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The failing International Sai Organization, its dilemmas and unpopularity

Posted by robertpriddy on May 30, 2011

The International Sai Organization is evidently struggling even harder than before to try to create some attractions to followers. During the last years, Sathya Sai Baba said nothing new and has been unavailable to all but a limited number of persons around him. The Sai Organization has always struggled to recruit new members, managing only to get a small fraction of supposed followers to join as members (despite production of inflated figures across the board!). Many have left the organization, increasingly after the exposure of Sathya Sai Baba’s widely reported sexual activities in 1999, but dissatisfaction with the running, the rules, the lack of openings for feedback or initiatives other than those the manipulative and largely ineffectual leaders accepted, all of whom were mere puppets for what Sai Baba and his top advisors decided. Now that the Sathya Sai Central Trust is in complete disarray and has been seen by all to be an extremely secretive and suspicious set-up, the organization is not unaffected. All this shows that much of the hot air has leaked from the Sai balloon already. The ‘authorities’ are in difficulties – as the fact that this blog has risen so high on Google searches also shows. There is almost nothing with which they can really interest people, and only the most totally converted ‘lost souls’ are going to read all the boring and un-inventive parrot-like speeches or lectures the organization is preparing for their websites and meetings. After the ignominious death and failure of Sai Baba by any reckoning to reach 96 years of age (as widely published by major newspapers), his credibility in the wider world cannot but sink further from now on.

Most likely, the razzamatazz Disneyland-style Puttaparthi set-up with its garish colours and architecture will remain a major pilgrimage destination for ordinary Indians for the foreseeable future, especially if the showpiece festivities are stepped up as planned. It has been expressly built for that purpose, especially over the last 10 years, with the aid of money from the Andhra Pradesh government to promote tourism and free or cheap rail passes and other State-subsidised transport facilities. The flamboyant Chaitanya Jyoti building and its crude propaganda is a prime exhibit, a delight for simple minds – as is the Sai Baba promotional ‘Spiritual Heritage Museum’. Free handouts of sweets and simple meals – costing little to the super-rich ashram – have also been a large attraction to villagers and poor people wanting a day out, of course.  So we now have, for lower middle class Indians and peasants, a minor Tirupati, or a minor Shirdi. That is the way India still works. Pop religion is thriving there, especially under more modern gurus like Baba Ramdev – who makes no divine claims, except perhaps about the curative powers of Yoga.  Until education levels rise for the “plebs”, it will remain so.


My mailbox regularly receives evidence that there are those who have felt the abuse of faith – also on their bodies – and who know from personal experience that most of the ‘mystery’ that Sathya Sai Baba and his minions have built up around him is a cynical snare, a miasma and a delusion.Just today the mail scanned and shown on the right was forwarded to me:-

Meanwhile, the Sai Organization outside India and countries which have large resident Indian or Tamil populations (Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Fiji, Trinidad etc.) has lost many adherents and will no doubt suffer a withering now that the person of Sai Baba is no more and cannot be visited or bestow supposed blessings. There are many other gurus and self-appointed avatars in or from India which exert more attraction nowadays (egs. the ‘hugging mother’, Ravi Shankar, Bala Sai Baba, Kalki Avatar, Kripalu Maharaj and even sex-exposed Swami Nityananda… to name but a few). Without the person, there is little or no fascination at all for non-Hindus, with the possible exception of more “backward” and less affluent Russians, Poles, Indonesians, etc.

The Sai organization website at is strapped for real news that would attract visitors, but they point out that “The Venezuelan Government has issued a proclamation extolling Swami as a great soul of India, a Mahatma. The Venezuelan statement refers to “ON OCCASION OF THE PHYSICAL DISAPPEARANCE OF THE SPIRITUAL LEADER OF THE REPUBLIC OF INDIA, SATHYA SAI BABA” The physical “disappearance” indeed, – and under extremely questionable and totally secret circumstances. In any country where the rule of law and human rights counts for much, the illness and death of Sathya Sai Baba would have been investigated thoroughly or else there would have been a public outcry of dimensions! Not so in India, where even his ‘ordinary’ devotees cannot have a say in anything. So much for Indian democracy and law in action!  Among other ‘considerations’ – the Venezuelan declaration also states, CONSIDERING THAT There exist excellent spiritual, cultural, commercial, technological, and diplomatic relations between the people and governments of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and the Republic of India.” This may seem rather surprising to outsiders, but some top political figures in Venezuela visited Sathya Sai Baba in the past and were ‘captivated’ by him. The declaration is obviously made by a mere handful of those who are in power, and does not represent the opinions of many people there, of course. That there is a strong element of politics in the declaration is likely – even appeasement of all those prominent power-brokers in India who set so much store by Sai Baba and try to promote him to foreign governments and the U.N. (but with extremely limited success).

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Swami Nithyananda: purification, tribulation and trial

Posted by robertpriddy on June 19, 2010

Swami Nithyananda self-purification? Hardly!Nithyananda claims not to have done anything wrong, yet he decided to carry out a ´sacrifice´(tapas) for “self-purification” (Source)
Why this (absurd) ritual so if he was so pure and innocent already? Note that even the fame-seeking charlatan Indian guru, Ravi Shankar (i.e. not the wonderful musician!) claims that Swami Nityananda has “violated UNAIDS guidelines as well as the rules of tantra.” ´The rules of tantra`… is a good one in that lawless sphere of human life! Nonetheless, Nithyananda´s violations and lies are nothing – a comparative fleabite compared to those of Sathya Sai Baba (see full documentation here and in this blog)

The Karnataka High Court ordered the de-freezing of Swami Nithyananda´s accounts, but the judge – Justice Gunjal – directed Nithyananda to cooperate with the CID in its investigation. (Source)

Comment: So far Nithyananda has not cooperated but told the CID that he remembers nothing and was in a trance while the video was made (in which he is seen with Ranjita  on a bed and clearly watching Indian TV entertainment). No doubt, Nithyananda could not deny it was himself, so tried to writhe out by his preposterous trance claim.

“Swamiji has said that the video is a morphed one and blames one of his inmates Premananda alias Lenin Karuppan, for the morphing of his face with the idea of defaming him.” (Source)

The Indian CID are investigating Swami Nithyananda´s laptop computer and also the microchip on which the infamous video was captured. A full report will be made, and we will see that Nithyananda´s claim is false. But then this impostor is notable for the degree of pathetic worming denials and self-contradictory ‘explanations’, for example:-

“Yes, I am in the video. And I am not running away from the law. I was in a trance when the video was shot. Give me a chance to explain myself” Swami said. (Source)

Then he claimed that the video captured “only the experiments with Tamil actress Ranjita.”(Source)

Now, tapasya could land Nithyananda in prison
Bangalore: Self-styled godman Nithyananda Swami has courted fresh trouble for allegedly using kerosene meant for poor families during his meditation for penance.” “Officials of the food and civil supplies department on Wednesday seized 180 litres of blue kerosene stored at the ashram. “This is an offence under the Essential Commodities Act,” commissioner 
HR Srinivasa told PTI. Blue kerosene, available under the public distribution system, is meant only for BPL ration card holders and those holding above-poverty line (APL) cards but possess no LPG connection, he said.
“Cases have now been booked against Nithyananda at Bidadi police station under sections six and seven of the Essential Commodities Act,” Srinivasa said. If convicted, he faces a maximum punishment of seven years’ rigorous imprisonment, with penalty.
The seizure came in the wake of photographs showing disciples 
pouring blue kerosene for a ring of fire, within which Nithyananda sat in meditation. (See image above)

Christian missionaries blamed by fanatical Hindu
Chief of the Army of Lord Ram (i.e. the Sri Ram Sene), the right-wing extremist Hindu Pramod Muthalik
“claimed that Christian missioners had conspired to malign the Swami’s name and that he had no connection to the scandal.
Archbishop Bernard Moras of Bangalore responded that this  “… is false and malicious propaganda,” and said the allegations is provocative and derogatory against the Christian community.” (Source)

“Pramod Muthalik has been exposed promising riots for price in Muslim concentration areas: “If you are willing to spend Rs 60 lakh, the Sene can rent you 50 goons to vandalise an art exhibition or any public function,””

The Sri Ram Sena has attacked Christian churches in Karnataka and ransacked the central office of the Samajwadi Party in New Delhi. These are the kind of people who support the mendacious Swami Nithyananda and his cadres (Source)


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