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The Avatar’s magnetic power of attraction

Posted by robertpriddy on June 15, 2013

“Today I want to tell you something very significant. This body of Mine is filled with attraction power from top to toe. It is the divine magnetic power. From Sivarathri onwards it has been increasing day by day though it was present in Me always. Worldly magnets attract only iron filings whereas this divine magnet attracts the entire world.”  (Sathya Sai Baba Discourse, reported in Sanathana Sarathi, April 2003, p.122)

During his life, Sathya Sai Baba certainly did attract a very large  number of people (and material wealth) from many places but very far from “the entire world”. The power of attraction and charisma are by no means exclusive or dependent on anything like ‘divine magnetism’. His claim that this was his unparalleled Divine power of magnetic attraction appears as vastly exaggerated when compared, for example, with the attraction exerted on countless millions by many other figures. Some brief examples; Ayatollah Khomeni was welcomed back to Iran by up to 5 million, as also did the funeral of Nasser in Egypt. Rod Stewart attracted estimated 4.2 million to a concert in Rio. The Pope has regularly attracted more than 1 million people in many venues with World Press coverage (four times more than the biggest crowd ever visiting Satya Sai Baba). The Woodstock Festival once attracted over a million persons. Over a million Shia Muslims recently gathered at Kerbala, Iraq. Over three million pilgrims visited Mecca in 2012, as seen as a truly gigantic mass of people on TV worldwide. The 12-yearly Kumbha Mela at Allahabad has regularly attracted vast crowds, the last one over 13 million. And so on… (see List of largest peaceful gatherings in history Sai Baba is not on it.)

 Early in 2002 it was noticed that Sathya Sai Baba was occasionally stumbling or staggering rather than easily strolling around to give darsan. On Mahashivarathri day, March 13, 2002, when he would ‘regurgitate’ one or more egg-shaped golden lingams, he gave a discourse in which he explained the following’:-

In order to facilitate the formation of these Lingas, My body has turned into a powerful magnet. it is for this reason that I was finding it difficult to walk for the last three days. My feet were getting stuck to the ground because of the magnetic pull of My body. Likewise, whatever objects I touched were getting stuck to My hands. It was not a trouble for Me. It is but natural because My whole body became magnetic. Such power of attraction cannot be experienced by all. It is only in Divinity that you find such highly powerful magnetic force.” (Discourse on Shivarathri Day, 13 March 2002. See Sanathana Sarathi – April 2002, p. 125 or

Again, over a year later, he said, Today I want to tell you something very significant. This body of Mine is filled with attraction power from top to toe. It is the divine magnetic power. From Sivarathri onwards it has been increasing day by day though it was present in Me always. Worldly magnets attract only iron filings whereas this divine magnet attracts the entire world.

You are under the mistaken notion that Swami is having pain in His legs and therefore He is unable to walk comfortably. I have absolutely no pain whatsoever. If I put one foot forward it is being pulled by the other as there is immense attraction power in My feet. As you are aware, even the earth is endowed with attraction power. It only attracts and does not cause any pain. Swami has no pain at all. This attraction power in Me is increasing day by day. Whatever I touch with My hand, gets stuck to it. Such magnetic power is present in every man.” (“Divine Discourse” of March 16, 2003

However, the explanation of his hobbling was bound up with the fact that he was already suffering from an old hip-joint fracture in 9/8/1988 when he slipped on the soap in his bathroom. His hip weakness evidently led to a worsening condition. The magnetism got so powerful on June 4th, 2003 that it pulled him hard down on his slippery bathroom floor and broke his (probably osteo-arthritic) hip-joint. So his Divine Will (i.e. ‘sankalpa’) was not enough to counteract the alleged ‘earth magnet’. He had to be operated by doctors in hospital. (see Sai Baba believed the earth was animated, calling it Bhoomidev (Earth Mother). So one might then ask if Mother Earth was so much attracted by his magnetic love that she inadvertently crushed his hip-joint?

As to pain, my wife and I were at the first interview 9/8/1988 he gave after his fall where he sustained a hairline hip fracture (a VERY painful event, he told us himself!). That he said he had no pain was clearly to deceive his devotees for he has also said “When I fractured My hip, it was not possible to even move My leg. The slightest movement caused excruciating pain like that of an electric shock. I told the doctors, ‘This is not My body. This is yours. You may do whatever you deem fit.’ One who has given up body consciousness will have no suffering at all.” (published discourse 13-July-2003 (as in Sathya Sai Speaks Volume 36 2003 found at How then did he experience excruciating pain in the first place? See disclaimer



If divine magnetism attracts the entire world why have no scientists ever been able to register any such phenomenon? He did not explain why that ‘attraction power’ was increasing then, nor how it is present in every man. Its effects are not ‘common occurrences’! The force that attracted his body to the earth was gravity, not magnetism.  How can he or anyone know or measure the magnitude and increase in that supposed power? He was particularly confused about gravitational force and magnetic force, the latter being also equally capable of repelling as attracting. This again showed his simplistic lack of scientific understanding. That he has always refused any genuine scientists who wished to study his miraculous powers is a very significant fact. Had any of his materialisation or other miracles been confirmed, his messages about miracles and divinity would have had an enormous impact and almost inevitable created faith in countless millions of people. As it is, believer in his alleged powers have never exceeded a few millions at best, and the number has diminished very considerable, especially among people with access to the Internet.

That he said the gold in his body ‘churning and churning’ (to produce the golden lingam) had caused him to have hugely increased magnetic power. He is also quoted saying that magnets attract nothing but iron filings! This all shows he imagined gold to be magnetic. Had he not thrown away his school book so early on, he might have learned that gold and various other metals do not magnetize.

He had surely heard that the earth has a magnetic field with North and South magnetic poles? He apparently thought that the earth’s magnetism dragged on his feet, or else vice-versa. See excerpt from his discourse (right hand) Had this been so, then why did the ‘magnetic’ food not stick in his gullet and throughout his body? He also said that when he lifted one foot by his ‘divine will (sankalpa)’ despite the massive force, the other one stuck to the ground. (Amusingly, this suggests he even may have been trying to lift both feet simultaneously). During Mahashivarathri 2002 he held that the magnetic power is only in Divinity (meaning in himself before all others), but then a year later (16/3/2003) he contradicted this stating this power is in everyone and, as seen above, even in flowers and fruit.

All this was entertaining to those few followers who did not believe it. Even some VIP professors defended it as deep wisdom surpassing science. Some surely hoped he would shut up about things he knows relatively very little about… as it was an embarrassment to any intelligent or properly educated person.
(See disclaimer)

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Magnetic farce – Sai Baba stuck to the ground?

Posted by robertpriddy on August 24, 2007

man’s magnet radiation

This magnetism “does not come from anywhere outside” but then it is in temples? Sathya Sai Baba made one of his most hilariously absurd claims when he said that Mother Earth was so attracted to his magnetic feet that he could not lift them. [In fact, he had a serious hip problem which he was trying to cover up, until it collapsed entirely]. His magnetism, he said, was so strong his hands stuck to everything! He claims that the golden egg-shaped ‘lingam’ he pretends to materialize in his stomach and which he makes a great show of painfully vomiting forth on the Night of Shiva (‘Shivarathri’ – usually in February) resulted from all the gold in his body ‘churning and churning’. He attributed this to his hugely increased magnetic power (though gold does not magnetise, though he evidently believes it does). Later he tried to extract himself from the laughing stocks into which he had locked himself.

“Worldly magnets attract only iron filings whereas the Divine magnetic power attracts the entire world. (prolonged applause)” (Sanathana Sarathi , April ’03., p.122)

He is still very confused about what is physical and what is divine magnetism. But at Mahashivarathri 2002 he said that magnetic power is ONLY in Divinity (clearly meaning himself, the one whose feet and hands are all stuck up) and then, a year later (16/3/2003) that magnetic power is in everyone and, as seen above, even in flowers and fruit). In earlier discourses, such as on Mahashivarathri, March 13, 2002, for example, he said:

“Since the last two days, in order for this Linga to be formed, My whole body became magnetic.” Also “Even the rivers flow, clinging to the earth, due to the magnetism of the earth. Even the wind blows due to magnetic power. Magnetism is pervading everywhere. All the flowers and fruits that they offer are full of magnetism. So, this magnetic power, which is all-pervading, is shining in that temple. When so many thousands of devotees enter, this magnetism increases day-by-day. It will not decrease.
When a small iron piece is kept near a magnet, after a few days even that iron piece will become a magnet. So the individuals who enter into the temple and the things that they offer are all full of magnetism. Therefore, from where did the great powers of the temple arise? It comes from the magnetic power brought from the devotees. Hence, every individual fully has this magnetism.
It is this Divine power that arises in temples, attracts all individuals and also reveals all powers. This magnetism contains Divine power. It is said that magnetism is a temple’s nature. In science, they feel that it is pieces of magnet. They call it materialist magnet. This magnetism (Divine power) is shining in every single human being.”

“So when I put My foot down, the whole foot stuck to the ground. It is a little hard to lift a foot that is stuck. Wherever I walk, it sticks there. Whatever is held, it sticks to My hand. This magnet is not in everyone like this. This magnet is so powerful only in Divinity.” See Discourse on Shivarathri Day March 13

He has surely heard that the earth has a magnetic field with North and South magnetic poles? He seems to imagine this is what drags on his feet, or vice-versa. If this had been so, then his food would stick in his gullet and throughout his body. He says he lifts one foot by his ‘divine will (sankalpa)’ despite the massive force, but meanwhile the other one sticks to the ground. But it is unadvisable to lift both feet off the ground simultaneously. Well, this walking in a sea of tar is all entertaining comical Godswallop! The mystery is how apparently intelligent people can swallow it without losing faith in him!The magnetism got so powerful in May 2003 that it pulled him hard down to his bathroom floor and broke his apparently osteo-arthritic hip, so his will (i.e. ‘sankalpa‘) was not enough, it seems. He had to be operated by doctors in hospital and stop giving darshan!

See also”

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