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Subtle Baba not so subtle after all, but substantial?

Posted by robertpriddy on August 10, 2015

The new hall being built at Muddenahalli is called a ‘darshan’ hall.

A visitor remarked, “I thought “Darshan” meant “SEEING someone” but they seem to have redefined it to mean “The imagination of seeing something”. The ridiculousness of stretching the imagination!! Sadly, the devotees can only do this in .0001% of the lies sb constantly told. All the other lies have never found “fulfillment,” despite the amount of stretchy-ness one might have.

Indeed, it could at best only be designated a ‘Subtle darsan Hall’!

What do these bogus spiritual entrepreneurs mean by “subtle baba” – some kind of immaterial spirit that comes and goes? No, they explain it as  basically a body just like a physical body, that does not disappear into the astral world and return, but it has to travel by car and bus to get anywhere just like a physical body. Thus, the “Swami is coming, Swami is going” mentality. So the ex-student Madhu Sudan who parades as Suksma Sai, must be inhabited by a second body, (otherwise he must have been eliminated and taken over totally by Sathya Sai Baba?). It is promised “subtle baba” will remain only until “age 96” (by solar reckoning, not lunar years any longer!). But if the scam continues to be as successful as it seems now, the bets are off whether they will update this till another future date (of course, proving it is really Sai Baba because conveniently changing his mind and being unpredictable and lying was his signature personality).

Meanwhile, the spokesmen (never women) of the diminishing Prashanthi Nilayam crowd, such as the trumpeting Anil Kumar, were reduced to making humble appeals in vain to the ever richer Muddenahalli breakaway culprits:-


As Muddenahalli crisis is further deepenening creating an utter confusion to devotees of Sri Sathya Sai Baba, Prof.Anil Kumar, the blessed translator for over 3 decades makes a humble appeal to the Muddenahalli group to follow Swami’s teachings and bring in unity amongst devotees instead of creating division in the Organisation.

One commentator, one John Smith, made a point:I would have thought if Swami was going to appear in his light body he would do so to the many hundreds of  well known close devotees at Prashanti not to a handful of not so well known at Muddenahalli. Its hard to believe Swami would feel the need to do this,even to arrive in a car  and they even open the door to let him out !!!! its daft.  Swami has left enough teachings, in his own books, discourses, hundreds of others books,videos. There simply no need for any more teachings, let alone a light body giving yet more teachings and confusing everybody. and they are collecting money it seems, something Swami was dead against. They are at best deluded or downright dishonest…  this is a circus. We must let Swami’s body go, its dead, get over it. The real Swami is in our hearts, as “wisdom eyes” no need to see Swami with physical eyes, unless he wills it, one to one.

‘Wisdom eyes’ in our hearts’. Go tell that one to the Marines! Those who follow Sai Baba and most other Hindu gurus exist in the mental equivalent of delirium that they do not recognise because they have been entrapped from childhood in a sphere of unfounded beliefs and handed down superstitions. A large section of the Indian population share a culture of this kind, which of course also has counterparts in other mainstream religions.

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