money and corrupt politicians’ power that Sai Baba’s mini-empire’s various tentacles have generated.

As devotees themselves know and are increasingly complaining, those with a chance of becoming super-rich and powerful, a relative, ashram head and Andhra politicians are gathering like vultures over the place for what they must actually think is a likely meal soonish! The entire set of events is part of a gravy train with the greatest publicity machine in India soaking up donations to be used on many Sai Baba promotions, museums, temples and any number of white elephant projects (mandirs built up and torn down within a few years, like the Sai Ramesh Hall, Brindavan, and the almost deserted jumbo-jet capacity airport which no buyer will touch). Then there are the handouts to those who need nothing, like 5 spanking new Japanese cars to fat-cat VIPs within Sai Baba’s circle and many other reported bribes, not least in connection with the massive and extensive cover-up to the highest levels in government and the judiciary of the 1993 police executions within Sai Baba’s bedroom apartment on the orders of his own brother and other members of the ashram and Central Trust. Some devotees – especially fanatical attackers of all critics – claim while knowing better that what I state in the above is not documented. This is disproven by following the links given in the above and as follows;-

The various murders issues are fully covered at the following page:- Source materials on the Prashanthi Nilayam police executions in 1993 in Sathya Sai Baba’s apartment DARE FOLLOWERS EVEN LOOK?

See The large international media coverage critical of Sathya Sai Baba Those deprived of real information for years in India of what the world thinks, take note!

Supreme Court of India cover-up: petition on Sathya Sai Baba abuses rejected

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