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Unaccountability continues at Sathya Sai Central Trust

Posted by robertpriddy on January 7, 2016

We read on the blog of a certain Ravi S. Iyer that Indulal Shah and S.V. Giri have vacated their offices of Central Trust trustees “on account of their physical and mental incapacity“. Iyer notes that “The Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust took note of the continued absence and non participation…

One must ask: Who is designated to take such grave decisions? It was thought that all Central Trust members have the same power, for there is no longer any head of the Trust, as far anybody knows. In earlier days when Sathya Sai was alive to preside, there were a number of dismissals, disciplinary actions, banning of members, etc. (never announced but impossible to hide). But for today’s faceless manipulators (surely cowardly cousin Ratnakar & gang) to axe Indulal Shah, the person instrumental in creating Sri Sathya Sai Seva organizations without any announcement by him, looks like an act of revenge, since Shah donated ill-gotten gains to the hated competing Muddenahalli gang. is just another example of high-handed authoritarian rule, such as the decision by Prashanthi VIPs to sack Michael Goldstein, the former International Chairman who was appointed by Sathya Sai himself and kept in office for decades by him. However, by his unscrupulous cover-ups, major blundering bossiness (such as towards the BBC, who paid him back in spades) and weak-minded bellowings lacking single feasible idea of his own, Goldstein richly earned his dismissal.

Remaining devotee hangers-on were most probably hoping that there could be some efforts for rapprochement and that unity might prevail. That has never ever been the case in the Sai cult, where – instead of genuine unity – the facade of conformity was enforced by rigorous means, threats, dismissals, bannings and even some merciless beatings … a climate in which many suicides and infamous outright executions took place and were accepted by all without qualms as being necessary karma!

The dossier on Indulal Shah is a fat one:-
Indulal Shah, flawed exponent of Sathya Sai Baba’s precepts

Indulal Shah, cover-up man for Sai Baba Sai Baba’s untruthful lackey, the former politician Indulal Shah, planned for world-wide “nation building” in the name of Sai Baba. Having become Sai Baba’s right-hand man, and – for decades – the leader of the Sathya Sai Organization worldwide, he presumed to aspire to instruct nations in the totalitarian style of the Prashanthi Nilayam township…

V.K. Narasimhan on the Sathya Sai Organization, Indulal Shah, embezzlements Shah could contravene Sai Baba’s own directives because he had world-wide contact with leaders in many countries, especially where he had installed Maharastrian Indians…

COMMENT: eileenweed said No one is too much of a VIP to be dumped by the Trust, if they show support for the ‘oracle boy’ at Muddenahalli. They even threw out Isaac Tigrett, despite the millions of dollars he gave!”

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Sai Trust not yet transparent, despite Ratnakar’s bluster

Posted by robertpriddy on June 30, 2011

Sathya Sai Baba’s nephew Ratnakar’s bold statement that the Sai Trust was fully transparent is refuted by the very fact that the Trust has been issued an ultimatum to make their assets public inside 7th July, 2011, by the Andhra Pradesh government. This has not yet happened! The facts may have been fully transparent to him and the coterie of trustees, but not to the public in ANY way! Will the Trust make transparent its involvement in the rigid confinement and many suspicious circumstances surrounding the death of Sathya Sai Baba? We think not! Devotees cannot find out, not even his close family, not unless decisive pressure is brought to bear on the Trust by the proper authorities. The funeral celebrations were so large with so many VVIP visitors that the questions about Sai Baba’s last days were covered over, and the prestige of the politicians, the stars of spirituality, screen, stage or sport would probably come under a cloud if the facts were known.

As to the Sai Trust, it remains to be seen whether the Andhra Pradesh authorities will have enough confidence and insight to institute a proper overview of the Trust’s dealings on the model of the Pondicherry Aurobindo ashram.

The background of R.J. Ratnakar, the nephew of Sathya Sai Baba (and son of the infamous younger brother Janakiramiah), is hardly one that inspires the slightest confidence that this is a man of honest character, as can be seen on my previous blog Click me. Ratnakar was even trying to give the impression that he is stepping into the ‘spiritual sandals’ of Sai Baba!

 Sri Aurobindo Society as a model: Prashanthi Nilayam is going through a situation similar to the one that prevailed at the ashram of former Sri Aurobindo in 1973. After the death of his successor the ‘Mother’ – Madame M Alfasse – the  the former smooth running of the Auroville (the international cultural and ‘spiritual’ township project) was upset by a number of complaints about misuse of funds and mismanagement by  the Sri Aurobindo Society. So the Government of India set up a committee under the chairmanship of the Governor of Pondicherry with representatives of the Government of Tamil Nadu and of the Union ministry of home affairs to look into the matter. This procedure is likely to be followed in the case of the Sathya Sai Trust and its institutions.

 An overview of important points concerning the Sai Trust has just appeared:

Some ‘little’  points That Get Lost Among Big Sathya Sai Trust Reassurances of Transparency

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Sai Baba: hoarding, secrecy, mistrust, powerlessness, deceit

Posted by robertpriddy on June 26, 2011

Sai Baba’s “Swiss Bank” An inside source in India reports to us how most of the print media and now several regional TV channels (with wide following among the Tamil, Telugu and Kannada speaking populations) have been running the same theme of “Puttaparthi : a mini swiss bank”. There have been at least 2 major feature programs on local channels titled “Baba’s money” and also “Secrets of Puttaparthi” Even the lesser educated common man is critical of Sai Baba having made such big money and lived luxuriously. One example of the above-mentioned news is shown in the scan here.

Sathya Sai Baba’s nephew Ratnakar has admitted to the police under interrogation that he did not have any inkling that Sai Baba had kept so much wealth and valuables in his bedroom. He also said that he felt that Sai Baba did not trust anyone and so kept the valuables in his sleeping chamber, which included himself, even though he was close to him for nearly 25 years. 

Why Sai Baba’s hoarding and deep mistrust? Why Sai Baba did not turn over the wealth to the Trust is a question that raises a number of likely answers. The signs are that his becoming a secret hoarder of such a variety of amassed material goods of many (often bizarre) kinds was a psychological effect of senility… of having grown up in extreme poverty with deep-rooted feelings of insecurity such as often emerges in such a manner in old age. Further, that he did not want all the items he received duly documented is understandable since it would put on record that he had accepted many and very valuable gifts, despite having denied this to an extreme extent throughout his life. The image of his being a totally selfless servant has been dispelled very much by these discoveries.

Yet SB’s hoarding may also well have been at least partly due to his lack of trust in the Trustees, not least considering that no trust member was able to access Sai Baba’s personal chambers for the past 4 years. Further he made Satyajit the only one with access to his rooms, going to the great length of having biometric locks installed with Satyajit’s imprint. This apparent paranoidal mistrust strongly suggests Sai Baba felt he was surrounded by self-seeking or uncontrollable persons. It is known that he grew extremely angry with Colonel Joga Rao on the veranda and warned him he would be ‘out’ if he continued his corrupt practices. He later sacked Joga Rao and other Central Trust Board members. However, Sai Baba could never sack Indulal Shah, who had obtained an unassailable position of prestige and hands-on power as head of the Sathya Sai Organization. He had made contacts with many leaders on a world tour and who operated through his Marathi connections in the Indian world diaspora to retain control of everything in the organization, in return for guarantees of offices etc. This was proven (to all by rationalizing blind believers) when Sai Baba formally disbanded the entire Sathya Sai Organization yet it continued all the same despite his pronouncement!

This leads us to the question “if the Sai trust members were untrustworthy, why they were appointed in the first place – and by the “omniscient Lord himself”? Also, if untrustworthy, why were they not all dismissed? The answer which glares sensible persons in the face is that Sai Baba knew well what they would reveal about the falsity of his many megalomaniac claims if they were all fired! He only dismissed a few selectively when their wrong-doings became too evident and threatened the credibility the Trust had managed to keep intact. It is said that one often knows and judges others through oneself, and Sathya Sai Baba was certainly most untrustworthy, besides being unpredictable and unreliable in many ways. Countless complaints of his broken promises – and his many deceptions – published through they years bear crushing witness to this, despite all the published declarations of his ‘perfection’ and ‘purity’ by all the trusting and easily misled devotees.

It is known to most long-term Indian residents of Sai Baba ashrams that Colonel Joga Rao – for decades the closest servitor of Baba – did NOT believe in his miracles (see here). This fits in with the following very revealing information by a former security official at Sai Baba’s ashram, Hari Sampath, shows that these deceptions were known to many who had been drawn into the Sai fold – and hence become trapped there due to their own prestige and interests. For those who have not already read this, he wrote:-

One of the most reliable sources of information about these people is their immediate family members as I found out. Upon carefully cultivating relationships with some of their family members, I found that these people hardly had any respect for Sai Baba in private, were least worried about Sai Baba’s “omniscience” or “powers” and NEVER relied upon Sai Baba’s divinity when it came to matters concerning themselves. Also, whenever ANY report of a “miracle” was mentioned in their presence, they always had a “knowing” and cynical expression on their faces, something very strange for those who were very close to “god”. Sai Baba, of course knows that they all know, but also that they are circumstantially in his power, often by choice.

Examples of these top-level “recruits” would be eminent jurists, top judges, high level govt. officials etc. Examples of the “real inbred top coterie” would be very close members of Sai Baba’s family, acquaintances from Sai Baba’s early days, and also those “devotees” who had been demonstrating their “loyalty” after knowing everything about Sai Baba. NO ONE at this level ever believes Sai Baba’s divinity because they all know he is NOT god, which is why they have been appointed. (excerpt from

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