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Bon Giovanni refuted firmly by Afshin ‘Said’ Khorramshahgol

Posted by robertpriddy on September 16, 2011

Though this mail is not recent, it explains very well many of the misconceptions about Sathya Sai Baba and his sexual abuses of boys and young men and illustrates the psychological mechanism of intense denial, as witnessed in the confused and deluded ideas of Bon Giovanni, who presents himself as a ‘Sai Critic’ so as to try to confuse those searching for the facts about Sathya Sai Baba’s deceptions. Said Khorramshahgol is one of the most articulate of those sexually abused by Sathya Sai Baba, and his accounts are well worth reading if one has any doubt tht SB actually abuses to satisfy his own desires! His main testimony is found here

Sathya Sai Baba and Spiritual Molestation–a critique by Said

Author: Said Publisher: The NEURAL SURFER Publication date: June 1997

E-mail David Christopher Lane directly at

From: Said Khorramshahgol
To: “‘'”
Subject: Response to Bon
Date: Mon, 2 Jun 1997 08:39:58 -0700

Hello Professor Lane, the following is another response to Bon’s response to my first posting.

As to not confuse the readers between Bon’s writings and my own, Bon’s writings will be inside double parenthesis. 20

((These can manifest as suffering, especially when addressing specifics. That may explain why the fellows offer but few specifics,
then usually embroider the facts with hyperbole, resulting in their frequent assumptions.))

I would like everyone to see what I have based my based my opinion of Raju – aka Sai Baba, his last name – so that they can choose if they are facts or assumptions as Bon claims. They are the following:
1. I have seen three movies with some very clear, close shots of Baba cheating on “materializations” of “holy” ash, a necklace, and either another necklace or a rings, I don’t remember which one.
2. I have had Raju touch my testicle some five or six times. He has hugged me while touching me. He has breathed hard and made sexual noises. So, I have concluded that he was touching me in a sexual way.
3. Raju has directed me to touch his testicle by taking my hand and rubbing it against his testicle. Further, he made loud sexual noises.
So, I have come to the conclusion that he was sexually aroused and enjoying it.

I would like Bon to answer the following:
1. If Raju was healing something in my testicle, why did he hug me? Why did he have to hug me to do so?
2. If Raju was healing something in my testicle, why did he make sexual noises?
3. If Raju was healing something in my testicle, why did he breathe harder?
4. Why did Raju have me touch his testicle?20
5. If Raju was trying to perhaps teach me something or whatever other answer you have come up with, why did Raju make sexual noises while he directed me to touch him?
6. Can you point out what assumptions I have made?
7. Can you point out how I have embroidered the facts with hyperbole?

((Those who have met Sai may however differ or agree with Said or with me, but surely those who at least read Sai’s teachings, instead of only the comments by men like me or Said, might recall that Swami again and again advises folks to build their lives and their faiths NOT ON HIS PERSON, >NOT ON STORIES ABOUT HIM, GOOD OR BAD, but rather on their own experience, and to use that resulting basis of direct experience to develop keen attention, and with that to develop unbiased insight.))

It might not be wise to listen to others views at times, but you can’t generalize and say you should never listen to other’s views regarding someone else. So, Raju, the all knowing, is wrong when it comes to this point. You are thinking based on your faith in Raju. You have accepted that he is God and you are thinking that each person has a different experience and belief regarding Raju, a belief which is strong within Raju’s followers. So, as a result you are saying no one should judge Raju based on anyone else’s experiences solely based on your belief that he is God and his teachings are the Truth. But to me and to a major majority of people he is just a human being and not what you think he is. We, as logical human beings can listen to other people’s experiences regarding Raju. To everyone who is not a Raju follower, it becomes more clear that Raju is a homosexual and a charlatan if two people have the same experiences with him. Try all you want to convince them to forget our experiences, but we, they won’t be able to forget about similar accusations of sexual abuse, specially if they have kids.
I just wanted to give you a report of how we think down here.

Apparently you are too high and your mind too twisted and you need us to clear how logical thinking can be. And also, doesn’t Raju say that the character of the guru is important. I have read his teachings regarding the characteristics of a guru. He mentions many things about recognizing the qualities of the character of the guru. So, why does Raju and you not want others to examine the character of Raju? I will tell everyone why you and Raju want people to go there and see Raju up close. It is about Raju wanting people to be mesmerized with the idea of seeing miracles and seeing the source of these miracles and wanting to talk to him, etc. In the next few paragraphs I will explain how a person feels and why they feel that way when they go to see Raju the first time.

((That [experiencing Raju first hand] is the basis for sadhana, or spiritual discipline. Experience like that you see does example how understanding itself is best realized while *living* a teaching, not dwelling in imaginary states or assumed relationships))

Bon, there are two kinds of experiences, inner and outer. The outer is also important, even in cases such as studying Raju. Outer experiences can be even good for your spirituality, don’t you agree? It can even save you from fraud teachers who can ruin your life, don’t you agree?
I am sure you agree, and so how can you ask non-devotees to go and see Raju without considering my side of the story? If I am right about Raju, then their lives are ruined, agree? I am sure you agree, so how can you make such a suggestion? I know how you make a suggestion like
that, you are high and your mind is twisted, you don’t think logically as we do down here. You base your reasoning on your faith. You think that what Raju says is the Truth and most beneficial – as Raju devotees believe. So, your logical mind which would tell you “what if I am wrong and Raju is a fake” does not function. All your reasoning is shadowed by your faith, I am not saying you don’t have reasoning. Reasoning is a
sequence of if…then…else statements. But your if statement starts with the supposition that Raju is God. Can you undrestand? I would like to tell everyone how one feels when one goes to see Raju for the first time and why you feel as such. Imagine being told that someone has many millions of follower, he has risen the dead, many times, he can read your mind, tell of your past, your future, AND HE PERFORMS MIRACLES DAILY by creating holy ash, which is supposed to heal the sick and help those in need. Wouldn’t your mind boggle over that?
Even if you are very skeptical at first, after hearing about his many miracles for a while or hearing them from a couple of people, you might agree to check it out for yourself. You have also been told that this person not only claims to be God, he also claims that you are God. The effect this kind of statement has is shown by the following:
When he says you are also God in order to calm your mind over his claim to be God; the claim that you are also God, also makes you feel like there must be something I don’t understand about his philosophy, how can he and I be God? So, you leave it alone for the time being.
So you go to see Raju. You are very excited because this person is supposed to be a very special person indeed – the great miracles that you have been told comes to your mind. This is apparent in many books about “experiences” of people when they met Raju for the first time. I have read many stories where the people are thinking about so many different things while they are going to see him. You get excited and you can’t help it. This kind of excitement can be very soothing just like a spiritual experience and ecstasy. Also, you are very excited because you are waiting for that very first time that you will see a miracle. This is also evident in “experiences” of people who went to see Raju for the first time. Many write about looking for that first miracle. So your mind is boggling over the prospects of perhaps meeting a holy person who can do great miracles. Another thing is that on the first trip, if not everyone, a major majority of people want Raju to notice them and be so very kind to them. These people could be pure skeptics, but they feel that way anyhow. So, you also want a great deal of attention from Raju. You go there, and Raju doesn’t pay any attention to you for a while. This is also what many devotees have claimed or written in their books. After a week or two of waiting for Raju to notice you, you are becoming very upset and at the same time more excited. After living within thousands of devotees and constantly being told of Raju’s miracles, you are getting very excited – after all it could be true that he is doing miracles, that he is God – and you want him to notice you more. Another thing that could be nice is for you to talk to Raju face to face, which is only possible in an interview. You ask for it and you want it so bad. And finally, one day Baba looks at you or starts to notice you or talks to you. You feel like you are in heaven. Truly, you feel in a kind of spiritual ecstasy.
You know why because anytime, anyone wants something so bad and they get it, they get very happy. In your situation, while the thought that Raju might be God is in the back of your head-and most probably it has strengthened after two weeks of waiting and conversing with Raju devotees –, this feeling of happiness gets a kind of spirituality in your high. You will say and I have “WOW, this person who might be God-and whom I wanted so much to notice me-has finally noticed me!” If you observe your emotions and thoughts while you are there then you will see it for yourself. Unfortunately, the high and the ever increasing and intensifying idea that Raju might be God and the fact that we really would love to see God face to face makes it hard to face our real emotions and makes it hard to think about it logically. Wouldn’t it be great to see God face to face – specially after you have been there for two weeks and the idea that he might be God is getting stronger day by day? This is the feeling that Bon wants you to get. I, as a devotee, used to tell everyone that to see Raju is to love Raju, for this very reason. All Raju devotees think that way, because we used to talk about the first meetings with Baba, the first time he looked at us, etc. Bon is a pervert, he doesn’t want you to go there to examine Raju, he wants you to go there and get high and illogical. I am sure Jed would agree with me on this. Bon is a liar. So now you know Bon’s intentions and his personality. Every Raju devotee believes that their first visit to Raju is their best. That is because the first time they go there, they want to see miracles and Raju palys mind games with them by not paying attention to them for a while, etc. All that I have said above applies to the first trip. The next trips become more normal. In the second and consequent trips you feels very high for the first week – after all you are going to see your God, someone you are dedicating your life to, and someone whom you love – and then wears off.

((However, those who wish to examine Sai for character flaws may certainly do so if they find that beneficial, but surely might do well then to at least go and see him directly, so as to fully examine their day to day lives and his day to day life, both in outer appearance as well as in regard to his teaching, to see if that has value or not.))

My reasons why you feel the way you do when you go to see Raju explains why Bon is asking everyone to go and see Baba without trying to examine Raju for character flaws. Bon wants everyone to go there and get high and not deal with Raju’s character. Isn’t it better to also test the character of someone who says he is God? Shouldn’t that be the first step in your research on Raju and his claim to be God? I would appreciate it if someone else, a third party could respond to this question.

((Instead, if they do as Said suggests, if one instead pays attention to stories, or to movies, or to hearsay or imaginings, as he himself brags that he has done, one gets no actual experience, no understanding, and no insight. Rather one gets what Said has: ‘opinion’ which is frankly more bias than anything else, but opinion which masks itself as if “objective fact”.))

Well, your opinions are facts, but mine have no ground, they are just opinions, right? Your logic there is as twisted as it has been throughout this reply. Also, Bon’s problem here is that he puts too much emphasis on the plays of his mind. Within the Raju devotees, it is very popular to “get within” and experience things within. All the “bad” emotions are destroyed, all “good” emotions are placed there, if possible, all thoughts and emotions are not only watched but are directed, so instead of letting your thoughts and emotions to come out, you suppress all thoughts and emotions and only try to have “good” emotions and thoughts. In this process, you have to deal with so many difficulties and you gain experience as to how to control your thoughts and emotions, if you are strong enough. This can be seen as spiritual to those who follow that path. And these are the experiences which Bon speaks of. When I first became a Raju follower, I used to read and hear of getting within, after a while, I was so involved with controlling my thoughts and emotions, I was constantly, by the second, by the thought watched and tried to control my thoughts and emotions. Before I knew it, I was only aware of my thoughts and emotions, I had gone within. But suppressing all thoughts and emotions is not true spirituality. It will just make all the suppressed thoughts stronger and they keep coming back. True spirituality is supposed to be constant, not fighting all thoughts. So, Bon is living within himself fighting emotions and thoughts and he feels good for overcoming some – although they come back later – and he feels bad for losing. For him this is a reality and a spiritual path of “cleansing”. All else is non reality, the outside world is non-reality as they have been told by Raju. So, movies that show Raju cheat are not important, what is important is that they are fanatically trying to fight their thoughts and emotions and that is important and that is reality. It is hard for me to explain it to you. Unless you have lived this kind of life, you wouldn’t understand. I tried my best to explain it to all and show where Bon is coming from. I welcome all those who have lived this kind of life and understand, to respond.

(( …. I have based my views only on my own experience and study, not on guesses, stories, movies, or hearsay.))

Can you please share some of these experiences with us. Ever since the first time I talked to you, you keep telling me and everyone else that your faith comes from inner experiences and that nothing else matters. Please share some of your experiences with us so that perhaps some of us will be able to benefit from them. If your experiences are strong
enough to keep you a devotee after semi-accepting that Raju cheats on his miracles, then it must be strong enough to at least change someone else’s mind. If you can save one person’s life by taking them to Raju, then your life has been worthwhile, so please share your experiences with us.

((That means for him it was a cult, but it is my direct experience that there is nothing “real” about Said’s claims, nothing cultlike in Sai’s organization-even though there may certainly be cult-followers like Said around, as there are in any large spiritual organization.))

Why should people believe you that Raju’s organization is not a cult? You haven’t given them any proof. I have at least told them of my “opinion”, or “imaginations” as you call them, namely three movies which they can watch. What have you given as proof that Raju is not a cult master? All you have said is my experiences are that he is God and you expect all to believe that first of all you are saying the truth and second of all your experiences are not a play of your imaginations. Give proof Bon and stop telling us we have opinions and imaginations until you yourself give some proof.

((However, one may of course deduce based on hearsay and appearances, instead of direct observation and experience. Frankly I think Said examples that rather clearly, and so hope you will use his example to avoid such calamity.))

Bon, I was a devotee of Raju for three years and I had seven interviews and many private ones both with my group and Raju, with me and Raju and also, once he called me in with another group of people for a private interview. I have had many direct observations and experience. More than you have. I just remembered something. Once even Raju kissed me on the cheek while he was hugging me, has he done that to you? Has he ever played with your dick? Has he ever hugged you? He hugged me at least 5 times. As you see, I have had experiences and I found out that under the cake, there was a large pile of shit in the bucket, which examplifies what people will find in Raju. And you are right, I hope that people will take my example to avoid such calamity, I really hope so.

((Do you think Swami is only what Said, or I, (or Lane, or you) think him to be? ))

Your opinion above is nothing but twisted thinking based on faith. As an ex-Raju devotee I know what you are thinking. It is the belief of Raju followers that Raju is beyond all people’s comprehension and so Bon says “Do you think _____ is only what Said, or I, (or Lane, or you) think him to be?” It is their belief that no one can understand Raju’s
reality since a finite mind cannot understand the infinite. They also believe that Raju and his actions are a mystery to all as is written in a book by Hislop, a devotee of Raju. So, if Raju’s personality and his actions are a mystery, why should we go and see him since you, who have been with Raju for twenty or more years believe that he is a mystery? 20 Here I am going to explain to all as to why Raju followers find him a mystery. For example, Raju tells a devotee something. The devotee starts thinking why did Raju tell me this? Could it be that he loves me? Could it be that he saw something in me and he wants to change it?
Could it be that he saw something in my future which is threatening to my life? As a devotee of Raju I used to think this was and so did my Raju friends. We used to talk about this sometimes. So, with all these questions, Raju’s intentions remain a mystery as he also stays a mystery. Also, this kind of thinking made me feel that Baba might be killing a bird with one stone. Could there be more than one answer to the above questions? If so, then Raju is operating in many different levels as is also believed by Raju followers. So, as you see, this kind of faith is all based on their ignorace. If Bon disagrees, let him give at least two instances of his experiences which proved to him that Raju operates on different levels.

((Students who persevere do find that one way Swami teaches is to bring doubts *forward*, INTO EXPERIENCE, so they can be examined. Bringing doubts to light is part of his job as a TEACHER, as even Jed and Said example, albeit grudgingly. Why Jed and Said chose to not examine their doubts so much as to instead apparently deduce instead Sai was at fault, is what Lane’s page serves to focus on, if one wishes. Of course David’s page also offers the chance to mindlessly gloat over gossip, if one wishes that. ))

You are suggesting that after seeing three movies that expose Raju’s “miracles” as frauds, and after being molested by him, I should have fought all doubts and held on to faith? Isn’t that what the followers of the raping guru did? So, since they fought their doubts and found the “truth” about why their guru raped those women – they came to
believe that the guru who had no sexual desires or feelings, was out to release the sexual energy of those women who were suppressing them; this way they could concentrate on their spiritual exercises – then are you suggesting that they are more spiritual people now? Also, are you suggesting that the guru is always pure and we have to se all shit and overcome doubts? As you see your reasoning works as I have said. It goes as “Raju is God, then he is pure and couldn’t have lied about his powers, couldn’t have molested those kids. His intentions are always pure. So, these doubts are unfounded and should be destroyed and replaced by faith.” BY KILLING DOUBT, YOU ARE NOT GOING TO MAKE Raju A GOD OR PURE.

((No one charged them any fees or dues, and no one made them go into interview, or stay, or leave– yet they blame Sai as if he somehow tricked them.))

We didn’t go to India or interviews on our own accord, we were brain washed.

((They seem convinced a teacher can act only as they wish, poor fellows. No wonder then they are furious with Sai Baba, for he fits no mould whatsoever.))

If Raju doesn’t fit the mould of a teacher, a pure person, or God, then most probably he is not a teacher, a pure person or God! Also, please read my account, explained above, of how Raju’s devotees believe that Raju is a man of mystery and why they think that Raju does not fit anyone’s understanding. It will give you a lot of insight in Bon’s twisted thought patterns as expressed in his above statement. Thanks for your time. Please e-mail me with any info, questions or suggestions. Thank you.


E-mail The Neural Surfer directly at


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Sai Baba gave false gold watches: video testimony of an intimate

Posted by robertpriddy on August 6, 2011


All the gold hoarded up by Sai Baba was held onto by him, hidden in all manner of cache, though he would give away watches with false gold plating, watches which did not even work properly, to one of his favourites at the time who had many interviews even in one month (and who tells how he was abused sexually during them). Though he appeared anonymously in ‘Seduced’ (the first film made with him), he came out with full name and face in the BBC World documentary ‘The Secret Swami’. The following video excerpt wi from ‘Seduced’ by Danish National Broadcasting (DR):-

See also where the following short Windows video clips (in wmv) are available:-

1) Three robes from Sai (Filesize 654Kb)

2) Numerous ‘materialisations (Filesize 1.12 Mb

3) Alaya Rahm on Sai Baba threats and oral sex abuse when still a minor 1.05Mb)

4) Testimony – Sai Baba tried anal sex etc. (Filesize 1.0 Mb)

5) Al Rahm tells of his learning of the sex abuse of his son

6) Alaya’s mother tells of her reaction

7) Indian student sex abuse victims cannot speak out (Filesize 340Kb)

8) The Rahm’s son’s fears if he told the truth about Sai sex abuse (Filesize 515 Kb)

9) Alaya Rahm was told not to tell and threatened by Sai Baba (Filesize 840 Kb)

The US State Department were contacted by the BBC (filesize 1.26 Mb) and confirmed
their Travel Advisory warning as being directed specifically against Sathya Sai Baba.

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Sathya Sai Colleges and Trust troubles not over

Posted by robertpriddy on July 14, 2011

comments on Sathya Sai Baba from the Huffington Post

The Sathya Sai exposé has long asserted that the sexual issue around Sathya Sai Baba will never go away, and that is a promise that still pertains. The main reason for this is the extent of the abuses known to many persons, and the sheer number of lives that have been so badly affected by this. A secondary reason, though no less the tenacious, is that the current exposé  has yet long to run and its survival is being assured by measures being taken to that end. We are in possession of numerous reports – and know where affidavits also exist – concerning former teachers and others at the colleges, persons who have colluded fully with Sai Baba in many of his reported sexual affairs. Among them are those who have indulged themselves likewise, in addition to exercising no proper care or duty towards those afflicted by these horrors. They no longer have quite the same powerful backing now that the support of the widely accused ‘pedophile avatar’ to back them up in governmental and judicial circles is but a celestial dream-hope. Their accusers may yet take recourse to Indian justice, such as has occurred in the Roman Catholic Church and many other religious sects after many long years.

Meanwhile, the reputation of Sai Baba himself and his supposed avataric omnipotence and eternal influence from beyond any grave (being self-professed Creator of the Universe!) continues to dwindle in the world – that is, among all people who have not immersed their entire lives in the belief in all this (despite revelation after revelation). In this connection the occasional postings of independent critics on websites are worth bringing to notice, such as the excerpt from comments on the obituary of Sai Baba in The Huffington Post (USA).

See also IBN News: Sri Sathya Sai College in financial trouble?

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Hans de Kraker: telling comments on Sai Baba on The Telegraph obituary

Posted by robertpriddy on May 29, 2011

The obituary of Sathya Sai Baba in The Telegraph (London) received a large number of comments. As to be expected, many were from anonymous Sathya Sai Baba followers, criticizing the Telegraph or critics of Sai Baba, often in quite primitive terms.

From The Telegraph – comments on Sai Baba obituary

The same old hackneyed ignorance of devotees about the extent and nature of the testimonial evidence and sworn, witnessed statements or affidavits against Sathya Sai Baba were trundled forth. A most civil but outspoken critic of Sathya Sai Baba who tells how he was subjected to sexual molestation by Sathya Sai Baba answered a critic who said it was easy to sit behind a screen and tarnish someone’s name (though he did exactly that himself). Hans de Kraker, who has long since made public his account of Sathya Sai Baba’s sexual advances, replied… using his photo and first name (as seen on the right here) and his full posting was as follows:-

Hi Moijejoue, it is hard for you to make a claim about my ignorance when you have never met me and can hence only create an opinion based on evidence you have access to.
To this extent I went out of my way to sign an affidavit – legally binding – witnessed by a Justice of Peace. It is also easy to sit behind a computer and judge – dismiss other peoples experiences as invalid or lies.
It was for me a huge challenge and disappointment to be confronted with the sexual requests from Sai Baba. They were a shock. What was even harder was being thrown out at that point – without explanation. I was not someone who had just walked of the road in Prashanti – I had invested my soul, feelings and emotions and money like many others – and do not regret any of this. When this occurred, I was part of management at the ashram and Director of the Western Canteen in Prashanti. I was there because I had accepted the personal invitation of Sai Baba to re-open the Western Canteen which had been closed.
The reason why I am mentioning this is because I was a devotee once, just like you maybe and got to the same point because I shared the same values as you did. I got to this point in the ashram not from one day to the other – this was a journey with a lot of monitoring and vetting from ashram management. Today I still have no issues with the teachings and the books that can be bought in the Prashanti bookstore. The books mastered and edited by Kasturi etc hold valuable information.
My issue is that Sai Baba took advantage for personal gratification and the type of gratification he condemned – and not in a transparent manner. So remember that some of these ex-devotees you are casting judgment on – started following Sai Baba because they share your same values – just not those of the master – who fell prey to his own human flaws – as we all may do from time to time.

Hans de Kraker continued in a second posting:-

A moment of reflection for ex-devotees and devotees alike. The passing of Sai Baba shows both ex-devotees and devotees that Sai Baba was only a human being with strengths and flaws. I had firs hand experiences. He prophesied that he would live till 96 and again – has not met his own claims. He advocated a life without sex – whilst indulging secretly. He did not walk the path he advocated and was not true to his own teachings. There is no bad that comes without good and surely he built hospitals and schools and supplied villages with water. However these goods do not justify the bad – some of them – abuse of position, authority for his personal sexual gratification.

So another failed prophecy – his own – he would turn 96. I bet that most current devotees will come up with an excuse that explains why he still is God Incarnate. I have spoken to doctors with university degrees, even the late Dr Mario Mazzoleni, they all chose to shoot the messenger in an ultimate effort not to accept reality and keep their own ‘dream alive’. Instead of listening to people who were suffering trauma of sexual abuse – they chose to attack them – adding insult to injury.

The attempt on Sai Baba’s live in 1993 was another extreme example of what people are willing to do for their faith – die and kill. I was there in the mandir 1993 – it was a riot and frenzy of violence – the rifle shots and executions were chilling experiences. It is definitely a moment of sadness for both sides of the fence – but probably both for very different reasons. Humanity is coming to terms with itself every day, what faith means and how far you will go. We are tested every day – across the globe. This is just another case of humanity coming to terms with itself.

A Sai Baba devotee, Dr. O. P. Sudrania,  replied at length but it was largely empty of substance. He did, however write to Hans:-
“You are perfectly entitled to your opinions – right or wrong, it is your responsibility but others have their own mind and yardsticks to evaluate you. Onething that amazes me is, “How come so many people from far away lands has been befooled by this young boy from His teens to attract to this Hamlet without some clout”? I have met personally a few of them. Why only two persons (males) have been abused by Him, as you quote, whereas hoards of people have been visiting Him without any change must be another point to verify? That includes females from all over the world of various ages and I have interacted with a good number of them myself.

While I accept your argument of personal experience, I can not satisfy myself on a scores of other reasons that defy my personal acumen or reasoning. I have nothing more to say except that please keep going in your own way till you have satisfied yourself and your mind.”

Dr. Sudrania is so ill-informed as to imagine that there were only two males have been abused by him (i.e. “Him”) – he evidently can’t or won’t read the scores of testimonies that have been on the Internet for a decade already! As it turned out this doctor-in-deep-denial had reams more of comments to write! One can still read it all on The Telegraph if one wishes, but it is full of irrelevancies and the kind of egoistic ‘humility’ that is a hallmark of many Sai followers, so there is nothing in it whatever that can shake the testimony of Hans de Kraker. Nevertheless, Hans replied in his balanced and respectful manner…

There came more cocksure and badly ill-informed challenges by Dr. O.P. Sudrania (especially about whether Hans was present at the 1993 murder scene – but also on the likelihood of a legal challenge being allowed in India, where Premanand’s petitions to several courts were delayed for over a decade and never came before a magistrate! Sudrani’s hypocritical , including the following:-

“You could have filed a legal notice against Baba and I am aware of at least two legal battles against his organisation. No one would have prevented you from doing so in India in stead of involving UN or any other outside agency.
Regarding your allegations on the shooting incidence, I am sure you were not present in the Ashram nor have you tried to verify the cause. The incidence has not been on his life and if so, then what prevented the assassins to kill Him?
They (enough in number to overpower Him) were in the room with Him with the lethal weapons, for a good time enough to kill Him but they “could not or did not”. I am not sure if you have tried to fully enlighten yourself. I assert with all my regards to you.”

Hi Dr Sudrania, I did not file a legal case against Sai Baba as I was a consenting adult. If you are referring to the fact that homosexuality in India is illegal – I believe sexual preference is a personal matter and think it is a right – so would not seek any such claims against him. I was shocked, unprepared and did not appreciate Sai Baba’s advances or requests – but never thought to take legal steps other than libel against other aggressive devotees and SSB organization members.

The reason I joined a submission to the UN with signed affidavits was because the UN were scheduling a conference or part thereof on Education of Human Values and my personal experience and alleged others meant I was now compelled to make my experience available to others so they could be forewarned and draw their own conclusions. I chose a sworn affidavit to substantiate my claim – a legally binding statement. As far as the shooting incident is concerned – I was there in 1993 in the ashram. Not just in the ashram, we had been called to come and assist getting intruders out of the ashram – intruders with the intent to kill Sai Baba. An italian friend, part of the group I travelled to India with from italy, was a karate trainer at Prashanti and Whitefield. He was a black belt third dan and he and I would hold classes. My Italian friend had been appointed personally by Sai Baba. So when the intruders attacked the mandir, some ashram staff approached us. We rushed and ran to the mandir. It was a terrible sight. An inch of blood in the interview room – blood and dead bodies dragged over the floor. There was a rioting crowd of about 500 people with home made arms, knifes etc, ready to lynch the intruders. My Italian friend and I climbed onto the facade of the mandir, hellbent to save Sai Baba. When we got onto the balcony, people were fighting with each other – arguing and it was not clear who was who.

This is where intruders could take advantage of the confusion by mingling with the crowd – as the intruders were deemed to be ex-students/staff – unknown at that point who was who. I decided to charge down a dark spiral staircase – when my Italian friend pulled me back – telling me I was a fool for attempting. And I was of course – but we were ready to protect Sai Baba as others had done moments before – attempting to neutralize the intruders. My friend started wrapping a towel he had found on the balcony around his arm – to protect against knifes but then made the call it was too dangerous to go in the small corridors without light and proper protection. Police started to arrive with rifles and we climbed back down as things were getting seriously out of hand. There were about 1000 people now. Police had their rifles pointed at the exits. The night next captured the chilling sounds of screaming people, arguments for about 15/30 minutes – followed by chilling rifle shots – the intruders had been shot. There were discussions about the process, execution vs trial – circumstances etc It was a terrible experience. So yes – I was there.

I know of 1 dozen of males that were touched by Sai Baba and that received invitations – but know for a fact that it happened to me and know of someone who travelled with our group that had succumbed to Sai Baba’s request. There are others that have signed affidavits with similar claims to mine – but can speak as a matter of fact of my experience. It was a public secret that Sai Baba touched men and on some occasions asked favors. I asked senior hospital staff for advice, a doctor from an Australia hospital, doing Seva in Parthi as well as some other ashram management staff. They were shocked but went on to say that I should remember that he is God. Some even said that someone who had accepted Sai Baba’s request was cured from Cancer. I had no ilness nor Cancer!
Shortly after me sharing my experience with these people, I was called in by the then Secretary, Chirangivi Rao and Mr Chakravarti – was told I had been expelled. I was not allowed to ask why – was only allowed to leave and only come back until I had written permission from the ashram secretary.

Upon my return to Australia I visited Sri Ramanathan – the then president of the SSB Organisation for Australia and Papoea New Guinea. I shared my experience and he stated: “That experience was for you and is your experience – but it is not mine.” He was courteous and philosophical – unlike many others in the organization. His comments did not really give me any comfort – but he was respectful and mindful. It was hard and took years to give it a place. Moments like this revive parts of that past and 5 years in India.
Cheers, Hans

Dr. O.P. Sudrania, who is a retired surgeon and a defender of yoga philosophy and other unscientific Indian traditions, went on an on with the blatant hypocrisy “My loving regards to you” while doing his utmost to cast further doubt and confusion about the facts by all manner of irrelevant means on the integrity of Hans de Kraker. This kind of behaviour is well-known particularly among Sathya Sai followers who are under an obligations to “Speak sweetly and softly” and never to criticize others from their Lord and Master. Hans de Kraker posted a good deal more himself, all of which is well worth study.  (

Dr. Sudrania is a cantankerous and ill-informed defender of the indefensible because he cannot examine his own belief in the alleged ‘miraculous divine nature’ of Sai Baba. He charged critics of Sathya Sai Baba with a ‘malicious campaign’, but since the illicit hoard of wealth and property Sai Baba left in his rooms and the criminal shenanigans of the Sathya Sai Central Trust, he has not been vociferous! It wuill take him some time and effort to rationalize all that! See the following explanation he received (gracelessly) from Hans de Kraker, the Australian who spoke out about sexual molestation by Sai Baba (first in 2000). Dr. Sudrania questioned him relentlessly in a smarmy,false humble, hypocritical manner.  in the interest of truth and protecting those still vulnerable to his abuses:-

from the comments on the Daily Telegraph obituary of Sathya Sai Baba

 A searing testimonial about Sathya Sai Baba

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Sathya Sai Baba on record

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“BETRAYAL” By SAI BABA – a clearly well-informed report posted anonymously by a former student of Sathya Sai Baba’s college system and presented by Basava Premanand, a foremost ex-follower and skeptic who investigated Sathya Sai Baba through decades. This testimony has been published here and there before, yet it contains such important information that it deserves reposting. Note, however,  that most exposé  writers reject all ideas of the existence of demons or Satan.

Firstly, a note on the reliability of testimony and reasons for anonymity:

Most of the allegations that have been levied at Sathya Sai Baba by alleging victims of sexual abuse are written statements open to a considerable degree of factual checking of details given by persons who have been contacted by writing, phoning and personal meetings. Some have also given filmed interviews. Accounts of sexual abuse are obviously second-hand (unless one was personally involved). This, of course, does not mean that such accounts are ‘rumours’, as they are called by those who want excuses for not considering them. There can be no ‘smoking gun’, no ‘corpse’ in such cases. The facts can very seldom be proven by physical evidence such as forensic data, audio, visual recordings etc. – and then mostly only in quite exceptional circumstances. Therefore, no one can fairly assume that reports from people – whether first-hand victims or at second-hand via a friend etc. – are baseless. Unconfirmed assertions are the unavoidable first step in uncovering nearly all sexual abuse. The huge obstacles faced by its victims individually – whether personal, social, financial or a combination of these – are by now well-known and in addition to all that comes the emotional upheaval and threats to stop the victims from telling. Increasing worldwide experience shows that the road to conviction and imprisonment of abusers is exceptionally long and relatively very few paedophiles are brought that far anyhow. It almost always must begin with allegations coming into the public sphere (often indirectly or anonymously so as to protect the victims).

Not only were four students executed by the police in 1993 with the consent of the Prashanthi Nilayam authorities in Sai Baba’s bedroom apartment, but many remain in danger of being discriminated, harassed, persecuted, attacked or worse by the original perpetrators of abuses they have suffered (or by others who are complicit in such abuse, such as in a ‘paedophile circle’). This applies to a high degree in India where Sathya Sai Baba has demonstrated to the full that he exercises virtual control of the judiciary and government on all matters concerning his own reputation. Various anonymous Indian ex-students have mailed exposé workers and our websites, or have posted on bulletin boards, that their careers, their families and sometimes even the lives of any who were to stand forth with full name in public would be in jeopardy. Quite apart from this, it can take many years – up to decades – for victims to come to terms with their experiences, while it is highly likely that many never do so enough to speak out. For it requires a robust personality to take the criticism, suspicions and threats which are so often met, including the ever-present likelihood of lurid and inaccurate ‘tabloid media’ coverage. The name of the author of the following account is therefore not given here:-

This is the sad story of betrayal of faith and love, of taking advantage and exploitation of a very base nature. What is being written may sound blasphemy, sacrilege or fanciful, but if one opens his eyes and uses his brain, it will turn out to be nothing but truth. It is a truth which many know and ignore because it does not affect them in any way, then there are those who know nothing and are innocent.

This is the story of life in Sri Sathya Sai Hostel for Boys. Devoted parent send their tiny tots with the firm belief that they will undergo all round developments and will be under the direct presence of Baba Ji. But few parents actually know what happens to their loved ones. What happens to boys is a saga of betrayal of the most banal kind known to mankind since ages. Let us take it from the Primary school level itself. The Principal of the Primary school Mrs. Munni Kaul knows it only too well that her survival there purely depends on sending in the front good-looking, usually fair and sometimes girlish boys, because as is well known Baba Ji has a weakness for such boys. These are the innocent boys you see, who are forced to come in the front, on some pretext or the other, holding cards, trays etc. This in itself is nothing serious, but what follow later is.

These young, good-looking boys who are generally not even in their teens are for some time closely watched by Babaji. Later some day these small boys are called for personal interview. What happens to these tiny tots in the interview room is known to many but all keep mum because their very survival depends on it. These small boys are taken one by one in the inner interview room behind the curtain by Babaji. For some time he fondles them and then suddenly he opens their zippers and pulls down their pants and underpants. Now Babaji massages and fondles the sex organs of the small boys, who know nothing and take it as some form of spirituality. Babaji generally hugs and kisses the boys while they are stark naked, then sends them back. This is in itself a traumatic and sickening experience for a boy of about 5th of 6th standard. Then there are certain advantages too, these boys are labelled as FORM BOYS and are kept in the forefront by the Headmistress, who actually is well aware of the fate of these young ones. These boys generally get chains, rings and watches from Babaji as special blessings or in a worldly sense, the ‘payment’ for ‘selling’ their bodies without their knowledge.

For the kind information of authorities (those who are aware and maintain silence and those who know nothing), Mrs. Munni Kaul, the Head Mistress of Primary School, herself is a confirmed child molestress. This can be ascertained by Authorities (if they have the will and courage), if they could pick just a few good looking (and fair) boys from class 6th and ask them with love and in confidence, what Munni Aunti forces them to do. She is known to sexually abuse good looking boys and girls. Staff members can easily get this information But then one cannot blame the Head Mistress because her survival depends on her supplying these boys for Babaji.

Now comes the second and other part of this story. All this does not stop at Primary School. Now the boys come to Sri Sathya Sai Higher Secondary School. Now the boys are in 8th class. Some teachers in the hostel are well aware what the full set-up is about. They keep an eye for good looking and fair skinned young boys and repeatedly send them in the front of the mandir on some pretext or the other till the boys catch the attention of Babaji. Again the same vicious and revolting scenes are repeated. The teacher who sends these innocent kids up to 12th class, gets a pat on his back from Babaji, for his ‘choice’. These boys also experience the same traumatic situation of standing naked in the inner interview room and getting their sex organs caressed by Babaji, who tells them this is pure love. The innocent boys keep their mouth shut and in turn receive such rewards as a room leadership, watches, pens etc. One of the senior school teachers who has been ‘supplying’ such young boys to Babaji, is well aware that what happens to boys is nothing short of sexual molestation but keeps quiet about the whole affair as he personally has nothing to loose, after all, his relatives are not getting molested. In fact this senior teacher acts as a pimp and acknowledge his role by calling himself as a Tetra-Pack Supplier to Babaji, Tetra Packs being the innocent good looking boys. This lecturer is no one also but Mr. Sai Surendranath who has sent countless young boys towards the cauldron for sexual molestation by Babaji, and he in turn gets power, recognition and the so called ‘Chances’ etc., for his dirty role.

Most of the inmates of Sri Sathya Sai Hostel are well aware of all this, but their mouths are sealed. The boys who are not so good looking and dark wonder why Babaji gives ‘chances’ to good/girlish looking or handsome and fair boys only. They think and think and loose interest in life in the Hostel. On the other hand the Chosen ‘Form’ boys only know what happens inside the interview room, they have their own traumatic experiences and generally tend to develop a Homosexual bend of mind. This is the main reason for rampant cases of Homosexuality in Sathya Sai Hostels.

Now comes the final stage in this story. Boys finish their 12th class. Most of the sexually molested ‘Form’ boys who have become moral and physical (and physiological) wrecks, leave the institutions. This is the main reason why boys from secondary school do not join the Institute. Those who are dark & not-so-good looking, think they did not get chances, get frustrated and leave; and those selected few blue eyed good looking, fair skinned boys who are regularly sexually molested by Babaji, leave due to trauma and frustration. But a third category of boys who are of both the above mentioned categories stay back. Some think maybe they will get chances in future and the good looking ones believe that when Babaji molested them it was for their own good and was a spiritual experience not to be told to anybody.

For the admission to the Institute, as is well known, the so-called ‘Form’ boys and good looking boys are always given preference, irrespective of their academic or intellectual abilities. Everybody knows that the entrance exams and interviews, group discussions etc. are just a farce. A list of so called ‘Form’ boys is selected even before the entrance exams are conducted – this is common knowledge. And for courses like MBA, Research etc., generally boys are selected more for their appearance by Babaji than for anything else. These boys are the very same good looking, fair and sometimes girlish boys. In addition some stupid common boys also get in by freak of chance.

The fact is so well known that senior hostel lecturers know well in advance about a particular student, whether he will get the MBA seat or not. What happens inside interview room is common… knowledge, this is highlighted by the fact that Mr. B.N. Narasimhamurthy, the previous warden of Sri Sathya Sai Hostel, Prasanthinilayam, has coined a term for boys who are surviving an benefitting because of their appearance and because they have been molested. He calls these boys INTUITION BOYS, the term is familiar to most of the hostel staff members and some senior students too. It is a well know fact that seats like MBA, Research Assistantship etc., are almost always (with a few exceptions) given to those Internal candidates who are Intuition Boys (to quote Sri Narasimhamurthy!). These are the boys you see in MBA/Research, who are generally handsome or good looking or girlish who have been sometime exploited and sexually molested by Babaji repeatedly from sometimes their school days onwards.

If all this would have stopped just here, it could have taken lightly (:), but unfortunately it is not so. There are more advanced stages. Babaji has a weakness for boys who are either fair and good looking and girlish or sometimes tall cacho type boys too. This is a common trait in homosexual acts. Out of the chosen band of Intuition Boys (Form boys etc.), some especially good looking/girlish boys and sometimes others are selected by Babaji for special ‘grace’.

This is what happens to them; Babaji who had groomed and molested such a boy from school days telling the boy that he was his father and mother; now starts saying that the boy was his ‘wife’. Now starts the more traumatic, dirty and bizzare acts. Babaji sends for such chosen Intuition Boys special messages to the hostel (to warden etc.) early in the morning usually, when rest of the ignorant lot is faithfully observing silence, listening to extolling speeches or chanting the glory of the lord. Sometimes car/jeep are also sent to whisk away such special Intuition Boys. These boys are taken in for an interview. As usual their pants and underwear are pulled down, but generally these boys have reached puberty and in most cases after little caressing by Babaji, they get an erection and ejaculate, which is wiped by Babaji using the same white kerchief, he used to wipe his hands. Now he again hugs, crushes and kisses the boys and says that the boy is his wife. Usually the boys is too shocked and was-struck at what happened, because he never expected it. Usually the poor boys take it as a spiritual experience.

But unfortunately there is a final stage too. Sometimes Babaji goes a step further in this act. Sometimes he asks the special Intuition Boys, who are standing stark naked and probably with an erection, to bend and touch his feet, while the unfortunate and flabbergasted boy is doing so, Babaji covers the boys head with his robe and while the boy rises up, lifts his pitambar. The boy gets a shock when he sees that Babaji too has an erection Babaji thrusts his erect sexual organ in the poor boys mouth and asks the boy to suck and lick it and forces the boy to do so. Finally the boy is forced to suck and drink the ejaculated semen of Babaji. Usually, with such advanced cases of Intuition Boys (many are the famous singers, tabla players, dancers and other usually girlish characters), Babaji also licks and sucks the sexual organs of such boys. Imagine all this happens just behind the thick curtain of the inner interview room. Babaji usually pushes boys in the left corner of the inner room, just near the door, and from the outer interview room, one can clearly hear the sound of a pant zipper being opened and sometimes kissing and rarely sucking noises too. At such times if one sits just near Babaji’s throne in the outer room, one can sometimes actually see boys being molested if the curtain moves. And people like Mr. B.N. Narasimhamurthy have actually seen boys being molested with their own eyes, but keep mum, for their own selfish survival, branding this dirty act as spirituality. After all such people don’t loose anything, they just act as pimps, supplying fresh batch of Intuition Boys (in other words Male Prostitutes), anyway, these innocent boys are not related to them in any case. The result is that usually these boys become Homosexuals themselves after being molested from a young age and after experiencing the worst form of oral homosexual acts. Now one such boy is Mr. Sai Giridhar who recently shot into limelight by sexually abusing about 40 small school boys in the hostel. But unfortunately (or fortunately for Mr. Sai Giridhar), most of the boys he molested were already sexually molested Intuition Boys of Babaji such as Sai Ram (class X), Hidayat Ulah (class IX) etc. Moreover Mr. Sai Giridhar himself has been an Intuition Boy (one of the blue eyed boys of Mr. B.N. Narahimhamurthy too!) of some repute, so he was neither thrown out of the hostel nor from the Intiution Band, which incidentally is also known as Intuition Band as most of the boys are Intuition Boys earlier selected by Sri B.N. Narasimhamurthy & Sri Sai Surendranath and later by its questionable leader Mr. Sai Giridhar). As is well know, there were lots of grumblings but the entire case was burried and Mr. Sai Giridhar was ‘pardoned’ by Babaji, may be the small Intuition Boys were liability or whatever the case may have been. In fact, most of the hostel lecturers know that their survival depends on projecting and pushing as many Intuition Boys, as possible. These lecturers, therefore take these poor boys who are nothing other than male prostitutes by now, and push them in front of Babaji for various dances, dramas, music groups etc., where these poor boys play a prominent role, attract the attention of Babaji and are sexually molested repeatedly. In some cases Babaji himself asks for special Intuition Boys to be always in the forefront of various programmes. The poor boys so called chances purely depend on how easily he sells his body to Babaji by pulling down his pants and exposing his genitals and how frequently he does it.

If any particular Intuition Boy refuses or pulls away Babaji’s hands from his genitals, Babaji gives that particular boy a cold treatment or the so called ‘OUT OF FORM’. If the boy agrees to open his pants, he easily comes back in form and is “pardoned” or he may even loose his MBA/Research seat and is branded as a Bad/Anti boy and is usually expelled from the Institute/Hostel. Boys who have earlier been Intuition Boys and have refused to be further molested by Babaji are always ignored and put down in all areas till they soften up and in many cases they get frustrated and leave or are ready for a series of new molestations.

Frequently Babaji organizes trips to Kodaikanal and Ooty etc. These trips each year are actually meant for a few selected Intuition Boys who are generally handsome, fair or girlish. To cover up the entire trip some other boys/staff members are also taken who are not Intuition Boys. The selection is generally made by Babaji in consultation with Sai Surendra Nath or Ratnakar. These people keep an eye on exceptionally good looking new boys or old Intuition Boys from various classes such as MBA, PG and Research etc. But actually the entire trip is meant for Babaji to enjoy just a few special Intuition Boys. Babaji call such boys in his car and while travelling also molests them. Sometimes he caresses Intuition Boys while travelling in the bus too. But Babaji makes it a point t sit next to the chosen Intuition Boy only, and while others are listening to high metaphysics, Babaji’s deft hands always are on the poor Intuition Boys crotch and he is busy caressing the boys genitals. Most of the boys in the trip know this while some are ignorant too. (Click on the image for a movie.)

It is common knowledge and those of you who are Intuition Boys know only too well, that Babaji always tells the boys after sexually molesting him “Don’t tell this to anybody”. So the poor boy keeps his mouth shut out of of fear and shame and cannot even tell it to his parents. Babaji always instructs boys not to be very close and jealously guards the Intuition Boys not to mix with the other ordinary/dark and unhandsome lot; Babaji does not even permit friendship between tow Intuition Boys and personally taunts boys and sometimes even throws away such boys. The sole reason being secrecy, because if Intuition Boys were to become friendly, Babaji is scared that his secret of sexual molestation will come out in the open. But the fact is that at least 50% of the Institute Boys are aware what happens in the inner interview room. Most of the poor Intuition Boys are nothing but male prostitutes and thus the hostels can be nothing but houses of ill repute where these poor souls are kept for the sole purpose of using their bodies. This is the main reason why Babaji gives no importance only to the appearance and skin colour of poor boys – a very dirty type of Apartheid. Once Babaji is satisfied or fed up with some Intuition Boy, the poor wretch is thrown out if he has become too big for his boots or he is frustrated b Babaji and also by Authorities who harass the poor boy at the instance and orders of Babaji. Generally the poor Intuition Boy quits, a physical and moral wreck, a social misfit because if not physically, at least mentally he is a homosexual or a gay.

The main reason why boys (both normal and Intuition Boys), do not like to continue longer in Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning is that either they are sexually molested by Babaji and thus frustrated with a male prostitute’s life or they were always ignored because perhaps they refused to open their pants to Babaji or were quite unhandsome/dark complexioned etc., and hence not only ignored by Babaji but were automatically ignored by Authorities too. At least, some Authorities are aware that boys are sexually molested by Babaji, but either they think it is some form of spirituality (:) or they just keep their mouth shut for their survival and for the sake of power and and pomp they get by acting ignorant about the fate of poor boys who are forcibly being converted into Homosexuals. Most of the senior boys in the hostel are aware of this high treason and hypocrisy, they tolerate it for some time and then quit. The topic is so delicate that they can neither tell it to Authorities (who will not believe them in any case) nor even to their parents. These frustrated boys (and Intuition Boys) leave the Institute and Babaji has just one comment. He catches a bunch of his hair which incidentally is regularly dyed with an imported dye and says “I have seen so many, none stay”. After all which normal human being can perpetually stay as a male prostitute or a Homosexual unless he is real a Homosexual, some of these find it profitable and do stay back (example: Sai Giridhar Narahari, etc.), but in due course even hard core homosexuals cannot take the realities for too long and say quits. Now Babaji’s comments “Pelli Pichhi” or “Marriage Sickness”. Hence the full matter is conveniently buried. The Intuition Boys are used and when have no charms left in them, are thrown out (always with a bad name) and their departure is linked with Marriage Sickness. Of course any normal human being marries. Babaji is strictly against marriage, after all his enormous and monstrous sexual demands are daily fulfilled by molestation, sodomy, oral sex and by masturbation of poor Intuition Boys, but how long can a human being take all this. This after using up a boy Babaji throws him out like a spider throws the empty shell of a fly after sucking its vatal juices (Manish Sharma, Anand Sur, Hidesh Gupta, Gagan Manchanda etc., are classic examples of used and thrown Intuition Boys – such boys are so frustrated that sometimes due to their Gay/Homosexual tendencies they are ‘social misfits’ and hence again come back to Babaji who may again get “interested” in the poor by and thus the series of sexual acts start a fresh).

Generally Babaji gives some money (usually Rs.500/-) to an Intuition Boy after molesting him-this can be taken as the amount for buying the body of the poor soul. Usually Babaji blesses Intuition boys with flashy watches, golden pens, gold chains and pendants, rings, bracelets etc. which are the ‘payments’ for the dirty Homosexual violations he does with such boys. Usually the number of such ‘gifts’ are indicators of the degree of sexual connection the boy has with Babaji, it can be mere caressing of genitals. Masturbation sodomy or dirty oral sex. These are the smart good looking boys who always sit in the front rows in the mandir sometimes on Babaji’s express command, because they might be ‘needed’ any time. These are the boys almost selected for distribution of various trinkets and clothes etc., by Babaji, and even when they go inside to pick up a box of apples for instance, sometimes Babaji corners some special Intuition Boy and has a ‘quickie’ (a quick caressing of genitals), while others are kept busy elsewhere or sent out of the interview room on some pretext. So, those who are Intuition Boys can understand and those who are not, need not unnecessarily be envious of these poor Intuition Boys, because they pay a heavy price to be in form, they are actually made prostitutes and are forced to sell their bodies to Babaji.


If you are a little observant and not blind with emotion and pseudo-spirituality, you cam make a few simple observations. Lets take the creation of Vibhuti. Most of the seniour hostel teachers know about how it is done but keep mum. As soon as Babaji comes out keep observing his left hand, it will be closed. In the hand are about 5-6 small balls of vibhuti which are made with the help of water or a mild gum and dried. This is done by Babaji personally upstairs. As soon as Babaji comes out of the interview room, immediately he takes a letter and holds it in the left hand which is now kept upwards, hence the balls do not fall. Now while talking he deftly shifts one ball to the right hand, faces the palm down and rotates the palm, the vibhuti ball is always kept between the 1st and the 2nd fingers; while giving the vibhuti he simply crushes the ball and gives it to the waiting Birthday Boy. Some students have actually found these vibhuti balls which fell down accidentally from Babaji’s hands. People like Mr. Khayaldas are well aware of how vibhuti is created and by experience they even know when and where Babaji will do so. Another place to observe is in front of Vinayaka, near the arch, just between the ladies and gents. Here Babaji almost always passes a bunch of letters to his right hand along with a ball of vibhuti. Experienced boys and old hostel staff members have dubbed his acts as “Changing the baton”. Now Babaji immediately ‘creates’ vibhuti for some VIP’s who are sitting there, this is very significant because a large number of people observe this ‘miracle’. You too can observe all this if you sit with a level head and sharp eyes and notice Babaji’s hand movements closely. Sometimes if you are lucky you can actually see the vibhuti ball being transferred to the right hand for creation. Creations inside the interview room are of different type. If you are sharp you would have noticed that Babaji does not allow anybody in the interview room immediately after selecting a particular batch. He goes inside alone and spends some time before calling the group. If by chance some ignorant person happens to go in following Babaji, he is invariably almost literally pushed out by Babaji or pulled out by the obese Mr. Khayaldas, who knows what Babaji is doing inside. Actually Babaji spends a few minutes in keeping the things to be “materialized” ready; these are kept in various places, behind cushion, sometimes behind the curtain or on window sills of inner room or the sofa etc. These items such as chains, rings, lockets, Talismans, even sweets and watches are later picked up and ‘created’ with a motion of hand in front of preconditioned and almost awe-struck and hypnotized devotees.

Those flashy golden Parker pens and Papermates which you see in the pockets of Intuition Boys are kept in neatly stacked boxes in upstairs rooms of mandir. If you are an Intuition Boy you may as well find same if you are chosen to work upstairs’, if you are observant, not emotional. The watches are made by normal human beings from all over the world. These watches too are kept in their hundreds in upstairs rooms. These are usually presented in bulk by wealthy devotees. Lockets, rings etc. are made of various types and sizes and these are generally supplied by two people, one is Chettiar’s (the fat man from Madurai on Wheelchair) son-in-law, and the other is a dark, balding furitive looking man with specks, always tucking a small bag in his right armpit, he is Mr. Aswathnarayana from Ananatapur.

Babaji has recently started ‘creating’ a lot of Titan quartz watches, but unfortunately (or fortunately) these are manufactured in Bangalore. All Titan watches have a registered number at the back, using this number if you go to the regional office of Titan company to Bangalore, you can easily trace to which retailer it was supplied. Some titan watches have been traced in this manner and the names of people who purchased them in bulk (bulk purchases are always remembered by shop keepers) for Babaji may surprise you. But of course, this simple investigation can be done by anybody who can read the English language and is little patient with the Titan sales office.

There are certain instances of Babaji having some connections with ladies and young girls too. Perhaps this explains those crazy foreign ladies who are not allowed inside and are sometimes beaten up. May be this also explains the bodies of mostly young women which are found in the hills and also the bodies of young women which are sometimes carried in the green jeep at unearthly hours and are either burnt near Chitravathi or buried near it. One wonders how safe one’s sisters and daughters studying in Primary school are?

So this in brief is the true life of any student residing in Sri Sathya Sai Hostel. Those of you who are Intuition Boys, already know all this, those who are not would have heard of it and some may not have even dreamt of all this. But this is the stark truth, which is really bitter. Being an Intuition Boy is shameful in itself because it is the life of a slave or male prostitute, although it carries several ‘perks’ and incentives like name, fame, lime-light an jaunts to Kodaikanal etc., perhaps this time by plane! But in the end the poor Intuition Boy is left high and dry (in literal sense) and generally gets frustrated, looses interest in life or becomes a homosexual. It is for youth to decide. One thing is sure, this is no form of spirituality, see the faces of Intuition Boys, those fair and girlish boys (Dante’, class 9th) with black rounds around their eyes, see the faces of boys who are forced to drink semen to get an MBA seat or a room leadership etc. And see who gets the best all-rounder gold medal. Incidentally Mr. Sai Giridhar is also a gold medalist, (an ‘all rounder’ indeed!) with about 40 or so sexual abuse of small innocent boys to his credit. These gold medals are almost always given to Intuition Boys, with a few exception the reason will be quite obvious if one has a look at the individual.

Homosexuality can never be equated with any form of spirituality and what Babaji is practising on young and innocent boys is nothing but a blatant homosexual act. No religion of the world promotes homosexuality. There is no mention of it in vedas. And Babaji is definitely not a Brahmachari because he destroys the very essence of Brahmacharya in innocent boys of such tender age who have not even reached puberty. This is also no way to project spirituality and talk about not marrying. This a simple and dirty technique by Babaji to satiate his sexual urge (which appears monstrous and insatiable because sometimes he calls 3 or 4 Intuitions for “personal interviews”). Neither Lord Rama, Krishna nor Jesus was a homosexual. An avatar can definitely not be a Homosexual. Otherwise Babaji should practise this special grace with all males or all hostel students, WHY only with handsome, fair skinned, tall or girlish looking boys, why NOT with the less smart dark-skinned ones? This itself shows that he is crazy after looks and wants to molest only such individuals. He does the same with most of the smart foreigners too, one latest one is being lampooned as “shyama”, a tall, smart looking German with long curly blond hair and homosexual looks and tendencies. One look at his face will tell you what happens to him inside the inner interview room. In Bible only one individual is supposed to love homosexuality – The Satan or the anti-christ. It is for you to decide, especially those who are Intuition Boys, whether after coming in the fold of Babaji, you have learnt any spirituality or only outward show and hypocrisy of the worst order. You should introspect whether you have strengthened or lost faith in God. It is common-sense that when Satan appears, he will never proclaim himself as Satan he will only ‘act’ as God and confuse and destroy the faith of mankind and cause confusion and mayhem as you see in world today and talk about bringing love, peace and harmony – where are they?

This is the epilogue of this sad story. A story of high treason, betrayal and exploitation. In the name of Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher learning, young boys are being frustrated and are sexually molested, their energies wasted. The boys suffer internally, they cannot tell their traumatic experiences to anybody and end up at hollow tombs. If you seen an Intuition Boy next time, treat him well because he is actually suffering inside, be kind to him. Staff members can now understand what are the sufferings of Hostel Boys, why they are not natural and why Intuition Boys cannot concentrate on Academics, because basically they are kept for a dirtier purpose, not for academics at all, which is just an eyewash. In fact the entire Institute and its infrastructure is actually meant for a few Intuition Boys rest is all an eye wash. Even when Babaji calls boys for group interviews, he sees to it that only certain boys sit near his feet while the others are busy listening to high metaphysics and spirituality, Babaji’s deft toes are busy playing with the private parts of the poor boys doing “paadseva”. And the long robe covers everything. Most of the people around know but keep quiet. It should be known that this country is not United States of America where homosexuality is recognised. In India homosexuality is a punishable offense and child molestation too is a bigger offense. If this issue is raised in public the outcry will be stupendous and those involve directly or indirectly will be answerable. This is not meant to destroy your faith in Babaji, this is just an eye opener and reminder that know what you are doing, if you are a normal boy, be happy that you are not an Intuition Boy, if you are an Intuition Boy, get rid of the shameful prefix and lead a normal life, if you are a staff member do something for the boys and their problems, understand them, there is nothing more you can do, if you are an Administrator and not aware of the happenings, its high time you open your eyes; and on the other hand if you are a Senior person of some authority and are aware of the molestation and sexual abuse of young boys and think that it is spirituality, know that you are wrong and God will never pardon you. On the Day of Judgment you will have to pay for your sins, then it will be too late and these very same innocent Intuition Boys will point an accusing finger at YOU, because you helped in destroying their life.

This could have been published in a book or a magazine, but then you would not have got it to read so easily, because it would have been classified as ‘anti material’. So read it and pass it on to a friend in whom you have absolute confidence and who will not betray you. Do believe in God, he will protect you, and THINK and OBSERVE.

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Sai Baba sexual abuse reports etc. on the Sai Petition

Posted by robertpriddy on June 9, 2010

The Public Petition for Official Investigations of Sathya Sai Baba and his Worldwide Organization has been signed by 1470 persons. In addition to the many who have published sexual abuse testimony against Sathya Sai Baba elsewhere on other websites, the reports (below) were made by signers of the petition. The petition was organized by the JuST Group and was spammed and sabotaged at first (by those trying to disrupt and deny freedom of speech to those with major grievances), until a secure new site for the petition was developed. Read the history and see the list of many other prominent signers here
Here is a significant small selection of the signers with their comments on sex abuses:-

Paul Throne, USA — Follower 1988-2000 S.S.Org: Center education coordinator: Have been to see SB 4 times, 1990, 1994, 1995-96 and 1999. Despite many positive experiences, I believe too many credible accounts of abuse now exist to pretend it isn’t real, including a young male friend of mine who told me SB fondled him. More frightening to me than the megalomaniac SB is his organization and its leaders. When the leaders refuse to hear these concerns or allow discussion of these events, it has become a complete mind-control cult.

John Purnell, Australia — Follower 1987-1994 also sexually abused by that fraud. he must be exposed

Michael Smith, USA — . I am a sexual abuse victim advocate: friends of mine have been sexually abused by Baba

Pierre Stahre — Sweden. Follower: 1990-2000  – only  know swedish male friends that was severely molested sexually by Sai Baba for many years.

David Juliano — USA . abused by Sai Baba in 1974

Marcus Martenson, — Sweden . A guy I know was sexual abused by Sai Baba

Juan de Dios Suarez — Venezuela Follower 6 years I know of two Venezuelans who were sexually abused by the False Teacher
[Conozco de dos Venezolanos que fueron abusados Sexualmente por el Falso Maestro]

Kyra Kitts — USA “I found out directly a year or so later from a friend in my local center that he’d been sexually molested by SB in his teens several times” (

Rosalia Malagelada de Neves — Venezuela. Follower: 1988 until 2001 Position in S.S.Org: Venezuela Comite I knew the two cases very close of abuse

Sandeep Shanbhag — India January 13. 2008. I have heard from my OWN friend that he was studying in Whitefield and his friend was molested by Sai Baba. it is high time that is man gets investigated and arrested…. [ADMIN NOTE: This student’s details, kept confidential, have been verified]

Anonymous ex-Student — India [ADMIN NOTE: This student’s details, kept confidential, have been verified] January 1. 2008. Follower: birth-not sure when the deception hit me. I am an ex-student who knows that what is alleged is true. From friends who were abused, and from being part of the culture which has denial written all over it. I personally had a “touch and feel” experience by Sai Baba, who massaged my genital area through my clothes with his legs for 10 minutes in a bhajan session in everyone’s presence – I understood later I was being “trialled”. Luckily, I did not “rise” to the occasion, and was deemed “unsuitable”. I chose to be anonymous because I have good friends who I would lose – I am sorry but I am being selfish – for me, the friends matter more than exposing Sai Baba. I will work very hard to ensure no one else is harmed, but in my own quiet way.

Ramesh — USA Student 1992-2000  I am an ex school student who was ‘Molested’ Please bring this mad man to justice!!!! [ADMIN NOTE: This Indian student’s details, kept confidential, have been verified]

Salim Delgado — Argentina February 1. 2005. student. I know the terrible reality behind this horrendous man who has blinded many people thought out the world. I appreciate your action for crying out the truth. Please go ahead, you don’t know how much good you make!!!

Jenni Oliver — Australia I have known members who became seriously disturbed after their involvement

Shyam Manisastry –USA Our family personally know one Indian boy who was sexually by this “Sathya Sai baba” without satyam and that boy’s own parents did not believe him. He ended up confiding the truth to his friend. Pedophiles like baba should be banned and they should face similar legal charges like anyone.

Subramanian Ganesan — USA August 4. 2004.
He tried to murder my childhood friend.

Salim Delgado — Argentina February 1. 2005. student. I know the terrible reality behind this horrendous man who has blinded many people thought out the world. I appreciate your action for crying out the truth. Please go ahead, you don’t know how much good you make!!!

Hari Dev Gautam — India . Ex Sai Baba.  I was Sai Baba Religious Devotee and became a victim very nearly. But I figure out before happening to me.

Alexis Hildebrandt — Germany Follower from birth 1987-2002
I lived in India for nine years and heard many personal accounts- there is no doubt about the truth of the allegations.

Susan Greeley — USA. Never a follower: As a therapist that has spent 15 years treating sexual abuse victims, I am so shocked that my mother is a devotee of this man. This is the first I’ve heard about these issues that have been around for decades. My mother, a woman in her early 60s, went to see Sai Baba about 7 years ago. She came back and set up shrines in her home , but she wouldn’t discuss her trip in any detail. She’s been involved with a group in Atlanta, Georgia. Her personality has really changed in the past 7 years. She appears more paranoid and depressed.

Jenni Oliver — Australia. I have known members who became seriously disturbed after their involvement

Mhairi Fox — United Kingdom I’ve been aware of Sai Baba for the last twenty-three years, and was a follower for some of that time. Back in 2000 I spent three months at the ashram. I had two group interviews but never felt anything truly spiritual in Sai Baba’s presence, only unease. Now I know why. I met many good and true spiritual seekers during my time in India, they were inspiring company and I am worried and furious for them. I lost my closest friend over this whole thing, she was the one who first alerted me to the abuse, cover-ups and dirty tricks perpetrated by Sai Baba and some of his followers. Since then I have continued to read about what’s happening, and I’ve continued to be shocked, saddened and angered. Sai Baba is a sick and dangerous man who should be brought to justice now and locked up before he can do any more damage. The lesson I’ve learned from this whole mess — I have no need of self proclaimed avatars and gurus, God is within. God is everything.


Everyone who signs the petition has always been free to complain to the administration if they feel they have been misrepresented or their entries edited unduly. This can obviously be done by submitting any complaints under ‘Comments’..

1. Deleting bogus signatures is wholly justified. Postings and comments contrary to the petitions’ concisely stated purpose are invalid.
2. Deleting illegal, unduly defamatory abuse or pornographic content is only right and is required by some countries legal systems. All this has been done at times by the administration.
3. Some such alterations were made when a changeover from a former less secure website to the current one was made. Advance vetting of signatures – first introduced exclusively because of Sai spammers and a temporarily disabled function after changeover – was reintroduced.

Only ‘pre-programmed’ devotees would take serious notice of the attempt by the fanatical pro-Sai abuser of all Sai-dissidents – Gerald Moreno – to discredit and sabotage the Public Petition against Sathya Sai Baba’s protection from prosecution. Moreno has himself described how he was oiled “on the lower stomach” in private by Sai Baba. Hence – legally speaking – he was molested sexually.


The JuST Group list

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More sworn testimony on several Sathya Sai Baba sex abuses

Posted by robertpriddy on February 8, 2010

The following excerpt from one of the many sworn testimonies about Sathya Sai Baba is a telling account… and the writer names two others who he knew who also told him of Sai Baba’s sexual molesting them… plus reports on a third person too!

“The third interview began in exactly the same way, but it was some weeks after the second one; we were all now in Whitefield (Bangalore). Baba took me into his private chamber and immediately, hurriedly, tried pulling my ‘pyjama” bottoms down, but in his hurry he had pulled the cord the wrong way and made a tight knot of it …. It was all very awkward and I felt embarrassed and strange. In the end I had to help him undo the knot because he was very impatient. Then once they were down he went through the same procedure; playing with my genitals, rubbing his hips from side to side while pressing himself very close to me.
There was something different about this interview; it made me feel more uncomfortable than ever, There was an urgency in his manner, and I could see that he was excited; there were beads of sweat on his top lip and his breathing was strained. He pointed his finger at me and said very sternly “Don’t talk. You don’t talk. Okay? Don’t talk”. I was a little startled, even frightened at his manner, but I agreed I would not talk. Then his manner changed again, into bright, breezy swami. He asked me if I wanted to kiss him, while embracing me in the usual way, rubbing his hips from side to side while moving his hands over my body and legs. I felt at that moment that his actions were deliberately trying to arouse me physically, that he wanted me to get an erection, because he kept touching my penis and rubbing. But I didn’t become aroused at all. I just kept arguing with myself mentally, saying that if there was any baseness or bad in what was happening, it was all in my lower mind. As such, I never even became faintly aroused, and I think this both perplexed and annoyed Baba, because he seemed irritated and unsure of what to do next.

Then he pulled me over to his chair close to the entrance of the chamber and I could see his penis, semi erect through the material of his gown. He took my hand and placed it on his penis, and rubbed it up and down, telling me to rub while repeating “Good, good, good” over and over, and visibly becoming more excited. Then he asked me if this is what I wanted … and then clapped his hands over his head saying “This is divine”. Then it was over and I was pushed out again into the other, larger chamber with the other devotees.

After that interview, I was very confused about the whole thing. When I left the mandir I felt queasy and slightly feverish, and instead of going out of the ashram with my friends to have tea and talk about the interview, I went straight back to my room. I felt as if I had a fever or the flu; weak, shaking, nauseous and light headed, I fell asleep for a while and was awakened by my two room mates a couple of hours later, who came to see if I was okay and wanted to know about my interview with Baba.

One was an English boy named Kestrel Boyle and the other an Australian called Edward — I can’t remember his surname because he was born of Bangladesh parents in Australia and it was a rather difficult name.

I didn’t really know what to tell them, or even if I should tell them, so instead asked them if Baba had ever done strange things to them in their private interviews. Edward replied immediately, and in such matter of fact tones that it surprised me into silence. He said “What, you mean playing with your dick? Oh don’t worry about that, he’s done that to me loads of times. It doesn’t mean anything bad – I actually like it, and think it’s good for me.’ Kestrel basically said the same kind of thing, so I didn’t dare say any more, but I wondered what else Baba had done with them.” To read the whole testimony of K. Ord – from which the above is an excerpt – click here

Seriously, would anyone write this, and much more about being sexually abused – and further state the same about other named persons – just out of mischief or ‘disgruntlement’? Obviously not, the legal consequences could have been severe for false testimony and libel against others. The front-line defender of Sathya Sai Baba and anyone connected to him – including the person who wrote the above (Keith Ord) , Gerald Moreno of Las Cruces, dearly wants it to be otherwise as he is in denial about the many detailed reports of sex abuses and the many cover-ups which have taken place.

Moreno (see photo) has described his own sexual molestation incident with Sai Baba, for which the above provides a relevant context – ‘grooming’ for sex. Though he admitted he was in the dark about the reason for what SB did to him, he also claims it was not in any way sexual – though he also reported that his sexual interest fell off considerably afterwards! He is in denial while also admitting being confused. Yet he defended Sai Baba for some years while actually believing him to be a sexual abuser

Moreno also defends the convicted rapist and murderer, Swami Premanand, who is serving a double life sentence for rape and murder! Moreno is in the awkward position of having sunk his entire prestige and years of his young life into supporting these cults and the crimes they have been charged with.  One must ask what his moral values consist in.? Denying all negative reports about Sai Baba and his supporters through avoidance, distortion, and lying attacks on critics is now his fate, it seems. See also Gerald Moreno and de Witt: smear campaign


See Public Petition for Official Investigations of Sathya Sai Baba and his Worldwide Organization

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Sathya Sai Baba oils genitals (boys/young men) Part 1

Posted by robertpriddy on October 4, 2009

It is now a wholly undisputed fact, even among many leading devotees (for example, the European Central Coordinator of the Sathya Sai Organisation, Thorbjørn Meyer) that Sathya Sai Baba takes down the trousers of many young men and boys and handles their genitals intimately, rubbing on oil and sometimes also so-called ‘holy ash’. Many report that he also rubs vigorously so as to (try to) cause an erection, also sometimes kissing them voluptuously on the mouth. That any such things took place at all was long covered up by a number of top leaders in the Satya Sai Organisation! In civilised countries, the touching of genitals under such circumstances is an illegal, punishable action unless carried out by a doctor on prior consent of the patient. A number of Indian devotees have actually said that they see no wrong in this or any other sexual abuse of young males, because God Himself can do no wrong! Some have fanciful theories about it awakening spiritual powers, one even condones all forms of sexual abuse as needful karma (see here)

The Danish Sathya Sai Organization Central Co-ordinator, Thorbjørn Meyer admits it takes place, called this act by Satya Sai Baba an “age old Indian oiling ceremony”, without being able to produce even a fragment of documentation for this from Indian scripture or reliable historical sources. A close family member has written to me that even Meyer’s own younger son was oiled on the genitals by Sai Baba, also while under the age  of consent at 14 years!  He was also instructed not to tell his father! Thorbjørn Meyer has not deigned to explain why a number of victims of these strictly unlawful interventions have been subjected to the molestation “ceremony” several  times, and have never been asked if they wish for it or what it may or may not signify.
Another Danish ‘Sai-VIP’,  Jørgen Trygved admitted on National Danish TV News that these oilings take place. Other Danish leaders have also admitted, one way and another, that genital oiling is done by Sathya Sai Baba. Trygved stated that the  is intended to reduce the sexual energies of young men. These “spiritual leaders” have not explained how this oil works, how they know anything about it or why has ever reduced a testosterone level.  Nor can they say why women have been wholly excluded from these supposedly stupendous blessings from the ‘living Avatar’.

See the definitive summary of documentation covering the sexual allegations against Sathya Sai Baba

Here is what an authority on Hindu mysticism has to say about the matter:

Regarding this “kundalini raising” matter, there is NOTHING in the literature I’ve ever seen from the Hindu, Buddhist or Taoist tantric traditions or Hindu shaktipat guru traditions – and I have read widely and extensively in this literature – about “raising the kundalini” by sexually molesting male youth. It is a bald lie that Sri Ramakrishna initiated Narendranath (Swami Vivekananda) or anyone else in this manner. The accounts all state quite clearly that he would touch the disciples on the chest or head. He wasn’t taking
them off in private to massage or suck the penis or have male youth do the same to him. I have an extensive library of many rare Buddhist, Taoist and Hindu works (in addition to a huge collection of works from western mystical traditions) and I’ve NEVER read anything that would suggest that what SSathya Sai Baba is doing to male youth has been done by ANY other spiritual master in any tradition. Again, I wrote my M.A. thesis on the cross-cultural phenomenon of shaktipat or “energy empowerment” and I’ve never seen any document that alleged that the “kundalini” or vital force or subtle energy could or should be awakened in this manner.
The question exposing the faulty logic here is that, if the kundalini could be raised in this manner, why isn’t SSathya Sai Baba providing the same service for less attractive young men, or older men, or any females? Barry, please feel free to send this posting to anyone on your list who is either sympathetic or critical of SSathya Sai Baba. It’s time for the truth to be told about this matter of the kundalini and Sathya Sai Baba.
Best wishes to all, Dr. Timothy Conway. Santa Barbara, CA USA.

More on genital oiling admissions to follow later!

Please go to the Public Petition for Official Investigations of Sathya (or Satya) Sai Baba and His Worldwide Organization

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