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Robert Priddy Not Exposed: no deceptions

Posted by robertpriddy on February 26, 2012

CLICK ON THIS IMAGE TO SEE PHOTO OF MORENO – the ONE SINGLE photo which he for some reason always was rather desperate to hide away.

Sites with titles like ‘Robert Priddy’s Deceptions Exposed’ and similar titles are easily found on the Internet. However, not one of these have every succeeded in exposing any deception on my behalf. I have made some errors – like typos, spelling, mistaken details like exact dates and a few minor blunders… but not one sentence that stands under my name anywhere is untrue and nor has any such been so proven. Very few people have even challenged any of my statements, and no one has been able to contest  in court any of my writings to prove any wrongdoing on my behalf.This blog is intended to help defuse the massive insidious claims so prominent on Google etc. by the chief attacker and stalker of exposé writers, Gerald Joe Moreno, who has made me the chief target of his countless contrived and untruthful attempts to discredit, slander and vilify anyone who reported critical facts about Sathya Sai Baba. He saturated as much of the Internet with his revealing mental acrobatics as he was able for over 5 years. Exposé activists considered a class action lawsuit against Moreno due to the overwhelming evidence of his web stalking, harassment of prominent activists families and much more, but – rather than concentrate time and resources on that – it was considered better to let his depredations remain on/line so that the world can see what underhand, disingenuous, and untruthful claims represent the Sathya Sai following there. Moreno was also a staunch defender of sex abuses by Sai Baba and Swami Premananda!

The face that Gerald Moreno tries to hide from the public

Gerald ‘Joe’ Moreno dares not show his face -but in vain

Moreno ceased his activity in mid-2010, but his libelous sites still remain active on the www. where his attacks on at least a hundred who testified against the guru still remain and figure quite prominently. Visitors to his sites are overwhelmingly those followers who, due to their pernicious faith in their supposed God Incarnate Divine Avatar, have needs to read and believe anything, however false, that supports their misplaced faith. After making many fantastic predictions about himself, Sathya Sai Baba degenerated visibly for some years until he was but a wraith and he was conveniently disconnected from his life support systems and disposed of by his servitors on Easter Sunday along with their proclamations of his Infinite Eternal Godhead (and with every manner of bells, whistles and brass knobs attached).

For several years I did not respond except very summarily to the flood of accusations made by Moreno, considering them so contrived, so flawed by ad hominem attacks and cranky nit-picking absurdities and tit-for-tat schoolboyish taunts that people would see through it all. However, the volume of the materials he was putting out and the levels of slander were increasing so much and being linked in assiduously to every conceivable outlet that I was constantly urged by colleagues to respond and rebut his accusations. This I began to do, refuting in detail a considerable proportion of his blogs about me.

A concise summary of Moreno’s methods and  falsely conceived assaults on my credibility is found on this blog under the page Gerald Moreno with links to important refutations by persons who had followed the disputes. He has had to withdraw very serious allegations about my friend and fellow Sai critic, Barry Pittard, who he has attacked relentlessly, as well as harassing his innocent young son, and his former wife.

How Sathya Sai Baba oiled Gerald Moreno's lower stomach (an illegal act in India) in a private interview session)

Scan of text from the website of ‘Joe’ Moreno where he described his only known interview with Sathya Sai Baba

Moreno’s own account of how he was “oiled on his lower stomach” as he put it – by Sathya Sai Baba alone in the private interview room. In other words, he was molested without being asked for his consent and by a person who was not a registered doctor… hence an illegal sexually-related act under Indian law. He was at first confused, then understood it was an abuse, then went into full psychological denial.

On his vishvarupa website (since changed) Gerald Moreno had for some years an FAQ page where he stated his belief that Sathya Sai Baba – who had oiled him on what he called his “lower stomach” (known as grooming for sexual acts) was a sexual abuser… which he later denied, constantly attacking Basava Premanand and Robert Priddy for pointing out the fact that this oiling was an illegal act in India .

Gerald Moreno posted his belief that Sai Baba was a sex abuser while still promoting him- for some years

Gerald Joe Moreno made the above statement as to how he believed Sathya Sai Baba to be a sexual abuser, while still defending him in all ways daily on the web.

A Sri Lankan man comments on Moreno’s lies CLICK ON IMAGE TO ZOOM IN

Details on Joe Moreno along with some of his initial lies are found here

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Information About Gerald Moreno

Posted by robertpriddy on September 14, 2010

The following text (in black colour) is all found on a Google cache of one of Gerald Moreno’s many attack pages:-

Information About Gerald Moreno

Dear Friends & Fellow Seekers:

If you found this webpage, chances are you were looking for someone named Gerald Moreno who is involved with the online debate and online controversy relating to Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Gerald Moreno is the webmaster and registrant for this domain, which is not affiliated with any Sai Centers, Sai Devotees or the Sathya Sai Organisation.

COMMENT by Robert Priddy; Moreno’s web sites are associated with many Sai devotees. He has written about his contact with Yaani Drucker, Lisa de Witt, Murali Krishna Yachendra, Irene Strindhed among numerous others! That he has no affiliation with the Sathya Sai Organization may be technically correct (no membership) but that he is their messenger boy nobody but a handful of people can doubt. There is much circumstantial evidence of his clandestine contact with US Sai Organization persons and he has himself admitted on-line to having had contact with members of the Sathya Sai Central Trust. He has contacted various Sai Organization office-bearers (Ashok Bhagani in the UK) and has received information from Sai VIP Robert Basin (or his go-betweens) about the court case against Alaya Rahm (posted by Moreno before anyone except the parties involved knew that (or where) the  lawsuit took place… and information not available except to the attorneys and parties involved, especially a deposition never dealt with in court proceedings due to dismissal of the case). His massive campaign to defend all Sai devotees and the Organization also show he is trying to deceive the public. Moreno continues:-

Ex-Devotees of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba have waged pervasive, defamatory and libelous smear campaigns against Gerald Moreno because he discovered and published very disturbing facts about their many online smear, hate and defamation campaigns against Sai Baba and others. This internet page was created to refute the
defamations and libels against Gerald Moreno and to provide factual and relevant information about Anti-Sai Activists.”

“Gerald Moreno has uncovered and published shocking information about critics and skeptics of Sathya Sai Baba. This website fully documents this information and many Ex-Devotees are very upset about it. They have retaliated against Moreno in the very same manner they have retaliated against Sathya Sai Baba (i.e., by resorting to malicious defamation, smear and hate campaigns). Former followers went relatively unchallenged from 1997 – 2004. In that time, they fully dominated the internet with their Anti-Sai propaganda. The playing field has now changed and Ex-Devotees are closing ranks and running scared (and with good reason).”


COMMENT by Robert Priddy; The information Gerald Moreno has published about critics of Sathya Sai Baba is very largely contrived and distorted, well-spiced with outright lies about them… He defends this by claiming his right to freedom of speech! He neglects to say, of course, that he above all others “resorting to malicious defamation, smear and hate campaigns” for about 3 years before the main body of outspoken ex-followers of Sai Baba professionals took issue with his lies, except in very brief comments here and there. Moreno continued opening web sites and blogsites, posting on countless other sites, boards and anywhere which would accept his depredations until some of his prime targets began to react. These reactions were against the untruth and libels he wrote, and were not – and are not – malicious or defamatory, but properly documented rebuttals of his fanatical campaign. There are ex-devotees who are angered by his attacks, as my mailbox confirms, and the hundreds of victims of his smear campaign of whom he has made implacable enemies will eventually redress the matter in one way or another. His life is now marked by his own hate to such a degree – and it is so easily available – that his reputation is destroyed for his lifetime. What proper employer would be likely to consider employing him? He has overstepped the mark to such a huge degree that he cannot prove many false assertions he has made in any court. That Gerald Moreno is so desperate to get his photo removed from all web sites and blogs – as his strenuous activities on this front show – indicates how worried he is that decent Sai devotees may recognize him at ashrams or in India – i.e. those who still have a modicum of honesty, independence of thought and fairness.

Moreno uses empty tabloid language about “Ex-Devotees closing ranks” and “running scared (and with good reason)” while the truth is that his attacks have only increased the volume and frequency of posted materials exposing Sathya Sai Baba – and – after several years of virtual silence by his targets – against himself! Serious and professional ex-devotees got together long before Gerald Moreno entered the scene with his slander campaign, as the formation of the JuST Group and the posting of the Public Petition for Official Investigations of Sathya Sai Baba and His Worldwide Organization prove beyond any doubt. The idea that ex-devotees are “closing ranks” is laughable… ex-devotees hold a widely varying views on many issues – including on the exact nature of Sai Baba’s deceptions and unpunished crimes. The Internet enabled disaffected Sai followers who otherwise had no way of knowing or contacting most other dissidents to contact one another for the first time. The Sai petition furthered this mutual contact greatly. Gerald Moreno attributes to himself far more importance than he can honestly lay claim to. There is no particular “closing of ranks” among dissidents or critic of Sai Baba, just normal contacts between various groupings for the sake of mutual information and support. However, Moreno’s comic book epithet ‘closing ranks, running scared’ may well be said to apply to the Sathya Sai Organization. They have the most extreme form of censorship and muzzling of all members, and none dare post the slightest questioning about anything untoward or criticism of anything else connected to the organization, Sai Baba or the movement around him. without being excluded from the organization! After the BBC made their documentary which exposed Sai Baba and not last the International Chairman of the Sathya sai Organization, Dr. M. Goldstein, he issued a private circular (which was leaked out) instructing all in the organization not to allow the press or media to report, record or film at any meeting or event held by them. The absence of all members of any institution or organization run by Sathya Sai followers from serious open public discussion of anything whatever relating to Sathya Sai baba or how works, and the systematic blocking of comments by all but 100% positive devotees on all YouTube videos promoting Sai Baba or his followers, and on all pro-Sai web sites and blogs shows how and where “ranks are closed”.

Moreno’s pages include the following heading (with links I have removed) – repeated in countless variations all over his many sites. All of the issues he refers to below have been dealt with thoroughly enough for any independent (i.e. non-indoctrinated) persons to see that there is virtually nothing in them… certainly nothing of any import compared with the massive number of testimonies and documentation exposing Sathya Sai Baba’s sexual proclivities, involvement in cold-blooded execution cover-up and countless false and fantastic claims about himself, proven untruths (documented from his own words) and failed prophesies etc.
See a list of refutations of some of Moreno’s countless false claims and deceptions here

We also read on his attack pages:-

Gerald Moreno Refutes Defamations:

  • Defamations Addressed:

Gerald Moreno Refutes Being Sexually Abused By Sathya Sai Baba:

  • Gerald Moreno Refutes Being Sexually Abused By Sathya Sai Baba
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  • An Index Of The Numerous Attack-Webpages Against Gerald Moreno
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  • → Gerald Moreno Refutes Absurd Pseudonym Accusation
  • → Gerald Moreno’s “Fighting The Smears” Articles:
  • → Unbelievable Screencap Fraud Against Gerald Gerald Moreno – Webmaster



In his constant battle to libel dissenters and critics and to drag their names through the mud of his own slinging, Gerald Moreno resorts to very lengthy blogs using as many keywords as he can summon up so that each blog will appear in connection with as many keywords as possible… that is, in as many places on Google as possible. He has, for example, a list of names of people connected to Sathya Sai Baba, many of whom have been exposed by critics.

Moreno has purposely left out of the name list above 155 (One Hundred Fifty Five) Sai Students whose names were sent to ExBaba by a former student (whose genuineness has been ascertained through contacts). These students are reported as having had one form or another of sexual molestation by Sathya Sai Baba. Moreno claims the following:- “Needless to say, many of the Sai Students personally contacted Moreno denying the abuse allegations and requested that their names be removed from the bogus list (hence a screencap with the names instead of actual text).” He would believe anyone who denies sexual abuse without further evidence… that is his firm agenda.  Moreno is both unwilling and completely unable to present any evidence that he has been contacted by Sai students on the list… and – if one or two have – certainly not by “many”. However, our contacts with Sai students are many, and also with some of those who were abused according to the list. We have a large compendium of materials sent us by former students who tell much about the nature of the abuses, how they took place, who was involved, and many details inconnection with this. The list of name was nonetheless posted by Moreno on his blog in the form of a jpeg (thus avoiding their appearance on Google searches).

Moreno’s lists are included here:-
1. A. Ramakrishna
2. A.N. Safaya
3. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
4. Adarsh Sein Anand
5. Adivi A. Reddy
6. Al Drucker
7. Alice Coltrane
8. Amma Bhagavan
9. Ammachi (Amritanandamayi Maa)
10. Anand Sur
11. Andhra Pradesh Crime Branch DIG
12. Andhra Pradesh High Court
13. Andhra Pradesh State Government
14. Andy Rye
15. Anerood Jugnauth
16. Anil Kumar
17. Anita Sharma
18. Ann Jevons
19. Annica Pia-Lia Karkkeinen
20. Antonio Craxi
21. Arjuna Ranatunga
22. Arnold Schulman
23. Art Ong Jumsai
24. Ashok Bhagwani
25. Aswathnarayana
26. Atal Bihari Vajpayee
27. B. Subbannachar
28. B.N. Narasimhamurthy
29. Bala Sai Baba
30. Barbara Sinclair
31. Benito Craxi
32. Bernard Gruber
33. Berniece Mead
34. Bhairon Singh Shekhawat
35. Birgitte Rodriguez
36. Bjorn Sandstrom
37. Brian O’Leary
38. Bon Giovanni
39. C. Srinivas
40. C.L. Kaw
41. Carol Riddell
42. Chandrasekhar Balasubramanian (Sekharji)
43. Charlene Leslie-Chaden
44. Charles Penn
45. Chris Parnell
46. Chotabhai G. Patel
47. Claire McCarthy
48. Connie Shaw
49. Cooper Union
50. Craig Hamilton Parker
51. Dana Gillespie
52. Darpane Rane
53. Datuk Jagadeeshan
54. David Greenstein
55. David Gries
56. David Jevons
57. David Wolff
58. David Zeller
59. Debra Miller
60. Deepak Chopra
61. Diana Baskin
62. Dhirubhai J. Gadhia
63. Don Mario Mazzoleni
64. Doordarshan
65. Dorothy O’Brien
66. Duke of Edinburgh Award
67. Easwaramma
68. Edel Saaby
69. Elvie Bailey
70. Elaine Gries
71. Elsie Cowan
72. Emil Jacobsen
73. Erin Bogart
74. Erlendur Haraldsson
75. Eruch B. Fanibunda
76. Faith Penn
77. Freestone Wilson
78. George Trevelyan
79. G. Venkataraman
80. G.R. Sholapurkar
81. G.V.Subba Rao
82. Gagan Manchanda
83. Geesje Lunshof
84. George Leland
85. Gerald Joe Moreno
86. Girija Prasad Koirala
87. Gita Paramahamsa
88. Gloria St. John
89. Goldie Hawn
90. Gopal Ballav Pattanaik
91. Graciela Busto
92. Gunnar Moritsen
93. Hal Honig
94. Hidesh Gupta
95. Hiramalini Seshadri
96. Homer S. Youngs
97. Howard Levin
98. Howard Murphet
99. Indian C.B.C.I.D.
100. Indian C.B.I
101. Indian C.V.C.
102. Indian Central Government
103. Indian Central Excise and Customs Department
104. Indian Law Enforcement Department
105. Indra Devi
106. Indulal Shah
107. Isaac Tigrett
108. J. Geeta Reddy
109. J. Kumari
110. J. Trygved
111. Jaani Drucker
112. Jack Hawley
113. Jack Scher
114. Jaganaatha Sai Jegathesan
115. James Sinclair
116. Janaki Ramiah
117. Jason Middleton
118. Jesus Christ
119. Jette Madsen
120. Jill Lewis-Kelly
121. Jim Dailey
122. Joan Brown
123. Joga Rao
124. John Behner
125. John Evans
126. John (Jack) Hislop
127. Jolene Resnick
128. Jonathan Roof
129. Jorgen Mollgard
130. Jorgen Trygved
131. Joy Thomas
132. Judy Warner
133. K. Chakravarthi
134. K.R. Paramahamsa
135. Kalki Bhagavan
136. Kanwaljeet S. Anand
137. Karunamba Ramamurthy
138. Keith Bradsher
139. Keith Critchlow
140. Kondal Rao
141. Konnamma Polisetti
142. Kutumb Rao
143. L. K. Advani
144. Lakshmi N. Devamma
145. Leela Press
146. Leo Rebello
147. Leonardo Gutter
148. Lewis Kreydick
149. Lidvin Virkesdal
150. Lisa De Witt
151. Little Heart
152. Lucas Ralli
153. M.L. Leela
154. M.N. Rao
155. M.K. Kaw
156. M.K. Rasgotra
157. Madhavi Majmudar
158. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
159. Manish Sharma
160. Manmohan Singh
161. Margrete Koyto
162. Maynard Ferguson
163. Millie Phillips
164. Michael J. Hollander
165. Michael Goldstein
166. Michael Nobel
167. Michael Jackson
168. Monica Socolowicz
169. Moyia O’Brien
170. Motilal Vora
171. Munni Kaul
172. Murali Krishna Yachendra
173. Murali Manohar Joshi
174. N. Chandrababa Naidu
175. N. Radhakrishna
176. N.T. Rama Rao
177. Najma Heptulla
178. Nagamani Purnaiya
179. Nanabhoy Palkhivala
180. Nanny Brander
181. Narayan Kasturi
182. Neelam Sabharwal
183. New York Times
184. Nish Paramjorthy
185. O.P. Mehra
186. O.P.Vidyakar
187. P.V. Narasimha Rao
188. Pal Dhall
189. Pathakunta Obula Reddy
190. Pedda Bottu
191. Peggy Mason
192. Peter Pruzan
193. Peter Westgarth
194. Phyllis Krystal
195. Pietro Marena
196. Prafullachandra Natwarlal Bhagwati
197. Pravin Patel
198. R. Balapattabi
199. R. Ramakrishnam Raju
200. R. Ramanujam
201. R. Venkatraman
202. R. S. Raman
203. Ra. Ganapathi
204. Radiosai
205. Raghuram
206. Rajah of Venkatigiri
207. Ranganath Mishra
208. Ranganathan Padmanabhan
209. Ram Das Awle
210. Ramesh Chandra Lahoti
211. Ratan Lal
212. Richard Bayer
213. Richard Bock
214. Richard Friedrich
215. Richard Prescott
216. Richard Selby
217. Rico Mario Haus
218. Rita Bruce
219. Robert Baskin
220. Robert (Bob) Bozzani
221. Robert Lowenberg
222. Ron Farmer
223. Ron Laing
224. Rosemary Perry
225. Russi Karanjia
226. Ryuko Hira
227. S. Aditya
228. S. Revathi
229. S. Usha
230. S.B. Chavan
231. S.M. Krishna
232. S.P. Malhotra
233. S.S. Uban
234. S.V. Chittibabu
235. SaiBabaOfIndia
236. SaiBabaLinks
237. Saidas Babaji
238. Saikiran Shetty
239. Sai Kumar Mahajan
240. Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi
241. Sai Ma Sakunthala
242. Sai Giridhar Narahari
243. Sai Online
244. Sai Surendranath
245. Sam Piroj Barucha
246. Samuel Sandweiss
247. Sathya Sai Baba
248. Sathya Sai Books And Publications Trust
249. Sathya Sai Central Trust
250. Sathya Sai Medical Trust
251. Sathya Sai Organization
252. Sathya Sai Society Of America
253. Sathya Sai University
254. Satya Pal Ruhela
255. Seema Naipul
256. Seshadri Harihar
257. Shakuntala Balu
258. Shankar Dayal Sharma
259. Shanti Jegathesan
260. Shashi Tharoor
261. Shirdi Sai Baba
262. Shitu Chudasama
263. Shiv Kumar Sharma
264. Shivraj V. Patil
265. Simon Brace
266. Smriti Srinivas
267. Smt. Vijayakumari
268. Sri Ramanathan
269. Srimad Sai Rajarajeshwari
270. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
271. Stephanie Relfe
272. Steen Piculell
273. Steven Segal
274. Sue Williams
275. Sunil Gavaskar
276. Suresh Govind
277. Super Specialty Hospitals
278. Susan Olorenshaw
279. Sushil Kumar Shinde
280. Swami Ambikananda
281. Swami Ananda Baba
282. Swami Gopal Krishna Baba
283. Swami Nagananda
284. Swami Roberto
285. Swami Premananda
286. Swami Vishwananda
287. SWARA
288. Swetha Agrawal
289. Sylvie Craxi
290. T. Sri Ramanathan
291. T. Viswanadha Rao
292. Thorbjorn Meyer
293. Tony Blair
294. Tony McNulty
295. Tuula Anja Tammelin
297. V. Balu
298. V. Radhakrishna
299. V. Ramnath
300. V. Srinivasan
301. V.C. Kondappa
302. V.I.K. Sarin
303. V.K. Narasimhan
304. V.S. Prasad
305. Venkamma
306. Venkatamuni
307. Victor Krishna Kanu
308. Vijaya Hemchand
309. Vilasrao Deshmukh
310. Vinayaka Krishna Gokak
311. Vladimir Antonov
312. Walter Cowan
313. Wayne Dyer
314. William Bill McKay Aitken
315. William Harvey
316. William L. Brelsford
317. William Miller
318. Y.V. Anjaneyulu
319. Zeba Bashiruddin

Since Gerald Moreno has taken this up and – under the pseudonym of sathyasaibaba! – posted the names already on his blog here

the full account ought to be included so that the nature of the allegations are known:-


List of abused students

Date: 01-13-02

Document date: Monday, December 31 2001 at 16:01:44

Name: exsaistudents e-mail:

To Dear All

Comments : (since discontinued bulletin board)

Dear All,

We have posted the names of some of us ex students and staff members (both past and present) of SSSHSS (secondary level) and SSSIHL (university level). Many people have doubts whether the names are genuine. They are all names of people who were students or staff members since the inception of sai baba’s colleges till the most recent ones.

The list includes the names of some who are dead (E.K.Suresh Kumar, N. Radhakrishnan, Yuvraj Suri). But the fact is that they were all molested by sai baba . Please understand our plight; we have given our youth, happiness, normal life, our homes and parents for the sake of sai baba without questioning even once.

In the end we find that we have been cheated because he just wanted to use our bodies to have perverted sex with us. We have to live with this trauma.We don’t want any help but want devotees to NEVER send their children to sai baba’s schools or colleges for whatever reasons.

If you don’t have money, it’s better for your loving children not to study; keep them with you, but don’t leave them to sai baba. That will ruin their lives and they will never be able to tell you the truth.


On an average sai baba molests about 1-5 students every day. Some are molested only once or twice, while the rest are regularly molested. They are called the FORM BOYS. All the staff members who matter know this fact.

So this list is just the tip of the iceberg of shame. You can imagine how many students have been molested till now and still being molested every day. We are posting these names and will post more, so that we can be helped.

Parents and relatives should understand our plight. We are all broken down; many have committed suicide, our married lives are devastated. Yet due to socio-economic reasons we can never come out in the open and sign a statement or a declaration, at least not yet, because we know that the government, the law, the media barons, the police, big industrial houses, all political parties are under the influence of sai baba.


All the staff members of the Primary School, SSSHS (secondary) and SSSIHL (university) are very much aware of what happens to students in the interview room because many have themselves been molested earlier. But they know that if they raise the issue, they will be just asked to quit. Many have families and may never be able to get such jobs and power in the outside real world, so most of them have benefited economically.

Many staff members are running lucrative businesses including real estate, hotels, guesthouses etc., apart from their teaching responsibilities.

They feel they have nothing to lose; after all the boy who is getting molested is not theirs.

But we are sure sooner or later things will change because such staff members are assisting and abetting a confirmed paedophile (sai baba) in finding fresh victims and ruining their lives. In fact they can be charged with being a party to assisting sai baba in his homosexual and paedophilic acts. These are both punishable offences as per Indian Penal Code. This may include the vice-chancellor, registrar, director, controller, various departmental heads of SSSIHL (university), the principal and staff of SSSHSS (secondary level) as well as the headmistress and staff members of the Primary School.


The present lot of students who are studying belong to a generation that is ready to do anything for money, for a professional or a normal degree. They are all aware what could happen to them in the interview room, but they have a nonchalant attitude. They feel that to gain something you should be ready to loose something.

Many take it as a joke having a few quick ones with the old sai baba. After all they are getting trinkets like rings, chains, watches, money, trips to Ootacamund or Kodaikanal, name, cheap popularity, free education and a degree as a bonus. After that those who play their cards well do not find it difficult to land an easy job with a good salary in the many companies owned by the devotees in India or overseas.

So the students are well aware of what is happening. Many are not able to open their mouths due to peer pressure or family. Some are from economically weaker backgrounds and can never afford such education anywhere else. Moreover, the routine at the hostels is such that one has no time to think or analyse.


In India most of the industrial houses know that sai baba is a very refined powerbroker, so they all pay respects and their jobs are done with the government. After all a few million rupees is nothing to them. Everybody knows the names of such industrialists and they can be seen in most of the functions.

The same holds good for foreign tycoons. What is important is money. Some ex-students who made it by entering the lucrative real estate business in Puttaparthi include: Ajay Ankam Radhakrishna Reddy (younger brother of Ram Mohan Rao, lecturer in SSSHSS).

Sai baba is a major shareholder in a large state of the art garment unit next to Brindavan, owned by the Mirpuris of Indonesia. The elder son Haresh Mirpuri, an ex student, manages the same. The list is very long, but that is not the purpose of these notes. It is all about money you see!


Too much has been written about that dark night. Many know the truth but keep quiet. Since sai baba cannot be questioned, those who are interested in finding the facts can contact either Piyush Kumar Srivastava, an ex-student who is supposed to have saved sai baba that night and lives at Puttaparthi, or Mr Dora, the longest reigning director general of police of Andhra Pradesh. Their parents had trusted sai baba and sent their sons for studies and a good character to his institutions. We are sure no mother or father would have known that they were sending their sons to their death.

N. Radhakrishnan, E.K.Suresh Kumar, Sai Ram, Sai Kumar Mahajan, all ex-students were victims that night. More about this later.



1.N.Radhakrishnan 2.T.Nityanand Menon 3.Kamal Sahni 4.Anoop Jhalani 5.Rakesh Vadehra 6.Kiran B.Patel 7.Naveen B.Patel 8.Roopak Changkakoti 9.C.Srinivas 10.E.Sudarshan 11.Naren Ramji 12.Sonam Gyantso 13.Roopak Sharma 14.Nikhil Hegde 15.Ganesh Kamath 16.D.Murlidhar 17.R.Gopichandran 18.E.K.Suresh Kumar 19.Diwaker Muthu Krishnan 20.Naresh Kumaran 21.Neil Bordoloi 22.Terry Lee Scott 23.G.Ranganayakulu 24.Ashok Agraharam 25.P.V.S.Suresh Kumar 26.Tapan Bhatt 27.Narayan R. Sharma 28.K.Devsen 29.K.Anil Kumar 30.Mallikeshwaran 31.T.Arivadithan 32.T.Arul Selvanathan 33.T.Arunodayan 34.Shiva Shankar Sai 35.Shiva Sai Raman Kumar 36.G.V.Ravishankar 37.G.V.Sanjay 38.Gautam Dutt 39.Bharat Dutt 40.Basab Sur 41.Anand Sur 42.Hridesh Gupta 43.V.Kumar 44.S.Kumar 45.R.Ramakrishnan 46.Abhishek Kumar Dubey 47.Abhinav Kumar Upadhya 48.Anil Mehta 49.Lakshminarayan Kote 50.Raj Kumar Jain 51.Ruchir Desai 52.Sanjay Sahni 53.Ravi Narayan 54.Dilip Narayan 55.Jayant Narayan 56.Jagdish Chawla 57.Bhishma Chawla 58.Ratnakar Chawla 59.Dheeraj Sembhi 60.R.Ravi Kumar 61.Sunil Narang 62.Haresh Mirpuri 63.Gaurav Khanna 64.Rishi Seth 65.Gautam Seth 66.Kush K.Patel 67.Raj K.Patel 68.Jagdish H.Bharwani 69.Sunil H.Bharwani 70.Naveen H.Bharwani 71.Vimal Mukhi 72.Gopinath Prakash 73.Rishi Bharadwaj 74.T.M.Dhanrajan 75.T.M.Unnikrishnan 76.Sayyed Kabir 77.Anil Kaul 78.Vinod Kaul 79.Abhimanyu Kaul 80.Arun Dhareshwar 81.Ravi Teja 82.Nimish Pandya 83.Mayur Pandya 84.Dharmesh Pandya 85.Krishna Rao 86.Ramapathi Rao 87.Dante Gabriel 88.Piyush Srivastava 89.R.Sai Giridhar 90.Manish Sharma 91.Gagan Manchanda 92.Anuj Mehta 93.Ravi Mariwala 94.C.A.Srinivas 95.Anmol Choubey 96.Narendra Nath Prabhu 97.Vijay Balan 98.Vijay Raghavan 99.Sunil Jain 100.Swapan Pradhan 101.Rohan Patnayak 102.Subhashish Dow 103.Rajesh Mimani 104.Rahul Kini 105.Ranjit Kini 106.Jeevraj 107.C.Ramprasad 108.C.Krishnaprasad 109.Sanjeev Popat 110.Sirish Rahalkar 111.Lui Muniz 112.Deepak Khialdas 113.Rajan Parashar 114.Vivek Mehta 115.Amar Vivek 116.Rajiv Kaushik 117.Santosh Pai 118.Vinod Pai 119.Vipin Nair 120.Y.V.Rama Rao 121.Khemchand N.Thadani 122.S.Pradeep 123.Anindya Dasgupta 124.Ajit Periw 125.S.R.Venkatesh 126.Mahesh Chablani 127.Girish Punja 128.K.Nand Kumar 129.Praveena 130.Yuvraj Suri 131.Shailesh Srivastava 132.Pratap Chandran 133.R.Narendran 134.K.Vinod 135.S.R.Mahendra 136.K.S.Umesh 137.Shankar Pai 138.Sadashiv Pai 139.Ajnish Rai 140.Venkatesh Iyer Srinivasan 141.Udian Patel 142.Uchil Uday 143.Uday Bhaskar Turlapati 144.T.Maheedhar 145.Shantanu Das Mohapatra 146.Shyamkumar Raja 147.Sai Latha Shankar L. 148.R.Ravishankar 149.Krishna Gopinathan 150.Kiron Vaghela 151.K.R.Narayana 152.Ajitesh Kishore 153.Dhurjati M.S.K. 154.Arun Kumar Tewari 155.Amit Mehrotra.

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Those students whose names are listed here and who come across this are welcomed to contact me on the comment page (I shall not post the comment if it is a bone fide contact and will honestly maintain mutual confidentiality as required) . I shall be happy to consider removing any name from the list by those who inform me they contacted Gerald Moreno.

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