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The Golden Age (Sathya Yuga) promised for C20 by Sai Baba

Posted by robertpriddy on September 2, 2014

If anyone seriously believes that the predicted ‘Golden Age’ that Sai Baba said he was to have arrived well within his own lifetime, then I can only pity their judgement, even doubt their cognitive sanity. The Golden Age was to be realised in his lifetime and be one of one of universal peace, truth and morality with India leading the world etc.!

Four authenticated statements of Sathya Sai Baba

Four authenticated statements of Sathya Sai Baba

Comment from ‘Divyya’:  “There is no Golden Age as the facade promised…there is also no Guru Purnima 2014 Resurrection as the devotees yearned for and propagated. No surprise that us doubters are right again and the believers have to make more excuses and interpretations to explain the mystery.”

Comment submitted on 2014/09/04 at 6:32 am: The speeches of Sathya Saibaba are found to be very dull, monotonous being at the kindergarten level of intellect, mere repetitious, pious platitudes, copied from somebody else. His teachings will not pass for muster even in a man of very mediocre intellect. I don’t know how intellectuals like the former Election Commissioner of Chennai, Mr Seshan, have allowed themselves to be fooled by the tomfoolery of this man. His regurgitating the sacred lingam of Siva hidden in the intestines is most horrible, sickening and morbid, to say the least. How despite nasty revelations about his dirty goings on, he is still believed to be a Godman, mostly by the ignorant Indian women. So is the case of Amirtanandamayi given to extreme self- glorification. If Amirtanandamayi were omniscient as claimed by some of her henchmen, how she could not have known the deception of this man, but declared him to be a special denizen descended from the heavens. Sathya Saibaba, Amirtanannamayi and Nityananda are a disgrace to the society, one having to shun such charlatans. There is a falsehood having been perpetrated by the followers of Amirtananamayi that because of her omniscience she knows the English language, and has delivered a lecture in English which is a blatant lie. All that has happened was that in the Malayalam script some two sentences of English had been written, which she had repeated in a dull Malayalam accent. Her hugging people is mechanical, capable of being done even by a robot. She routinely hugs people, simultaneously instructing her slaves and hirelings to do some activity. All the money given to her donation has gone to promote the wealth of her father. She dares to talk about the wisdom of Aurobindo and J.Krishnamurti,while happening to be an utter illiterate. The sensitive people should indulge in a crusade against these fraudsters exposing their chicanery. Regards Sankarraman

The Golden Age – Sai Baba’s promise of universal peace to Connie Shaw fully discredited 

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