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My trustworthy inside source on Sathya Sai Baba

Posted by robertpriddy on April 30, 2018

One of my best friends among all Indians and my closest confidante among all resident staff when I was a devotee of Sai Baba was V.K. Narasimhan, who was – for most of his journalistic life – the assistant editor of The Hindu. After an illustrious career in journalist in which he alone among journalists bravely confronted Indira Gandhi over her ‘Emergency’  – culminating as Editor-in-Chief of the Indian Express Group – he followed his devotee wife to Sai Baba’s ashram, where they settled. He felt that Sai Baba’s social works were one of the best things in Andhra Pradesh at the time, since he was extremely cynical about the government and their achievements – even the will to improve the lot of anyone but their own class or caste. He did not believe Sathya Sai Baba was omniscient, omnipotent or omnipresent… nor did he believe in the miracles or the many alleged healings by Sai Baba (he was himself let down badly and lost an eye despite SB applying vibuti etc.) All this I have described at length, and I have scanned and posted many excerpts from the daily diaries I wrote during my over 1 1/2 years in the ashrams, especially my conversations with Narasimhan

It was also VKN, as he was widely known, who administered the felling blow to my faith in Sai Baba by telling me in strict confidence and a lowered voice of SB’s younger brother’s blackmailing of the police and Sai Baba’s own covered-up involvement in those events. “They did a terrible thing…” was his judgement, and the Home Minister S.B. Chavan laughed together with Sai Baba’s younger brother – a multi-millionaire property speculator and Puttaparti brother owner Janaki Ramiah – commenting “Dead men tell no tales!” Such was my faith that, even then, it took me four years to deal with the information properly and rid myself about the many confusions about Sai Baba which naturally arise before one takes the bull by the horns and allows oneself to think seriously and critically… which eventually led me to investigate the sex abuse claims. This led to utter conviction that at least a majority of the testimonies were true… little though I wished for that outcome! Knowing the details of how SB was a willing accomplice to murder and its cover-up, along with Sathya Sai Central Trust, other ashram officials and – not least – the Home Minister S.B. Chavan and then-Prime Minister Narasimha Rao, I had after VKN had safely departed this life to shoulder the heavy burden of telling the public what I knew.

V.K. Narasimhan’s Revelations

A tribute to V.K.Narasimhan


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Asaram Bapu on the run hiding from justice

Posted by robertpriddy on August 28, 2013



The father of a 15-year-old girl said: “He took my daughter to his private quarters in the Jodhpur ashram to perform some ritual to ward off evil spirits. Then he assaulted her,” he told NDTV. He tried to silence her…told her ‘my gunmen are outside, be quiet or they will kill you and your parents’. The family claims they have been receiving threatening calls from Asaram’s men, but they are determined to fight. A regular contributor to Asaram Bapu’s trust, the father says he had taken his daughter to the spiritual leader as she had been unwell. In her statement to the police, the girl said the 72-year-old yoga guru tried to force himself on her and threatened to hurt her and her family if she dared to reveal what happened. Yesterday, the Rajasthan police waited for eight hours to serve summons to Asaram Bapu, as his followers claimed he was ‘meditating’. Later, Asaram Bapu dismissed the girl’s allegations as ‘bakwas (nonsense)’ and accused the family of trying to frame him. “Will any man risk his daughter’s izzat (honour) like this by making false allegations?” said the father. “We stand by what we told the police. Why doesn’t the CBI investigate and verify the truth?” He hit out at the police for only serving the godman summons, nearly two weeks after the complaint. ” He has political connections – he should have been arrested by now”.

Knowing the proven male chauvinist nature of this false and self-serving ‘guru’, it is evident he is trying to writhe his way out of the charge by unscrupulous and venomous lies against the family, quite apart from his use of gun-toting goondas to threaten them. The father of the girl was his devotee, so why should he suddenly wish to frame him if there were no truth in the accusation? Asaram Bapu is fighting for his reputation, his ill-gotten gains and one can expect him to stoop to anything.

That Asaram Bapu has political connections too is typical of the easy ride the worst criminal ‘godman’ in India receive from leading political figures, they can often get away with anything whatever, as proven in the case of Sathya Sai Baba who ordered executions of some devotees and who serially raped boys and young men through decades but was protected from investigation and justice by India’s Prime Ministers (including Manmohan Singh, A.B. Vajpayee,) and Presidents ( A.J. P Kalam),  High Chief Justice Bhagwati and the judiciary generally.

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The Divine Avatar came to save India first, then humanity

Posted by robertpriddy on January 2, 2011

Securing oneself seems to be even primary to saving India! Here is the palatial “Divine Residence” – one of Sathya Sai Baba’s many, probably the best and most well-protected…a bigger and better luxury residence at Prashanthi Nilayam – into which a large part of the donations intended by donors for the uplift of India go!

Sathya Sai Baba palace at Prashanthi Nilayam

The third set of apartment was built for Sai Baba in the grounds of the Prashanthi Nilayam ashram at Puttaparti

When Daylight Comes: A Biography of Helena Petrovna BlavatskySathya Sai Baba condones India’s greatest evils by ignoring them. He lauds and blesses any corrupted politician who visits him and never speaks out against the many inhumane policies, their signal failure to take care of the most basic needs of most India’s population, the massive Swiss bank accounts most of them hold, or riding the gravy train while the privileged get richer and richer. Claiming omniscience and omnipotence – Sai Baba never had the guts to speak out against their many powerful and brutal oppressors and utterly vile criminals throughout India… he has never defended in any substantial way whatever the tortured, raped, murdered and utterly desolate people of India, the tribals, the countless dispossessed persons, the vast army of beggars, the people of Kashmir. Against Mahatma Gandhi’s revered principle, Sathya Sai welcomes ‘blood money’ and even sat through in a public announcement of donors giving at least one crore at his 70th Birthday celebrations (such as Bhangarappa, a known corrupt Karnataka politician, who gave ten million rupees, and two famous Indian ‘liquor barons’, one of whom, Mr. Reddy, was murdered in Madras in 1996 only a week or so after a personal visit by Sai Baba accompanied by V.K. Narasimhan). His involvement with corrupt politicians is well documented – he reportedly saved Narasimha Rao from prison (Rao fled to his feet with thanks as soon as the verdict came). Tit-for-tat, N. Rao and A.B. Vajpayee protected him from prosecutions.

Despite his many earlier ‘avataric predictions’ that he claims cannot fail, India’s gigantic injustices and problems are getting no better – still no social security whatever (all the poor get to live on is sunlight), increase in already enormous wall-to-wall corruption, more infanticide, still bonded labour and life servitude as debtors to criminal moneylenders, child prostitution, a massive and growing AIDS epidemic, unimaginable numbers of child labourers, vast peasant penury, many farmer suicides, the traditional wife killings, ghastly begging mafias which deform babies into ‘rat children’ and ‘spidermen’ for profit, not to mention all manner of sexual abuse of children (which will be known to the world, Sathya Sai Baba).

Sai Baba stated in 2005 that he was “minded to take a world tour”. No one believed he dare ever leave the protection of Indian State, for a start. However, this belies his promise not to travel abroad until he had solved India’s problems, as he has repeatedly pledged. The man is a hotbed of contradictions, false predictions and outright lies, and the most remarkable fact is that so many fail to see that, or wish to hear a word about it. It is well recorded how Sathya Sai Baba has told leading devotees on several occasions that he would visit them in their countries – for example USA, Italy, U.K., Southern California and other places – but then he has changed his supposedly all-knowing mind, saying that India must be cured first! Devotees abroad have built mansions to house him and he has even himself caused the rebuilding of a new, lush, balconied apartment for him at Divignano in Italy (‘Mother Sai House’) because the toilet was not to his liking – i.e. it was European style and not hole-in-the-floor – I have been shown the luxurious teak-floored result myself! His followers Robert Baskin built a million dollar residence for his expected visit!

This ‘Divine Descent’ boils down to a person who has ‘come to earth’ to pronounce his own magnificence, promote himself as the purest and greatest of all beings, Creator of the Universe, who oversees the erection of diverse expensive monuments to himself. What is so ‘Divine’ about managing to collect people’s money to ‘fix the plumbing’ (for a limited areas to combat water shortage in Chennai, but wastefully in Rayalaseema with big setbacks involving technical failings, (unpredicted by the ‘omniscient’ Baba) severely falling water table, entrepreneur corruption and no one who will maintain it all). Or how specifically Divine is it to use part of the donations to open a couple of hospitals to enhance his name and fame and where his devotees (including foreigners and Indian VIPs) can get hi-tech treatment, but where patients appear to be very scarce in these big half-empty places in an area where the need of the Indian poor is so vast and intense? (Imran Khan has opened a free modern hospital in Pakistan, and many other have done likewise). Is this a Divine Descent? Or are we rather dealing with what The Daily Telegraph called Divine Downfall?

Sai Baba's private jet - hired to take him 'on holiday' to Kodaikanal in 2005

The wheelchair invalid in a privately hired jet airliner yet again in 2006.

Talk about waste/misuse of donated funds. Sathya Sai was “minded to make a world tour”. Though it is most likely another ‘bum prediction’, if he did it would surely be in another private jet hired with funds given for the poor, education, health etc., The almost unused Jumbo airport cost a small fortune!

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On Sathya Sai Baba and good works

Posted by robertpriddy on July 9, 2009

Due to the disaffection forced on me by facts, I became increasingly sceptical about the nature and extent of the good supposedly done by Sathya Sai Baba. This is the culmination  of my long experience and observation through about three decades of Sai Baba’s works and that of his organization.

Devotees who remain faithful to Sathya Sai Baba after the scandals that have emerged cite the good works he has done – or inspired others to do. However great they may or may not be – they do not prove anything about whether he is a deceiver and liar, a sexual abuser and an accomplice to murders. When accused of grave crimes, and very credibly by testimonies galore and widespread documentation, it is surely best to clear ones name in frank and open investigation, if innocent! This neither Sathya Sai Baba nor anyone around him is able to do… they dare not risk the truth coming out in legal verdicts! Sai Baba himself is protected at the highest levels of Indian government, as the illegal quashing of the murder investigations by the CBI is sufficient proof for a start.

An account of the massive bribery involved reported by a former top CID sleuth, V. J. Ram, who received a Presidential Medal for his detective services to the Indian State… click here to read

However, Sathya Sai Baba’s plan to avoid real scrutiny has long since been built into his teachings. One oft-quoted example of this is his words, “Examine yourself and leave me to myself” and many huge claims of the kind: “My truth is inexplicable, unfathomable. I am beyond the reach of the most intensive inquiry, the most meticulous measurement. There is nothing I do not see…” ( p.131, J. Hislop, My Baba and I. San Diego, 1985)

Further to help avert attention from himself, Sathya Sai Baba holds out rewards to those who have implicit faith in all he says and does, but only in an invisible world of unknown and unknowable future imaginings. In this way, he has long been able to ward off examination by his followers of what he is and does here and now!

He claims that his life is his message, and we are able to examine that, at any rate! The requirement to follow a nation’s laws is on of the 10 points listed in the Sathya Sai Organisation’s Charter to which all members must agree and follow. Why did Sathya Sai Baba avoid this at all costs by submitting to investigations and clearing up all possible doubts? The most obvious answer is that he wanted to protect himself from what would have come to light. Why did he run off when his two attendants were being stabbed to death? Why did he not intervene when those responsible were executed one by one in cold blood on his younger brother’s intervention? Why did he inform in a discourse that he was aware in advance that he warned his two attendants because of the fate to befall them? Is all this a way to re-establish eternal values (Sanathana dharma)?

See also Read various coverage of the murders, including Janaki Ramiah’s role and that of the Indian Home Minister S.B. Chavan and Prime Minister Narasimha Rao


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Blind persons seek cures from Sathya Sai Baba

Posted by robertpriddy on August 12, 2008

“Ulf told us the other night that the blind middle-aged Danish devotee Henning was told by Baba in an interview that he could cure his blindness, but then Henning would have to be blind in the next life! AS DEFERRED KARMA” (from my Indian visit diary notebook, Sunday 1st November, 1998 )

Ulf was Ulf Sviberg, then a very active office-bearer in the Swedish Organization who wore a large white stone set in a gold ring – called a diamond by Sai Baba and everyone else there. But there can be no doubt that it is another of the typical cheap synthetic ‘gemstone’ Sathya Sai Baba gives away which nearly all close devotees insist are diamonds!

I sometimes sat near to a male Danish follower called Henning on the chairs at darshan. He was desperate to be cured of his very long-term blindness and who visited many healers and diverse other avatar claimants in the hope of success. He remained blind, however. So the presumptuous Full Avatar Sathya Sai Baba could not actually cure his blindness (though devotees will say he ‘would not for karmic reasons’ so as to protect their blind faith in this frequent maker of false promises of healing and protection).

Uncured blindness at Puttaparthi

V.K. Narasimhan with one eye blind

V.K. Narasimhan with one eye blind

There are many cases of blindness Sathya Sai Baba has not cured, and V.K. Narasimhan told me he had never come across a single genuine case of cure in 20 years following every event at the ashram. I also knew a blind Frenchman who I often assisted who was also sorely disappointed after long stays at the ashrams. When I sat beside him he wanted a running commentary on whether Sai Baba looked at him or not. I did not clearly see Sai Baba do so,

Further, I knew a totally blind Indian man in his 40s or so who lived permanently in Puttaparthi who sat on the chairs for invalids every day. I had conversations with him and visited him where he had rooms in Puttaparthi village. He told me that he believed his own brother was planning to murder him, because Sathya Sai Baba had told him that and said it was best for him to leave home and everything behind him permanently, which he had done – poor soul. He had been there for years and had to ask anyone he could manage to get into conversation with for help of one kind or another, while his blindness was still the same despite endless prayers to Sathya Sai Baba.

Sathya Sai Baba could not even cure the blindness in one eye of his own indispensable editor of his journal Sanathana Sarathi, V.K. Narasimhan, despite personally applying vibuti to it when it became infected (See here)! and/or See my notes at the time here

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The Sathya Sai Organization’s Damage-limitation efforts

Posted by robertpriddy on May 26, 2008

Sai Baba in cloud cuckoo landOne of the mostly unofficial policies of the Sathya Sai Organization – especially in Western countries where there are high standards of education – is to avoid alienating possible future converts to the movement by speaking or writing about the many miraculous claims of Sathya Sai Baba or by his devotees. The Scandinavian countries were instructed by Thorbjørn Meyer to play down all the kind of proclamations that “people would not easily understand”, including the miracles and Sathya Sai Baba’s many claims of being the Divine Avatar come to save humanity and his many other documented ‘fantastic’ statements (read a cross-section of these).

Despite all this, the Sathya Sai Organisation requires all its members to accept that Sathya Sai Baba is God, this being stated clearly in the paper which, in many countries, new members must sign according to the Charter of the Sathya Sai Organization (which is not a published document, but is kept with the circle of the faithful!). Those who will not accept this condition are either not allowed to become members or – if already so – are excluded from the Organisation. Though the Official Sathya Sai Baba website (), however, does promote four Sai Baba discourses as important ones, in which he makes claims of divinity and miracles, it has in its printed propaganda materials in Western countries increasingly edited this material in such a way as to reduce the claims For documentation and a more thorough examination of this deceit by the Sathya Sai Organisation, see Downgrading Divinity’ by Brian Steel

Of course, the official Sathya Sai Organization is unable to control the many websites of zealous true believer devotees of Sathya Sai Baba – or unwilling to try to do so – for, after all, most of Sathya Sai Baba’s attraction to the curious is the many fantastic claims about him. It is a kind of balancing act – a Janus-faced operation designed to attract more serious people by emphasising the social service projects in the name of Sai Baba and the values he promotes (in word if not in deed) yet not to alienate those who consider Sathya Sai Baba’s miracles to be the be-all-and-end-all of his supposed ‘mission to save humanity’.

After the BBC’s documentary on Sathya Sai Baba – The Secret Swami – was aired (despite legal efforts by Dr. Michael Goldstein and other Sai Organization leaders to stop it being aired), he wrote a circular in an attempt to rein in all devotees from anything but officially condoned or vetted contact with the media!

E-MAIL PUBLISHED ON AN INTERNET BULLETIN BOARD (error by an undisciplined devotee)Sathya Sai Baba\'s Dr. Goldstein

From: “Laura” <>
Date: Fri, 12 Mar 2004 09:37:47 -0800
Subject: [saibabanews] Fwd: Message from head of U.S. Sai Organization
Procedure to handle requests for filming interviews with devotees or officers at Sai centers or regional events by Media Companies Please carefully review the following letter from Dr. Goldstein on this subject:
Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Sai Ram!
Recently there have been several media companies who have expressed an interest in making a program or documentary on Swami, His Works, the Sai Organization. We have advised these parties that we do not wish to participate in their documentaries or take part in personal or group interviews. Specifically, the BBC is contemplating production of a video which would be controversial in nature. We have informed them that the Sri Sathya Sai Organizations do not wish to
participate in their project.
Therefore, should you be approached by any of these companies, or should they appear at any Sai Centers or Events with cameras, recorders, reporters, etc, please advise them respectfully that we do not wish to participate and politely ask them to leave the premises. If they do not comply with your polite request, then the appropriate authorities should be invoked, such as the person(s) responsible for the premises and/or the appropriate authorities.
Michael Goldstein
If a Media Company approaches you concerning filming at your center, please follow the procedure outlined above and as soon as practical, please inform me by phone at 831-457-1983. This is very important.

More about this issue is found here

Public Petition for Official Investigations of Sathya Sai Baba and his Worldwide Organization
View ex-follower signatures

(Spanish version

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William ‘Bill’ McKay Aitken’s dishonesty in full bloom

Posted by robertpriddy on January 9, 2008

Bill Aitken, Sai baba hagiographer

The hagiographic author of Sri Sathya Sai Baba (2004), William McKay Aitken, writes of the alleged sexually abused and other exposé writers:“Probably because of the intensity of their hate, when it comes to a serious, forensic examination of their allegations, they resort to bluster and evasion instead of hard facts. Smearing sexual innuendo is a traditional ploy but on failing to substantiate their charges, the critics switch to another unrelated subject.”

This is one of the most tendentious presentations ever of what critics of Sai Baba are claiming. It is simply not based on fact but fantasy. We who expose Sathya Sai Baba – having been deceived and our trust exploited by him to a huge degree – may despise and even loathe him, but without intense hate. Our work is for protecting a vulnerable public from the same dangers and in the interests of bringing forth the facts and the truth about them.  Besides, there cannot be any serious forensic examination either of the murders issue or the sexual allegations, because all attempts have been blocked and terminated by authorities right up to the Prime Ministers and Presidents of India. Aitken falsely insinuates that there is no proof about Sai Baba’s sexual abuses, referring to the charges as ‘sexual innuendo’. Tell that to the BBC team who researched the matter across the globe and presented facts – invulnerable to all legal refutation, though Dr. M. Goldstein’s lawyers tried hard to stop the BBC, just as they have threatened other major media, which have refused to cave in.  An extensive overview of the sexual allegations against Sai Baba, stretching back decades is found here, confounding Aitken’s false claim that we do not substantiate the charges we forward.

Of course, Aitken has steered very clear of subject of the knife killings and the subsequent horrific execution of four intruders – devotees – in Sai Baba’s bedroom, and the subsequent cover-up by Sai Baba himself and all his supporters right up to the Home Minister and Prime Minister of India!  Why does Aitken not study the considerable evidence of fraud – including calling ‘genuine diamonds’ what prove to be cheap synthetic gemstones, which he pretends to produce from thin air, like many other small, cheap objects he gives away (lingams, rosaries, bracelets, earrings)? For example, a number of watches donated by UK devotees for Sai students were later seen by the UK donors being ‘produced’ by Sai Baba’s sleight-of-hand. Leading devotees have testified to seeing stores of trinkets, rings, necklaces etc. in the seat of his chair in the interview room, including several Central Coordinators (who later left him) and a number of students and even some of his remaining devotees like the unscrupulous American apologist, Bon Giovanni! The list of such evidence, including videos, is long indeed.

If he were honest about the truth, Aitken would read Conny Larsson’s searingly honest book (and a second here) about how he was sexually abused by Sai Baba under the pretense that he was ‘healing’ him, where two of the unstable youths in Larsson’s care who he took to Sai Baba for help were also allegedly abused (very credible circumstantial evidence of this), whereupon both took their own lives not long afterward! That was no ‘innuendo’. What of the four devotee young men who were murdered for trying to confront Sai Baba in his bedroom apartment with abuses… cold-blooded police executions on the orders of Sai Baba’s younger brother for which no one was ever charged or brought to justice!

Aitken shows his true colours when he blames the BBC1s much-lauded documentary “The Secret Swami” (see UK newspaper reviews – all 100% positive) on  the following absurd grounds:-

“The latest in these so-called exposes is the BBC documentary whose agenda was so predetermined to denigrate Baba that it stooped to the unethical use of a spy camera. In a last farcical gesture, the producer hired some roadside entertainers to attempt to simulate Baba’s chamatkar [materialisations]. The result is so ludicrous that it leaves the viewer wondering as to who is funding this bizarre display of hostile reporting. The BBC is ultimately governed by the Anglican establishment, and churches in the west are losing out financially to the appeal of the Sai Baba movement.”

Comment: The “spy camera” was used to expose the duplicity and immorality of Dr. Michael Goldstein, International Chairman of the Sathya Sai Organization. who tried to play a double game with the BBC. The result is most revealing and proves the necessity of the ploy. No “unethical stooping” other than by Goldstein! William Mackay Aitken – who has never held any academic tenured post but has proclaimed himself as a professional religious historian, is evidently not aware that “street performers” include a professor of the Indian Skeptics, led by Basava Premanand, who won a Presidential Award for his tireless work in raising the Indian populace out of superstitious ignorance. Why does Aitken not comment on the ignominiously failed lingam production at Shivarathri and Sai Baba’s collapse plus the subsequent claim that it came out in private and weighed “three tonnes”. He avoids the former AP Home Minister Nair’s statement that the four young men were murdered in Sai Baba’s bedroom in cold blood! He avoids the convincing and legally backed testimony of two young men who tell how they were sexually abused in the coarsest manner by Sathya Sai Baba. Aitken continues;-

“As a commercial broadcaster, the BBC’s opting for sleaze would have the dual advantage of discrediting a rival as well as getting a good audience rating. The Church of England can have no objection to programmes that weaken perceived threats – like the Papacy or Hindu holy men – to its declining influence in the world. Posing as a lion in Asia, the BBC is a mouse in Britain. It dare not criticize public icons like the Queen, who happens to be the supreme of the Anglican Church.”

Comment: Does Aitken not know that the BBC is a national television company, hardly a “commercial broadcaster”? Of course he does… but he tries to make the BBC seem as “a mouse in Britain” and some kind of “Anglican” propagandist. The BBC is much more agnostic than that for certain! It has ever been and still is the most trusted world broadcaster, so Aitken’s outburst shows his blindly fanatical approach. See short clips and transcripts of the main parts of “The Secret Swami” and judge for yourself.

See also Bill Aitken and Sathya Sai Baba. A Writer’s Dilemma

Brian Steel    December 2007

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82nd Birthday of Sathya Sai Baba

Posted by robertpriddy on November 22, 2007

Prashanthi Birthday Lights Display 

As usual Prashanthi Nilayam will no doubt be packed with people, mostly Indian villagers, on November 23rd to celebrate the 82’nd birthday of Sathya Sai Baba. There will surely be wasteful and childish light shows and fireworks to attract the gaping crowds, plus free handouts of this and that [paid for by donations]. Probably that same second-class blues-rock band from UK will pollute the air again. The ridiculous jeep-chariots will probably not be used since Sai Baba now rides in custom-built converted golf buggies and super-wheelchairs.So that there will also be something reasonable and true to read, I have prepared a number of web pages documenting the views of V.K. Narasimhan as recorded by me through the years which show that things are not at all as the seem, or are made to seem, at Prashanthi Nilayam. I have posted scans of some of the letters – or suitable excerpts –  I received from V.K. Narasimhan which show that I was a close confidante of his (see here), and not least scans of some of the many hundreds of diary and notebook pages where I recorded at considerable length daily events, important conversations and much else observed at the time during my nine long visits (about 400 days in all). See here.The reason for showing the scans is so that there can be no doubt of the existence of these notebooks and their contents, which include countless details of controllable facts (the weather, when darshans were given and where, many local circumstances and person met on definite days etc.).

 See Public Petition for Official Investigations of Sathya Sai Baba and his Worldwide Organization

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