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Indulal Shah deserts the Prashanthi Nilayam faithful

Posted by robertpriddy on August 19, 2015

MuddenahalliThe pro sukshma baba web site recently informed:
On the morning of the 31st JULY 2015, Gurupurnima celebrations in Muddenahalli, a symbolic Bhumi puja for the Sri Sathya Sai Sarala Memorial hospital was conducted. Sri Indulal Shah (94 years) did the honors of unveiling the plaque for the future general hospital in memory of his late wife Sarala. Sri Indulal Shah with agreement from his daughter and son-in-law gave a cheque for 1 crore rupees to begin the building of the hospital. He also gave his mansion, Sai Darshan, towards the hospital project. ”

One whopping great CRORE rupees (about $214,000) from Indulal Shah, he’s one rich Indian karma yogi seva dude(!). No wonder the Trust is angry at money diverted to the subtle baba! Though, that’s not much money when it comes to building a hospital. Methinks a good percentage of that will go into the pockets of sukshma baba staff. Prof. Anil Kumar and Dr. G. Venkataraman have plenty of experience of such things – like free cars and other donated benefits, and are calling to Muddenahalli followers rather desperately for unity of all Sai Baba believers.

“Dr Sudhakar, an MLA in the state of Karnataka, in his speech, promised to get 5 to 6 acres of land from the State Govt for building the SSS Sarala Memorial Hospital.

Note that the Bhoomi Puja was only SYMBOLIC because they don’t even have the land yet!

Swami asked the MLA to get land from the Govt, for a water project for Chikballapur and Kollar by His coming birthday. Both these districts have a lot of drought and so, face water problems. Swami said that when the land is given, Swamy will get the project of diverting the Cauvery river to these districts completed in 8 months.”

The whole Rayalaseema water scheme has famously failed and Puttaparthi suffers chronic drought. Furthermore, when a MLA (Member of Legislative Assembly) graciously promised to cheat the govt out of several acres of land for the hospital, oracle boy further demanded MORE land for a water project! That’s one LESS MLA at Puttaparthi functions, again, probably enraging the Trust.

Who would have thought that such a ridiculous venture as ‘subtle baba’ would draw so many? So much for evolution, these shenanigans have been going on for tens of thousands of years and there’s more suckers born all the time…

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