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Muddenahalli Sukshma Baba demands more money

Posted by robertpriddy on September 9, 2015

Now we see yet more starkly the bottom line of the entire Muddenahalli scam… the oracle boy commands ‘Give More Money!’ This is asked under the false pretence that he is the mouthpiece of Sathya Sai Baba. It is supposedly for serving the needy, but much of it is used to build up a vast infrastructure for the benefit of privileged officialdom, and to attract as many devotees and visitors as possible to support all who ride the gravy train. Everyone with the slightest insight into Sathya Sai Baba’s massive money machine know that the amounts donated are preyed upon and embezzled by the guru’s ‘officials’ in every possible way. It is simply the Indian culture of corruption, seen in all major Indian gurus. The not-so-subtle story bears the message of Madhu Sudan is that no matter how poor you are, you need to GIVE MONEY!!

“The responsibility of building and creating the infrastructure is Swami’s. But the running of them is your job. ..Many of you have good jobs and good families. But many of my children in our institutions are from poor families. The students’ hearts melt when they see how Swami is working for them. Swami gave an example. The example was given to show what type of feelings His boys have in His school. There is this 9th class boy who is not earning any money. With the little money he was earning from his parents he put it aside and offered it to Swami. This boy had to attend painting classes during his vacation. He didn’t want to waste money so he decided to change buses to conserve money. He wrote to Swami saying that it was not big money, that he has saved on his expenses, but he has gathered it together to offer at His feet so that another child may benefit and receive an education like he is. This boy keeps sending to Swami 20 rupees, 50 rupees however much he saves. He kept all that money in his cupboard not spending a single paisa. I am going to call that boy not because I want to praise him but I want to demonstrate the kind of feelings that my boys have. This kind of selflessness and pure love is possible for children and not possible for the polluted hearts of the elders. The letter was read out.

“Dear Mother Sai. Pranams at thy Lotus Feet. You have provided everything in my life. I offer this small gift at Your Feet. I request you to provide love to poor children in the form of Educare so that another brother or sister can have the opportunity to be with you. Thank you Swami. Your Son ….. ” If a boy in 9th class has this kind of mind what should your minds be thinking. Our job is to support children like this in our educational institutions. I am looking after all the expenses of the childen. Before the school was collecting some fees. I told them not to collect fees. If you do then you cannot call it Sathya Sai School. Our schools are value based free education to children. Presently we have 5000 children; in the future there will be 25,000 students. The responsibility of building and creating the infrastructure is Swami’s. But the running of them is your job.
It is narrow minded thinking to create an Anantapur, Prashanthi, Brindavan or an Alike alumnai organization. Today they have all come together under one organisation called The Children for Sathya Sai. Today onwards you have to get united and make the name Children for Sathya Sai find its fullfillment. The organization must have humility, truth and integrity. Blessing and my grace for each of you! I am very happy.

At least Phyllis Krystal has seen through this false ‘subtle’ Baba and has declared that she was misled.

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