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Sai Baba’s fraud in ‘materializing’ watches

Posted by robertpriddy on April 22, 2013

Among the many deceptions involving alleged ‘materializations’ by Sathya Sai baba are a number of accounts concerning watches he gave to devotees in that way:-

1) Hans de Kraker, who lodged an affidavit on how Sathya Sai Baba had sexually abused him and who wrote openly about it all on various web pages and newspaper comments, also told of an interesting incident of outright fraud by Sathya Sai Baba regarding ‘materializations’ as follows:-

“On one of our trips to India I remember bringing so much, we (had) thousands of kilos of overweight. Among the things the group brought were watches. These hundreds of watches were destined to go to the students. Not long after arriving we brought some of the things we had brought to the front door of the Poornachandra, in front of Sai Baba’s house. I very kind gentleman would be from who the offerings came and that Sai Baba was expecting them (especially after the attempt on his life there was a very strict security control).

Only a few weeks later, I encounter a student, who proudly tells me that his watch was materialised by Sai Baba! He was as happy as I was astounded. And again I decided to stuff the thoughts I had away, saying to myself that it was great that this boy was so happy and that the philosophy was what was important and not where this watch came from. I decided that which was instilled in this boy through this gift was going to help him in life to be the person that he aspired to be. In that same period a friend approached an another person of our group from Europe who had received that same watch. He had asked my friend why he got that watch…” (

2) Another example of the kind of fraud that was exposed by Sam Dalal and Abraham Kovoor concerning a Seiko watch (see BEGONE GODMEN! ENCOUNTERS WITH SPIRITUAL FRAUDS by Dr. Abraham T.Kovoor. (First Jaico Impression 1976, Published by: Jaico Press Pvt. Ltd., 121 Mahatma Gandhi Road, Bombay, Chapter 3)

Alleged 'gold watch' which Sai Baba pretended to 'materialise' before Alaya Rahm which failed and its gold coating flaked off.

Alleged ‘gold watch’ which Sai Baba pretended to ‘materialise’ before Alaya Rahm which failed and its gold coating flaked off.

3) Alaya Rahm, who told on the BBC film ‘The Secret Swami’ about how he was sexually abused by Sai Baba, was also given various trinkets from Sai Baba including a gold watch. After some time the watch failed and gold flaked, as can be seen on the photo from the film.

4) Ex-Sai student Meenakshi Srikanth posted the following on his website in 2000. “A CRITICAL SITE ABOUT SAI BABA”
“In another occasion, a singer had come to Brindavan and we were inside the mandir listening to him sing. Swami wanted to give him a watch and it was in readiness beneath his left thigh in the sofa on which he was sitting. I was sitting in the third row from Swami and was keeping a ‘close’ watch. The song got over and Swami shifted in his seat a slight bit and the watch was now in his left hand. He bent forward and moved the watch to his right hand. I saw this and looked up and saw that Swami was watching me! I turned red but so did Swami! He started shifting around a lot, asked one of the students to change the direction of the table fan and when the audience was looking away put the watch back into his left hand. Now, the student who was changing the fan was a nervous wreck with everyone watching him and whatever happened, there were sparks flying out of the socket! Soon a few other students went there to set it alright. By now the watch had gone back to below the thigh. That singer never got it that day (I really felt sorry for him). The next day morning, in the darshan line, Swami came near me and opened his right palm before my eyes and said, “Hmm..Namasivayah! (He called me this since I used to give talks in Tamil and started all my talks with “Namasivayah vaazhga! Naadhan thaaL vaazhga!”), n’thu ennannav ninaichaachu! raathiri ennannav swapnam kandaachu! paarthukk! Num illa! Doubting Thomas! Doubting Thomas!”. I wish I could have asked him to open the left palm then since, I knew he had something there! Well, now this seems funny, but at that time I got very scared and wrote a very apologetic letter to him!”

5) An article presented by skeptic Basava Premanand on behalf of a former student of Sai Baba who had to remain anonymous due to danger to his life. Besides many damning and facts and highly credible details, it contains the following account of some of Sai Baba’s sleight-of-hand trickery:-

“If you are a little observant and not blind with emotion and pseudo-spirituality, you can make a few simple observations. Lets take the creation of Vibhuti. Most of the seniour hostel teachers know about how it is done but keep mum. As soon as Babaji comes out keep observing his left hand, it will be closed. In the hand are about 5-6 small balls of vibhuti which are made with the help of water or a mild gum and dried. This is done by Babaji personally upstairs. As soon as Babaji comes out of the interview room, immediately he takes a letter and holds it in the left hand which is now kept upwards, hence the balls do not fall. Now while talking he deftly shifts one ball to the right hand, faces the palm down and rotates the palm, the vibhuti ball is always kept between the 1st and the 2nd fingers; while giving the vibhuti he simply crushes the ball and gives it to the waiting Birthday Boy. Some students have actually found these vibhuti balls which fell down accidentally from Babaji’s hands. People like Mr. Khayaldas are well aware of how vibhuti is created and by experience they even know when and where Babaji will do so. Another place to observe is in front of Vinayaka, near the arch, just between the ladies and gents. Here Babaji almost always passes a bunch of letters to his right hand along with a ball ofvibhuti. Experienced boys and old hostel staff members have dubbed his acts as “Changing the baton”. Now Babaji immediately ‘creates’ vibhuti for some VIP’s who are sitting there, this is very significant because a large number of people observe this ‘miracle’. You too can observe all this if you sit with a level head and sharp eyes and notice Babaji’s hand movements closely. Sometimes if you are lucky you can actually see the vibhuti ball being transferred to the right hand for creation. Creations inside the interview room are of different type. If you are sharp you would have noticed that Babaji does not allow anybody in the interview room immediately after selecting a particular batch. He goes inside alone and spends some time before calling the group. If by chance some ignorant person happens to go in following Babaji, he is invariably almost literally pushed out by Babaji or pulled out by the obese Mr. Khayaldas, who knows what Babaji is doing inside. Actually Babaji spends a few minutes in keeping the things to be “materialized” ready; these are kept in various places, behind cushion, sometimes behind the curtain or on window sills of inner room or the sofa etc. These items such as chains, rings, lockets, Talismans, even sweets and watches are later picked up and ‘created’ with a motion of hand in front of preconditioned and almost awe-struck and hypnotized devotees.

Those flashy golden Parker pens and Papermates which you see in the pockets of Intuition Boys are kept in neatly stacked boxes in upstairs rooms of mandir. If you are an Intuition Boy you may as well find same if you are chosen to work upstairs’, if you are observant, not emotional. The watches are made by normal human beings from all over the world. These watches too are kept in their hundreds in upstairs rooms. These are usually presented in bulk by wealthy devotees. Lockets, rings etc. are made of various types and sizes and these are generally supplied by two people, one is Chettiar’s (the fat man from Madurai on Wheelchair) son-in-law, and the other is a dark, balding furitive looking man with specks, always tucking a small bag in his right armpit, he is Mr. Aswathnarayana from Ananatapur.” see full article here

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