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Gerald Moreno: absurd screencap fraud claims contra Priddy

Posted by robertpriddy on May 27, 2010

Gerald Moreno is a known and widely and independently proven abuser of facts and truth – claiming my copies of his web texts are ‘fraudulent’ when I have never altered any texts he actually posted. Moreno cannot prove otherwise, however much he writes! No meaningful part of his text or his images has been altered or counterfeited in any way! So his claims are totally without any serious basis, as those who wish to search can discover. He rants on and on about pointless details and loses all sense of proportion and normal sane evaluation as follows (this is but a small sample of his virtually endless ravings):

“Why Robert Priddy would continue to shamelessly and recklessly publish falsified and fraudulent screencaps against Moreno remains a mystery.

Robert Priddy is a liar, deceiver and falsifier who is so desperate and frenzied to smear Gerald Joe Moreno, he apparently needs to resort to blatant acts of screencap fraud and apparently doesn’t care if everyone sees him doing it! Now readers have a better idea why Gerald Moreno often refers to Robert Priddy as a mentally imbalanced “extremist” and “fanatic” in need of orthodox psychological help.”
(from Moreno’s :Ex-Devotee Robert Priddy Resorting To Open Acts Of Screencap Fraud” blog)

The above statement is another Moreno tit-for-tat, for I first pointed out that he shows all the signs of mental instability. His characterisation of me is illustrative of what can only be a deep unconscious projection of his own negative ‘shadow’ personality onto me. The same inflammatory style of subconscious projection has been fully demonstrated by him in hundreds of web logs/pages against many other ex-devotees of Sai Baba. He has compiled a vast compendium of derogatory and bitterly hateful postings against dissidents – but ex-Sai Baba followers, ex-Ammachi followers, ex-Muktananda followers, Wikipedia commentators negative to Sathya Sai Baba and more such groupings. Some practicing psychologists I know very well consider he suffers from a disorder – most probably OCD, obsessive compulsive disorder. This may partly arise from his admitted confusion and worries about finding God and being oiled “on the lower stomach” in private session with Sathya Sai Baba. Unlike him, I am now free of delusions about Sai Baba, though I had for years been inducted into holding similar views to Moreno (if never so blindly). Hence, my psychological state is now entirely untroubled by these issues. Far from needing to seek psychiatric help, I provide support and counsel to many former Sai Baba devotees who reportedly benefit greatly from this work, which I see as a duty. (Just for the record concerning my qualification to make a general assessment of Moreno’s psyche, I formerly worked professionally in several very progressive therapeutic institutions with diverse psychiatric connections and I lectured for years at the Institute of Psychology, University of Oslo).

Everything Moreno abhors that I write rebutting his ravings or pointing out their nature, he always throws back at me, with added bad language in an under-achiever’s tit-for-tat fashion. I put up with several years of abuse from him before embarking on a series of rebuttals of his libels and lies. His actions show he is very far indeed from behaving remotely like any kind of spiritual devotee of any kind. Further, he denies he is a devotee of SSB and does not believe in his major claims (avatarhood, omnipotence, omniscience and more), yet he runs an adulatory sathyasaibaba blog on wordpress and promotes Sathya Sai Baba. That is fraud… because he denies the truth of SSB’s constantly repeated self-descrpition. It equates to calling Sai Baba major liar! (Indeed, one of megalomaniac proportions).

In his usual obsessively meticulous style,  Moreno makes everything he can – however far-fetched and paranoidal – out of tiny irrelevant facts, not one of which shows me as a liar because I am not! He is oblivious that I often use a cache or an anonymous web proxy to secure a screencap of parts of his pages, which are often different to his actual page in various details like colour etc.. I also compact captured texts to save space, or darken the jpeg to make the text more clearly readable (which alters the other colours somewhat).  All this he calls ‘counterfeiting’ and the like! He points out a background colour change from his website – entirely irrelevant as it was due to using proxy cache etc. Likewise, a small red arrow appears on a cache of one of my captures of his text which was not on his!

In his complete lack of any evidence which impunges on my integrity, he has descended to dirty name-calling (“laughable pervert”, “dirty old man”, “blatant liar”, “shameless liar”, “Heil Priddy” ,”a boaster” (I have never boasted or wished to do so, unlike the wholly unqualified Moreno who boasts of being a thorough researcher, which he is far from being), suffering from “senile dementia” (which I certainly do not) – and much more I can’t be bothered to document here). See an independent witness that his agenda is only to slander me. His envious and obnoxious speculations about my personality – which all who know me are aware – are entirely false, yet he presents them as if they were factual!  He has never met met or seen me. His dirty epithets apply, not to me, but if anything to the guru, Sathya Sai Baba, he so admires – even though long having admitted he believed him to be a sexual abuser(!!). He would be well advised to be a lot more careful with his ever-repeated personal attacks on scores of dissidents of Sai Baba and other gurus. His content and his low and calculated diversionary tactics show how he is the only perverter of facts and the truth here.

Despite his failure to prove anything deceitful against me, his immense frustration at being unable to score any truthful points against me or the the main critics of Sathya Sai Baba has led him into countless hateful attacks and attempts at character assassination against dozens of us. He uses many dirty tricks, postings about dissidents on porno sites, on web directories and all manner of irrelevant opening to obtain as much exposure as he can, besides manipulating copyrighted images into perversions in several cases too. Here are some of his ‘arguments’ against dissenters:-

After several years of almost total restraint, I began in 2008 to rebut a considerable amount of his countless attack pages with facts, not lies (as he tries to make out). The mass of these show him to be a more than diligent student of every word I write, and a eager describer of every possible tiniest detail on which he could pick and embroider his agenda. He even rails over inadvertent typos I have made and devotes entire blogs to them, which only exhibit his mental failings further! (See here)

Moreno falsely portrays me – against his own better knowledge – as a LSD advocate (see here). He further claims that I have posted counterfeit screencaps from his site (which was often changed and – for a long period – blocked from being archived thus making independent wayback archival proof impossible)  and that I and other have ‘refused’ to show the full evidence) No such refusal has been issued, it is just not worth bothering with such empty exchanges with Moreno. However, so as not to break copyright rules by posting a complete download of his former series of pages, I offer this on a one-to-one basis to anyone who contacts me through the comments section here asking for this, but only on conditions of confidentiality (and they must not be mischief-makers like Moreno).

Here are some examples of Moreno’s hate campaign from some of his many paranoid blogs:-

This is one of  Joe Moreno's defenses of Sathya Sai Baba and himself

This is one of Joe Moreno’s defenses of Sathya Sai Baba and himself

Gerald Moreno justifies his defamatory manipulations buy saying:- “Funny how those who poke fun others appearances look rather pathetic themselves. I say turnabout is fair play”

I have pointed out that Sathya Sai Baba in his supposed ‘omniscience’ and ‘omnipotence’ has claimed his appearance will always remain youthful (just like Krishna who always was as a youth of 16 years of age). Yet his whole being has deteriorated remarkably and most visibly- and has a vacant state and a clearly aged facial and neck features – besides being wheelchair bound due to his conceitedly ignoring his six doctors’ remedial advice after his hip joint was shattered and operated on.

In my case, however, I have never made any such claims about my appearance. (Note that Moreno uses a copyright photo of me here too… the hypocrite).

Moreno underlines his lack of substantial arguments by resorting to  manipulations of those he hates – see his distortion of the face of Reinier van der Sandt and the body of Sanjay Dadlani:-

Images from Gerald Moreno's blogs

See more at:-

Moreno banned from Wikipedia

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Read of prominent petitioner, the origin and problems faced by the petition from saboteurs etc.


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Moreno’s wilful deceptions about LSD and Robert Priddy

Posted by robertpriddy on May 26, 2010

Gerald Moreno's lying deception about Robert Priddy and LSD-25

From Moreno’s lying deceits at

The above libel is just one small example of Gerald Moreno’s fanatical personal attacks and character assassination attempts against me. I have only advocated visiting a forum where drugs are discussed, so as to obtain at least a minimum of knowledge about what their use can involve. Some entries are interesting! I have not endorsed the contents of the forum, nor do I advocate the use of LSD-25! But Moreno wants to make me seem to endorse whatever is written there! Absurd, but with malicious intent on his part, as ever against all who disagree with him about Sathya Sai Baba.



My involvement with LSD ended many decades ago, long before John Lennon’s or many other famous persons experiments or outright use of this psychedelic agent. I first took it (as provided for general experimentation by the Minister of Health, Norway) in 1963, and only repeated the experiment twice in subsequent years. I have never advocated the use of LSD! Moreno cannot prove it, and he should take much greater care in what he ‘recklessly’ asserts. He has been decisively confronted by Kevin R.D. Shepherd over this libel and misrepresentation (see here – and then scroll down to LSD references or click on the thumbnail on the left to see the relevant passages) informs of copy infringement by Gerald Moreno and deletes those pages informs of copy infringement by Gerald Moreno and deletes those pages

Moreno has illegally posted copyrighted articles of mine from 1987 which I removed from the Internet, and DMCA have accepted my copyright (in contradiction to what Moreno states, knowing full well that the DMCA notice caused wordpress to make him remove those articles from `See notice from wordpress here:-

See also here In short, yet more lying and deception by Moreno!). He compounded his illegal act by posting these articles copiously on blogspot and other sites which do not accept responsibility for copyright violations!

Moreno is patently very disturbed, being literally enraged (as his attacks show fully that he is), not least because it has been pointed out to him by Indian legal experts like Basava Premanand that he was, according to Indian law, sexually molested by Sathya Sai Baba when he was oiled “on the lower stomach” in a private interview, i.e. the technique of grooming reported by many young men and even admitted to take place by officials of the Sathya Sai Organization. I have simply reiterated these facts after Moreno has attacked me for having ‘homo-erotic fantasies’ about Sai Baba and similar obnoxious deceptions.
Moreno, oil ‘anointing’ of genitals as sexual abuse Yet note the amazing fact that Moreno constantly defended Sathya Sai Baba for years while still believing him to be a sexual abuser! (See more) Further, he defends Swami Premananda, who was convicted of multiple rape and murder and is serving a double life sentence for this in India, as confirmed even after appeal to the highest court. There is evidently something very basically wrong with Moreno’s moral values, such as they are.

Gerald Moreno's denial of sexual grooming by Sai Baba, which is a well-established fact

Moreno’s false claim, needlessly repeated –  – for he reported how he had been ‘oiled’ by SSB on the ‘lower stomach’, which is known as sexual molestation (unless by a doctor with patient consent) both in India and in most Western countries. Others have stated the same about Moreno, noting his confusion, his gullibility at haveing found God in person, and naivevity about what was done to him and ignorance of and why.

See also Gerald Moreno’s oiling between the pubic area and the navel by Sathya Sai Baba
Gerald Moreno molested sexually – debate between Moreno and Basava Premanand

Here is a Google capture which shows how Moreno immediately promoted his defamation widely against Robert Priddy, including on a Sex blog!Gerald Joe Moreno's latest frantic promotion of defmation against  Robert Priddy

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Gerald Moreno and “copyright blathering”

Posted by robertpriddy on May 1, 2009

From one of joe's countless blogs trying to cloud the fact that he - and no his critics - is a major copyright infringer

From one of Joe Moreno”s countless blogs trying to cloud the fact that he – and definitely not his critics – is a major copyright infringer.

Gerald Moreno has railed against what he childishly calls my “copyright blathering” and “whining”. He calls me and others who posted one single photo of him on-line “thieves of copyright material”. He thereby admits (no doubt unwittingly) that his major infringements of my copyright makes him a major thief of copyright! While none of us have ignored his copyright of anything else but this one photo, it is easily seen on his many sites that he has posted many copyright photos – including several of Conny Larsson, Reinier van der Sandt and myself along with extremely denigratory and/or outright hateful comments! More than that, he has manipulated the faces of some of us, and compared my image to an apish creature! Because of this, and because he has infringed my copyright on a very large scale – particularly texts and a whole website of mine, I have at last made his photo available so people can see who he is. He will be recognised during any ashram visits etc. Moreno was forced to remove some of this, but – seeing how Google and his server [] simply ignore copyright infringements proved to them under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) much still remains on-line. That Moreno’s infringements are on a very large scale is demonstrated here Copyright infringements by sathyasaibaba. In all this we see how Gerald Moreno suffers from the total lack of proportion, to an extent which marks him out as an unbalanced mentality and an angry hate-inspired person.

The above is copied from Joe's attack blog

The above is copied from Joe’s attack blog

Moreno has written a lot more hairsplitting complaints which he presents in exacerbated terms, also openly inciting people to provide him with more photos of the many critics of Sai Baba whose photos he cannot find. Why? No doubt so he can infringe their copyright and disfigure their faces or bodies etc.! This is the level of debate at which he mostly operates – a degenerate deforming ‘satire’ in the place of absent rational argumentation or cogent thoughts.

Here are some examples of Moreno’s hate campaign from some of his many paranoid blogs:-

This is one of  Joe Moreno's defenses of Sathya Sai Baba and himself

This is one of Joe Moreno’s defenses of Sathya Sai Baba and himself

The reason Gerald Moreno gives for this unintelligent piece of work is:- “Funny how those who poke fun others appearances look rather pathetic themselves. I say turnabout is fair play”

I have pointed out, however, that Sathya Sai Baba who claims his appearance will always remain youthful (just like Krishna who always was as a youth of 16 years of age), has deteriorated remarkably – and has a vacant state and a clearly aged facial  and neck features – besides being wheelchair bound due to his own fault in not following his doctors’ advice after his hip joint was shattered by a fall and operated by six doctors. This is the self-claimed Omniscient, Omnipotent Avatar, God Incarnate.

In my case, I have never made any such claims about my appearance. (Note that Moreno uses a copyright photo of me here too… the hypocrite)

Moreno only makes a fool of himself in this, as he also does in his long ago having manipulated the face of Reinier van der Sandt and the body of Sanjay Dadlani – all with the same hateful purpose, see below on left:-

Images from Gerald Moreno's blogs

Joe Moreno is not a devotee but is the main defender of all Sathya Sai matters  The major and unrepentant infringer of copyright - countless photos of critics and texts of mine - rails at length about ONE SINGLE photo which he for some reason is rather desperate to hide away.

Joe Moreno is not a devotee but is the main defender of all Sathya Sai matters The major and unrepentant infringer of copyright – countless photos of critics and texts of mine – rails at length about ONE SINGLE photo which he for some reason is rather desperate to hide away.

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Gerald Moreno’s fundamentalist Christian slur campaign

Posted by robertpriddy on April 26, 2009

The pro-Sai activist and most active front man for Sathya Sai Baba on the Internet, Gerald Joe Moreno, bashes critics of Sathya Sai Baba as fundamentalist Christians and/or anti-Semites. He does it because he has the proved agenda of trying to find devious ways to assassinate their characters, not because there is any truth whatever in it. He called Reinier van der Sandt a fundamentalist Christian, which he is certainly not. He has gone to considerable lengths to try to paint Sai Baba critics in general as Christians and/or fundamentalists, or something related to that, for example on his web page at Here are his words of introduction from that page:-

For several years, many people have correctly suspected that there are Fundamentalist and Evangelical Christian movements against Sathya Sai Baba and Hinduism. Anti-Sai Activists have continually denied that Christian movements exist and have tried to dismiss these suspicions as excuse-making and the like.”

All those what he lumps together willy-nilly as “Anti-Sai activists” should “have continually denied that Christian movements exist” is preposterous in itself. He continues to try to make it seem that “Anti-Sai Activists” are compromised because a Christian website linked to their pages! They were not asked to link and no one known in the exposé has had anything whatever to do with them. This is Moreno’s typical deceitful spin to try to smear by invented association. See what he wrote:-

“Anton and Janet Hein-Hudson are the Fundamentalist Christian webmasters to, which posts voluminous Anti-Sai articles and resources (they refuse to link to any site that refute Anti-Sai Articles)” and Strangely enough, Anton William Hein was a minister in California who sexually abused a child and was convicted of the same.”  (Crafty innuendo!)

This is all part of his long list of persons with Christian or fundamentalist leanings  – none of whom have any importance to the main exposé writers, but which he subtly implies by various means are involved as a homogenous group of “Anti-Sais” It is a fact that Tal Brooke, the first known published whistle-blower became a Christian with strong fundamentalist leanings, and that current exposé writers acknowledge his role – and even consider his testimony important as part of the developing scenario. This certainly does not make any of us in agreement with his faith.

Moreno also wrote “Reinier Van Der Sandt (RVDS) is a Fundamentalist Christian who is the webmaster for, the portal to the largest Anti-Sai Site on the internet.” RVDS also wrote two letters to Cardinal Simonis trying to polarize Christians against Sathya Sai Baba. In Reinier Van Der Sandt’s second letter, he said: “This letter clearly shows that the catholic church and its representative Cardinal Simonis are not happy with the teachings of Sathya Sai Baba in India.”

None of this remotely proves that van der Sandt is a Christian or a fundamentalist, but it is Moreno’s agenda to smear his as such as far as he can.

A further point of contention: On his libelous attack blog site (posing as “Sathya Sai Baba – Life, Love & Spirituality”) , Moreno stated:- “Moreno never (ever) accused Robert Priddy (even indirectly) of being a “fundamentalist Christian”

I draw special attention to the “even indirectly” bit, because – for a start – he has very strongly insinuated that I am/was a fundamentalist Christian as I shall prove from his own words. I recall that he has included me in this accusation, most probably on the now defunct Yahoo groups ‘sathyasaibaba2’ pages, a set of countless postings on the website which the moderator has expunged, so I cannot find the posting now. Knowing Moreno, he may well be counting on this deletion when making his denial… besides which there are many indications that his memory is clearly far from perfect too. So it is a matter of his word and his memory against mine as to whether he called me this outright… Note that his words has constantly been proved untrue.

Firstly, Joe Moreno (as “>vishvarupa108 made wide accusations of clinging to a Christian fundamentalist belief against the group he calls “anti-Sais” which is shown in the following posting which turned up in an archived e-mail attachment I received. There he claimed we all cling to a “second coming” mentality because we have nothing else to cling to. Wholly preposterous, of course, and indicative of Christian fundamentalism – for belief in the Second Coming is hardly no longer a belief promoted by mainstream Christianity (as opposed to fundamentalists).  Moreno’s co-worker Lisa de Witt (who he never criticises or corrects despite her outrageous statements) has definitively included and named me as Christian and fundamentalist (which she may try to deny). Therefore Moreno is obviously aligned with her by his recent stated support for her claims.

From: “conscientiousobjector2000” <conscientiousobjector2000@…>
Date: Wed Nov 2, 2005 7:40am
Subject: Re: [Sathya Sai Baba] Murders in sb’s bedroom
--- In, vishvarupa108 <no_reply@y...> wrote:
> Sai, one must also remember that these incidents happened in June of 1993.
> 12 YEARS and counting and SSB has not been found to be involved (in any manner, fashion or form) with the 1993 Police Shootings.
> 12 YEARS and counting and no new evidence has surfaced. No witnesses have come forward. No nothing!
> Anti-Sais cling to their "second coming" mentality because they have nothing else to cling to :-)

So Moreno hypocritically tries through vehement denial to appear to distance himself from the business of smearing “Anti-Sais” as Christians and/or fundamentalists among whom he definitively includes me…  along with others of diverse faith and shades of opinion.

My statements have never been wilfully untrue, and I do correct anything that really proves to be incorrect as soon as I am aware of it. I do not read Moreno’s e-mails, nor open his web pages and blogs unless essential – as I have recently done to some extent – so he may have pointed out some small  errors that I did not therefore heed. Every tiny flaw Moreno can find he names a flagrant lie, a bold-faced lie, a shameless lie and so on and on… Unlike those of us who write with integrity and admits errors when they occur, Moreno NEVER retracts a single one of his false and witless accusations, he NEVER corrects any wrong information that is pointed out to him. Yet he repeatedly demands it of others in the strongest terms. This I call hypocrisy.

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