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Sathya Sai Super Speciality Hospital jinxed?

Posted by robertpriddy on April 26, 2011

More bizarre goings-on – Sathya Sai Baba family members are believers in the ancient Indian ‘aesthetic art’ of Vaastu Shastra, which is very like the Chinese Feng-shui (better known in the West). Both vaasta and feng-shui  involve planning how buildings—often spiritually significant structures such as tombs, but also dwellings and other structures— are to be arranged according to their esoteric rules as to what is auspicious or inauspicious. It is held that an auspicious siting and disposition of a building creates the best livable and spiritual’ atmosphere. Otherwise, things can go very wrong, as Sai Baba relative believe occurred with Sai Baba’s hospitalization!  Of course, this is regarded as mere fancy and/or sheer superstiton by most world architects and empirical scientists.

It is no wonder that the family believe in such matters, for Sathya Sai Baba believed fully in black magic… which is still the bane of various backward areas in rural India like Jharkand and Ranchi which have been dubbed the ‘witch-killing hub of India’. Sai Baba carried out exorcism extensively in his younger days, relentlessly beating the demons out of ‘possessed’ persons and even children. See Sai Baba’s documented belief in black magic, witchcraft and dangerous superstitions

Sathya Sai promotes his hospitals as ‘his’. Speaking of 12,000 heart operations performed at the Puttaparthi hospital, he boasts, “I leave it to your imagination to appreciate who is responsible for saving so many lives.” (p. 262) Could Sai Baba mean the donors, the doctors, all the selfless hospital workers? He prefers you imagine that this could not happen unless he somehow does it all! If he is saying it is all due to his ‘miraculous aid’, then why does he bother with the hospitals? I am free to “imagine” that the actual health workers and other staff who work voluntarily or for a very small remuneration are those who are actually responsible for saving the lives that are presumably saved. It was the US multi-millionaire Isaac Tigrett who donated the entire first Puttaparthi ‘super-speciality hospital’ plus all its equipment. He made his money with the Hard Rock Cafe chain [which always served meat and alcohol under the Sai slogan “Love all, Serve all”!]. These latter were forbidden by vegetarian Sathya Sai Baba, but he was happy to accept the proceeds, of which a large proportion was pocketed by officials in his ashram and/or Trust Fund, according to the testimony of a friend of his, David Bailey. The exchange rate was around Rupees 30.- to the US $ in 1991, which would make the sum about $33 million. However, Tigrett told Bailey he gave $49 million, but only $34 million went to the hospital!

In the years since it began, the Puttaparthi SS hospital appeared it was virtually deserted seen from outside. Armed armed military guards stand at the gate and check everyone. However, other health facilities in India – especially free ones – are constantly thronged by people seeking treatment. Sathya Sai Baba’s hospitals are private hospitals, and are not open to public inspection. All its criteria for admission -and admission lists – are kept secret and no breakdown of accounts or reports on decisions or the minutes of any administrative meetings at any level are made available to investigators. It is run in a clandestine manner and is wholly unaccountable to the general public. Devotees come from abroad and get treatment preference, as do Sai VIPs (like his wild hagiographer, Joy Thomas, for example, who was reportedly denied a blood transfusion while suffering from terminal cancer, the result being she was flown back to the USA).

I have no personal desires or selfishness in Me at all. I have not asked anybody for help. Will anybody simply give hundreds of crores for the mere asking? None.” (11/8/2001, SSB)  discourse, see  Sanathana Sarathi, September 2001) Examples of truly vast self-earned donations to charitable works are plenty: they stretch from Robert Owen to Rockefeller, Washington Carver to Guggenheim, Warren Buffet, Getty, Facebook’s Markus Zuckerberg, George Soros, Imran Khan, Bill Gates (a mere $33 billion given by him and Buffet so far)!


4 Responses to “Sathya Sai Super Speciality Hospital jinxed?”

  1. This unsigned entry from IP shich shows it was written by Richard Margolin – a blind US (Manhatten) devotee of Sai Baba!
    One has to pity this under-educated person… not only can’t he write coherently, but his reasoning shows him to be cognitively deranged – total rationalization and denial. He wonders why’s stats do not back up the claim (from some unidentified e-mail) that they have 1 million members. Total disinformation, for a start; Sai followers constantly claim that there are far more of them than there really are – and they promote SB as if it were a world religion he ran, when it is now only virtually only an Indian cult, and shrinking! (Apropos, my blogsite alone has had nearly 1 million visitors as of July 2011 and no Sai website has ever had the number of visitors in one day as my blogsite with over 53,000). After massive disinformation by the Sathya Sai Organization through decades, the myth spread that Sai Baba had anything from 60 million to 600 million followers! This is totally without fundament in any actual survey. It was first spread by Sai Baba himself through Dr. Hislop’s book and taken up by his followers (because Swami could never lie, which however is the exact opposite of the truth!). See the available documentary evidence here)
    As to Sai Baba’s pedophilia – I have MASSIVE testimony about it (HOW COULD ALL THAT CREDIBLE DESCRIPTION HAVE COME WITHOUT IT BEING TRUE, EVEN FROM PERSONS I KNEW?) , and in the coming months it will become know through the Indian court cases that are at present being pursued by an Australian of Indian origin whose two brothers were abused bt Sathya Sai Baba. This man has $1 billion and will spend it to beat the corrupt Sai-dominated section of judiciary in India. Richard Margolin is so ignorant of the facts that he must have a phobia against them and so probably will never be able to face them as they continue to emerge showing Sai Baba to have been a massive fraud and charlatan, a liar of truly cosmic dimensions and a criminal indeed!

  2. That’s 51,000 on two distinct days. You of course don’t confide to your truth-seeking brethren if these even modest numbers were high volume days. But compared to Baba’s 30,000,000 devotees worldwide, or even SBOI’s Yahoo message board with over 1,000,000 actual members (not just visitors) it’s pretty pathetic. This is according to an email they sent to it’s members, not reflected (I’m not sure why), by the stats on their home page.
    But it’s good that you’ve carved out this tiny, minute niche, with other good-hearted souls such as yourself. It keeps you out of the bigger picture. Not that you’d be taken seriously in the real world, where Swami’s reputation is unprecedented in modern history.

    And speaking of pictures; yes I submitted that photo to SBOI based on the assurances of a highly regarded member, that it was taken by a Prof. teaching in Puttaparthi. But SBOI quickly decided that it was a composite, and immediately said so, to their credit. I eventually tracked down the good professor and he told me that it was indeed a composite and never was intended it to be viewed any other way.
    Mea culpa…
    BTW: now that Swami is no longer using that particular body (but a new one is on the way for Part III), how do you justify your raison d’etre being protecting children from all the baseless, unsubstantiated, and un-litigated claims of His nonexistent “pedophilia”?
    Hate all, slur all?

    Robert comments: Sathya Sai Baba presided over and himself ordered (!) the murder of four of his devotees as part of a massive cover up well known to all involved. What of Love all, serve all then? Or “Help ever, hurt never”. Not just a hypocrite but a died-in-the-wool liar and criminal! The sworn testimonies of many young men (several underage at the time) of sexual abuse comes from person I knew and checked with, or did not know but got answers to all my questions.

  3. So Margolin did have more to say, indeed! (he has repeatedly written he did not)
    The empty house to which he refers is his own dark and spooky vaudeville. My blog has 102,000 visitors in two days.
    Again, you see, wishful thinks, false hopes are dashed.

    Mr. Margolin calls ME a lunatic, but he forgets that he is the lunar fool, for he posted on (here – below a faked ‘composite’ image of Sai Baba on the face of the moon!)
    “I received a call from the Vice-President of our center in Manhattan (before I heard any of these other reports) who told me that a very good friend of his had called him from a beach in St. Martin that evening where about 700 people had been staring at His face in the moon for about 2 hours.
    Sai Ram
    Richard Margolin
    President Sathya Sai Baba Center of Manhattan”

    Clearly he should check with NASA and astronomers worldwide, if he really believes what he promotes. But he prefers Hindu astrologers no doubt!

    As to comments, I post them only sparingly because 1) To comment here one has to sign up to a wordpress account – that limits them down nicely 2) many of those who do just trying to get more false propaganda out 2) I do not from what valuable time I have with my family to answer comments when I am otherwise busy posting blogs etc. , so better left in the trash box.
    Margolin’s injudicious forays have been priceless, though, as examples of denial, bitterness and antipathy… and he challenged me to post his once he came out from under the stone when he first hid. So I did.
    From now I am blocking this clown from this site, what’s the further use?

  4. What’s wrong Bobby? Playing to an empty house it seems. 3 comments in the past week?

    You’re like some lunatic violinist who breaks into a condemned concert hall and desperately and maniacally plays nonsense for no one.
    Very sad. Very, very sad…

    Richard M. Margolin

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