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Diversity of India causes doubt (Sai Baba)

Posted by robertpriddy on October 30, 2011

On the one hand, Sathya Sai Baba glorified India as the country with a diversity as magnificent beyond description (this is almost the logo of Incredible India tourist advertising). In another context, however, he says knowing the diversity is not worthwhile, it means “doubt, dissension and dispiritedness”!

He never could make up his mind where he really stood in that he opted for all standpoints that suited his purpose at the time, however much they conflicted. He did this on free will, the fruits of service, healing, good and evil and dozens of other issues.

Sai Baba was always ready and eager to castigate his countrymen for failing to live up to the ideals of ultimate religious self-denial in searching for Unity with the Infinite, Eternal Godhead. This concept was derived precisely from “doubt, dissension and dispiritedness” and the implied futility of life and the world, which were always strong themes in his ‘discourses’. It appeals to people who have lost their way, cannot face existence, have been deprived of love and care or have suffered catastrophe (supposedly sent from on high by God too!). The search often reminds of that for a mare’s nest or pie in the sky, since it is the result of speculations out of the existential desperation of the weak-hearted or broken spirits that is found in all those who deny the world, who retreat from life (in hermitages, caves and other retreats). If anyone discovered the One, then why didn’t they know how to make an Ipad, nano tubes, explain evolution, describe the first seconds of the Big Bang… and many a million other matters?

No doubt that India is the country where dissension has been and still is most damaging due to its diversity of race, colour, religion, caste and grinding poverty and screaming injustices and horrors hard to imagine for those who have never walked its streets. This environment surely helps explain the continued widespread naive religiosity, a constant inner flight from the world and its gruelling realities?

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