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Moreno’s wilful deceptions about LSD and Robert Priddy

Posted by robertpriddy on May 26, 2010

Gerald Moreno's lying deception about Robert Priddy and LSD-25

From Moreno’s lying deceits at

The above libel is just one small example of Gerald Moreno’s fanatical personal attacks and character assassination attempts against me. I have only advocated visiting a forum where drugs are discussed, so as to obtain at least a minimum of knowledge about what their use can involve. Some entries are interesting! I have not endorsed the contents of the forum, nor do I advocate the use of LSD-25! But Moreno wants to make me seem to endorse whatever is written there! Absurd, but with malicious intent on his part, as ever against all who disagree with him about Sathya Sai Baba.



My involvement with LSD ended many decades ago, long before John Lennon’s or many other famous persons experiments or outright use of this psychedelic agent. I first took it (as provided for general experimentation by the Minister of Health, Norway) in 1963, and only repeated the experiment twice in subsequent years. I have never advocated the use of LSD! Moreno cannot prove it, and he should take much greater care in what he ‘recklessly’ asserts. He has been decisively confronted by Kevin R.D. Shepherd over this libel and misrepresentation (see here – and then scroll down to LSD references or click on the thumbnail on the left to see the relevant passages) informs of copy infringement by Gerald Moreno and deletes those pages informs of copy infringement by Gerald Moreno and deletes those pages

Moreno has illegally posted copyrighted articles of mine from 1987 which I removed from the Internet, and DMCA have accepted my copyright (in contradiction to what Moreno states, knowing full well that the DMCA notice caused wordpress to make him remove those articles from `See notice from wordpress here:-

See also here In short, yet more lying and deception by Moreno!). He compounded his illegal act by posting these articles copiously on blogspot and other sites which do not accept responsibility for copyright violations!

Moreno is patently very disturbed, being literally enraged (as his attacks show fully that he is), not least because it has been pointed out to him by Indian legal experts like Basava Premanand that he was, according to Indian law, sexually molested by Sathya Sai Baba when he was oiled “on the lower stomach” in a private interview, i.e. the technique of grooming reported by many young men and even admitted to take place by officials of the Sathya Sai Organization. I have simply reiterated these facts after Moreno has attacked me for having ‘homo-erotic fantasies’ about Sai Baba and similar obnoxious deceptions.
Moreno, oil ‘anointing’ of genitals as sexual abuse Yet note the amazing fact that Moreno constantly defended Sathya Sai Baba for years while still believing him to be a sexual abuser! (See more) Further, he defends Swami Premananda, who was convicted of multiple rape and murder and is serving a double life sentence for this in India, as confirmed even after appeal to the highest court. There is evidently something very basically wrong with Moreno’s moral values, such as they are.

Gerald Moreno's denial of sexual grooming by Sai Baba, which is a well-established fact

Moreno’s false claim, needlessly repeated –  – for he reported how he had been ‘oiled’ by SSB on the ‘lower stomach’, which is known as sexual molestation (unless by a doctor with patient consent) both in India and in most Western countries. Others have stated the same about Moreno, noting his confusion, his gullibility at haveing found God in person, and naivevity about what was done to him and ignorance of and why.

See also Gerald Moreno’s oiling between the pubic area and the navel by Sathya Sai Baba
Gerald Moreno molested sexually – debate between Moreno and Basava Premanand

Here is a Google capture which shows how Moreno immediately promoted his defamation widely against Robert Priddy, including on a Sex blog!Gerald Joe Moreno's latest frantic promotion of defmation against  Robert Priddy

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