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Sathya Sai Baba replacements: Sukshma Sai, Prema Sai…

Posted by robertpriddy on July 30, 2015

There are several substitutes for the lost Sathya Sai Baba recognised by sections of the devotees he left behind.  As one of my contacts wrote “Where in the heck should an ardent devotee worship on Guru Purnima? Prasanthi Nilayam? Muddenahalli? Doddamallur? Or in one’s heart? So many conflicting choices, with more popping up every day!

The substitute or extra Sathya Sai Baba on the upswing at present, ex-Sai student Madhu Sudan or Sukshma Baba, is worrying the Central Trust and Prashanthi Nilayam greatly, who have managed to get Rahul Gandhi to visit the final resting place or Mahasamadhi (i.e. graveyard of Sai Baba). His mother had finally visited Sathya Sai Baba, no doubt hoping it would gather votes for Congress in the election. Now it is Rahul’s turn to try the same tactic.

The Muddenahalli impostor is now being worshipped by former devotees who lost their Baba in 2011 and have are grasping at anything that will give them a sense of continuity and imagined  ‘spiritual togetherness’, emulating as far as possible the routines and rituals of Sai Baba in a new setting, including the giving of rings to those considered deserving.

Pretending that he is walking behind an invisible Swami is a most risible charade to those who are not fully credulous, as so many Indian worshippers are. He claims that Sathya Sai Baba materialises rings in his (Madhu Sudan’s) shirt pocket which miraculously fit those to whom they are given. No miracles are needed for that, there are many techniques to judge the size in advance, knowing to whom a ring will be given.

An article published by Sai Surya entitled ‘The Truth about Sukshma Baba’, a privately circulated pdf which also reached me, lets the cat out of the bag about the rings now being toted by the false Baba, as follows:-
“Some people have received objects such as rings and neck chains. These were either placed in Madhu pocket ahead of time as Swami knew who was coming when. In other cases, the items were teleported. All these items had been purchased from jewelers according to specifications by Sukshma Baba. One amazing things is that the rings are all the right sizes as is everything else. But have no doubt about all these objects being infused with divine energy.”

Note “all these items had been purchased from jewellers…” etc!  Compare with 9:20 in the video listed below,”Says Madhu takes out rings etc from his pocket and giving to devotees saying the ‘light body’ gave it to him (materialized in his pocket!).”  In short, an outright lie! Indeed, the rings have not a jot of unusual energy. For 14 years I wore a 6-carat green stone ring Sai Baba pretended to materialise for me in 1986 (having replaced what he called a diamond ring with a green stone saying “better than a diamond”) and I can assure everyone that it is near worthless object. A top professional assayer found it to be a cheap synthetic sapphire with green silver tinfoil behind the stone set in an 18 carat gold ring. I had said I would donate a large sum, which is surely why Sai Baba did that. So do not be deceived by these Indian ‘leela’ tricks!

Here are some statements from a 14-minute YouTube video in English entitled ‘Subtle body appearance of Sathya Sai Baba in Muddenahalli’ which sets out to justify the scam they are perpetrating on unwitting devotees who followed Sathya Sai Baba. 

4:00, Amusing scene of oracle boy opening the car door and supposedly walking behind sb. (Just amazing that the desperate devotees have bought into this obvious ruse!) 
5:03, Mentions how they have acquired a $200,000 Jaguar through devotee donations) 
6:03, PRO Mr Babu declares that sb is “living” in the Muddenahalli room in subtle form. Also mentioned is how sb gets food twice a day, specifying on a daily basis who the lucky guys are to bring up the food to his bedroom. 
7:49, Mentions how the light body sb calls foreign devotees for ‘interviews’ and tells them he wants to visit their homes. (Oh! Now we know how the foreign tours have come about.) 
8:42, Details on oracle-boy Madhu, how he failed in his career, started a financial consultancy and real estate business and got deep into debt. 
9:20, Says Madhu takes out rings etc from his pocket and giving to devotees saying the ‘light body’ gave it to him (materialized in his pocket!). 
>10:03, Says how Madhu has announced the birth of Prema Sai. (Then why is ‘subtle baba’ still hanging out in Muddenahalli?) 
11:29, Mentions the special treatment of all those coming to Muddenahalli to further attract them, giving special meals, tours of the campus and talk of miracles there. Also, that rich devotees are given ‘interviews’ with Madhu. 
12:32, Mentions Madhu used to give rings but due to the sizes being wrong, he now only gifts pendents. from (

See below the latest travel plans of this unofficial roving proxy Baba are being expanded to cover 7 countries in the coming 3 months, which is mendaciously publicised as “Swami’s World Tour”. A chief plausible reason the flesh and blood Baba could not, after 2000, take a world tour or visit countries he had promised to, was the fear that he would be held to account in countries where his crimes were known and affidavits of his sex abuses were ready!

World Youth Conference – Baba’s 90 Birthday Celebrations – November 15th – 25th
 Muddenahalli – Athi Rudra Pooja – October 13th – 23rd Oct
Hong Kong – October 2nd 3rd
Malaysia – September 30th – October 1st
Singapore – September 28th 29th
Fiji – September 25th to 27th
Australia – September 23rd 24th
Muddenahalli – Alumni Meet -September 6th
UK – August 28th – September 3rd
Dubai – August 26th and 27th
Muddenahalli – Guru Poornima Main Celebrations July 31st

Devotees might rather like to bet on on or other of the two Prema Sai’s which have allegedly been born?

TO HELP DECIDE, SEE Prema Sai’s place and time of birth controversy


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Recording emerges of Asaram trying to bribe witness (later murdered!)

Posted by robertpriddy on July 25, 2015

Asaram Bapu is reportedly heard on a tape offering a bribe to a witness (half now half afetrwards!), a teenager called Kirpal Singh who alleged Assram has raped him, according to the father of the boy. This guru is clearly the embodiment of adharma, as his long record shows, and his continued attempts to disrupt the legal process on all any ground he could dream up has been successful so far, his case is still not heard. Let us hope that the Indian judicial system is up to convicting him (though the world has it doubts, knowing their record). NDTV reports: “Kirpal Singh was attacked in Shahjahanpur on July 10; he died in a Bareilly hospital the next day. He is the ninth witness in the case against Asaram to have been attacked and the third one to have died.” There are two suspects who are Asaram followers.

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Asaram Bapu malignant criminality continues to spread

Posted by robertpriddy on July 22, 2015

The Asaram Bapu-related crimes simply continue to spread, showing that this guru has developed a malignant and cancerous cult. Followers of Asaram Bapu and Co. cannot therefore claim to be either moral, spiritual or religious so long as the who continue to support this monstrous figure. 

firstpost com: Jul 16, 2015 Now, anonymous threats to women police officers investigating rape case against Asaram A letter has appeared herethreatening two women police officers who had investigated the rape case against self-styled godman Asaram.

firstpost com: Jul 13, 2015 Attacked for speaking up against Asaram: The list just keeps growing The ongoing rape case against self-styled godman Asaram Bapu seems to have assumed a character similar to the Vyapam case, with several mysterious killings and assaults linked to the case.

zeenews.india com  Asaram rape case: Family of murdered witness seeks permission to keep gun  The kins of Kripal Singh, the third witness to die in the sexual assault case against self-styled godman Asaram Bapu, have reportedly requested for permission to keep a licensed gun for their safety.

zeenews.india com Women cops probing Asaram case get threat letter Two women police officers who had investigated the rape case against self-styled godman Asaram received threat letter.

zeenews.india com  Witness in a rape case against Asaram gets security Security has been provided to Arvind Bajpai, a crucial witness in a rape case against self- styled godman Asaram Bapu, by the police four days after one of the key witness in the case was shot dead.

zeenews.india com Asaram case: Another witness gets threat After the deaths of two witnesses in Asaram Bapu case, another person claimed to get death threat.

 zeenews.india,com Asaram’s victim seeks CBI probe after murder of witnesses  After a key witness in the rape case against self-styled godman Asaram Bapu was killed, the 16-year-old victim demanded a CBI probe into the matter, even as police conducted searches in Shahjahanpur and Lucknow ashrams to nab the assailants on Monday.

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A well-informed, savvy, and honourable ‘Sai Baba blogger’

Posted by robertpriddy on July 20, 2015

srikanthThe foremost all-round critic of Sathya Sai Baba in India – a former service worker at Prashanthi Nilayam who gradually penetrated the falsity and deception there – is Srikanth Uppuluri. His blogs on the entire spectrum of Sathya Sai Baba’s teachings, works and actions are not only revealing of horrendous treatment of devotees based on his own observations, his family and those of other people known to him, are truly illumining.

In his most recent article he discusses the preposterous megalomaniac claims of Sai Baba as to his infallibility both as to knowledge and will power by pointing out some of the many dismal failures over which he presided. Uppuluri asks many pertinent questions (which have obvious answers to the non-indoctrinated) such as: “How is it that the good work done by the individual, is done by Swami, but their bad actions attract karma?” This and more is at: The Universal Manager – unable to hold his organization together through his Divine Will?

Profesor Anil Kumar contradicts himself and SB’s teaching) time and again. Uppuluri points out the unsolvable paradox that Kumar cannot handle, namely, why should he ask people to go to the Puttaparthi ‘graveyard’ when Sai Baba constantly stated that he is present in everyone, is within and without, so that travelling long distances like that is simply wasting time and money. Sai Baba could not defend this himself as he asked for visitors and service workers to come from across the globe to see him often, especially on his meg-birthday do’s. I knew a number of VIPs from many countries who had visited him from 30 to 60 times!

Nearly all Westerners came to realise that the interpreter Anil Kumar was and is less of a genuine professor than an empty head parroting through his vocal megaphone. (Too many Indian professors have got their titles through family or diverse sources of corrupt patronage, whether or not they had actually bribed their way to a degree, as is seen in the appalling low standard of knowledge one can meet in them).
Prashanti Nilayam – Now Sathya Sai Baba’s graveyard?

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‘Subtle Sai Baba’ gets more demanding

Posted by robertpriddy on July 17, 2015

The imaginary ‘subtle form’ of Sai Baba – supposedly speaking through his former intimate student, ‘Sri’ Madhusudhan Naidu , – spouts ‘discourses’ which are utterly boring to hear and which demonstrate that the ego of Madhu Sudan is more than intact, as his original false humility wears thinner and more blatant. Now he is making a bid to take over a key part of the apparatus of Prashanthi Nilayam, the student alumni and the Seva Dal (voluntary service workers). In a discourse outrageously entitled ‘Sai Baba’s Discourse to upcoming Seva Dals’ on July 11, he proclaims:-

“This is your family and you have to take care of it, and attend to all the programs. When I Willed to come to Muddenahalli to continue My mission, I brought the Alumni and students who will follow Me and contribute to it.”
“If you have any questions, ask the elders first. If they are not able to answer, then come to Me. But the elders also come to me for answers, so you might as well ask Me directly.”
Comment: A true mish-mash of conflicting ideas showing that no blunder is too big for the devotees to gush over, as many of us observed in Sai Baba. Then, true to the rules enforced at Sai Baba ashrams, he requires the cover-up of all differences of opinion… which only shows that there is serious infighting at Muddenahalli, not only throughout the remaining whole Sai Baba movement:-

“Differences in the family should stay within the family and should not be discussed outside. I am going to different countries for the sake of the devotees and starting Ashrams there. We are starting ashrams in Italy, Croatia, Australia, Nigeria, America, Sri Lanka and ultimately there will be 17 of them. Each Ashram will have a school, a hospital and be a center for many seva projects.  Glorious times are ahead. Only those who serve selflessly and are pure hearted will get an opportunity to serve Swami is happy that Alumni from all institutions have come together. More people will join in future.”.

Most Sai followers regard the ‘Glorious time’ to be of the past, but Madhu Sudan understands that Sai Baba made much use of guilt to induce followers to give free work to help ‘the Cause’! Ashrams are not what they used to be, places of retreat and refuge equivalent to monasteries, for they have mostly become centres of ‘megaphone spirituality’, indoctrination based on false information and wild beliefs and superstitions, cultist mentality and, above all, engineered to generate huge funds from donations and religious scams to fund the luxury lives of those in power. 

“90th birthday is still small compared to the 95th birthday which will be the last one of this avatar. Lots of projects will start everywhere before the 95th birthday. I will look after these projects as Prema Sai.”
One can’t suppress a laugh at this. At one stroke, the Muddenahalli gang have in this way refuted the theory, held so dear by so many devotees in denial, that Sai Baba reckoned time in lunar years (only concerning his own lifespan, of course) and so did die at age 95! More than that, there is now a growing cult that believes Prema Sai is already alive as a child in Doddamalur, while others promote beliefs that Prema Sai will be born on Gurupoornima this year or later… as so on. What a circus, only possible where primitive religious belief blots out factual knowledge, common sense and all the relevant sciences!

“There will be a western canteen set up by Italians. Cook with love and serve with love. Swami gave another incident. In the South Indian Canteen there was a person who did service, but it was poor. When additional peope showed up he put extra water into the food and made sure everyone ate it. He spoke with harsh words. He wanted that Baba should put Tulsi leaf and water in his mouth when he was on his death bed. Baba told him your service was not quality. For fame and name you did it. You gave the wrong food and trouble to devotees. Now your disease is the result of what you did. At least learn now and do better in your next life.”

It seems that this ‘oracle boy’ has lasting resentment against some sevak from the South Indian Canteen and is happily revealing in the fact that the guy got a disease and no attention from ‘swami’ on his death bed – so beware, devotees!

above quotes in blue from
See more about ‘Sri’ Madhusudhan Naidu here

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A second witness against Asaram Bapu murdered!

Posted by robertpriddy on July 15, 2015

A key witness in an ongoing rape case involving a self-proclaimed Indian godman Asaram Bapu was killed religious leader was killed last Friday (July 10, 2015) . Coming after a long list of attacks on nine potential witnesses until now, this is the second death of witnesses who were to testify against this toxic ‘religious ‘ guru’. Asaram Bapu reports:- “The prospective witness, Kripal Singh, was shot by two assailants in the district of Shahjahanpur in the country’s northern state of Uttar Pradesh, Indian broadcaster NDTV reported. The duo were on a motorcycle and warned Singh not to depose against the “godman,” Asaram Bapu, before shooting him and fleeing. The 35-year-old Singh was then rushed to a nearby hospital where he died of his injuries, police said. Singh was an employee at a transport firm owned by a man whose daughter was allegedly raped by Bapu at his ashram in 2013. Akhil Gupta, Bapu’s former cook –  a primary witness in the Gujarat rape case – was shot dead in north India town this January. The Indian Express newspaper reported that police have begun a joint investigation to determine whether he was a victim of the same killers.” (See In two Asaram witness killings, one method: similar gun, similar shot – (See more at: In two Asaram witness killings, one method: similar gun, similar shot Asaram Bapu is still in prison in Jodhpur, where his ashram was. He has been detained since September 2013, having been accused two months previously of a second rape by two sisters – carried out along with his son Narayan Sai at one of his ashrams in Gujarat two months after initially being jailed.” Seven other witnesses have been attacked in the case against Asaram Bapu (long since notorious for his 2012 statements blaming the victim of India’s most dreadful rape and murder case in New Delhi). (See It has long been known that many Hindu gurus are involved in sexual abuses, murders and numerous other crimes for which they have been charged, while only a relative few have been convicted (see here). The infamous Asaram Bapu, a super-rich ‘godman’ with countless fanatical followers, is a major case in point… his dossier is a stunning indictment of his many-sided criminality. His defence is obviously to eliminate all witnesses by killing them or scaring them off. The Indian police and judiciary system, already often biassed in favour of Hindu gurus, still seems quite incapable of handling this dangerous person and his following.

View the full dossier of Asaram Bapu here

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Saikingdomcome vs. Muddenahalli medium

Posted by robertpriddy on July 1, 2015

The website saikingdomcome exceeds itself in confused confabulation time and again. Under the heading A RISING NEW MOON BEGINS THE CHANGES ON EARTH (12 June 2015). Aglow with hope it circulates the latest dollop of codswallop that the ‘Reappearance’ of the deceased Sai Baba will be on either July 31st (yet ANOTHER Guru Purnima) or Sept 28 (the next ‘supermoon’ and Shirdi Sai’s supposed birthday). It’s a case of make up your mind… while the third, at least 99.99% certain alternative, is that there will be no reappearance then or later either.
Meanwhile, the Muddenahalli gang are propagating their absurd medium – Madhu Sudan, as if he were Sai Baba Himself. in the following, for example “

“Great news for all Aussies ! Sept 23rd and 24th Swami will be visiting Shangri-la in Australia.”

“Swami will be visiting” do they even realize the irony in the comment? If it is “sukshma baba” then he is everyone all the time. Fact is, only the oracle boy is travelling. Wonder if they take the boy around to the various tourist sites and ask what “swami” thinks of those places and what new mysteries are??! Good life for him!
November 18th – 24th
Australia September 23rd and 24th (confirmed)
UK August – last week (see note at bottom)
July 14th – 17th (see note at bottom)
Sri Lanka
July 3rd – 5th (confirmed)
June 25th AND 26th

…. ArriveMuddenahalli 27th.”See also Prashanthi-Muddenahalli bitter war erupts
Sai Baba’s ‘ship of fools’ moving to Muddenahalli
Prema Sai child – overview of Telugu news video

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