Sathya Sai Baba Deceptions Exposed

Exposing major deceits by guru Sathya Sai Baba in India, incl. murders cover-up & widely alleged sexual abuse

Robert Priddy

Robert Priddy, founder member/national leader of the Norwegian Sathya Sai Organisation, resigned in 2000 after discovering deep cover-up of murders and sex abuses.  (See my bibliography here) Please note: currently my Wikipedia page has been vandalised, no doubt by Sai followers. Much reference material has been removed. Probably, someone will delete it sooner or later. See however See

Though I  was quite well-known in the Sai movement through my writings in Sanathana Sarathi and my pro-Sai book (‘Source of the Dream’) as a strongly convinced devotee of Sathya Sai Baba from the early 1980s until 2000, it is evident to those who visit my website now that I am now very definitely not so. Some may think I suddenly went from one extreme to the other, but this is far from correct. Though I am presently concerned only to expose wrong-doings, misguided teachings and false promises by Sathya Sai Baba, this is simply to ‘balance the account’ as it were, since the positive propaganda machine around Sathya Sai Baba (to which I once contributed far too much) is so massive, so prone to use disinformation and so closed to any sincere discussion or investigation of unpleasant but crucial facts.

Why do I concern myself so much?
So that Sathya Sai Baba’s deceits, fraudulence, lies and many abuses shall not remain unchallenged but are thoroughly refuted… for now and the future. I have voluntarily devoted much of my retirement to refuting them. I rely on the soundest of independent evidence, public documentation of facts and Sai Baba’s own words and actions, widespread testimonies, investigations with former devotees and other serious commentators, and not least my very extensive recorded notes and saved materials from the time I was a follower. My level of work is pitched to the general public, but also to serious researchers (which I why I list sources and documents so thoroughly). 

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Please Note! I write this blog not least in support of a rising new India seeking genuine equality rather than bogus spirituality. I support above all the human rights of the majority population of India, that is, the dispossessed majority of over 600 million of its inhabitants who lack social justice and even have no real equality before the law, being entrapped within a corrupt system and who live on $1 per day or less, – and I do NOT support the many corrupted and self-seeking ruling politicians and privileged castes – not least its many bogus gurus, swamis and ‘saints’. That India is a land of “the direst calamities” is a fact pointed out even by self-proclaimed God Incarnate Sathya Sai Baba (from his insulated luxury fortress-palaces and the benefits of his money-laden tax-free Sathya Sai Central Trust). Sathya Sai Baba’s still far too neglected ‘backyard’ is a ‘flawed democracy’ (as a ‘Times’ of India editorial names it – see here)

I am a retired university lecturer in philosophy (The University of Oslo) and former researcher in social science at the Institute for Social Research, Oslo. I was a dedicated follower of Sathya Sai Baba for nearly two decades – a ceaseless worker in his Organisation for that time, both as founder member of the Sai Org. in Norway in 1983 and the national leader for ca. 18 years.

I wish to make clear that now, as throughout my life, I have always been willing and able to give up ideas and beliefs when I got convinced they are untenable. My Weltanschauung is still flexible and expanding and my standpoints are being modified here and there accordingly. But is too confusing to those stuck in one view with one agenda mode of belief. Since fanatical defenders of Sathya Sai Baba and his abuses attack me constantly, I can confidently say that I have told not one single lie. I am confident that fair-minded readers will see this from the breadth and depth of my output. Nor am I ailing or failing, as opponents claim or hope, and in my own mind I am less confused about everything than ever before, despite my having followed Sathya Sai Baba for reasons explained in my book (see below) and having been so deeply deceived by him personally and by the massive conspiracy around him. I am in the good company of many other former followers in having penetrated the veil in which he cloaks himself and understood the nature of the deepest of the mental and emotional trickery he has practised on people, evidently throughout his lifetime.

I am the author of a book sold very widely within the Sai movement relating my many extraordinary experiences etc. in connection with Sai Baba. It is entitled “Source of the Dream, – My Way to Sathya Sai Baba” (1994, Bangalore/1998 USA/2000 and 2002, Puttaparthi). Incidentally, my wife and I have been in India with Sai Baba nine times since 1984, amounting to well over one year in all, and have had five private interviews with him. We have also donated much money to the Central Trust, which we have since learned from insider sources is subject to waste and embezzlement as regular features, despite Sai Baba’s repeated dishonest denials of the facts.

I live on my university pension and savings and am not financed in any other way, nor am I am member of any religious or spiritual organization and no longer am I believer in any religion or spiritual doctrine. I point this out as I am being attacked all over the Internet by fanatical Sathya Sai defenders as a well-funded as a front for ‘vested interests’ (?) and much more… and the same libellers accuse me of anything and everything, from a fascist to a fundamentalist Christian, a visitor to porn sites and even a pedophile! None of that has a word of truth in it.

I eventually came to learn some devastating facts from one of Sai Baba’s very closest confidants in the 1980s and 1990s, the outstanding and upright gentleman, ex-Editor-in-Chief of the Indian Express group of newspapers, V.K. Narasimhan (who died in March 2000). He informed me how, on the direct initiative of Sai Baba’s younger brother, Janaki Ramiah, and other officials of the ashram and Central Trust, the police were blackmailed into executing in cold blood in Sai Baba’s own rooms, four intruders who had killed two of his attendants. These intruders could easily have been captured without murdering them. Sai Baba was nearby throughout the hours that all this went on, and (a virtual dictator within his ashram) did not lift a finger to stop what he most certainly knew to be taking place. The account VKN gave me in confidence (and a lowered voice) I cannot possibly doubt as I knew him so long and so well. It is backed up fully by my extensive investigations of the entire matter. VKN informed me of a discussion to which he was witness between Janaki Ramiah and the Home Minister of India then (a Sai Baba devotee) who congratulated the younger brother on his action in the matter whereupon they laughed together over the words ‘Dead men tell no tales.’ I declare that I am reporting all this as it was told me, based on my comprehensive notes made at the time. A full account of my very close friendship with V.K. Narasimhan and all he told me in hundreds of hours of private conversation through the dozen years I knew him can be read at and his letters to me prove this well enough, which scans of my daily notes made at the ashrams over 14 years fill out most adequately.

Years after this, while I had tried to rationalise away these brutal realities, I became aware of the allegations of sexual abuse by Sai Baba. These I eventually began to investigate and – after two years of constant daily work at this – have become utterly convinced of the truth of many of these allegations to, having also seen, heard and known persons who were victims of sexual abuse by Sai Baba and others who had much other powerful supporting evidence. A considerable number of persons have also written to me in strict confidence – including a number who confirm often at length and in detail how they were sexually molested. This these former followers would not tell those who are still devotees and are unwilling – for a host of personal but specious reasons – to face the facts.

In western political terms, Sathya Sai Baba’s activities in India would be seen as constituting a totalitarian cult operating freely as a state within the state, even though it is condoned by the rightist Prime Minister Vajpayee and High Court judges who all worship Sai Baba. This is nothing short of a national disgrace to India, though a few of its citizens there are risking all to expose this personality cult with its outwardly charming, good and holy, but privately nefarious, figurehead… Sai Baba. There is a Public Petition for Official Investigations of Sathya Sai Baba and His Worldwide Organization (please see having ca. 1,200 bona fide signatures, a large proportion of which are by former followers of Sai Baba, including many former leaders in his Organization – sometimes for up to 30 years.

As detailed on my website, a ring which Sai Baba gave me in 1986 (when I was to donate a large sum of money), in which was what he claimed was a green diamond, turned out to be a synthetic sapphire worth about $10.- with tinfoil behind it to enhance the brightness – when examined and opened by the Queen of Denmark’s personal jeweller. This alone shows the fraudulence of his ‘materialisations’. The main purpose of his ‘gifts’ and his organisation is to ensure major donations to his funds, which are partly misused on huge buildings to honour him personally.

Having researched into Sai Baba’s teachings for 20 years and written much about them, as well as having indexed in detail every published word of his up to 2000, I would further draw attention to the fact that this teaching is far from being ‘universal’ , for it is very heavily biased towards the Hindu faith in the avatar, against basic tenets of Christianity and Islam, while Sai Baba himself exhibits enormous ignorance of other religions, as can be seen on various websites analysing his discourses (such as ) and on my extensive website concerning all aspects of Sai Baba and his works ( The unavoidable conclusion of my 20 years of practice, observation and study is that the words of Sai Baba clash mutually on many vital issues, and his actions are increasingly and most seriously at odds with his teachings. This is nothing less than sheer deceit.

I had been deeply involved with Indian culture long before I came to Sai Baba. I knew virtually all the writings of Vivekanada, the Ramakrishna literature, Aurobindo, Sivananda, Blavatsky, Ramana Maharshi, Ramanuja, Krishnamurti,  and other Indian spiritual ‘saints’ and gurus. I had not become a follower of any other than Ramakrishna and an Indian swami of his math who I knew personally for about 7 years.   Sai Baba’s doctrine encompasses diverse and conflicting Indian teachings and yet is often very simplistic… especially because he speaks bad English in interviews and what he says is reported by many like Hislop etc. However, he has also drawn many deeper statements  from the Indian tradition, and embroidered them often in an attractive way.All along, however, I was troubled by inconsistencies and self-contradictions in the published works. Yet he put so much weight on heart vs. head, on action rather than words, that the intellectual aspects are considered less important and can more easily be rationalised. The miracles and distant phenomena are the main bait for most people… and they did influence me. Though I had experienced very unusual synchronicity before I came into his sphere, they increased then, as I detailed in my pro-Sai book ‘Source of the Dream’. , It takes many years for anyone to encompass and penetrate the countless materials thoroughly and get a proper overview (which requires putting aside doubts). Faith was supposed to be the key to enlightenment, so I put aside my critical views as far as possible. This became more and more difficult as time went by and I got to know Sai Baba and people close to him, but eventually both his reputation and his entire speculative religio-spiritual edifice collapsed as I examined it analytically and without the ‘rose-coloured’ glasses he always advises.

The key to understanding why I got involved is really that I had a tremendous experience when I was 26 years old (in 1962) – I wad studying psychology and volunteered for an experiment run by a mature neurologist and psychiatrist who had been asked to investigate LSD-25 on behalf for the Norwegian Directorate of Health.  The ensuing experience of ego death, intense awareness, true and secure personal identity, unity, telepathic ability and perceived infinity altered the entire direction of my life and aspirations, as it is known to have done for a great many others (despite the misuses that soon flourished in the world).  The academic world (especially psychology) had nothing to say of these matters.  Only in recent years has neurological research begun to unravel the enigmas of these powerful feelings of peace, unity and bliss are related to changes in the use of the brain’s hemispheres and are obtained through meditation only after extremely long practice and often evade the seeker anyhow due to faulty techniques, wrong beliefs and cognitive distortions – and they are reportedly only temporary too. (Use of psychoactive substances are now known to sometimes give the effects striven for by yogis over a lifetime, though nothing is guaranteed and psychoses can be triggered – See ‘The Blissful Brian’ by neurologist/meditation researcher Dr. Shanida Nataraj) . Without that totally overwhelming and wonderful experience I would probably never have got involved with spirituality or anything like religion again… I was already involved in the scientific spirit and critical thinking to a high degree. I had given up all religious faith, though I had a different view of the paranormal to the prevailing views due to earlier experiences. Many others came to Sai Baba seeking someone who knew how to recapture the amazing universal consciousness they experiences with mescaline, LSD and so on… from the 1960s onwards. No one I met in connection with Sai Baba ever showed any of the telltale signs of the kind of consciousness I had experienced and I met no one who was particularly ‘highly developed’, especially not intellectually, among the very many I knew through 18 years.

I have explained more about my involvement with Sai Baba and my current standpoint here.
See more here:-Who is Sai Baba and what is Robert Priddy’s agenda?
How standpoints change as understanding progresses
The Psychedelic Experience and its effect on my life

Information on the Public Petition for Official Investigations of Sathya Sai Baba and His Worldwide Organization
See also Devotee attacks on the Sai petition and petitioners

30 Responses to “Robert Priddy”

  1. […] even the semblance of a balanced review on that platform. Online critics and whistleblowers like Robert Priddy, Barry Pittard, Brian Steel, Serguei Badaev or Conny Larson still go totally unmentioned. This […]

  2. injuntrouble said

    Looks like Sathya Sai Baba will be outliving you in the form of Madhusudan Sai! Good luck!

  3. Manav Sharma said

    I have the dubious distinction of visiting Hell (Puttaparthi) on numerous occasions and interacting with Satan (Sathya Sai Baba), who is wholly and solely responsible for all my pain and suffering. His monthly magazine should be entitled Satan Sarathi, not Sanathana Sarathi and his abode Asanthi Asylum, not Prasanthi Nilayam.

  4. The devotees fake the vibhuti on the pictures, this has been proven in the past!

  5. loani castillo said

    I am so sad I did not believe in you first time I found you. I was very angry at this man “Robert Priddy” and his “lies.” It really made me angry. Then I went to a similar process of finding truth. I saw the reality behind the leaders of my Christian Church (what they really were), politicians, men of business… The egoism, the fraud, the lies, the narcisism, the psychopathic behaviours. Today I found some good videos on Sai Baba’s truth which I could not find years ago. When the American boy who was molested spoke I trusted what Phillips Krystal said regarding it. I have a vast experience with crazy leaders. I have learned about narcisists and psychopathic behaviours. When I was a child I questioned Sai Baba within my heart but we had to Trust God. Same way we trust all corrupted leaders. Now I am very rational, down-to-earth and logical. I question authority and trust the physical laws of nature. I do not believe in false miracles. Miracles are just natural processed we don’t have the scientist knowledge to understand. He is still untouchable but one day all truth will be revealed and accepted. I am happy I never had a chance to go to India. However I might have found the truth just like in my Christian Church, where I found such a great deal of evil…

  6. Eve Northrop said

    I have to admire your continuing courage in exposing Sathya Sai Baba and his mafia over the years. For most of us who followed him for years, often risking our lives, our family relationships and even jobs and homes to go visit him in in his so called ashram, is still hard to accept. So many of us who followed him for years were enchanted and spell bound by his presence and mesmerised by his darshans. Even given the fact that we were treated worse than dogs and man handled by his mafia like stuff. Even given that fact it was not sufficient to drive the lesson home, that we were dealing with pure evil in disguise.

    Unlike you, I feel sure he had skills and siddhis or powers that to my mind made him all the more dangerous. Most of us returned time and time again to Puttaparthi, just like drug addicts to sit in his hot and foul smelling ashram for a glimpse of him. What were we thinking of? What made us do it? I cannot give answers to that but I know if ever I met another Indian guru, I would turn and run the other way.

    Sathya Sai Baba destroyed so many lives and was behind so many fractured families many torn apart by he dividing one against another. I am glad he is dead and I hope with all my heart people will heed the warnings against such freaks, posted on the internet to avoid all contact with gurus who dare suggest they are God.

    Eve Northrop

  7. Reply from Robert Priddy
    The Lord’s overall plan, most amusing! He planned to live to 96 or 93 in two other prophecies. But he died 85 years old. He claimed he was always in perfect health, but died weighing well under 30 kgs from multiple organ failures (compatible with AIDS and few other ailments). He was known very widely exposed sexual abuser of young men and boys beyond the remotest doubt. He claimed the whole world would belong to the Sai Organisation, but since his death it has dwindled to a small fraction of what it once was. He claimed to bring peace to the whole world by 2012. See
    Was your absurd belief which helps to show how stupid his followers still are today part of his overall plan? Thanks for providing this proof of that.

  8. Rambo Stallone said

    Hello and I find your perspectives interesting and part of the Lords overall plan. It has increased my faith in everything and all religions and I offer Swamis blessings and love to all of you. Jai Sai Ram!!

  9. nagatejaswi said

    Robert Priddy Sir,
    I have been seeing Sathya sai baba at puttaparthy since my child hood as Number 1 fraudester.He creats Vibhudi by keeping its pellets inside between two fingers{ie thumb and fore finger] that vibhudi is made up of cow dung or buffelo shit at Sathya sai more thing,I likely to say that the shiva lingam is made by the stone-architecture and errected at shiva temple.This is normally visible as black color.How could Sathya Sai baba creat golden colour Lingam through his mouth while putting the egg forcibily inside his mouth which is coated by golden paint.Is there any necessity to show to the public?It is nothing but pseudo spiritualism.It is very shamefull to him.
    Thanking you sir.
    Rama Krishna.kothacheruvu

  10. Dear Robert Priddy,
    do you know the guru Bala Sai Baba, who seems to act as an exact copy of Satya Sai Baba (producing Vibuthi, lingams, jewelry “ex nihilo” etc. He residents in ashrams in Hyderabad an Kurnool. I am quite concerned because a member of my family is a devotee.
    Kind regards,
    Michael Klein

    Hi Michael, Yes I have long known about Bala Sai and have made a posting about him on exbaba long since. See the Guru Gallery at

  11. 740446 said

    Can someone explain this so called Rainbow miracle? http: //

    Robert replied:
    There are some likely explanations, one of which I have now posted at
    The belief that the events so described actually happened I consider the least likely one.

  12. Good Job Robert. Keep it up. May you continue with this task. It will definitely be good karma. Such charlatans need to be brought to justice. Unfortunately, this flaming gala escaped ! I admire your dedication and tenacity.
    I know things are going down with Feku a.k.a N.M at the helm of affairs . I apologise on behalf of the 20 odd percent who elected him suppossedly ( we all know how easy it is to manipulate EVMs !), but that is for another day.

    What I fail to understand that people are so blind to such transgressions. One thinking that prevails especially amongst middle class is “Oh I do not care what accusations are pending against this fellow, as long as he helps to get what I want. These wishes are mostly personal agendas, jobs in foreign country, seats in educational institutions, US visa or buy a house and occasionally medical ailments (understandably). Other than that there is no desire to engage with life or religion in a more meaningful way. Unfortunately I have friends who are unwilling to hear anything contradictory to their skewed view about this Sai Baba bloke. All my attempts have been futile. So now, when they start on about his ‘greatness’, I request them to refrain from making any such comments in my presence in the same way they do not want me to speak my mind about such charltans.

    Again keep the good work. All the best.


    Reply from Robert: Thanks for the support. I like your Facebook page! I work on behalf of all those who have been duped and abused, but now – since foreigners have almost deserted the SB set-up, also especially all those Indians who have to live with the ignominy of having Prime Ministers, Presidents, judges and all manner of prominent persons who worship a known pedophile who escaped justice. These people promote Hindu gurus who assault sexually and can murder with invulnerability, but nearly are all in the know that Sathya Sai Baba was the major accomplice to police executions of devotees because PM Narasimha Rao, Home Minister S.B. Chavan and ex-Chief Justice Bhagwati plus their subordinates covered up for him and quashed the CBI investigation before it exposed him fully. Now we have Narendra Modi who is no better in these respects, probably far worse if anything.

  13. Sai baba already has emerged and made his 1st public appearence in Kadaikanal for several days with 150 people present . You all fallen devotees are about to fall
    flat on your face so bad that you will knock all your teeth out.

    See the reply from Robert to this here

  14. Yash Arora said

    No words to spare on Fools like u…just
    Cause I know I can prove all of u wrong…nice way to fill ur stomach,piddy!
    May Swami save u all

    Yash Arora of New Delhi spared words for me, though he said he had none! Only fools contradict themselves, but I do not. He can’t spare words to prove what he cannot possibly prove either, of course. He thinks I fill my stomach by exposing Sai Baba. I happen to live on a generous pension after teaching sociology and philosophy at the University of Oslo and never earned a penny from Sai Baba exposure, on the contrary. He can’t even recognise how my name is spelt… names begin with capital letters too. He hopes we will be saved by this bogus ‘all-powerful Godhead’, the man who couldn’t even save himself and shouted to devotees for help when he was taken away to hospital by the men in white coats (i.e. a large gang of doctors, among whom one disconnected him from life support so the funeral could be arranged on Easter Sunday! See also secretive doctors

  15. Dear Mr Priddy,
    When I was 21 ( am now 47) I met an ardent Sai devotee who was really a good person;she helped me thru a very trying and difficult time in my life. She was always talking about Baba with so much love and admiration. A couple of years later I became a follower too. The said thing is that I have always been a logical person and I wonder How I could have been so stupid. And of course, you can never talk to the other Sai devotees about this because they will hate you for life. So this has been a real nightmare for me because there has been no one for me to talk to about this. I have felt so alone in this.
    Peace be with you

  16. […] Towards the end of 1999, I joined an international network of former Sathya Sai Baba followers, which included a broad cross-section of educational and cultural backgrounds. Among this number were some outstanding mental health professionals familiar with the various cases. Our core collective campaigned strongly. Some, mainly in the USA, had attempted a little before us, to get the allegations out into the open. This sad state of affairs is true the world over. Most victims fear going public. Some said that they would coöperate if there were court or governmental or institutional investigations. Glen Meloy, of southern California, USA, a well-loved follower of Sai Baba for 26 years who died in 2005, and I worked closely on many initiatives, as have, after Glen’s death, Robert Priddy.  […]

  17. It seems that those who produced and sold videos of Sai Baba’s discourses have gone out of business altogether. This is a sign of the continuing loss of reputation and following – above all among non-Indians.

  18. Dear R. Priddy,

    We are so happy that you are brave enough to bring all this dirt hidden by baba’s mafia into the light of truth. I wish you success – as your blog was in the first row for all my family to awaken from this dangerous baba dream. We came back to Christianity and feel as if we regained our identity which was stolen from us for years. Trully much gratitude to you and all the best!
    I would only wonder were to get that videotaped baba speach where he had a bad day speaking of Jews and M. Luther. This would be an extrodinary awakening material helping more Christians who are indoctrinated with his false teaching.

  19. Dear Priddy,

    Very good work by you and i appreciate your effort on this. Today India is exploited by all fake babas and gurus. As far as my knowledge and belief says in India and according to Hindu God mythology this is Kaliyuga and there will no god available directly who claim them self as God, but there will some good Gurus who guide you to the God way and path that’s it. and these guru’s are just human being’s like us and have more intellect knowledge about the god and do not have ashram or money …they are just roaming around the country without any followers money or anything. i had these doubts on satya sai from the day one when i am matured enough with my age to understand the things that he is a false baba like more others and exploiting international community like rajaneesh and others nityanand. yes there were true gurus like ramakrishna paramhansa, vivekananda…but i dont find one in these days…
    i once again appreciate your effort to bring out lot of information on fake babas of india..and your effort will same our international innocent friends and indian mad followers too

  20. […] on Moses love of Jesus! THE SATHYA SAI ORGANISATION’S DECEPTION AND PROPAGANDA EXPOSED – By Robert Priddy and Barry […]


  22. […] Robert Priddy who, like myself, worked (although not Priddy and I at the same time) with mutual respect and amity with the eminent Indian former newspaper editor V.K. Narasimhan, reported – supported by his detailed diaries – that the latter told him […]

  23. jnorthr said

    Racism is Rife – this ashram would be closed down in the West

    Not a good place to visit for Westerners.

    My observation of Puttparthi is that Westerners are not welcome there. The town and ashram now caters to huge crowds of tribal Indians who come in their thousands. Puttaparthi is filthy. Pollution from cars and autos is so thick it is hard to breathe. Some people use face masks while walking around the streets. The Ashram appears to have been taken over by either the Sai Organisation or in collusion with the govn. to run the ashram. There is nothing here today to suggest it is an international ashram. Much of the old ashram around the old shops is roped off and there is heavy security everywhere. The seating in the darshan area for both men and women is difficult.

    The areas in which Sai Baba passes are taken by his staff and VIPS and other Indians with chit or passes. The poor old Westerners are placed at the back with the tribals which, on very hot days, is particularly unpleasant due to the smell of urine (epecially on the women’s side) and other smells that are less than pleasant. The women are packed in tightly and risk of disease is high due to the coughs and sneezing that is so common in tribal indians. There is usually a wait of 2-3 hours before Sai Baba eventually appears and when he does, the darshan through the public area is quick. He only slows down for staff, students and the occasional VIP. He is surrounded by up to six body guards and the chief of police all of which makes darshan almost impossible. He appears older and one has to wonder how long he will continue – he looks frail and weak.

    The few remaining Westerners (old timers) are not doing well. The new Indian visa regulations require them to leave the country every 181 days for a two month ‘out’ before they are allowed back again. Many of those people who went to live in Puttparthi are now facing very hard times as they have no money to leave and often nowhere to go to. They left their native country years ago and now are virtually homeless. Buying and selling of flats in India by Westerners has been restricted. Many people owning flats are now unable to sell them……

    There are still a few Western casual seekers who come for a few weeks/month but most don’t stay too long. The harrassment of Westerners is obvious and most young people are not willing to put up with it for long. The overall feeling I got there was one of sadness and apathy. The only Westener still treated well is Isaac Tigrett who sits on the verandah although I understand he is only tolerated by the Indian staff who are waiting for him to make just one mistake to kick him out too. Seems like there is not much thanks for the millions he gave to the Sai Organisation for the hospial.

    I would not recommend Westerners visit Puttparthi or treat it as a spiritual centre – as one German put it, “I have to leave as I am in danger of losing my faith.”

    James North-Rickman

  24. […] Nityananda tries the Sathya Sai Baba defense ploy, Posted by robertpriddy on May 20, 2010 – Robert Priddy, the former national head for many years of the Sathya Sai Organization in Norway, has just […]

  25. Yes, ‘The Guru Papers’ is in my opinion a very adequate and seminal study in the problems connected to Indian spirituality, gurus and Advaita. (by Joel Kramer and Diane Alstead – based on deep experience of the practices. You may see that I borrowed some quotes on an earlier blog here – see

  26. 1wallich said

    The book the Guru Papers freed my mind! It does the best job, I have seen, at describing, exposing, and freeing the minds of the brainwashed. Many things happen in our subconscious — often undesirable actions result. The Guru Papers exposed how I (and others) have a tendency to act impulsively and unconsciously, and why and how we do so. And a tendency to succumb to ideologies that are neither in harmony with oneself nor in balance with the reality that we as humans all share — this world.
    I now act and think in more true accord with my own feelings and ability, and in ways that are more beneficial for myself and others. I owe the authors much gratitude for expanding my mind’s abilities to think abstractly, thoroughly, and more objectively and creatively. The Guru Papers unlocked my bias view of this world. It helped me see the truth- Gurus abuse their power.
    Thank you Joel and Diana for changing my life.

  27. […] exposure of one of history’s most powerful religious betrayals is welcome to contact Robert Priddy (a retired philosopher and social scientist from the University of Oslo, and former head of the […]

  28. […] by Barry Pittard on January 10, 2010 As a Sathya Sai Baba Exposé colleague of Robert Priddy, former head of the Sathya Sai Organization in Norway, and retired academic philosopher of the […]

  29. regrets1995 said

    Your efforts to expose this despicable con and fraud are indeed commendable. As mentioned elsewhere, “Bhagavan Sri Satya Sai Baba” (BSSB) has cast an evil spell even on the greatest minds in India, who grovel before him. What a pitiable sight! So, it appears that BSSB will be ruling the roost for a long time to come and driving innocent individuals to desperation while the flippant, rich, powerful, corrupt, arrogant, depraved and greedy consolidate his innermost circle.

    If BSSB’s alleged misdemeanor is perpetrated on a foreign national, can’t the victim initiate appropriate action from overseas? All countries protect their citizens, or are atleast expected to. Has such an option been seriously explored?

    Best wishes.

  30. panchalkc said

    Hello Robert!

    Your effort is indeed commendable.

    I find it so unfortunate to know even highly educated and otherwise rational people from India (a High Court Judge, an ENT surgeon I respect a lot, for instance) believe in Sathya Sai Baba.

    Your efforts are indeed commendable. You might find it counterintuitive, but the fact is, it’s simpler for you to take on such organizations from outside India. For common Indians like me, doing anything like this would entail real danger to health and/or life. That’s the degree to which such organizations have become law unto themselves.

    I’ve done a very generic post on something similar, largely directed at religious theists, but would still love to have your comments there.

    Take care.

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