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Oracle boy Sukshma Baba world tour for the extra gullible

Posted by robertpriddy on April 13, 2016

sukshmatourOn the basis of past performance of this ‘spiritual body’, one can confidently predict that there will still only be very few who collect to get the darsan of this ghostly body entrapped within the body of Madhu Sudan, no crowds, but just enough believers to finance the tour of the oracle boy and his retinue of exploiters. We are informed that the spectral Sathya only has ‘limited occupancy’. I suppose it could indicate he is only half there and Madhu Sudan is also only half there?

The self-declared medium in whom the ‘subtle body’ of Sathya Sai Baba allegedly resides and holds forth with discourses, miracles and darsan is on a world tour. He parades more and more as if he were Bhagavan himself,  which has split the entire Sai movement into factions. This farce of charlatan spirituality certainly creates full confusion among any who begin to look int the Sai Baba story,: they soon see the many discrepancies between this impostor and the original impostor as creator of the universe (Sathya Sai Baba) and what they say. The massively propagated image and teachings of this self-named avatar who made clear he would never speak through anyone else but would be reborn as Prema Sai conflcts radically with the claims of the breakaway phalanx around the former student and intimate boyfriend of Sathya. The whole indoctrinated belief system around both of these impostors falls apart for anyone with two separate views to rub together. 

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