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Zealot laws to protect politicians and religious figures (like Sai Baba)?

Posted by robertpriddy on January 21, 2012



This writer made a blunder on the blog with the  same title as above. It seemed that Mr. Vinay Rai must be the well-known one, but it had just been discovered that the Vinay Rai in question is quite another person (see image on the right – which can be compared with the image in the original blog on the left). Apologies for the error!

The Narasimha Rao government declared Sathya Sai Baba to be an official ‘national treasure’, while covering up the murders in his bedroom apartment that were master-minded by his close servitors while he stood by and ignoring the many credible and consistent sworn testimonies and affidavits presented to the Supreme Court of India of sexual abuse by Sai Baba on young men. He is still regarded as a national treasure, as is witnessed by the campaign by Vinay Rai. This blog site originally mis-identified Mr. Vinay Rai as the well-known billionaire and Sathya Sai Baba devotee, while the person was later identified as quite another man. 

His current Government-backed attempt in the Delhi High Court against web servers aiming to silence large numbers of critics of politicians and especially of ‘religious figures’, is supported right to the top of the Congress Party, and by others too. It is of note that PM Singh, Sonia Gandhi and President Patil have all constantly endorsed Sathya Sai Baba since before the facts about his reported crimes became known, so they dared not lose face by backtracking thereafter. There was also votes and much money involved. So now they condone an attempt to shackle the Internet within India with vague and general directives that can be used by them to close down whatever they do not like without having to prove such actions in court, caring not about the democracy and freedom of speech and opinion it nourishes above all! The judge talks of removing websites considered to cause social tensions because they are ‘inflammatory’, ‘defamatory’, ‘objectional’ and ‘controversial’. This could be used indiscriminately against almost any material that contained any criticism of politicians or religious gurus, whatever they may be guilty of. Alas for India if they succeed… it will undoubtedly affect out-sourcing from Western nations and many other relations too; the trust of the international community as regards their already parlous human rights, but most likely also business, trade and tourism.

One of the reasons for this case against all these top Internet search engines etc. is most likely at least partly because the Indian Government and the Sathya Sai Organization have been unable (due to our possession of damning sworn testimonies and affidavits and a long history of cover-up of crimes by Sai Baba key figures connected with him) to bring a case against any of the many who have since 2000 been active in exposing these facts  on the Internet. Devotees of Sai Baba who remain are almost all truly fanatical in their belief in him having been the ultimate Godhead incarnate. An excerpt from the other Vinay Rai’s website – who has not brought the case nor is apparently involved in it at all – nevertheless proves that he shares the governmental adulation of this controversial and widely-accused guru:-

Role of Religious Leaders  – Speaking at a spring seminar at Meadows , Faridabad on “Towards Co-existence and a Peaceful World Order”, Vinay Rai emphasized on the role of religious leaders in ensuring that religion lives up to its raison d’etre of “opening peoples’ hearts and filling them with love and concern for each other”, instead of being used as a convenient tool by political opportunists to create false divisions in minds and hearts. He particularly alluded to the positive human values of brotherhood, community service, compassion, concern, sharing, good action, non-violence, especially as espoused by the Dalai LamaSai Babathe Pope at VaticanBishop Desmond TutuImam MohammedMother Teresa
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