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Sai Baba Divine magnetic golden lingam (light version)

Posted by robertpriddy on June 19, 2013

No face, no legs! 

Linga signifies a symbol. It means a representation.” (Swami shows the golden Linga materialized by His circling Hand during the beginning of this discourse) “It has no eyes, face or mouth. It is not possible to say that either here is the head or here are the legs.” (Swami turns the Linga around.) “It may be said to be on this side or on that side. Where is the head and where are the legs? Therefore, this that has no form is called Linga.

(Excerpt above from the full translation of Sai Baba’s Divine Discourse 13/3/2002 on the Premsai website made by eager students in many languages, which were later suppressed by the ashram and Organization authorities (these verbatim complete transcripts and translations are often too revealing of Sai Baba’s many howlers which are mostly – but not always – edited out by the Sai censors)



 CARPENTER The time has come, the swami said
to speak of many things
Of shoes and ships and sealing wax
of cabbages and kings
and why the sea is boiling hot
And whether pigs have wings
Or why a lingam has no face
And lacks both head and legs…
(apologies to Charles Ludwidge Dodgeson aka Lewis Carroll)

Curioser and Curioser

The subject of Sathya Sai Baba’s ‘Divine’ discourse on Sivarathri, March 13, 2002, was magnetism with a capital M. It is Divine magnetism’ is ‘embodied’ in the golden lingam. (How the formless can have an elliptical form is a heavy poser, though). The lingam he produced was an ellipsoid, allegedly made of pure gold from his body’s store, and which he claimed was formed in his stomach (he called it his’ golden womb’ which he then ejected through his mouth annually on Shivarathri days. (The regurgitation of egg-shaped objects was invented by Houdini and copied widely by magicians and also Indian fakirs)

“In science, they feel that it is pieces of magnet They call it materialistic magnet. This is shining in every single human being. Where does this power which shines come from? All comes from oneself only. There is gold in every single human being. There is iron in every human being. This means that there are all metals. These metals are not that which come from outside. All metals are contained inside (man).”
“… this Lingodbhava (the emergence of the Linga) is not something which comes separately (from somewhere else). God is Hiranyagarbha. His garbha (womb) is full of hiranya (gold). So, this gold which is rasa (essence) churns, churns, churns, churns and churns, and all the essence draws that gold together. They call that Linga.”

“…there is light in magnetism. There is power. There is taste. There is audition. There is sight. All is its effect. (All senses are the effect of the magnetism in the body.) It is circulating in the body as gold.”

Speaking of gold as being magnetic ( which it is not, of course) he went on to include other metals in the body – as well as flowers, food, and temples which store worshippers’ devotion and exert magnetic attraction, while the human body is itself a ‘magnetic temple!  Further, it is essentially love, ‘the magnet of love’. Moreover, he said it is “also a kind of ‘animal magnetism”. 

Sai Baba’s revealed himself still to have a semi-literate villager mind, holding discourses which even surpassed in ignorance his ideas of atomic physics and geology. It is clear that he held divine magnetism only attracts. However, every schoolboy knows that magnets can repulse too (depending on polarity), so he was confused in his identifying divine magnetism as also being physical magnetism. Probably knowing that the earth has a magnetic field, he claimed for over a year that his body was attracting the earth so strongly that he stumbled and could hardly life his feet! (Later, his hip joint finally collapsed, invaliding him permanently).

Because he fancifully conflated and mixed up ideas, not keeping incompatible matters separate from one another the result was his glorious confusion! His pseudo-spiritual ramble where ‘God is everything and everything is God’ led him and his followers into all manner of mental pitfalls, semantic minefields and a great delusive meltdown. The applause that greeted some of the weirdest statements would have been from all the local uneducated villagers, yet later his discourse was hailed as illumining by various people who should know better, including an American professor. So much for the universality of his “universal spiritual teaching” (bodha).

Read the ‘heavier’- i.e. ‘serious’ version here


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