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More Muddenahalli demands for cash

Posted by robertpriddy on September 15, 2015

Accomodation in Muddenahalli: (source:  It is interesting that they call Muddenahalli the “ashram” and refer to the main sb hub as only “Puttaparthi”.

The pdf document here mentions trying to secure funding thanks to “Swami’s direction” to do this or that project, accepting not only individual but also corporate funds. It even mentions “Sai Global Mission” (a US 501c3 non-profit) which was just set up! It mentions “tight deadlines” due to oracle boy’s demands.

Also, trying to find a place to purchase to start a US ashram. Wonder who all these rich devotees are, who can go out and purchase a beachfront house in a very expensive area? Of course, wherever “sukshma swami” goes, oracle boy is sure to follow.
It is mindboggling to me that people are actually believing in an imaginary presence, all due to the words of one single person who has a past of failure. This needs to go in some record book!
An added mystery is how the subtle sb already declared he is born again in Karnataka, yet he continues in his subtle body! It is all an unbelievable act that is fascinating as it is ridiculous!
Eileen Weed

Comment: I now understand the ‘fully realised masters’, which MadhuSudan is likely to be soon.  Namely, another Master in Self-Deception (unless it is ‘mere’ deception)
Robert Priddy

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