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Jana Vignana Vedika demonstrates Sai Baba ‘miracles’

Posted by robertpriddy on May 12, 2011


This latest in a long line of exposers of fraudulent “miracles” can be viewed performing most of Sai Baba’s famous ‘miracles’ on Indian TV. The commentary is not in English, but the video is watchable. There have been many who can replicate Sathya Sai Baba miracles, not least Dr. Abraham T. Kovoor, who demonstrated  holy ash or vibuthi “materialization” in front of Sathya Sai Baba and was angrily thrown out of the interview. He did this, of course, to show that it is an easy conjuring trick. Even some of his students have simulated the vibuti manifestation in a joking way (see video clip).

Often followers of Sai Baba have themselves gained a following through claiming to produce the ‘holy ash’ (vibuthi) or other small objects typically and allegedly “materialized” by Sathya Sai Baba, many claiming the power was invested in them by Sathya Sai Baba himself. This has always been strongly denied by Sathya Sai Baba and a considerable number of these have been denounced by special announcements in Sathya Sai Baba’s official journal Sanathana Sarathi through the years.  There was one producer of ash, rings and pendants in Mauritius described at length by R. Lowenberg in his hagiographic writings, and another in Bangalore who gave vibuthi to hundreds of Sai devotees and claimed to have been saved from a large number of heart attacks by Sathya Sai Baba himself. Another person who profits enormously in this way is a Jewish Cockney Stephen Turoff in Southend calling himself ‘Dr. Khan’ (a discarnate spirit guide he ‘channels’) who surrounds himself with Sai symbols and photos – pretends Sai miracles occur there – and who does psychic surgery healing and produces ash etc. The number of these ‘false prophets’ or whatever they claim they are is not small… there are just too many to keep track of.

All who have followed events for the last few decades will know that imitators are many. One example is an impostor in Canada who claims to be an intermediary of Sai Baba, officially denounced in the May 2002 issue of Sanathana Sarathi (p. 161) and further rebutted and warned against in detailed length in May 2003 (inside rear cover).  In Canada, under the name of ‘Ken’ a Japanese Sai Baba devotee who made many fantastic claims about visits from both Shirdi and Parthi Sai Baba in his home (as reported at length by the uncritical  Sai hagiographer R. Lowenberg in one of his early books, probably ‘The Grace of Sai’) . Ken had a room in Puttaparthi where he gave objects or letters to devotees (including Rick Prescott of Sydney) which he said Sai Baba had brought him by walking out of his picture on his private shrine! There was a young boy known as Sai Krishna who caused a stir in southern Indian by apparently materializing “vibuthi“. Dr.Narasimhaiah’s committee exposed Sai Krishna, a 7 year old child-protege of Satya Sai Baba, by pulling out the packet of Vibhuti hidden in Sai Krishna’s underclothes. [Author’s Note: in the Blitz interview, SB denies any connection with that boy, even without giving any proof] […] the committee requested him [Sai Baba] to allow them an investigation. When they visited him, a terrified Satya Sai Baba locked himself up in his Whitefield residence, close to Bangalore. All he could do was spew helpless vitriol at the Narasimhaiah committee.”

What the uninitiated take without questioning to be miracles of fantastic psychic abilities, not least very detailed mind-reading are done by so-called ‘Cold reading’. It  is amazing to people who do not know about it. It has been demonstrated by the famous initiator of neuro-linguistic programming Milton Erickson. The young illusionist Derren Brown is famous throughout UK (and increasingly in the rest of the world) because of his feats of cold reading (plus suggestion, misdirection, magic and psychology). He is able to tell intimate details about people he has never met and within a matter of seconds – and has demonstrated this countless times under the TV cameras (and there is no fraud involved at all, as interviews with his staff, his subjects and himself and those ‘behind the scenes’ proves conclusively).

Derren Brown of UK – videos on YouTube – there are many more on his DVDs and of a very wide variety of what seem to be ‘psychic powers’ but which he explains are not that at all. He is a sceptic as to the spiritual powers, but demonstrates what people believe to be such powers like ‘omniscience’ etc.. This is basic learning and sensible re-programming for all followers of gurus and avatars! He uses neuro-linguistic programming and many other techniques which he partly (but not entirely) explains to everyone. He shows the huge extent to which minds can be instantly manipulated by one who knows how.

Derren Brown strongly influences mind and physiology of random persons in a minute
Derren Brown extraordinary mind control demonstration
Derren Brown amazing power of suggestion surpasses martial arts master
The famous ‘zombie’ demonstration – a ‘must see’
Derren Brown wins over 9 top chess players simultaneously
Derren Brown easily transfers thoughts
How does Derren Brown manage this? Interview Stephen Fry on Derren Brown’s amazing illusionism
Aristocrats transparent to Derren Brown
Derren Brown guesses exact sums of pocket money correctly
Derren Brown terrifies a Ghost train operator on his own train ride
Daylight robbery by illusion in New York Subconscious influencing by Derren Brown
Amazing demonstration of perfect rapport
All strength lost through suggestion
Poor self-confidence and colour vision transformed by Derren Brown’s persuasion
Derren Brown gives two girls daylight hallucinations
Derren Brown shows how mediums work!!

Comment on the videos: In many cases people have claimed to have seen Sai Baba change physical appearance totally, even several persons together, but at the same time others have been present who have not seen any change at all. This applies to many accounts of him during public ‘darshan’ – some see haloes, others not and so forth. Now, were these changes (and materializations) real phenomena, then all present would have seen it. Sai Baba does not want anyone to understand his ways, – on the contrary! That is why he has always created a mystery around himself – it began in his early years!

Suggestion can be so powerful as to change people’s states of mind very radically, without more than a few clever words. Derren Brown, for example, can make people picked out of a group on the street or anywhere see and hear things and can find out what they are thinking, exactly what they have on their persons (including written shopping lists in their wallets). He can very quickly induce a state of drunken stupor in a person (showing just how he does it) and turn it on an off with a few words (even words written on a piece or sent by mobile phone message).
Many well-known, respected people and professional psychologists in UK have attested that there is no fraud whatever involve (no fixing of TV sequences or use of stooges). He says openly there are no psychic powers involved, but many techniques he has learned in observing personal psychology, varying means of suggestion, neuro-linguistic programming, misdirection of attention (as in stage ‘magic’ and pick-pocketing, for example) and much else. He explains some of his techniques in detail. He has a tremendous (possibly ‘photographic’) memory too. He has a very wide ‘repertoire’ and much of what he does is more dramatic that Sai Baba is seen to do. But he remains a sceptic about all ’spiritual’ powers, also about mediumism/contacting the dead, which he has reconstructed in a very convincing way, but he explains how and why he is a sceptic. kind of manipulation of perception done by Derren Brown is most impressive and dramatic – and is also intended to be so. My view is exactly the same as to Sathya Sai Baba. He is a showman and manipulator.

Further insight into the secrets of miracle guru fraudsters were discovered at great personal cost by the aspirant to mystical powers, Tahir Shah, who learned many of the secret of illusion from a most difficult ‘master’ of those arts. See  Sathya Sai Baba’s miracles – the veil lifted further

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