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Gerald Moreno’s fundamentalist Christian slur campaign

Posted by robertpriddy on April 26, 2009

The pro-Sai activist and most active front man for Sathya Sai Baba on the Internet, Gerald Joe Moreno, bashes critics of Sathya Sai Baba as fundamentalist Christians and/or anti-Semites. He does it because he has the proved agenda of trying to find devious ways to assassinate their characters, not because there is any truth whatever in it. He called Reinier van der Sandt a fundamentalist Christian, which he is certainly not. He has gone to considerable lengths to try to paint Sai Baba critics in general as Christians and/or fundamentalists, or something related to that, for example on his web page at Here are his words of introduction from that page:-

For several years, many people have correctly suspected that there are Fundamentalist and Evangelical Christian movements against Sathya Sai Baba and Hinduism. Anti-Sai Activists have continually denied that Christian movements exist and have tried to dismiss these suspicions as excuse-making and the like.”

All those what he lumps together willy-nilly as “Anti-Sai activists” should “have continually denied that Christian movements exist” is preposterous in itself. He continues to try to make it seem that “Anti-Sai Activists” are compromised because a Christian website linked to their pages! They were not asked to link and no one known in the exposé has had anything whatever to do with them. This is Moreno’s typical deceitful spin to try to smear by invented association. See what he wrote:-

“Anton and Janet Hein-Hudson are the Fundamentalist Christian webmasters to, which posts voluminous Anti-Sai articles and resources (they refuse to link to any site that refute Anti-Sai Articles)” and Strangely enough, Anton William Hein was a minister in California who sexually abused a child and was convicted of the same.”  (Crafty innuendo!)

This is all part of his long list of persons with Christian or fundamentalist leanings  – none of whom have any importance to the main exposé writers, but which he subtly implies by various means are involved as a homogenous group of “Anti-Sais” It is a fact that Tal Brooke, the first known published whistle-blower became a Christian with strong fundamentalist leanings, and that current exposé writers acknowledge his role – and even consider his testimony important as part of the developing scenario. This certainly does not make any of us in agreement with his faith.

Moreno also wrote “Reinier Van Der Sandt (RVDS) is a Fundamentalist Christian who is the webmaster for, the portal to the largest Anti-Sai Site on the internet.” RVDS also wrote two letters to Cardinal Simonis trying to polarize Christians against Sathya Sai Baba. In Reinier Van Der Sandt’s second letter, he said: “This letter clearly shows that the catholic church and its representative Cardinal Simonis are not happy with the teachings of Sathya Sai Baba in India.”

None of this remotely proves that van der Sandt is a Christian or a fundamentalist, but it is Moreno’s agenda to smear his as such as far as he can.

A further point of contention: On his libelous attack blog site (posing as “Sathya Sai Baba – Life, Love & Spirituality”) , Moreno stated:- “Moreno never (ever) accused Robert Priddy (even indirectly) of being a “fundamentalist Christian”

I draw special attention to the “even indirectly” bit, because – for a start – he has very strongly insinuated that I am/was a fundamentalist Christian as I shall prove from his own words. I recall that he has included me in this accusation, most probably on the now defunct Yahoo groups ‘sathyasaibaba2’ pages, a set of countless postings on the website which the moderator has expunged, so I cannot find the posting now. Knowing Moreno, he may well be counting on this deletion when making his denial… besides which there are many indications that his memory is clearly far from perfect too. So it is a matter of his word and his memory against mine as to whether he called me this outright… Note that his words has constantly been proved untrue.

Firstly, Joe Moreno (as “>vishvarupa108 made wide accusations of clinging to a Christian fundamentalist belief against the group he calls “anti-Sais” which is shown in the following posting which turned up in an archived e-mail attachment I received. There he claimed we all cling to a “second coming” mentality because we have nothing else to cling to. Wholly preposterous, of course, and indicative of Christian fundamentalism – for belief in the Second Coming is hardly no longer a belief promoted by mainstream Christianity (as opposed to fundamentalists).  Moreno’s co-worker Lisa de Witt (who he never criticises or corrects despite her outrageous statements) has definitively included and named me as Christian and fundamentalist (which she may try to deny). Therefore Moreno is obviously aligned with her by his recent stated support for her claims.

From: “conscientiousobjector2000” <conscientiousobjector2000@…>
Date: Wed Nov 2, 2005 7:40am
Subject: Re: [Sathya Sai Baba] Murders in sb’s bedroom
--- In, vishvarupa108 <no_reply@y...> wrote:
> Sai, one must also remember that these incidents happened in June of 1993.
> 12 YEARS and counting and SSB has not been found to be involved (in any manner, fashion or form) with the 1993 Police Shootings.
> 12 YEARS and counting and no new evidence has surfaced. No witnesses have come forward. No nothing!
> Anti-Sais cling to their "second coming" mentality because they have nothing else to cling to :-)

So Moreno hypocritically tries through vehement denial to appear to distance himself from the business of smearing “Anti-Sais” as Christians and/or fundamentalists among whom he definitively includes me…  along with others of diverse faith and shades of opinion.

My statements have never been wilfully untrue, and I do correct anything that really proves to be incorrect as soon as I am aware of it. I do not read Moreno’s e-mails, nor open his web pages and blogs unless essential – as I have recently done to some extent – so he may have pointed out some small  errors that I did not therefore heed. Every tiny flaw Moreno can find he names a flagrant lie, a bold-faced lie, a shameless lie and so on and on… Unlike those of us who write with integrity and admits errors when they occur, Moreno NEVER retracts a single one of his false and witless accusations, he NEVER corrects any wrong information that is pointed out to him. Yet he repeatedly demands it of others in the strongest terms. This I call hypocrisy.

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G.J. Moreno’s ‘senile dementia’ slurs, avoidances & irrationality

Posted by robertpriddy on April 26, 2009

Gerald Joe Moreno is seriously at odds with medical opinion: For Joe Moreno, small errors I have sometimes made in my rapid writings are the clear symptoms of a very serious condition, namely “senile dementia”. He does not apply this medical diagnosis to his own errors, of course, which are many indeed… of which more later.

Of course, as anyone can see from my web pages and blogs alone, I am completely compos mentus – and I am known for having a very excellent memory – and it is longer than ever. I am very healthy in mind – if less so in body at age 72. In all seriousness, does Moreno believe his claims I am suffering from such a serious illness, or is it just spleen? The answer is obvious. Since he also does not take issue with his co-worker Lisa de Witt in her reposting on a Wikipedia talk page the claim by a certain bogus Indian doctor of homeopathy [Rebello] 4 years ago that I was dying of AIDS, Moreno is clearly dishonest and vicious.  Moreno’s repeated hacking away at the senility theme is just his helpless tit-for-tat mentality – because I (and Barry Pittard among others) have pointed out the decline into senility of his revered Divine Incarnation, Sathya Sai Baba, who has long claimed he would never show signs of aging and much else preposterous besides.

Sai Baba recently claimed he always smiles - but nowadays only this!

Sai Baba recently claimed he always puts on a smiling face - but nowadays we see only this!

Sathya Sai Baba’s claims are the main issue, and his descent into decrepitude would be unremarkable but for his gigantic claims of never losing his youthful looks. It is not ageism to point out this huge discrepancy, for it is to show yet another deception by him. He has said he is really Krishna reincarnated, and would remain like him who supposedly was like an 16-year-old even when over 100!

Moreno is incapable of replying to any criticism in measured terms, and now that I at last am exposing his agenda of untruthfulness, deception, spin and disinformation, he is provoked into angry carelessness and excesses. He has long since lost his grip on decent rational thinking. As usual, Moreno picks on every small inaccuracy he can find in critics’ writings with evident glee and he fills pages and pages with overblown trivialities and vituperative rants and thus avoids all the genuine issues and never replies to the cogent rebuttals of his slurs and attacks. His unreasonable knee-jerk reactions and immoderate language apparently arise form his confusion, errors and habitual  mendacity… his calculated lies are evident to all who care to investigate. Few would be bothered, no doubt.

Moreno and Lies: Despite Gerald Joe Moreno’s constant bogus claims to the contrary, I repeat that I never tell lies. I do not have to admit to any lies, as I have told none. He has never proved that I have told a lie (which must be a conscious attempt to deceive through untruth) – for he has only claimed that every single tiny error – even a typo of a date – is a lie by me (and he regularly calls them brazen, bold, blatant and flagrant… adding contrived arguments, bogus ‘documentations’ and name-calling to add to the aggro. I reckon this fact neatly sums up the main lines of Gerald Moreno’s massive offensive against the exposé.

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