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Bon Giovanni & Ram Das Awle – two very disturbed minds

Posted by robertpriddy on October 9, 2011

Ram Das Awle is an outright supporter of perverse sexual abuse, and justifies Sathya Sai Baba’s sexual abuse – in which he believes took place – and if you don’t believe it read his web page (of which the original has been preserved in secure copies in case he tries to delete or change this very damaging material. Another devotee of Sai Baba in intense denial is Bon Giovanni, whose craftily-named website ‘Sai Critic’ (it is all really Sai defense) is an attempt to defuse criticism of Sai Baba. He endorses Ram Das Awle too, by having posted his writings on his own site.

CLICK ON IMAGE FOR WEB PAGE ON GIOVANNI —Though I never met Bon Giovanni, this photo of him was sent to me. If indeed he looks like that, then I would never ever have bought a used car from him either.

Early on during the exposé, Bon Giovanni defended his having posted a set of lies about me – making accusations that many others have directed against Sai Baba, namely of male sexual abuse. Such a primitive-minded and lying response all because of my many well-documented criticisms!  I was held to have sexually abused students who were said to have visited me to hear my talks about Sathya Sai Baba. I never gave talks about Sai Baba, nor was I visited by any students from abroad in that connection. Needless to say, I am no sexual abuser, but a happily married man. So Giovanni and Awle have marked themselves as person totally without moral judgement and decency.

Ram Das Awle writes about me, too, on a Sai Critic page, though he avoids giving my name for some reason – probably not to let Google find my name there and draw further attention to me and himself. He writes:-
“One thing to keep in mind: the gifts Baba give reflect the qualities of the people to whom they are given.  Furthermore, what we see in the Sai Mirror (and receive therefrom) reflects primarily our own minds.  Baba often manifests diamond rings, with surprisingly large diamonds set beautifully in gold; some of these rings have been valued at over a quarter of a million dollars.  Yet one man, who has now taken to globally scandalizing Baba, also received a ring from Him – and when he took it to a jeweler for valuation, he was told it was not a diamond at all but merely a well-cut lump of glass!  Is it any wonder Baba gave such a ring to one who would prove a completely false devotee?
Of this I am sure: if Baba does occasionally engage in a bit of ‘sleight of hand’, it is only another piece of His maya – specifically designed to create negative rumors that will test His devotees and keep unripe souls from recognizing Who He is.  Those who think they have ‘caught the magician at his tricks’ have actually been fooled by the Avatar’s maya, and in the process proved themselves as yet unworthy to behold the glory of the living Incarnation of God.” (source ref)

This is all rationalization, because Awle does not account for the fact that I met Sathya Sai Baba on many occasions (including in 5 private interviews) and that he said of me in public with witnesses present that “He is good, good, very good” and “He has a very good mind” as two examples of his opinion of me (but then I am not easily flattered). Also he told the interviewees that the stone in the ring he pretended to ‘make’ for me was explicitly “better than a diamond”. But 16 years or so later it was shown by a top professional jeweler to be a synthetic sapphire, worth very little too. Is that better than a diamond? Awle can twist things to extremes but no one will really believe him. Moreover, Sai Baba blessed the book I wrote about him, before I was roughly awakened to his murder involvement by his very close servitor, V.K. Narasimhan. Had Sai Baba known this in advance, he would surely never have let me get such close access as an observational basis for learning the depth and breadth of his deceptions. Besides, the ‘diamonds’ Sai Baba gives away have always been shown to be false gems so far and none have been assayed by professionals and proven genuine!

The extreme defenders of Sai Baba’s deceits like Bon Giovanni and – also sexual abuses as in the cases of  Ram Das Awle, Gerald Moreno and Lisa de Witt – often demonstrate for us how true are the following words of the researcher of hypnosis and subliminal programming, Dick Sutphen: “Those who have been brainwashed will usually passionately defend their manipulators, claiming they have simply been “shown the light” …or have been transformed in miraculous ways.” (from ‘The Battle for your Mind’). See Harassment charge against Bon G. on Keralite person’s website

Here is another example of what kind of mentality a large number of Sathya Sai Baba followers have


The sexual abuse by Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba is only an another form of expression of His Love towards His fellow devotees all across the globe. There must be some good results coming on their way to all those who came in close contact with Swami.


No comment to preposterous statements is merited.                    Note The Sai Critic site was closed down in 2013:-sai-critic-suspended

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Sathya Sai Baba materialisations of golden & diamond rings

Posted by robertpriddy on July 30, 2011

CLICK ON IMAGE TO DOWNLOAD BRIEF VIDEO - 3.7 MB or see better quality below

If you have Windows/Internet Explorer click here for video in wmv 

One of Sai Baba’s daily miracles in interviews was the production of silver, gold and other kinds of rings. Some with common gemstones, some with alleged genuine diamonds (though not one has actually proven to be genuine so far). In the Danish TV documentary ‘Seduced’, a conjurer shows how Sai Baba appears to produce these rings, and how he pretends to change their nature by blowing on them. (CLICK HERE FOR BETTER QUALITY 11.4MBS VIDEO CLIP DOWNLOAD)

Sai Baba alleged 'green diamond' ring assayed and found to be a fake. CLICK ON IMAGE TO READ FULL ACCOUNT

Sai Baba green “diamond” ring as “materialized” for Robert Priddy proven a fake

Exposed by the top diamond expert in Denmark, Mr. P. Hertz of Copenhagen (jeweler to Queen Mararethe). These rings are adjusted cleverly with green tinfoil behind the stones until – from some angles – some shadow resembling a dark head (which Sai Baba has). Thisactual stone was very hard indeed and would not scratch, that turned out to be due to it being a synthetic sapphire. Such stones are cheaply manufactured and can be bought on the Internet for a song (see here).
Despite this, and my revelations of the facts, all remaining §VIP Sai-devotees who have supposedly materialised diamond rings still wear them in public! None of them have got their stones assayed by professional jewelers. A few of these rings and their owners can be seen here:-


(My e-mail address is available at my main site contact page) 

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Shashi Tharoor endorsed Sathya Sai Baba’s materialization miracle etc.

Posted by robertpriddy on November 10, 2010

Among the elite of Indian politics, many worship Sathya Sai Baba. One small example: in an article in the International Herald Tribune, the Indian pundit Shashi Tharoor_actually endorsed Sathya Sai Baba as a genuine miracle maker and virtually all-knowing person, having received what he imagines is a gold set with nine precious gems from him, materialised from thin air! He should get the diamonds assayed, they he would find out they are not genuine at all – as I discovered (see here) and many others did with his alleged ‘diamonds’. He should look at the evidence which is overwhelming to show how fraudulent and meretricious Sathya Sai Baba really is! The agenda of Shashi Tharoor in his visit to Sai Baba and his prostrations there can now be discerned… he was at that time gunning for the Indian Government to put his name forward as Secretary General of the United Nations, which they did, though without success. His political ambitiousness is well-known in India, and controversy has surrounded him often. Apart from having been under-secretary general, his chief international attraction, one surmises, was that he is suave, European-looking and the cultured type of Indian with a British accent, which makes US, UK and European politicians feel comfortable. The Indian government at the time were known to be strongly under the influence of Sathya Sai Baba in many matters concerning personell (the PM and President worshipped him!). In the event, Tharoor was most fortunately deemed too lightweight – and probably too biased towards Indian agendas – for the job, as compared to Ban Ki-Moon.

See Rationalists examine irrationalist Shashi Tharoor and Shashi Tharoor – propagandist of obscurantism

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Posted by robertpriddy on March 17, 2007

Sai Baba has two faces; he shows you the fair or ‘good’ one and demands that you see only that, and think not the slightest bad thought about him… but only worship God in Him and never criticise. (Yet he criticises others and evidently allows his devotees to harbour hatred for others who have seen through his endless lies and deceptions!).

His other face, the foul one, is known to those many young men who tell that they have been his sexual victims (ca. 30 have stood forth in public so far), those who lose their lives (such as in his bedroom massacre in 1993) and the uncounted number who commit suicide at his ashrams or after having had contact with him. He cannot completely hide this other face all the time even from simple blind faith devotees.. so he has always cleverly insisted that anything you see is not really him, but just a reflection of your (bad) mind! So you are well and truly duped! You no longer have the power to think independently of his programming of you, nor discriminate between the simplest fact and fiction where he is concerned. Some of us have met him and known his closest servitors enough to break that spell.

Though he uses sleight of hand, he also has certain psychic abilities – though they are failing him nowadays. That is why many of his devotees still believe he must be good, illogical as this is. All such abilities are either learned or are the effect of neutral psychic energies which can be used both for good and evil – and even at once by the same person too! Many others before Sai Baba  performed these so-called siddhis… which Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and many other comparable revered Indian spiritual teachers rejected and not being spiritual or evidence of goodness. But, being dazzled by this and carefully stage-managed fraudulence – and being flattered and believing in Sathya Sai, devotees who continue to revere him have resigned their right to learn or understand the truth.

However, if one believes – as devotees must – that he can materialise diamonds and gives them away on the scale he pretends to, they you are blinded by belief. This has been proven by many who have taken their ‘diamond rings’ to expert jewellers, who have shown them to be synthetic and mostly having tinfoil behind the stones to enhance their brightness! This repeated and oft-reported pretense of Sathya Sai that these rings contain genuine diamonds is one of the many other and yet greater frauds he perpetrates. Is it not truly amusing that Ministers in the Indian government sport these false diamond rings as if they were genuine – including the President of the Indian Electoral Commission?

Public Petition for Official Investigations of Sathya Sai Baba and his Worldwide Organization
View ex-follower signatures

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